God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 187


Yue Zhong drove to the Special Administrative Region, and found that that the two guards that were supposed to protect this area from the zombies were already dead. Each of the two guards had a big hole where their heart was meant to be. There was no sight of the hearts. Without a doubt, this is the handiwork of a Hunter beast.


Most of the men in the Special Administrative Region had not experienced the horror of the apocalypse. They were all in a panic when they received news of the Hunter beast. Very quickly all of them fled towards the exit of the Special Administrative Region. For the first time, the Special Administrative Region that was full of life seemed to be empty as all the people fled.


In the chaos, many people were trampled on when they fell. At the same time, too many people were trying to get out of the Special Administrative Region, and throngs of people blocked the narrow exit.


To ensure that they have a place to escape to, many of the evolvers had used their powers to push aside anyone in their way.


Many children and women were shoved onto the cold hard floor. They laid there wailing, and the scene was nothing short of utter Chaos.


“Damn it!” Looking at the stampede of humans, Yue Zhong could not help frowning. If this goes on, the death count of the people who were trampled to death in the jostle to get out of the area would be much higher the number of people killed by the Hunter.


Without any hesitation, Yue Zhong activates his skill “Art of the Fear”. This skill has the effect of making people lose their will to fight. A massive wave of spiritual power radiated from Yue Zhong’s body. With haste, he reached the area where most of the men were in, and roared out: “Shut up! All of you queue and leave here in an orderly matter!”


The Art of the Fear is really impressive.  The men seemed to fear Yue Zhong more than the Hunter, and listened to Yue Zhong and left in an orderly manner.


As he walked forwards, the men around him felt indescribable fear, and they unconsciously went out of their way to create a path for him to walk on. At the same time, the men behaved themselves and
began to exit the area in an orderly manner.


After the men had made way for him, Yue Zhong was startled to see that the Hunter was covered in blood. It was chasing and killing the survivors in the Special Administration Region. The Special Administration Region was relatively untouched by the apocalypse. As such, most of the men do not have much ability to hide nor fight the Hunter. It was like a herd of defenceless, fat sheep.


The Hunter flicked its tongue, and penetrated a hole in the chest of the child.


The little boy was not bigger than ten years old, and his eyes shown a trace of fear. He struggled feebly for a few moments, and collapsed onto the ground as his heart was ripped out of his body.


“Damn it” Seeing this, Yue Zhong eyes turned cold, and he aimed his Stinger gun at the Hunter.


The Hunter is brilliant. Having seen how Yue Zhong killed scores of zombies and other hunters, it immediately chose to retreat rather than to fight. It flicked its tail and sent a corpse flying towards Yue Zhong. While Yue Zhong was distracted by the dead body, the Hunter had hidden itself in a small alley.


Yue Zhong stepped to one side to avoid the dead body, and chased after the Hunter.


If the Hunter had rushed towards Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong was confident of finishing it in one shot. But the Hunter opted to run instead. With its incredible speed, it is not easy for Yue Zhong to kill it.


The Hunter proved to be extremely cunning, as it dodged into the maze of alleys and corridors.


Yue Zhong fanatically chased after the Hunter with all his speed. His agility had reached a frightening value of 69, and he was able to close the distance between them. If not the fact that the hunter kept turning and changing its path, Yue Zhong would have already caught up the Hunter.


As Yue Zhong rushed into a small alley, suddenly his passive skill Danger Sense rang out a warning. A tongue seemed to have been lurched from the sky and was rapidly closing towards his head.


The Hunter had suddenly climbed the walls of the alley with its dexterous claws. From high up in the wall, the Hunter suddenly made a surprise attack on Yue Zhong, hoping to catch its pursuer unawares.


Yue Zhong’s eye flashed with cold light. He reached out his hand, and caught the Hunter by its tongue on his right hand.


The Mutant King Rat hide protected Yue Zhong from the attacks of the Hunter, and its tongue could not penetrate through the thick hide. Yue Zhong pulled the tongue with his right hand, while using his left hand to aim the Stinger Gun at the Hunter and pulled the trigger.


A massive “Bang” rang out from the empty alley, and echoed in the surrounding street. The shot had been a head hit, and the head of the Hunter was blown apart by the force of the Stinger Gun. The headless corpse collapsed lifelessly from the wall. With a massive thud, it dropped to the floor, and dropped a green colour treasure box.


“The chance of having any items seemed to be getting lower and lower.” Yue Zhong thought as he walked forwards and retrieved the box. Then he kept the box in his spatial ring.


When Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu defeated four Hunters in the newbie village, each of the Hunters dropped a skill book and an item. This time, Yue Zhong had killed over ten Hunters, but there were only two green colour treasure boxes. The rest of the items were white colour treasure boxes.


Not long after, a team of special police force finally reached the area, and began to maintain order in the region.


The forces in the survivor camp were spread too thin, and most of the special police force members had been assigned to defend the walls. Otherwise, the Hunter would not find it so easy to enter this area.


“Save me. Save me! I am Secretary Zhang’s wife. You cannot treat me like this! Save me, I don’t want to die!”


“I was not scratched by the Hunter! This injury was due to me tripping on the pavement as I tried to make my escape. I am a delegate! How dare you arrest me!”


“I am the Chairman of the Ning Group. Chen Jian Feng is my friend. If you dare to touch me, I will skin you alive!”




These special police force immediately began to act on the orders of their superiors, and arrested all the men who were injured. If these men were normal survivors, these police would have immediately shot them. But the people from the Special Administration Regions are all V.I.P.s, and many of them have close relationships with their bosses. These special police could only handcuff them and restrain them.


Even then, many of those who were arrested began to cry loudly. Some of them shouted as they tried to explain their wounds. Some of them tried to intimate the Special Police Force members with their status, and the entire area erupted in Chaos.


A captain of the Special Police Force was perspiring heavily as he shouted: “Everyone remain calm. All we are doing is to detain you for half an hour. If there are no unforeseen changes, everyone may leave.”


If these people were ordinary survivors, the Special Police Force members would have used their baton to knock out the teeth of the survivors to get them to shut up. But the Special Police Force members dare not to use force against these men who had connections to their superiors.




At this time, from the side, there suddenly rang out a gunshot. A white dog was shot dead as the bullet tore a hole in its head.


The captain of the Special Police Force turned his head and saw Yue Zhong holding a type 54 handgun, as he mercilessly shot the dog.


“Oh, my precious! My darling!” A woman who was about 32 -33 years old, with fair skin suddenly wailed out aloud in a shrill moaning voice, as she rushed towards the corpse of her dog.


Translator joke.


Did anyone think of Gollum from Lord of the Rings? J


The gorgeous woman’s eyes were bloodshot with rage, and at the same time, seemed to be full of grief. She rushed towards Yue Zhong, and tried to slap him. “You demon! You killed my precious! I will not forgive you!”


The dog is her most treasured pet, and she had treated the dog like a daughter. Although this was after the apocalypse, the dog was still fed the most exceptional dog food. This high-class dog food was made from high-quality beef. If the dog food were placed in the survivor camp among the regular survivors, that would be a feast. For just a can of dog food, many men were willing to kill.


“Fuck you! This thing has been infected. If I don’t kill it, it will kill you all.” Yue Zhong had been fighting all day since this morning, and had to travel around the Survivor camp to save as many people as possible.


He had rushed all the way here to save the people in the Special Administrative Region from the Hunter, only to yelled at by a woman who could not differentiate if her pet was infected or not. His heart was too tired to remain calm. Anger burned within him as he easily dodged the slap and instead, slapped the woman. His slap knocked out several of her teeth. The woman’s face also immediately turned swollen.


This rich lady was knocked down onto the ground, and her eyes were filled with disbelief. She pointed towards the captain of the Special Police Force and shouted loudly, “You dared to hit me? How dare you! Zhang Jie, if you still want to be the captain of the Special Police Force, you better arrest this bastard.”


The Captain of the Special Police Force walked forwards with two more men. When they saw Yue Zhong’s face, they immediately turned pale and they walked towards the wealthy woman and discreetly whispered, “Madam Shi, this man is the Yue Zhong from Stone Horse village.”


Listening to Zhang Jie words, the woman also turned pale. But with eyes full of poison she glared at Yue Zhong and screamed, “So what if you are Stone Horse village’s Yue Zhong? Does that mean you can anyhow hit anyone? You hit a woman, are you still a man? You are now in LongHai survivor camp and not Stone Horse Village. If you have the ability, come and kill me!”


The woman is the wife of the Deputy Secretary of LongHai Survival Camp. If Yue Zhong kills anyone here, then the men holding power in LongHai Survival camp will not sit still. If he wants to work with the Survivor Camp, then she would not be in any danger.


Yue Zhong just glanced at the woman and smiled. “Since you desired to die, I will grant you your wish!”


Zhang Jie felt a chill and drew his gun and stood in front of that woman. He wants to prevent Yue Zhong from hurting anyone.


Yue Zhong moved at the same time as Zhang Jie, and he kicked Zhang Jie. The force of his kick sent Zhang Jie flying for a few meters.


“Oh shit!” Zhang Jie had just landed when he quickly get up.


“Save me, Save me”, at the same time, the woman was screaming aloud.


Zhang Jie turned his head and saw a zombie cat that was fanatically attacking the woman. With each bite, it tore apart a large chunk of the woman’s flesh.


The woman eyes were filled with fear, and she sobbed as she tried to drive away the infected cat. But she was frail and weak, and try as she might, she could not shake off the infected cat.


At the same time, all the other people in the area all avoided her and cleared the area near her. Not one of them was willing to help the woman. The zombie cat was infected and now carry the zombie virus. If the cat had scratched them, they would also be infected. Nobody was willing to do such a dangerous thing!


[To be continued…]

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