God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 190




Yue Zhong gave all the items to his men, but he kept the Strength Enhancing Ring, and the White Cloak.


Having received the skill book and items, Yue Zhong’s men seemed to grow in power. Ji Qing Wu’s Tang Imitation Sword had been swapped with the much sharper Tang Sabre. With her enhance cutting-edge skill, even the Mutant Rat King would find it hard to resist being slice apart by her skill.


That night, after Yue Zhong had his dinner, he brought the first team and the second team to observe the situation. The Z series of zombies had suddenly displayed intelligence and was able to use the evolved zombie to spread chaos among the defenders. If not for the powerful evolvers in the Yue Zhong’s team guarding the East gate, the Survivor Camp would have fallen by now.


Yue Zhong dared not to underestimate the Z series zombie. The Z series zombie may not be as smart as humans, but with an army of 100,000 zombies; it could overwhelm the defenders with sheer numbers. Just one mistake and the Survivor Camp would be overrun.

Lei Sheng raises his eyebrows as he spoke, “Dad, do we really need to do this? Now, we should still be able to hold on.”

Lei Sheng immediately fled from the room, “I will immediately make the necessary preparations.”
Lei Cheng sighed. He stood up from the chair and walked towards the window. He stared at the moon outside, and his eyes seemed to flash with countless thoughts.


Under the cover of that night, although all seemed to be calm in LongHai Survivor Camp, under the facade, the schemes and ploys of men were set in motion.


In the morning, at the first light, the sea of zombie returned like the high tide, and surround the area on all sides.


Translator notes:

Zombies do not need light to see. I do not understand why zombie retreat at night and attack in the day. LOL.

With the benefit of their previous experience, all the commanders guarding the gates only allow their men to shoot at the zombies, and aim for the head of the zombies. The zombies were nothing but target practice for the new soldiers to gain more shooting experience.


“What is happening? Why are there no evolved zombies?” Yue Zhong observed the situation, and immediately discovered something is wrong. Although there are throngs of zombies there, there was no sight of a single massive L2 zombie.


Without any L2 zombies, the standard zombies did not pose any threat to the soldiers. And were nothing more than target practice for Yue Zhong’s men.


Just as Yue Zhong could not make heads or tails of the situation, at the West Gate, suddenly over 160 L2 zombies and L1 zombies appeared. They host up over 70 H1 zombies.


As soon as the 70 zombies appeared, only 10 of these zombies fired the fireballs. These fireballs burn with searing intensity, and in a short while, three new soldiers and two snipers were turned into ash.


The 160 L2 zombies immediately caught S1 zombies near them and hurled them towards the top of the wall.


In a few moments, suddenly slightly over 100 S1 zombies were successfully launched at the wall.


In the west gate, there were three evolvers and 46 survivors wielding machetes.


The defender killed only slightly more than ten S1 zombies. The rest of S1 zombies were like an unstoppable tornado as they ripped into the ranks of the evolvers and the survivors. Along the way, the defenders who were in the way of these whirlwinds of death were promptly torn to shreds.


As the S1 zombies reached the ranks of the men, they used their claws to stab at the soft belly of the men, and then gorge on the intestines and stomach that spilled out from the wounds. The survivors that did not die from the hit howled in agony, and their screams lowered the morale of the other survivors.


Seeing how fierce and scary these S1 zombies were, the rest of the survivors lost their will to fight and rushed down the wall like a torrent of water.
“Damn it! The situation had developed accordingly to what my dad had predicted!” Lei Sheng thought.


Seeing this situation, Lei Cheng turned pale and immediately grabbed Xu Zhenggang by the collar, and shouted out aloud, “Platoon Leader Xu, I command you to hold the fort. Even if all the men were killed, and you are the only defender left, you must not allow these things to enter the Survivor camp. Do you understand?”


Xu Zhenggang face was full of determination as he replied, “Yes, Commander Lei!”


As Xu Zhenggang returned to the camp, Lei Cheng immediately sat in a military jeep and drove off.


Not long after, the doors of the South Gate was opened wide, and 5 IFVs, 12 machine guns installed car, 26 hummers, 12 Dongfeng lorries, 7 modified bus, and four tankers sped out of the LongHai Survival Camp.
Looking at the vehicles, numerous zombies surrounded the vehicles, and sought to block the road in front of the cars.



The type ZSL92 armour IFV [1] was covered in thick armour. Along the way, it flung aside all the ordinary zombies as it knocked them down and crushed them underfoot. Regular zombies could not penetrate the armour of this vehicle.



Under the might of the IFVs, the standard zombies could not even have the strength to resist. The reason the military could clear Longhai survivor camp of zombies was, in no small part, due to the might of these vehicles.
The vehicles behind closely followed after the bloody path that the IFVs had open up, and escaped out of the survivor camp.


Once the vast number of cars left, they left the south gate wide opened, and massive swarms of zombies entered into the city.


“Captain Yue! Captain Yue! Lei Cheng had fled with his men!” Just when Yue Zhong was suspicious of the behaviour of the zombies, the walkie-talkie suddenly ranged out. From the other end was the voice of a team member who was shocked and disappointed.


“Damn this bastard!!!” hearing this report, it was like a bomb had detonated inside Yue Zhong’s head.
Lei Cheng may not be a good man, but his military soldiers are not to be underestimated. If not for Lei Cheng’s putting in all his strength to resist the zombie invasion, it is likely the zombies would have overwhelmed the survivor camp on its first day. Yue Zhong could not hope to defend the entire camp by himself. His men may be top notched, but he did not have enough men.


“Which gate did he escaped from? What is the situation there?” With great difficulty, Yue Zhong forced himself to remain calm, and asked the one who reported the situation.


If all three gates were breached, Yue Zhong could only immediately led his men to leave the area.


Without the walls, nothing is stopping the zombies. Without preparations, there is no hope of fighting a 100,000 zombie army.


“The South Gate is lost. A massive number of zombies had entered the city, and it is chaos in the city.”

“I understand!”


As soon as the sound had stopped, from the walkie talkie came the urgent voice of Xu Zhenggang. “Yue Zhong, I am Xu Zhenggang. The situation in the West gate is critical, I could only hold on for five more minutes. I need your help!”


Yue Zhong replied, “You hold on for five more minutes. Within 5 minutes, I will definitely bring men and arrive to help you!”


He immediately made his decision: “Kong Tianyu, Chen Shi Tou, Zhao Xing, Xiao Ming. The four of you bring all your men with you to the South gate. Lang Zi, bring two squad with you and follow Kong Tianyu. Your job is to maintain order. If you see anyone setting fire or robbing or raping, etc., kill them immediately!”


“Ji Qing Wu, Bai He and I will bring the first, third and fourth evolvers squad to support Xu Zhenggang. Wang Shuang, you are the highest ranked commander over here. If there are any refugees, accept them. Check for any injuries and shoot them if you suspect that they are infected. Also, kill any animals you see immediately!”


After giving out the commands, Yue Zhong brought four teams of evolvers towards the West Gate.


Along the way, there were chaos everywhere. The survivors had gone crazy and lost all hope. They begin to kill, rob, commit arson, snatch items, rape, etc. It was as if all hell had broken loose, and the worse of humanity had emerged.


Looking at the zombie entering the city, most of the survivors had lost all hope. They could not see tomorrow, and were carrying out their darkest desires.


A man’s eyes were red as he ripped apart a woman’s clothes, as if he intended to rape her in front of everyone in board daylight.


The woman screamed for help, and was in tears, as she shouted with her might, but nobody appeared to help her. Instead, her screams brought forward two more men who were similarly driven insane with lust.


Looking at the two men, the first men just smiled, and said, “Let’s gang rape her.”


The two men nodded their heads, and rushed forwards. One of them tore off the rest of the clothes of the woman, while the other men took off his pants.


“Bang!” A shot rang out. One of the would-be rapists collapsed as a bullet hole emerged from his head.


Looking at the dead man, the other two men, immediately fled in all directions.


The woman who was saved looked up and saw a car driving pass at high speed, and it did not show any intention of stopping.
Yue Zhong had killed the man, but he did not step up to save the woman. Because right how, the situation is critical. He needs to bring men to support Xu Zhenggang. He did not have the luxury of time to stop the car and rescue the woman. He could only leave this task for Lang Zi and his team.


Very quickly, Yue Zhong brought his men towards the west gate.


At this time, many of the guns had turned white hot from overuse. The IFV had stopped firing. Flame King Gu continuously launched fireballs after fireballs to kill S1 zombies.


The steel wire net and the steel wire trap had rendered great service, as the net caught several high-speed S1 zombies. Some S1 zombies fell prone as they tripped on the steel wire trap. The men quickly killed each S1 that were trapped.


[To be continued…]

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