God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 191

In engaging the S1 zombies in close combat, many survivors had been scratched by the S1 zombies, and cried out in pain. These S1 zombies were far more powerful than regular zombies.


If Yue Zhong did not have various armours protecting him, he also dared not to fight with more than twenty S1 zombies at a time. Even if he is very careful, it is inevitable that he will be hit by at least one S1 zombie. The unlucky survivors found out the scariness of the S1 zombies the hard way.


If not for the fact guns were being pointed at the survivors and that all who retreated will be shot, many of the survivors would have fled a long time ago. The steel wire nets, the trip wire trap and supporting covering fire had helped some survivors to last a bit longer. Even then, once the heavy weapons stopped firing, more and more S1 rushed forwards, and the defence line is at risk of being overwhelmed.


Yue Zhong immediately made his way to Xu Zhenggang, and pointed towards an IFV and asked, “Why did you not use the autocannon?”


In this critical time, the Type ZPT90 25 mm autocannon is a magnificent weapon. One swept could kill most of the zombies.


Xu Zhenggang face was full of sorrow as he explained, “No more ammo! If you were just a bit later, we would have been overran with zombies.”


Without ammo, the IFV is just an armour carrier, and could not show off its power. The lack of ammunition is a deciding factor in swinging the tide between men and zombies.


“Ji Qing Wu, Team 1, Team 3 and Team 4, follow me!” Yue Zhong immediately led his forces to attempt to hold the line.


Bai He is a one of the snipers who took command of the armed squad. He was very calm as he continuously provides covering fire. Each shoot of his will take out an S1 zombie with a headshot.


The place seemed to be overran with S1 zombies. Yue Zhong led his team towards the S1 zombies. His speed is incredible and with a flash of his Tang Sabre, three S1 zombies were instantly destroyed.


White Bones who was standing besides Yue Zhong, took out a massive white bone axe, and destroy all incoming S1 zombies like a whirlwind of destruction.


Ji Qing Wu was not inferior to either of them, as the Tang Sabre in her hands waved a deadly dance that decapitate a zombie with each hit.


Yue Zhong’s Tang Sabre continuously lashed and chopped out, cleaving apart S1 zombies with each hit. He did not use any special skills, and just constantly hack and slash with his sabre. More and more S1 zombies perished until his blade. Occasionally, an S1 zombie got lucky and landed a hit on him, but his armour negate any damage done to him.

Each of the S1 zombies are all level 10 beasts. Their deaths dropped large experience orbs for the men, allowing the team to evolve further. This is especially so for the weaker team members in team 3 and team 4 squad members. Each kill often results in an instant level up, giving them a huge morale boost.


Under Yue Zhong, White Bones and Ji Qing Wus’ leadership, the four teams continuously kill as they pushed forwards. Each addition step forward was extremely difficult, due to the chaos and massive numbers of S1 zombie.


Yue Zhong team may be powerful, but outside of the gate, there were more than 100 L2 zombies that were unceasing tossing zombies into the city. The number of zombies they killed could not keep up with the rate at which the L2 zombies toss more zombies onto the wall of the city. Each step forwards were getting increasingly difficult.


“Retreat!” Yue Zhong saw that the tide of zombies were unending, and it is impossible to continue this way. Therefore he sounded the order to retreat.


If this continues, the four squads will exhaust all their stamina. It would be impossible to climb to the top of the tower gate this way.
Under Yue Zhong’s command, the four squadrons of men immediately retreat towards the makeshift fortification where Xu Zhenggang was.



“Ji Qing Wu, come with me!” Yue Zhong activated his skill combined body armour, and carried Ji Qing Wu with one hand. Then he fired a bone shard, and extended it as he flew up towards the wall.



On the wall, Yue Zhong was able to see more than 100 L2 zombies that continuously tossed more and more zombies onto the wall. The wall was already filled to brim with zombies, and the number of zombies continued to increase.



Almost all the zombies were evolved zombies. While the first few waves of zombies were all S1 zombies, the later waves of zombies were all L1 zombies. In an army of 100,000 zombies, there were only hundreds zombies that had their 2nd evolution. But there were thousands of zombies that had their first evolution, and these zombies filled the wall.



The Z series commander zombie seemed to have learnt a lesson from yesterday’s failure. It sent a large number of normal zombies to surround the entire area to prevent the leaders of the four gates from allocating more soldiers to help the other gates. Then it gathered all its forces to attempt to break down the weakest link – the west gate. In no time at all, the west gate was overwhelmed.



Yue Zhong tossed a hand grenade into the wall. With a loud “Bang”, the hand grenade cleared a large circle in the walls, as many zombies were blown into pieces.


Yue Zhong carried Ji Qing Wu and landed on the cleared area.


Below the wall, the H1 zombies continuously fired balls of flames onto the walls, and created large debris.


All the surrounding zombies surrounded Yue Zhong.


“Protect me”, Yue Zhong took out a Type 89 QJZ 8 submachine gun, and fired madly at the H1 zombies.


Under the barrage of fire from the powerful weapon, several H1 zombies were shot and dropped onto the floor.


Ji Qing Wu stood by Yue Zhong’s sides, and waved her Tang Sabre as she slay several S1 and L1 zombies. She guarded Yue Zhong’s back.


Little Greenie also reached the wall, and with a flap of its massive wings, 7-8 evolved zombies would be sent flying. Its beak can smash apart an evolved zombie’s head and kill it.


As Yue Zhong was aiming at the H1 zombies, he suddenly felt a warning of danger from his danger sense skill. He immediately squatted down.


The next moment, three balls of fire landed on the spot where Yue Zhong was standing a second ago, and one of the balls of fire destroyed the Type 89, QJZ 8 Submachine gun.


“Damn it!” Yue Zhong was sadden by the loss of this weapon. This weapon had very good power, and could be deployed in numerous situation. He only had two of these firearms in his spatial ring.


Yue Zhong took out his last Type 89 QJZ8 Submachine gun and madly fire at the H1 zombies again.


In a short span of time, over 30 H1 zombies had been slain by the bullets. The H1 zombie fire at Yue Zhong again.


This time, Yue Zhong was well prepared. As soon as the danger sense was activated, he immediately grabbed the gun and crouched down.


After the fireballs had missed him, Yue Zhong then picked up the submachine gun and continued to fire at the H1 zombies.


Seeing that the H1 zombies were being wipe out by Yue Zhong, the L1 zombies hosted the remaining H1 zombies. From the mouth of these H1 zombies, fireball after fireball were launched and struck the wall.


“All the 90 H1 zombies should have attacked by now. I should have about 15 mins grace.” Yue Zhong was shooting at the zombies. But at the same time, he was also counting the number of fireballs that were lurched towards him.


He turned around and found that Ji Qing Wu was perspiring heavily and seemed to be panting. Although the time spent is not very long, but she had to handle a massive number of zombies. This used up her stamina very quickly.


“Do you still have any more stamina?”  Yue Zhong stepped up and killed two L1 zombies, before asking Ji Qing Wu.


“Yes.” Ji Qing Wu looked at Yue Zhong, and continued to decapitate another S1 zombie.



Yue Zhong laughed and carried Ji Qing Wu and jumped down from the wall, towards the zombie side.


In the sky, Little Greenie also took advantage of the time when the H1 zombies could not fire any more fireballs and flew down and destroyed an L2 zombie.


Under the wall, everywhere was filled to the brim with standard zombies. There was nowhere to land nor was there any safe space. Yue Zhong continuously shoots out bone shards and using a series of bone shard ladders, made his way towards the group of H1 zombies.


The H1 zombies are the greatest threat to Yue Zhong. As long as there is even one H1 zombie, his escape path would be filled with danger.



After several bone spike ladders, Yue Zhong reached the cluster of H1 zombies. He immediately land down and with a single stroke of his sabre, sliced an H1 and the L1 zombie that was supporting the H1 into two.


The area was full of zombies, and Ji Qing Wu began her waving her sword dance and start a massacre. 6-7 zombies were killed immediately. But the number of zombies were unending, and continued to creep forwards. She could smell the disgusting thick smell of the zombies’ rotten flesh.

In the sea of zombie, everywhere was filled with standard zombies. It is very hard for agility type evolvers like Ji Qing Wu to battle. If Ji Qing Wu was the only one who fell into the tide of zombie, she would, without a doubt, drown in the sea of zombies. This is not because she is not strong enough, but rather because the number of zombies is too overwhelming and did not give her any space to move about to take advantage of her agility.


Yue Zhong’s right hand fired a shard of bone, and immediately took him and Ji Qing Wu away, towards another H1 zombie that was lurking nearby. He easily cleaved the zombie into two.


Little Greenie also followed Yue Zhong, and attacked continuously, and destroy several H1 zombies.


Under Yue Zhong’s and Little Greenie’s hunt for the H1 zombie, the H1 zombies dropped like files. Just when approximately 10 H1 zombies were remaining, the H1 zombies suddenly jumped down from the heads of the L1 zombies and hid themselves among the zombie horde.


With the number of zombies in the area, looking for an H1 zombie is like looking for a needle in a stack of hay. Yue Zhong did not continue to chase the H1 zombies, but instead used the bone ladder to go towards the L2 zombies.


These L2 zombies are the main siege machines that lurched more and more zombies to the wall. If these L2 zombies fall, it will reduce the pressure on the defenders within the wall.


In a few seconds, Yue Zhong reached an L2 zombie. He raised his gun and burst apart an L2 zombie’s head.


After destroying the L2 zombie, Yue Zhong continued to move around and kill more L2 zombies.


“Congratulations on reaching Level 35. You have gained two attributes points.”


After Yue Zhong had killed about 15 L2 zombies, he finally gained another level and became level 35.


[To be continued…]

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