God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Reorganize the troops!

“We’ll now announce Captain Yue’s personnel appointments. From today onwards, the official teams will be disbanded, all personnel will be converted to military personnel and supplies can be obtained in accordance with the corresponding military rank.”

“In accordance with our side’s current armed forces, the regiment will consist of four battalions. The post of Regiment Commander will be held by Yue Zhong, who shall also hold the post of Commander of the 1st Main Battalion. The post of Regiment Vice‐commander will be held by Chi Yang, who shall also hold the post of Commander of the 2nd Main Battalion. The Vice‐commander of the 1st Main Battalion will be Xu Zhenggang. The Vice‐commander of the 2nd Main Battalion will be Liu Yan. The Commander of the 3rd Defense Battalion will be Da Gouzi and the Vice‐commander will be Wang Shuang. The immediate Commander of the 4th Special Combat Battalion will be Ji Qingwu and the Vice‐commander will be Cheng Yu.”

(Note: Cheng Yu is an assassin whom Yue Zhong recruited a while ago.)

“The 1st Main Battalion will manage four companies. The Commander of the 1st Company will be Liu Yan and the Vice‐commander will be Zhao Xing. The Commander of the 2nd Company will be Kong Tianyu and the Vice‐commander will be Lang Zi. The Commander of the 3rd Company will be Chen Shitou and the Vice‐commander will be Xiao Ming. The Commander of the 4th Armored Company will be Wu Guang and the Vice‐commander will be Lang Zi.

(Note: Zhao Xing is from the Chen Family’s Village; Lang Zi used to be under Xu Zhenggang’s command; Chen Shitou was the best hunter from the Chen Family’s Village; Xiao Ming is an ex‐gunman from Always Bright Village; Wu Guang also used to be under Xu Zhenggang’s command.)

“The 2nd Main Battalion will manage three companies. The Commander of the 1st Company…”

“The 3rd Defense Battalion will manage two companies. The Commander of the 1st Company will be…”

“… The 4th Special Combat Battalion will be directly under Captain Yue and no one else has the right to mobilize the battalion.”

After the entire base had landed in Yue Zhong’s hands, the number of people under his control had already broken past the mark of 10,000. After the ‘end of the world’, men had relatively strong bodies and thus their survival rate was quite high. Among the 10,000 people, there were over 5000 men, whilst the rest were women and children. If Yue Zhong engaged carelessly in military activities, he would be entirely capable of pulling out a large army of 4000 men.

Nevertheless, the result would be that there’d be a shortage of manpower in all aspects. Subsequently, Yue Zhong only established four battalions with just over 1000 men.

The 1st Main Battalion under Yue Zhong’s command had over 400 people altogether, grouping a large number of the elite soldiers and evolvers together. Moreover, those who previously had a military occupation were greatest in number and formed one of the strongest battalions.The majority of the soldiers in Chi Yang’s 2nd Main Battalion had already experienced the battle in Qing Yuan County; those who had fought with the zombies also gained an enhanced element of survival, but their strength was still much less than that of Yue Zhong’s 1st Battalion.

Nevertheless, they were all evolvers and didn’t lack courage when fighting zombies, so as long as their training was stricter, their strength would not be weak. Da Gouzi’s Defense Battalion only had two companies (platoons) of veteran evolvers, while most of the rest were newly recruited survivors, whose strength in melee combat might not even exceed that of the Scum Battalion.

The Special Combat Battalion that Ji Qingwu presided over assembled the outstanding evolvers whom were under Yue Zhong’s command: Cheng Yu, Wei Fei, Gu Zhixing and others who had extraordinary strength or whose level exceeded 15. These evolvers had great ability and the aim was for them to be used like a sharp, indestructible blade.

(Note: Wei Fei= guy Yue Zhong fought with a couple of chapters ago. Gu Zhixing = Flame King Gu.)

With assassinations and blasting, each one of them could fight one against ten when hunting high‐leveled zombies and mutated beasts.

However, evolvers like this were very rare and currently, Ji Qingwu’s Special Combat Battalion only had 23 people.

Once the integration of the military was complete, Ji Qingwu’s Special Combat Battalion received rigorous training from the former elite, special soldier Wei Fei and the former top killer Cheng Yu. The evolvers of the Special Combat Battalion had all been enhanced to a very high degree and had all hunted over 100 zombies. It was just that the majority of them were like Yue Zhong and didn’t come from any particular background, killing weaklings such as normal zombies, which they could rely on their absolute power to easily pulverize. However, in order to deal with the cunning of humans, without the corresponding military achievements and fighting capability, it wouldn’t be possible. For instance, with a skill like scouting, if the person had not undergone rigorous training and hadn’t received guidance from their seniors, it would be very hard for them to become an excellent scout.

The difference between evolvers and normal humans was that after undergoing enhancement, an evolver’s physique would be much stronger in quality than the average person. In this way, as long as an evolver underwent rigorous training, their strength would be able to rival that of those special forces from before the ‘end of the world’.

Apart from the Special Combat Battalion, Yue Zhong’s other individual forces all started their formal military training; the two main battalions practised combat whilst also starting their military training under the guidance of Xu Zhenggang and those other former government army officers.

Yue Zhong had even specially opened a military academy, with himself as Principal. The few platoon leaders who had come to his side to seek refuge from the government became lecturers and explained a variety of military combat skills to each of the commanding officers of Yue Zhong’s forces.

The zombies in the vicinity of Shang Lin County, who were preparing to attack Qing Yuan County, were all swept away. Yue Zhong immediately sent people to Shanglin to search for a large quantity of supplies. The supplies that Yue Zhong controlled instantly became even richer and more diverse. In that battle, the fuel consumption was great, but that was compensated for by what was obtained from the petrol stations in Shanglin County and its vicinity, thus therewas still a surplus.

Shanglin County was renowned for producing imitations of well‐known electric vehicle brands. In the county, therefore, there was a large amount of components involved in the production of electric vehicles and motorcycles. At the same time, there was a large number of half-completed electric vehicles and motorcycles. Those electric vehicles and motorcycles were transported back and the two main battalions were equipped with them.

In a situation as such, where there weren’t enough APCs (armored personnel carriers), these motorcycles and electric vehicles could greatly strengthen the mobility of Yue Zhong’s side.

Right after the consumption of fuel had been solved, another urgent issue was placed in front of Yue Zhong: the ammunition that they had stocked wasn’t enough to support them if they were to fight a large battle.

Even if Yue Zhong was frugal, after going through many large battles like recovering the grainery, protecting Qing Yuan County and recovering Big Cliff Village, the consumption of the ammunition that he had stocked up was inevitable. Currently, all that remained of the ammunition Yue Zhong had stocked up on was one‐third of what he had once recovered from the military compound. As for the IFVs, his trump cards, each one only had two boxes ofammunition left.

When going to Shanglin County to search for supplies, Yue Zhong and his team had also discovered many pleasant surprises. They had found two mutated water snake scales en‐route. Apparently, those zombies were only interested in the flesh and blood of the mutated beastsand not the scales, which they had no way to digest.

At the shooting gallery, Yue Zhong had just began his shooting training; both of his hands were steady and with a Type 03 Rifle, he fired 10 consecutive shots at a target 100m away. After those ten shots, ten bullet holes appeared in the place of the ‘10’ ring on the target (bullseye). In just ten shots, Yue Zhong had actually reached a terrifying score of 100. Yue Zhong looked at that target from afar and his eyes flashed with a hint of satisfaction. Ever since the ‘end of the world’, there wasn’t a single day where he stopped training his shooting skills. His hard work had finally brought him a huge achievement. Yue Zhong turned his head around to look at the little loli Yao Yao, who was wearing a small‐sized military uniform and also holding a Type 03 Rifle. He wriggled his finger at her provocatively.

Yao Yao rolled her eyes at him and lifted up the Type 03 Rifle, which, to her, was gigantic; she aimed at a target 100m away and fired ten consecutive shots. After those 10 shots, 7 bullet holes appeared on the ‘10’ ring of Yao Yao’s target, 2 bullet holes appeared on the ‘9’ ring and 1 bullet hole appeared on the ‘8’ ring. This loli Yao Yao had actually also received a good score of 96.

Yue Zhong looked at Yao Yao’s target from afar and the little bit of smugness in his heart vanished into thin air. He had been continually improving, yet this loli Yao Yao’s progress was even more monstrous than his, making him feel slightly depressed. It’s important to know that the first time both sides competed at shooting, Yao Yao’s shots were all off‐target. As Yao Yao watched the target in the distance, her adorable little cheeks showed a depressed expression. This time, she had lost to Yue Zhong again. Yue Zhong glanced at this loli with outstanding talent and lightly smiled. He questioned,

“You’ve lost! This time, what have you decided to lose to me?”

Normally, Yue Zhong and Yao Yao would place some bets on their competition. Yao Yao mostly sought for free time to hang around outside. On the other hand, Yue Zhong liked seeing this genius loli Yao Yao’s difficult appearance.

Yao Yao hesitated for a moment before having a feel in the pockets of her military uniform. She pulled out a sharp dagger and handed it to Yue Zhong, saying,

“I lose this to you.”

To Yao Yao, this sharp dagger for self defense was a very important item.

Right when Yao Yao was going through her pockets, with his sharp eyes, Yue Zhong spotted something that shouldn’t have been there appear in his field of vision. His face instantly darkened and with one hand, he grabbed the loli Yao Yao. From her pockets, he turned out a grenade.

(Note: the raws say ‘sweet potato grenade’. I assume this is not an explosive root vegetable, but rather a grenade that is shaped somewhat oddly.)

“Wait a moment, what’s this thing?”

Yao Yao looked at the grenade in Yue Zhong’s hands and her little face paled. She twisted her petite body and tried to escape. This grenade was what she had just stolen from the Special Combat Battalion. She also knew that this sort of thing could not be seen by Yue Zhong, otherwise it would be over for her. However, Yue Zhong’s big hands were like pincers‐ no matter how much Yao Yao struggled, she was unable to break free from his big hands.

“This should be what you’ve stolen! You little rascal!”

Yue Zhong pressed Yao Yao down firmly onto his thigh with his left hand, his right hand spanking Yao Yao’s little buttocks with a ‘pa pa pa’.

(Note: now, I know some people enjoy the xxx scenes, but I don’t think this is what you’re looking for.)

“Wa!!!!” After Yao Yao’s bottom had been hit by Yue ZHong a few times, her eyes were red and she started crying loudly.

“And you’re still crying! Stealing things isn’t right in the first place. If this was in an Arab country or somewhere similar, your hand would be directly chopped off. Moreover, this sort of thing is too dangerous. Even with a moment of carelessness, your small physique would explode into pulp. And you still dare to play with anything!” Yue Zhong scolded as he stared at Yao Yao. If naughty children like her weren’t given a bit of a lesson, she could overturn the heavens.

Yao Yao clenched her teeth and stared at Yue Zhong with her slightly red eyes and an extremely unyielding, stubborn appearance.

“Never mind! This time I’ll let you off! This grenade is confiscated! Go back and properly attend lessons!”

Originally, Yue Zhong had wanted to detonate the grenade himself to teach Yao Yao how dangerous they were, but then he changed his mind and did not do so. This was because grenades were also scarce resources; back then, if he didn’t have a large number of grenades, he wouldn’t have been able to kill that mutated rat king.

As soon as Yue Zhong loosened his grip, Yao Yao leapt off of his thigh and both of her red eyes stared at him, looking reluctantly at the grenade in his hands. Then she swiftly ran off, until not even her shadow could be seen.

Right after Yue Zhong had taught Yao Yao a lesson, Xia Yue and Gao Ying were brought by two soldiers up to him.

(Note: Those two people told Yue Zhong where this military base was in exchange for being taken back to Long Hai City Base.)

Yue Zhong glanced at Xia Yue, who always seemed elegant and attractive, and lightly said,

“Miss Xia Yue, would you please tell me what you’re here to ask me for?”

After Qing Yuan County had landed in Yue Zhong’s hands, Xia Yue and Gao Ying hadn’t really been living well. Yue Zhong’s treatment towards them was the same as to normal survivors: only by doing work could they have food to eat‐ otherwise, they would only be able to eat rations.

Xia Yue was of noble birth, although before the ‘end of the world’, she was really nothing more than a college student without any particularly outstanding ability. There were a lot of students with a master’s degree or PhD here in Yue Zhong’s place, and there were also many with rich work experience. Compared with other people, her only advantage was a beautiful appearance and body.

Xia Yue had no way of finding the job she wanted, therefore she ended up looking for Yue Zhong.

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