God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 176

Each day, there were several teams that head out of the village to search for materials or to hunt zombies. In this evening, as soon as the search teams returned to the camp, their team captain was immediately summoned to a meeting in Big Cliff Village’s conference hall.

“This is the problem that we are facing now! I would like to listen to your opinion.” In the conference hall, Guo Yu reported the news that Chen Shi Tou [1] has sent to all the men.

Kong Tianyu spoke very loudly: “Captain Yue, we cannot send out soldiers. The LongHai Survivor Camp bastards dared to stop us from recruiting man, and they still expect us to send soldiers to save them? They think we are their servants?”

Kong Tianyu is a brave and mighty soldier. He is also loyal to Yue Zhong. This is the reason why Yue Zhong assigned him as the team captain for Close Combat team 1. He had won the right to participate in decision-making process.

Da Gou Zi (Big Dog) also mulled over the question, then he also gave his opinion. “Captain Yue, I also think that this is not the time for us to send our soldiers to help out. I feel that the men from LongHai survival camp just want to use us as cannon folder. If we go to rescue them, all the guns and bullets are all taken from our supply of ammunition. The men over there are ingrates, even if we saved them, they will also attack us at a later date.”

Da Gou Zi is the quartermaster, and he take care of supplies in the camp. Fighting the war in Big Cliff Village had expended a lot of supplies. Although Yue Zhong men had found some ammo in Big Cliff Village’s police stations and armed forces, he still experienced a net loss as he ammo found was less than the ammo he used to capture the village.

Liu Yan also agreed: “We should let them fight the zombies first! After the zombies had managed to enter the base, we can send people to save the survivors. At that time, those guys would no room for bargaining.”

Zhao Xing also spoke his mind. “Captain Yue, there are over 6000 men over there. Lei Cheng has a big military base, and 7 IFV. They also built a wall. Even if they had a battle with the zombies, they should be able to last for a few days. After they could not hold on, it is not too late for us to send soldiers to help them.”

Seeing that about half of the team captains opposed sending reinforcement, Wu Guang, Lang Zi and the men that Yue Zhong had recruited from the military faction in LongHai survival camp chose to keep quiet.

But against the backdrop of protests, Chen Yao stood up and say: “Yue Zhong, let’s help! There are over 6000 survivors in the LongHai Survivor Camp. If the zombies managed to break into the camp, 6000 people will die. “

Although Chen Yao was disappointed with the high ranking officials in LongHai Survivor Camp, but she was pretty concerned about the ‘normal citizens’ survivors. Should the zombies manage to break down the walls, there will be countless numbers of death among these survivors.

Yue Zhong mulled over Chen Yao’s words and did not say anything. He looked at Chi Yang, and asked “What do you think?”

All the eyes in the conference hall were on Chi Yang. They all knew that Chi Yang is Yue Zhong’s best friend and buddy. As the first search team captain, he is often in the front lines of battle, and he found a lot of food and other supplies. All the men also acknowledge his leadership and the value of his words.

“My view is that we should help.” Chi Yang explained. “Our relationship with LongHai is intimately interdependent. After the LongHai Survivor Camp, our village has the most survivors. After the zombie horde had destroyed LongHai Survivor Camp, it is highly likely that their next target will be us. Once the LongHai survivor Camp is destroyed, we also find it hard to find more people to defend our bases. We have less than half the number of people in LongHai survivor camp. It will be very tough for us to face the zombies by ourselves.”

After the apocalypse, the worth of a man’s life is cheaper than that of ants. The strong bullied the weak, and killed wantonly. A weak man who did not act accordingly to circumstances will be killed by the strong.

But at the same time, men is also a valuable resource. Without men, it is not possible to use the machines to create more weapons. Without men, there will be no soldiers. Man could not survive alone. Having enough man is required to prevent others from attacking. Therefore, after the apocalypse, it could be said that the value of a man’s life could be cheap but valuable.

The LongHai survivor camp of 6000+ men is to Yue Zhong, a big piece of fatty meat. If he could swallow this up, his strength will increase by leaps and bounds.

Yue Zhong slapped his palm on the table and announce. “I have decided. We will bring our soldiers to help! Kong Tian Yu, Liu Yan, Xiao Ming, Wu Guang, Zhao Xing, Ji Qing Wu, Lang Zi team, Wang Shuang, Cheng Yu squad, all follow me to LongHai Survivor camp. The rest of the men remain on guard here. In my absence, Chi Yang will be the commander. Da Gou Zi, please prepare the required material. We will set off tomorrow morning. “

Chi Yang also said, “Yue Zhong, Let me go to the Longhai Survivor Camp with you.”

There are over 100,000 zombies that will be attacking the survivor camp. Among the 6,000+ survivors, less than 2,000 of them dared to fight with the zombies. In addition, the various powers in the Survivor camp are not united. They fight as much among themselves as they fought zombies.

This time, Yue Zhong will be bringing 6 squads and all the prisoners. Even then the number of men does not exceed 400 men. He not only need to navigate the sea filled with treacherous politics among the various powers in LongHai Survivor Camp, but also face the might of a 100,000 strong zombie army. Any mistake on his part will result in death.

Yue Zhong immediately rejected Chi Yang’s request. “No, you can’t. Chi Yang. It is not easy for us to come this far. We cannot stop the reconstruction efforts in Big Cliff village and Stone Horse Village. We must continue to clean up zombies so that we can return things to normal. I need you here.”

Listening to Yue Zhong’s decision, Chi Yang kept quiet. He had been buddies with Yue Zhong for so long, of course he knows that Yue Zhong will not change his mind once he made a decision.

“All of you go back and rest. Dismiss!”

After concluding the meeting, Yue Zhong returned to his villa.

“I also want to go to with you the Survivor Camp!” Once he returned to the villa, Lu Wen who had kept her silence throughout the meeting suddenly hugged Yue Zhong and made this request. She wanted to be with Yue Zhong in this difficult period.

Zhang Xin was wearing a sexy black underwear and was massaging Yue Zhong’s legs. Before the apocalypse, she often watched dramas about the struggle for power among the King’s concubines. She knew that she is not very important in the heart of Yue Zhong, at least not when compared to Lu Wen and Guo Yu, and hence behaved herself.

Guo Yu was sitting to the right of Yue Zhong and just listened attentively to their conversation.

“No way, it is too dangerous!”

Lu Wen was not satisfied with Yue Zhong’s answer: “I know how to cast offensive spells, and also can heal. I also have evolved to Level 7. Why can’t I go with you? Didn’t I also help out during the raid against Big Cliff Village?”

Yue Zhong really lacked people who can fight the zombies. As the leader of the team, he is often fighting in the front lines. Guo Yu, Luo Wen, Chen Yao etc, all these female mages-in-training will occasionally take part in battles as well. On one hand, they can kill more zombies and gain more experience to evolve. On the other hand, they can help to conserve bullets.

Yue Zhong explained “This time, what we are experiencing is different from the time we attacked Big Cliff Village. This time we are not facing several thousands of zombie, but rather over 100,000 zombies. If we are not careful, all of us will perish. This is too dangerous.”

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