God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 189

Chapter 189 – The Zombie Horde Retreats

After carefully observing the zombies, Yue Zhong suddenly activated his encompassing body armour skill. White Bone immediately merged with Yue Zhong to form a bone armour. Then he immediately ordered, “Fire all weapons!”

Under Yue Zhong’s command, the men guarding the East Gate immediately let all hell break loose upon the sea of zombies.

Under the combined storm of the machine guns mixed with heavy artillery shells, many of the zombies seemed to drop down by the dozens. The carnage among the zombies was fields of wheat being harvested by sickles. Everywhere the bullet flew, zombies would drop down. Even the massive and extremely tough L2 zombies were also mowed down, as the armour penetrating bullets ripped holes in their bodies.

“Cease Fire! All elite marksmen, support me with covering fire. Our target are the H1 zombies!”

After Yue Zhong gave the order, he quickly stretches out his hand, and a bone spike reaches into the ground and quickly formed a bone ladder. With this bone ladder, he quickly descended the wall and faced the horde of zombies.

Translator notes:

Holy shit! Did he just do a Superman?

Little Greenie was soaring in the sky when it spot an opportunity. It also took advantage of the bullet storm where most of the zombies were still struggling to get up. Like a bolt of green lightning, it tore apart an H1 zombie.
As soon as Yue Zhong landed, he immediately rushed at full speed towards where the H1 zombies were. These H1 zombies who can shoot fireballs with devastating effectiveness are the greatest threat to Yue Zhong’s army. With the H1 zombies providing covering fireballs, the elite marksmen dare not to raise their heads too high to snipe at the zombies. Also, the power of the fireballs could not be disputed. Each fireball had the terrible destructive power that could bomb a jeep into oblivion.

If these zombies continued to remain in the sea of zombies, even Yue Zhong’s team would have a hard time with them.

Without the oppressive power of the hail of bullets, many of these zombies slowly picked themselves up from the ground. For those that had their body cut into halves, their upper body continued to crawl towards Yue Zhong.

Translator notes:

I thought the other zombies would trample on the zombies that were crawling on the ground. **Laughs out loud 

The area surrounding Yue Zhong was filling with the scene of zombies that were rising again.

For each step that Yue Zhong took, he would involuntarily step on some limbs, rotten body parts or disgusting bits of shredded flesh. With the numerous zombies that were slowly getting up, it was as if Yue Zhong had stepped into hell.

The L2 zombies recovered much faster than the normal zombies, and got up relatively quickly. They attempt to surround Yue Zhong.

The group of H1 zombies also change their aim as they turned their heads towards Yue Zhong.

The next second, Yue Zhong sense of danger kicked into overdrive as he sensed impending doom coming his way. He immediately activated his shadow steps skill. This skill grants him a massive increase in agility, and like a ghost, he seemed to disappear from the area as he navigated through the sea of zombies.

Twenty fireballs emerged and shot towards Yue Zhong.

Although his speed was outstanding, he did not manage to escape unscathed from chained attack. Two of the fireballs landed on his body.

The Mutant King Rat hide armour managed to prevent the fireballs from piercing holes in his body, but even then, the force behind the two fireballs was no joking matter, as the impact sent Yue Zhong flying for 7 to 8 metres. Many of his bones were fractured, and he felt pain all over his body.

If not for the fact that Yue Zhong’s body is thrice as sturdy as a typical human, even with the Mutant King Rat hide armour, this blow would have shattered all the bones in his body, killing him instantly.

Translator Notes:

What happened to White Bones? I thought Yue Zhong had combined with white bones and white bone is his armour?

“Bang! Bang!”

After the H1 zombies had fired their fireballs, the sounds of several gunshots rang out. One after another, holes suddenly appeared in the heads of the H1 zombies. Each H1 zombie that were hit collapsed lifelessly onto the ground.

The snipers on the wall had engaged the H1 zombies and took the opportunity to snipe at them.

Each H1 zombie may possess incredible attack power, but they were physically fragile. Even regular bullets can penetrate their bodies, not to mention the sniper’s specialised rounds.

Each of the snipers had unerring accuracy. After three rounds of shots rang out, all of the H1 zombies had been decimated.

But the hides of L2 zombies were too tough. Only at a very close range would the sniper rifles be effective. Or only specially made explosive bullets that would blow apart the head with each hit could hurt them.

Yue Zhong had a limited supply of large-calibre shells and large-calibre sniper rifle bullets. Therefore, if there is no need to, he prefers not to let the shooters use these bullets to bomb the L2 zombies’ head.

“Looks like when there is a chance, I must also improve my Vitality attribute as well.” Thought Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong crawled up from the ground, and equipped the Tang Sabre. With this weapon, he was easily able to cleave through the standard zombies around him. He was very pale. The bone where the fireball had struck is likely to be shattered. His clothes were in tatters, and the pain screamed out each time he swings his sabre.

The Tang Sabre is much sharper than the Tang Imitation Sword by at last five times. It cut through the zombies like a hot knife through butter.

The evolved L1, S1 and L2 zombies also surrounded Yue Zhong from all directions.

On the wall, the sound of gunshots unceasingly rang out. Other than the L2 zombies, most of the evolved zombies were shot dead by the elite marksmen.

Without the threat of H1 zombies, Little Greenie shows off his might. It dived and ripped off the head of an L2 zombie, and escaped before the slow zombies could retaliate. Then it repeated its actions on other L2 zombies.

Yue Zhong charged at full speed towards the L2 zombie. In no time at all, he reached the front of an L2 zombie

A massive towering fist crushed towards Yue Zhong as the L2 zombie tried to smash the puny human in front of it into pieces.

With a very slight movement, Yue Zhong managed to avoid the blow, and chopped his Tang Sabre at the neck of the L2 zombie.

The sharpness of the sword and Yue Zhong’s enhance strength could only open a large hole in the neck, but did not manage to fully decapitate the L2 zombie.

Another massive fist punched out towards Yue Zhong.


Yue Zhong kept his sabre, and stepped aside, narrowly avoiding the death blow.

“The L2 toughness is really extraordinary! Looks that a level 2 Tang Blade is not enough to finish off an L2 zombie. I need to have a much higher strength to cut off its head with one blow.”

Yue Zhong used his superior speed to reach the back of the L2 zombie, and kicked at the L2 zombie with all his might. He was able to knock the L2 off balance and the L2 fell heavily to the floor, crushing a few zombies in its fall. He immediately stepped on the L2’s head and activated his Devil Fire skill, and burned the L2 head into ashes.

Translator notes:

It is real, man. He just took off his clothes and wore his red underwear. Using devil fire with his foot? Holy shit!

Keeping the items that the L2 had dropped with a single swipe, Yue Zhong continued to wave his Tang Sabre, and easily cleaved apart an L1 and an S1 zombie that charged towards him. He then grabbed the opportunity to rush towards another L2 zombie.

Like a panther, Yue Zhong used the L2 zombie’s legs as leverage to climb to the back of the L2 zombie. He reached out with a hand and placed it on the massive L2 zombie’s head. A blast of Devil Fire emerged, and the L2 zombie’s head also turned into ash.

Without the threat of H1 zombies, under the protection of the snipers, Yue Zhong was like a shark in the sea of tiny fishes.

There were too many zombies for Yue Zhong to avoid, and many zombies had managed to land a hit on him. However, the attack of the standard zombies could not even scratch the bone armour, while a swing of his Tang Sabre would readily cleave apart all but the mighty L2 zombies.

Yue Zhong only dared to dive into the ocean of zombies as he had multiple layers of protective clothes. He had the bone armour that was formed from merging with White Bones. He had a Water Python Snakeskin Armour. Also, he was wearing the Mutant King Rat’s hide armour. As well, he was wearing a Level 3 vest from the system to protect him. With so many layers of protection, he was quite safe, even among the horde of zombies. Without these protections, he would had long been infected with the zombie virus and turned into one of them.

As Yue Zhong used his Devil Fire to burn off the head of the 20th L2 zombie, suddenly the sea of zombie seemed to retreat like it was experiencing low tide.

The evolved zombies were the fastest to run. They ran at the head of the pack, as if spearheading the retreat. These evolved zombies are the main weapons that the Z series of commander zombie use to kill the men. Without the evolved zombies, it would be tough, if not impossible to destroy the walls of the Survivor Camp.

Little Greenie was not going to let go of this excellent opportunity. Like Yue Zhong, it had no qualms about stabbing retreating zombies in the back. It rapidly drove down like lightning on the retreating zombies, and managed to slay three more L2 zombies before flying back to the city wall in satisfaction.

It is unclear that there were how many H1 zombies among the sea of zombies, but Yue Zhong was not willing to risk the life of Little Greenie to find out.

Looking at the retreating zombies, Yue Zhong finally heaved a sigh of relief. He used another bone spike to create a bone ladder to return to the top of the wall.

After the wave of zombies were driven back, it is time to examine the loss and gains, clear up the battlefield, eat and rest, and so on.

After the first day of battle, the entire survival camp had destroyed close to 15,000 zombies. But at the same, more than 400 men were lost. The West, North and South gates had lost the most number of men. Most of those who perished were killed in new tactics that launched the first wave of zombies, where the S2 zombies, Hunter zombies and L1 zombies attacked in force. After these zombies had been taken care of, the number of men who fell in battle dropped significantly.

But this fight was very costly for the LongHai Survival Camp regarding resources. In the span of one day, about one-third of the ammunitions were spent. The biggest waste of ammo was when Lei Cheng’s new troops did not have much combat experience, and madly fired at the zombies from afar, losing an enormous number of bullets. After the evolvers and survivors had entered the fray, the wastage of ammunition was kept to a minimum.

In this battle, Yue Zhong had gained 13 skill books, 42 white colour treasure box, 4 green colour treasure box, and 2,000 [System coins].

Of the 13 treasure books, There were:

Two Level 1 “Earth spike” skill book.

One level 2 “Solid as rocks.”

One level 3 “Night Vision.”

Three level 1 skill book, “Summon Skeleton.”
One level 3 skill book, “Illusion”.

Of the 42 white colour treasure box, 10 of the boxes were empty. The rest of boxes yield 20 Tang Imitation Swords, 2 level 1 protective vest, three pairs of white gloves, three pairs of strength enchanting shoes, and two sticks of beginner’s staff.

The four green boxes yield a level 2 Tang Sabre, a level 2 protective vest, a level 2 white cloak and a level 3 strength enhancing ring.

Level 1 Earth Spike: You may summon a 2 m spike of earth of attack your enemies. Cost 6 spiritual power points. The non-mage class may only cast this spell once a day, unless the user level the skill up to level 2. Will consume 100 [System] coins if you learn this skill.

Level 2 Solid as rocks. Using this skill will allow you to increase your Endurance by 30 points for 30 seconds. Using this skill will cost 15 stamina points.

Level 1 skill: Summon Skeleton. This skill will summon a weak skeleton to fight alongside you. Each summons will cost 5 points of Spiritual Power. You are limited to summoning five skeletons.

Level 3 Ability: Illusion- this skill can make enemies panic and create chaos and confusion among enemies. Activating this skill will cost 5 points of Spiritual Power and 5 points of stamina. Each second of maintaining this spell will drain 4 points of spiritual power. This skill is not effective against creatures who have more spiritual power than yourself. The greater the difference between your spiritual power and your target’s spiritual power, the more effective the illusion seemed to be.

“Level 2 item: White cloak. Wearing this clock increase your Endurance by +3.”

“Level 3 item: Strength enhancing ring. Wearing this ring increase your strength by +6.”

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