God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 188

“Zombie Cat. Agility type. Special Skill: Viral infection.”

Yue Zhong coldly stared at the zombie cat, and this information seemed to flash in front of his eyes.

“Save me! Save me!” the gorgeous lady saw that the rest of the men had retreated to a safe distance away, and she despaired. She tried to fend off the cat while asking Yue Zhong for help.

Yue Zhong just glanced at the struggling woman and stepped back, while replying “Sorry, saving you is not part of my mission.”

Yue Zhong is a petty man who bore grudges, and he refused to save this woman who did not appreciate the fact that he had saved her from her infected dog.

Zhang Jie immediately shouted out a command to his men who were standing close by, “Kill the darn cat!”

The man replied, “Captain Zhang, the cat is currently on top of Madam Shi’s body. We have no confidence that we can kill the cat without hurting Madam Shi.”

The infected cat was on top of Madam Shi. If the men shoot the cat, there would be no guarantee that the bullet would not accidentally hit Madam Shi.

Zhang Jie considered for a moment. He gritted his teeth before approaching Yue Zhong for help, “Yue Zhong, please help to kill the zombie cat. Not for her, but for the rest of the men. Please, I am begging you.”

Right now, Yue Zhong is the only one capable of killing the zombie cat without hurting Madam Shi. Zhang Jie is not willing to risk his men’s life to attempt to save Mdm Shi, who had been infected with the zombie virus. He is also not prepared to shoot the cat and kill the cat and Madam Shi, at least not before Madam Shi had transformed into a zombie. He had no desire whatever to face the wrath of her husband.


Yue Zhong glanced at Zhang Jie, and looked at the crowd of the frightened survivors. Then he stepped forwards, and a flash of light from his Tang Sabre appeared, and the zombie cat was chopped into two.

“It hurts! I want a doctor! I want a doctor!” As soon as she discovered that the zombie cat was dead, she immediately cried out aloud, requesting for medical aid. By this time, her body was missing chunks of flesh, and she was covered with blood, scaring the onlookers.

Yue Zhong looked the woman and immediately turned towards Zhang Jie. “She is already infected. You know that. Why didn’t you shoot her?”


Zhang Jie face was fall of bitterness as he replied, “She is the wife of Secretary Gu. If I shot her before she turned into a zombie, I can forget about being a police officer.”

Yue Zhong looked at the various animals in the Special Administrative Region, and raised his eyebrows as he advised, “In my opinion, you should shoot all the cats and dogs here. There is a high probability that these creatures are all infected with the zombie virus.”

Translator Notes

No….. Please don’t do this. I love dogs. I used to keep a dog. 🙁 Does the author had anything against animals?
The cat and the dogs transformed to turn into zombie very quickly once they are infected. And their changes are very scary. A standard zombie is level 1, but an infected cat is level 10. Just one infected cat was able to create chaos in the area.


“I can’t do that! These cats and dogs are the pets of these influential men and women. Without the orders from the top, I cannot kill them.”

Each of the men in the Special Administrative Region had high status and participated in the decision making of LongHai survival camp at the executive level. All of the men in the Special Police Force had no intention to offend anyone here, at least not without orders from their superiors. This matter concerned their survival – they might lose their job and starve to death like the commoners in LongHai Survivor Camp.


Yue Zhong’s eyebrows twitched, but he did not say a word as he left the area. Right now, he is not Big Cliff village nor Stone Horse Village. In these two villages, just a word from Yue Zhong, and men will swiftly carry out the task.

Currently, he is standing in LongHai Survivor Camp. Right now, the two parties are in a joint alliance to fight against the zombies. He is not willing to compromise their current partnership just because of a small matter. At this moment, Yue Zhong’s team could not withstand a horde of 100,000 zombies by themselves. The alliance is needed to fight against this formidable, common enemy.



The Special Police Force will have their hands full circumnavigating the swamp of politics while keeping the residents safe. As far as he is concerned, he had already achieved what he had set out to do – kill the Hunter. Let these men deal with whatever else crop out.
Seeing that Yue Zhong had turned to leave, Zhang Jie was about to say something, but he hesitated. In the end, he did not say anything and watched Yue Zhong as he left the area.

As he returned to the East Gate which he guards, he found that several zombies had been thrown onto the wall, and was immediately hacked apart by the men guarding the gate.

Yue Zhong silently observed the situation, and found that most of the zombies were your standard, everyday zombies, and posed little threat to these men.


Only the evolved zombies could present problems for these men who were protected by their Water Python Snakeskin Armour.


After watching for a while, he informed Kong Tianyu, “Please get the prisoners from the prisoners’ first platoon.”

Kong Tian Yu immediately carried out the order, and very quickly, thirty-six prisoners of war arrived.

Strongman Gao was also assigned to the first platoon. He and the rest of the prisoners stood in an orderly manner in front of Yue Zhong, and await Yue Zhong’s orders.

Yue Zhong activated his Art of Fear skill. Instantly a terrifying aura emerged from him.

All the prisoners were cowed by the skill, and felt as if they were tossed into the sea of zombies and being eaten alive. They could not stop trembling and shaking.
“So scary! Is this Captain Yue’s power? It is really frightening.” Strongman Gao was a brave man, but under the effects of the Art of the Fear skill, he could not help feeling weak in his legs. He dropped onto the floor and panted heavily as he tried to fight off the fear. But his eyes reveal his fears.

The rest of the prisoners did not fare any better. Many of them also collapsed onto the ground and whimpered in fear. Some of the men even peed in their pants.

Seeing that all of the men had been cowed into submission, Yue Zhong deactivated his skill. He spoke, “All of you had committed grave crimes. Normally I would shoot you. But I made a promise that if you surrendered, I would not kill you. Now I give you a chance to redeem yourselves. All you have to do is to kill 30 zombies to redeem yourselves. Once you hit the target, I will grant you the same rights as an ordinary citizen, or maybe, you could be a warrior.”


“Given your current strength, thirty zombies is not a small number. Most of you could not even reach this number with your current strength. Now, I will grant you the keys to unlock your potential. Take these items, and fight. Then you will grow stronger as you evolved. If you are willing to be my men and sell your lives to me, you will be well fed, have a home and even a wife!”


As soon as he finished his speech, he waved his hand, and Thirty-six Tang Imitation Swords appeared in a pile in front of the men.

Once Strongman Gao saw the weapon, his eyes flashed with a gleam of light, and immediately grabbed a sword. “This is a weapon from the [System]”, he thought

Weapons from the System is a key to the door of evolution. Without items from the [System], even if they killed hundreds of zombies and mutant beasts, they will not evolve.

All of the prisoners understood this point. They immediately picked up a Tang Imitation Sword, and their eyes shown their will to fight. If they fight, they will have a chance to grow stronger. The thought of growing stronger gave them the courage to take a risk.


“Remember, do not touch any skill books, treasure boxes or coins that were drop! If you do, you will be shot!”

“I recommend that after you have evolved, put your points on strength and stamina. Now, go and kill the zombies!” Yue Zhong pointed at the zombies on the wall.


The prisoners shouted out a weird battle cry as they took a steel shield and Tang Imitation Sword and charged towards the wall.

The third and fourth close combat team members retreated to rest.

These prisoners madly and crazily hacked apart the zombies with a fierce passion. Most of the men had some experience in fighting the zombies, and were no longer afraid of these slow moving creatures. Now that they have a Tang Imitation Sword, they must kill zombies to evolve and grow stronger. In this post-apocalypse world, having more strength means a better life.

After Zhao Xin had retreated, he asked Yue Zhong, “Captain Yue, why did you let us retreat?”
Now that the wall does not have any evolved zombies, the third and fourth squad was having a merry time killing the zombies. To them, slaying a zombie was no different from killing a chicken or a dog. Also, they could gain experience orbs. Many men could not understand why Yue Zhong made this decision.


Yue Zhong explained, “Our strength is currently too weak! We need to continuously strengthen our forces. You guys take a short rest first. We will need you and your team in battle again soon.”


Zhao Xin did not quite understand, but still he led his men away to rest.

“Skill book!” After killing a zombie, a skill book dropped from the corpse of the zombie.


Once the skill book appears, all the men in the nearby area seemed to turn green with jealousy and greed. They crept nearer towards the skill book. One of the prisoners’ eyes appeared to be full of desire as he stretched out his hands in an attempt to grab the book.

A skill book represents a powerful skill, and all of the men knew about this. The lure of power tempted many prisoners.

“Bang!” a shot rang out.

The prisoner who grabbed skill book suddenly had a bloody hole in his head, and as he collapsed, his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.


The rest of the prisoners were surprised, and they looked towards the direction where the bullet was fired from. They saw that there were men who had type 03 assault rifles pointed towards them.


The prisoners’ heart turned cold, and they dare not even to take another glance at the skill book. Instead, they focused on killing more zombies.

A soldier walked up and took the skill book and all the surrounding [System] coins. Many men also continuously dragged or tossed the corpses of zombies down the wall.


Thankfully the zombies’ commander had no more new tactics and could only try to overwhelm the defenders with sheer numbers. Zombies after zombies were continuously lurched at the gates, and killed by the defenders.

The corpses of these zombies were tossed into a massive bonfire.

The battle continued until nightfall, and Yue Zhong rotated the prisoners, and newly trained soldiers to take turns to slay zombies.

A few men were careless and were injured by the zombies and became infected. They were shot immediately. Most of the prisoners and newly trained soldiers had evolved to level 2. At the same time, they overcome their fear of the zombies.

A typical human only needs to kill about three zombies with a weapon from the [System] to evolve to level 2. But the level 7 evolvers needs to kill tens of zombies to gain a level. For high-level evolvers like Yue Zhong, he needs to kill thousands of zombies to gain a level.

Having the prisoners and the recruits use Tang Imitation Swords and take turns killing the zombie horde could raise their level quickly. To ensure that they could withstand the might of a 100,000 zombie army, Yue Zhong had no choice by to allow them to become evolvers.


[To be continued…]

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