God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 179

Having killed the two of h1, Yue Zhong took out his stinger gun and fired three shots at the h1 below.


In moving at high speed on top of Little Greenie, Yue Zhong’s accuracy was significantly affected. Of the three bullets he fired, 2 of these bullets ended up hitting the L2 zombies [1] that were supporting the H1 zombies. Only 1 of these bullets managed to kill an H1 zombie.
Seeing that his accuracy had been affected, he waved his hand and kept the stinger gun. From his hands several hand grenades appeared, and he tossed them towards the group of zombies without a thought.




One explosion after another continuously resounded from the area, and seven to eight H1 and L2 were torn apart by the blast.


After tossing about seven to eight hand grenade, Yue Zhong’s danger-sense triggered. He immediately patted Little Greenie and roared “Fly upwards with all your speed!”


Little Greenie flapped its massive wings and seemed to tear through the sky as it flew into the clouds.
After Little Greenie has flown into the cloud, several H1 zombies were also hosted up by L2 zombies, and aimed towards the direction Yue Zhong escaped in. This time, there were about 50 of these H1 zombies. If Little Greenie were to be hit by 50 fireballs, it would also be killed instantly.


“So hard to kill! If only we have a bomber plane, that would be much easier!”


In the clouds, Yue Zhong frown as he looked at the sea of zombies.


The zombies were packed tightly together. Before the apocalypse, several bomber planes with heavy bombs could easily blow these zombies into oblivion. But, let’s not mentioned bomber aircraft, Yue Zhong did not even have an armed helicopter.


Yue Zhong did not continue to toss out his hand grenades. After the battle with the Mutant Rat Horde, his supply of grenades has dropped by a lot. He was unwilling to waste these valuable explosives on the regular zombies.


Yue Zhong was lying flat on Little Greenie back as he observed the zombies’ movement. He finally found the reason for the slow movements of these zombies.


The sea of zombies did not make a direct beeline towards LongHai survivor camp. Rather, they walked towards the surrounding villages. For each village the zombies passed over, all the zombies in that village would shakily walk out and join the zombie army, making the number of zombies increase significantly with each village passed.


The zombie horde was moving so slow because it continuously gathered more and more zombies from the surrounding area.


“If this continues, after ten days, the number of zombies we face will definitely be a lot more than just 100,000.” Looking at the number of zombies that crawled out of each village to join the sea of zombie, Yue Zhong felt very depressed.


Although the zombie tide may be very slow, the general direction of its movements seemed to indicate that it is moving towards LongHai Survivor Camp. Yue Zhong estimated that at most, it will take ten days for the zombie to arrive.


“Where are the Z series of zombies?” From the sky, Yue Zhong kept a sharp lookout, trying to find the Z type of zombies from among the sea of zombies. But the Z series of zombies are short, and there were like 100,000 zombies. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.


After a fruitless search, Yue Zhong directed Little Greenie back toward LongHai Survivor Camp. Along the way, he grabbed the opportunity to observe the surrounding landscape.


To fight in any war, the timing, geography of the land and the men are three important factors. The geography is of particular importance. Throughout Chinese history, many generals have used the terrain to their advantage to win a battle even though the enemy troops outnumbered them. Yue Zhong had not been to these locations before. Therefore, he wants to observe the surrounding lands as he made his way back to LongHai Survivor Camp.


That night, Yue Zhong brought Ji Qing Wu and Cheng Yu through the deadlock in Phoenix Street into the Special Administrative Area to attend the Banquet.


Once he reached the outskirts of the villa where the banquet was held in, Cheng Yu seemed to vanish into the shadows. He is an assassin. The darkness his best protection. His sneak attacks from the darkness are ten times as efficient as ordinary men.


Under the canopy of bright lights, many sharply-dressed waiters and waitresses in clean and neat uniforms were shuttling among the banquet and serving the guests. Smartly-dressed men in suits and women in gowns formed a small circle as they chatted among themselves, while holding glasses of wine in their hands.


In the middle of the hall, there was a long table, filled with fruits, cakes, pastries, salads, drinks, and a variety of meat dishes, and about two dozen vegetarian dishes.


The scene inside the villa makes it very hard for anyone to imagine that they were living in a post-apocalypse world. The lavish feast seemed to ignore the fact that in the fields, seeds could not germinate, and there was a severe food shortage. The world inside the brightly lit villa is in stark contrast to the lives of the survivors outside the villa, where there was a widespread lack of food, and many survivors were wearing rags. Things were so bad that many women were willing to prostitute themselves for a slice of bread.


“Yue Zhong, you arrived!” Once Yue Zhong entered the villa, a handsome man by the name of Gu Yan Yi’s [2] eyes seemed to shine, as he walked towards Yue Zhong.


Gu Yan Yi stopped in front of Yue Zhong. Yue Zhong was wearing a simple warrior outfit, and a Tang Sabre hanged from a scabbard attached to his waist. Besides him stood the ever-lovely and beautiful Ji Qing Wu.


Gu Yan Yi eyes seemed to flash with mixed feelings as he smiled and said: “Isn’t this Ji Qing Wu? Yue Zhong, is she your girlfriend? You are really accomplished! Ji Qing Wu is the dream woman for many men in LongHai Survivor Camp.”


Ji Qing Wu and Chen Yao are also residents of the Special Administrative Region. The spoilt, wealthy men from the Special Administrative Region naturally know about this beauty.


Yue Zhong just returned the smile and replied, “It a pity, but you guessed wrong. We are just good friends.”


Ji Qing Wu eyes seemed to flash with a strange light, but she did not say a word, and quietly stood beside Yue Zhong.


Gu Yan Yi smiled as he led the two guests towards a corner of the great hall.


Ji Qing Wu was dressed common casual clothes, while Yue Zhong was wearing a warrior’s outfit. Their attire stands out from the crowd of well-dress men and women in suits and evening gowns.


Most of the glares that looked at the attire of Yue Zhong were snobbish, and had a hint of contempt at first. But when these glares saw Yue Zhong’s face, most of the contemptuous gazes immediately disappeared to be replaced by one of awe and respect.


All of the men who attend this banquet were heads or leaders of the various factions within LongHai Survivor Camp. They had either directly participated in or sent their men to participated in the raid on Shang Lin granary. They were very familiar with the strength of Yue Zhong and his team, and dare not to look down on Yue Zhong. After all, Yue Zhong’s team was the only team that escaped from the Mutant Rats without a single causality. Also, Yue Zhong was the one who hunted down the Mutant Rat King, and hence scattered the horde of rats.


Many of these leaders instead wanted to find some way to deepen their relationships with Yue Zhong. The future is uncertain, and nobody knows what will happen in the zombie attack. But all of them agreed on one thing. In this post-apocalypse word, having good relationships with a powerful evolver backed by a team of elite men is not a bad thing to have.


Just when Yue Zhong and his date were casually chatting with some of the guests, a gorgeous, voluptuous lady wearing a red dress cut in the conversation. Her hair was very neatly style, and she was wearing makeup on her face. But her attitude was cold as she sneered “What country bumpkins! To come to this high-class banquet dressed in casual clothes. Tssk… You two do not know what etiquette is.”


[To be continued…]

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