God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Wipe out the zombies!

TL Note: Dark Magic Knife has been changed to Dark Magic Sword. The term used is rather ambiguous and can mean both.

This chapter seems longer than usual T_T but it seems to be the end of an arc. I’m really quite curious about what happens next. I hope that Lei Cheng hasn’t been forgotten yet…

“How fast! He is also a speed-type evolver!”

Yue Zhong was caught off guard when Wei Fei chopped at his body. He immediately brandished his sword and chopped at Wei Fei’s right shoulder.

Wei Fei’s reaction was highly sensitive and his swordplay was superb; he flicked his sword upwards and fiercely clashed with Yue Zhong’s Dark Magic Sword that chopped down.

The two swords met with a huge, explosive force; Yue Zhong and Wei Fei both took two steps back. Based on physical strength, they were equal. The God & Devil World equipment on Yue Zhong were excellent, but Wei Fei had the backing of the base- the majority of the base’s good equipment landed on him, therefore the enhanced strength provided by his items wasn’t far from Yue Zhong’s.

After probing the disparity in strength between both sides, Wei Fei’s figure flashed and like a phantom, he moved at high speed in a series of blurs. He launched a hurricane-like attack towards Yue Zhong; one attack after another, he slashed at Yue Zhong from all directions.

Yue Zhong could only retract his line of defense, barely withstanding Wei Fei’s slashes. Before the ‘end of the world’, Wei Fei had already practiced brilliant swordplay with famous masters; his accomplishments in swordplay were much greater than Yue Zhong’s , and every time Yue Zhong struck out with his sword, it would easily be negated by Wei Fei. In addition, his strategic attacks were even able to leave hints of scars on Yue Zhong’s bone armor. If he didn’t have the protection of the bone armor, Yue Zhong, who had never been properly trained, would long have been defeated.

Ever since the ‘end of the world’, it was the first time that his plot armor had been broken through Yue Zhong had faced this sort of expert.  Even Ji Qingwu, whose swordplay was exquisite, didn’t give him that much pressure.

“This tortoiseshell-like defense is truly too hard to deal with!”

Wei Fei evaded an attack from Yue Zhong and slashed towards his right arm: however, there was the clashing, metallic sound and the attack only left a shallow mark.

Seeing this scene, Wei Fei couldn’t help to start feeling a trace of powerlessness. He had already slashed Yue Zhong’s body nine times; if the protection of the bone armor wasn’t present, then every slash could make Yue Zhong lose power. However, with the protection of the bone armor, he couldn’t even leave light injuries on Yue Zhong. In front of Yue Zhong’s strong defense, the speed that he was initially proud of now seemed a bit weak.

“Not bad! This fellow’s power isn’t weak! I should deal with him now!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a cold light and he activated his Gravity Manipulation Skill; continuous ripples of gravity spread out with him acting as the center. Wei Fei was affected by the gravitational ripples and his body suddenly sank, making his movements become contorted.

At that moment, Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps Skill and his whole person’s speed surged, overwhelming Wei Fei. He took one step out and fiercely bombarded Wei Fei’s abdomen with a meteor-like punch,  sending Wei  Fei flying backwards a few meters. Wei Fei spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and collapsed onto the ground with no strength left.

“Do you want to continue?”

Yue Zhong pointed at empty space and a sharp bone spike shot out of his palm, looming at Wei Fei’s throat. If Wei Fei moved, that sharp bone spike could pierce through Wei Fei’s throat.

“No need, you’ve won!”

Wei Fei let out a wry smile and was panting heavily. The power of the bone armor defense on Yue Zhong’s body was too amazing; from the moment he had no way to break the defense, it implied that he had already lost for the most part of the battle.

Since Wei Fei had been defeated, there was now nobody who could stop Yue Zhong.

With Chen Jianfeng’s cooperation, the whole base’s remaining police, special police and armed police had surrendered to Yue Zhong. The whole base’s  authority had also landed in Yue Zhong’s hands.

Once the base’s authority had landed in Yue Zhong’s hands, the troublesome matters had only just began. A series of troublesome things like the base’s security, the distribution of goods, hygiene, the distribution of food, appeasing the people’s hearts and so on all approached Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong dismissed all the officials in the base of their duties, only letting them keep some of their private belongings. However, the first people to seek refuge with him, Kong Tao and Chen Zhiguang, as well as others who were worthy, were able to be kept and help deal with some home affairs. Chen Jianfeng was also removed from his duties and only assisted Yue Zhong in dealing with home affairs with his identity as a Chief of Staff.

(Note: Kong Tao does public relations-he led Yue Zhong to a nightclub a while back to try and please him. Chen Zhiguang welcomes people to the base- after learning Yue Zhong’s an evolver, he tried to curry favor with him)

Chen Jianfeng had strong capabilities and he was handy in dealing with home affairs. Nevertheless, Yue Zhong didn’t dare to completely hand over the governmental powers into his hands.

Morover, for the officials and their children who liked to extort and rape women, the most heinous crimes resulted in being directly killed. The rest were all sent by Yue Zhong into the scum battalion for use as cannon fodder.

In front of Yue Zhong’s powerful army, even those people who held complaints in their hearts didn’t dare to disobey his orders.

From the police side, all sorts of inner (familial) connections and the trash who did nothing but eat were eliminated, only leaving the policemen with ability and a sense of justice. They had rich experience in maintaining law and order, and were much better in this aspect than Yue Zhong’s comrades who had half-baked backgrounds.

The two strong special police and armed police powers were directly disbanded by Yue Zhong and the members were divided into small, individual squads. Before, the special police and armed police were actually the strongest armed forces that Chen Jianfeng grasped, and so there were many sharpshooters with extraordinary skill among them.

Some of the special police’s individuals even had battle power above that of Yue Zhong’s elite first and second teams.

After going through the simpler procedures, Yue Zhong mobilized his troops and launched a large wipe-out of the zombies outside the town, with the IFVs and other heavy vehicles as the center of the attack.

The four IFVs and the battalion of heavy vehicles led the assault, grinding back and forth over the zombies. Then all the units took turns to battle, using the Replica Tang Sword to crazily behead those normal zombies. The evolved zombies were fought by Yue Zhong’s most elite, immediate first and second teams, who beheaded all of them.

Without the orders of the Z-series zombie, those normal zombies were just a complete mess; against Yue Zhong’s troops, who were armed to the teeth and were continually being strengthened, they had almost no strength to fight back. After three days of fierce fighting, Yue Zhong finally wiped out the 100,000 zombies surrounding the outside of the base. The price paid was that a lot of fuel was consumed, 20 people from the scum battalion were infected and 30 (normal) survivors were also infected.

“Victory! Victory! The 100,000 zombies outside of Qing Yuan County have already all been wiped out by the men under Captain Yue!”

Not long after the last wave of zombies was eradicated by Yue Zhong, news of the victory immediately spread across Qing Yuan County.

Upon hearing news of the victory, the slightly lifeless Qing Yuan County became excited again and cheers sounded throughout the town.

The matter of the 100,000 zombies outside of Qing Yuan County was constantly suspended above all the townspeople’s heads like the sword of Damocles. If the town was broken into, all of the people in Qing Yuan County would be torn to pieces by those zombies. The event of Yue Zhong and his men wiping out the 100,000 zombies was truly uplifting.

“Due to wiping out most of the zombies,  Captain Yue has decided that for today’s rations, everyone will get an extra sweet bun.”

(Note: the Chinese characters used actually mean ‘welfare meals’, but I thought that ‘rations’ would work better. If you think that I should change it back to the original, please leave your thoughts in the comments.)

The second announcement immediately then spread among the crowd.

Hearing this message, the survivors of Qingyuan were even happier and praises of  Yue Zhong were constantly heard. The majority of the survivors had always relied on rations to survive and had almost never eaten until they were full. For a bun, many women would even be willing to sell their own body. Right now, Yue Zhong had announced that everyone could receive an extra sweet bun, so naturally that would make them excited.

When the rations were being handed out, every survivor had a greedy, starved light exposed in their eyes as they saw hamper after hamper of white buns. The survivors that had received those sweet buns ate them in large mouthfuls, their eyes full of a brief happiness.

Most of the survivors felt very content towards the white buns that Yue Zhong had distributed; however, there were also those who were unsatisfied with such treatment.

(Note: So the next part can be considered slightly racist, but in a lot of stories the bad guys are always the government officials and/or foreigners.)

In one residential area, 43 foreigners of different skin color each held a bowl of gruel and a sweet bun. They looked at each other with bitter faces. Before, they were among the privileged residents of the specialty region; although they were unable to eat as they wanted there, like before the ‘end of the world’, they would definitely not go hungry. They simply didn’t put meals like gruel and buns in their eyes.

A black man looked at the bowl of gruel in his hands and said in a slightly vulgar way,

“Damn! It’s gruel again. We’ve already eaten this sort of stuff for three days now. Right now I’ve got diarrhea. Oh, God! This bastard Yue Zhong is really too stingy.”

(TL Note: So I said I wouldn’t censor anything unless absolutely necessary, but out of courtesy to those who may be eating something while reading this, I changed the ‘diarrhea’ part from the original because… well just copy this> ‘我现在拉出来的屎都是浆糊。根本不成条。’ into some machine translator and you’ll know.)

A blonde, blue-eyed, middle-aged woman with a slightly obese figure called Felicity frowned; she looked at the black man and said,

“Ekko! Please can you be a bit more civilized when you talk, your statement has made me lose my desire to eat.”

(Note: wow, loads of notes in this chapter. Anyway, I have no idea on how to translate ‘艾克’, despite searching it up in loads of online dictionaries and stuff. If anyone knows, please tell me in the comments. For now, I’m using ‘Ekko’ because ‘艾克’ is also the name in Chinese for the League of Legends hero~)

Ekko shrugged, coldly smiled and continued to disgust Felicity,

“These disgusting things are just like my vomit from this morning. Watching you eat those things is just like watching you eat my vomit. Oh, God, this is really too amusing.”

Ekko’s words made the foreigners gathered around lose their appetite; they glared at him one after another.

A gentle-looking young man wearing glasses called Choi Min-ho said,

“This will not do. I suggest that we should come together, find this place’s supreme ruler Yue Zhong and have a talk with him. To fight for the rights we should have.”


“Choi Min-ho, you should be our representative!”

“I choose Choi Min-ho to be our representative!”

One after another, those 43 foreigners elected Choi Min-ho as their representative, hoping that on their behalf, he could negotiate with Yue Zhong to obtain the treatment that they wanted. This was the principle of ‘shoot the bird that takes the lead’, which was not only understood by the Chinese people but also by the foreigners living in China, who were very clear on this.

(Note: ‘枪打出头鸟’ = shoot the bird that takes the lead- a Chinese proverb that basically means that the foreigners want Choi Min-ho to take one for the team.)

Choi Min-ho finished his sweet bun in a couple of mouthfuls, stood up and righteously said,

“Good! I will represent everybody and go fight for the treatment that everyone deserves.”

Choi Min-ho also wasn’t a fool. He understood the principle of ‘shoot the bird that takes the lead’. However, if it was well-maneuvered, the bird that takes the lead wouldn’t necessarily be unable to turn into the leader. Risks and opportunities always coexist.

Wang Shuang (3rd year Uni student saved by Yue Zhong near the start of the series) found Yue Zhong practicing shooting at the shooting gallery and said with a headache,

“Captain Yue! Those foreigners are making trouble and want to see you!

Yue Zhong put down his gun and his eyebrows furrowed. He slowly asked,

“What’s the matter?”

Wang Shuang let out a wry smile and said,

“The 43 foreigners in the base have formed a group and are strongly requesting us to give them humanitarian aid and fair treatment in accordance with international practice.”

“Humanitarian aid? Chen Jianfeng and his people have really fattened up these foreigners’ courage. I am just going to see them once.”

Yue Zhong smiled coldly and strode outside.

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