God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 192

Yue Zhong chose to put his attribute points into agility and stamina, and carried Ji Qing Wu as they continued to slay L2 zombies with his stinger gun. Then they would go to the next L2 zombie by swinging from bone spikes ladder to bone spikes ladders. After so many days of practicing his shooting, he could hit the head of an L2 zombie with 100% accuracy within a range of 50 m.

Translator notes:

Think bone spikes ladders as Spiderman’s web.

Having discovered this great enemy, the L2 zombies nearby shoved aside the zombies in their way as they charged towards Yue Zhong.

With great speed, Yue Zhong carried Ji Qing Wu and arrived in front of an L2 zombie.

The L2 zombie fists connected on the bone ladder, and shattered it in one hit. Ji Qing Wu and Yue Zhong began to descend from the sky.

Ji Qing Wu immediately activated her Cutting edge enhancement skill, and her Tang Sabre seemed to flash out a ray of light. The extremely tough L2 zombies that could resist bullets could not resist the sharpness of her Sabre and was cleaved in two.

“Amazing! Her special skill is indeed the bane of these L2 zombies.” Looking at the ease in which Ji Qing Wu sliced apart the L2 zombies, Yue Zhong could not help praising Ji Qing Wu.

As soon as Ji Qing and Yue Zhong landed on the ground, the surrounding zombies all crept forward to attack.

Yue Zhong ignored these zombies, and again, he held on to Ji Qing Wu’s waist as he fired another bone shard and rose upwards. Then he charged towards the next L2 zombie.

The L2 zombie also quickly fell to Ji Qing Wu’s sword, and a massive globe of experience orb entered into Ji Qing Wu’s body. Ji Qing Wu finally leveled up.

Under Yue Zhong’s guidance, Ji Qing Wu continuously used her blade to kill the higher level L2 zombies. Her level continued to raise, and she reached level 20.

After Ji Qing Wu, Yue Zhong and Little Greenie killed about 80 L2 zombies, Yue Zhong carried Ji Qing Wu and jumped onto Little Greenie’s back. Little Greenie carried them back towards the city.

At this time, Ji Qing Wu was running very low on stamina, and she could not continue to battle. Although the cutting edge enhancement is very powerful, it also drains stamina rapidly.

In one attack, over 100 L2 zombies were killed, and only about 60 L2 zombies remain. These L2 zombies continued to throw more zombies towards the wall, but the rate at which they were throwing had decreased by a lot. The pressure on the defenders also reduced by a corresponding amount.

When Yue Zhong returned to the West Gate, he found that the four squads of evolvers were still fighting the zombies, but many of them looked exhausted.

In fighting with a huge number of zombies, the stamina and spiritual power deplete at an astonishing rate. Most of the evolvers can kill over 100 zombies in a day. But only if there are periods of lull time in between for them to rest and recharge their stamina. Against a horde of zombies, they could only kill about 20 each. When facing a group of zombies, they must continuously attack, and hack apart the zombies without any breaks. The pressure is very taxing on them physically and mentally, and the rate at which their stamina and spiritual power get drained is also very rapid.

Looking at the situation, Yue Zhong immediately summoned Wang Shuang and ordered, “Quickly make arrangements for men to bring two higher-level squads of prisoners.”

He needs to have two more squad of men before he could retaliate against the zombies and regain control of the West gate.

“Yes, Captain Yue!”

Not long after, two vehicles carrying the prisoners arrived. After equipping the Tang Sword and the Steel Shields, the prisoners charged towards the wall.

Yue Zhong had been investing his points into stamina at each level. At this time, he still feels energetic. He took the lead together with White Bones and brought his men to attempt to take back the wall.

Without the threat of H1 zombies attacking it, Little Greenie continuously destroyed L2 zombies with its sharp claws.

It took Yue Zhong over 1 hour to kill all the zombie and retake the West wall. But twelve of the prisoners were infected with the zombie virus.

L2 zombies continued to perish under Little Greenie’s might. When there were only about twenty L2 zombies left, Yue Zhong allowed Little Greenie to hunt the zombies as it desires.

Twenty L2 zombies could no longer post any threat to the West Gate.

Yue Zhong had not even taken a rest, when the walkie talkie sounded out Kong Tianyu’sdistress signal. “Yue Zhong, I am requesting support at the South gate. Right now, we managed to stop the zombies from continuing to enter the city, but we do not have enough men to retake the South Gate. Please send us some support!”

“Is there a lot of evolved zombies in the South Gate?” Yue Zhong asked.

Kong Tianyu replied, “No. There are no evolved zombies. However, the number of normal zombies is way too many. No matter how many we killed, there are always more to be killed. We were forced to retreat due to their overwhelming numbers.“

Kong Tian Yu’s  four squads of men were all evolvers. But the number of zombies is unending. They were severely outnumbered and could only retreat.

“All right, I understand! I immediately bring some soldier to support you. Before that, help me stop the speed at which the zombies enter the city!”

Yue Zhong had just finished his conversation with Kong Tian Yu when he spied the IFV. He immediately asked Xu Zhenggang, “Is this still operational?”

Xu Zhenggang replied, “It can still move for about 60 km more.”

“Drive! We need to support the South Gate!” Yue Zhong grabbed Xu Zhenggang leapt into IFV.

The IFV was quickly started and driven towards the South Gate.

All exits along the main road from the South Gate had been sealed with Steel Wire Mesh. The alleys and streets branching from main road were blocked and sealed. There was only one way in which the zombies may travel on – the main road.

The main road was about 1000 m long, and it was filled with massive numbers of zombies.

At the front of the zombie horde, 46 evolvers were like monkeys as they jumped forwards to kill the zombies at the front of the zombie throng, and immediately leaping back to avoid the retaliation of the zombies.

There were too many zombies, and the zombies seemed to pour into the street like a river. Those zombies that collapsed were stepped on by the next wave of zombies and continued to advance.

Yue Zhong’s men also dared not to charge into the river of zombies. They were afraid of being surrounded. Although each of them was wearing Water Python Snakeskin armour, they would also be smashed into meat paste if they were continuously attacked on all sides, or even worse, stepped on by so many zombies.

This type of attack and retreat tactics, while effective, trended to deplete stamina at a very fast rate. Many of the men were breathing heavily. If not for the fact that they all have continuously improved on their strength and stamina, they could not have last so long.

Just when the men were feeling totally exhausted, an IFV charged in and rammed against the zombies.

The standard zombies that knocked by the IFV fell onto the floor. The IFV weigh several tons. Therefore, it is no surprise that the zombies were crushed into meat paste under the wheels of the vehicle.

The IFV seemed to open up a path among the zombies as it charged through the middle of the road and mowed down the zombies in its path. Only the zombies on left or right side of the road remained standing.

Translator notes:

Did anyone play plants vs zombies? This is the lawn-mower. L.O.L.

Seeing this, the morale of the men all rose sharply.

Kong Tian Yu shouted loudly as he rushed towards the remaining zombies, “Captain Yue had brought reinforcements! Attack!”

Under the leadership of Kong Tian Yu, the four squads of men renewed their vigour as they hacked the zombies apart.

Under the might of the IFV, most of the zombies were mowed down. Under Yue Zhong’s command, the IFV continued to charge out of the gate, and continued to trample zombies in front of it. Right now, there were too many zombies, and the IFV could thin out the herd.

Not long after, two more squads of men arrive, and joined Kong Tian Yu to decimate the remaining zombies.

After making sure the situation is stable, Yue Zhong then allows the men to drive the IFV back into the city, and closed the gate.

The battle was physically exhausting. Even with 66 points of stamina, Yue Zhong was fatigued.

Kong Tian Yu was covered with blood, as he greeted Yue Zhong. “What is our next step?”

Yue Zhong replied, “You lead a squad of men to defend here. If there are too many zombies, and you could not withstand the attack, you may retreat anytime.”

Yue Zhong had too little men. He also could not afford to spend too many soldiers in guarding the South gate. The East Gate is his camp. In the East gate, there were a lot of food, ammo, and other items, and would not be easily lost.

Kong Tian Yu thought for a moment, and immediately brought some men towards the walls of the South Gate.

When Lei Cheng fled with some soldiers, the entire camp became a sea of chaos as anarchy reigns. Across the survival camp, many survivors displayed disorderly and violent behaviour, such as rape, murder, rob, arson, etc. Everywhere was chaos.

Four men were carrying torches and continued to burn whatever they could. As they watched the fire burned everything down, they laughed as if they were mad. Only this crazy act of arson could let them settle the fear and unease in their hearts.

“Bang” a shot resounded, and a hole appears on a survivor’s head. As it dropped onto the floor, its facial expression was showing complete disbelief.

The other three survivors turned around, and saw Lang Zi and five other armed men rushing towards them.

The three survivors saw the gun in Lang Zi’s hand and turned pale. They tried to flee.

“Bang!” Another shot rang out, and another survivor was also shot died by Lang Zi.

“Please don’t kill me, I surrender. Don’t kill me!”

The last two survivors saw their friend who was killed, and they immediately stop running and squatted down while begging for their lives.

“Captain, do we send these men to the prisoner camp?” One of the team members asked Lang Zi.

Lang Zi’s eyes were cold as he replied, “Kill them all. We don’t have so many people to look after these massive number of assholes.”

After receiving Lang Zi’s command, two of the men walked forward with a knife each and proceeded to slaughter the two men who surrendered.

[To be continued…]

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