God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 199

Chapter 199: L3!

Yue Zhong approached the L3 while continuously firing at it with a Type 03 Rifle. The rifle bullets hit the scales of the L3 and ricocheted off it one after another, unable to cause any traces of damage in the slightest. Yue Zhong had long been mentally prepared for a situation in which the Type 03 Rifle had no way of causing harm to the L3. After he rapidly drew closer to the L3, he brandished the Dark Magic Sword and slashed at the L3’s thigh. The L3’s body was much too large- it would be very difficult for Yue Zhong to behead the L3.

Yue Zhong’s sword chopped onto that L3’s thigh and there was the sound of metal clashing. With Yue Zhong’s huge strength that was 4 times a normal person’s, that Dark Magic Sword, which could even cut through gold and jade, only just cut open the L3’s scales when the force of the attack erupted. It merely penetrated less than 1cm into the L3’s flesh.

To the 3.5m tall, giant-like L3, that 1cm deep wound simply didn’t amount to much. It waved a fist and with a piercing ‘whoosh’ sound, the attack bombarded towards Yue Zhong like an incoming artillery shell.

“Too hard! Fucking bastard!” Yue Zhong swore in a low voice and took one step to the left, evading the L3’s vicious blow in an extremely graceful manner.

The L3’s fist didn’t lose any strength as it pounded onto the earth and that incomparably huge strength erupted, blasting out a large hole in the concrete ground. The surrounding ground shook slightly.

Upon seeing this, Yue Zhong couldn’t help but feel a chill in his heart. If that fist full of strength had bombarded onto Yue Zhong’s body, even with his enhancements, his bones would still be fractured and his body doomed.


(Note: I translated ‘骨裂身亡’ rather literally as ‘fractured bones and doomed body’- you can guess the meaning anyway :p)

Yue Zhong’s figure flashed and he went around to the back of the L3 with 7 times a normal person’s agility; he raised the Stinger and fired two consecutive shots at the back of the L3’s head.

The two Stinger bullets struck the back of the L3’s head and left two holes that were 2cm deep.

“It’s still good! The Stinger bullets can still harm it!” Seeing this, Yue Zhong lightly let out a sigh of relief. If even the Stinger bullets couldn’t harm the L3, that L3 was too terrifying and tricky.

After being hit in the back of the head two consecutive times by Yue Zhong, that L3 was also enraged. It turned around and sent another fist bombarding towards him. Yue


Zhong’s speed was far above that of the L3’s and there also weren’t any surrounding zombie hordes to block the way: his figure flashed and he easily evaded that, before going behind the L3 again.

Yue Zhong took out a grenade and directly threw it at the L3.

The majority of zombies didn’t have the concept of dodging and so the grenade successfully collided with the L3’s right leg, producing a tremendous noise. That grenade made a huge explosion on the L3’s thigh.

After the smoke and dust dissipated, Yue Zhong looked closer and saw a scene that made him incomparably panic-stricken. The explosion of the grenade had actually only left a big hole in the scales of the L3’s thigh, exposing the grey bones within, which had a very metallic luster; not even the bones had been fractured.

That L3’s eyes flashed with an ominous hint and it chased behind Yue Zhong, waving a fist and striking towards him.

Yue Zhong’s body bent, evading that L3’s attack, before taking advantage of the opportunity to appear near the L3’s thigh: he slashed at the dense area where the bones were exposed.


The sharp Dark Magic Sword chopped onto the L3’s grey bones and actually made a few sparks fly out; the huge recoil was transmitted along the hilt of Yue Zhong’s sword and shook his right hand until it stung. His attack had only left a shallow mark on the L3’s grey bones. If he wanted to fracture the L3’s bones, he might be able to do so only if he slashed at the same spot for dozens of times.


The L3 waved a fist that bombarded towards Yue Zhong, forcing him to retreat again.

Yue Zhong went behind the L3 and activated the Encompassing Body Armor Skill; after he was covered in bone armor, a bone spike shot out of his right hand into the ground, supporting him as he rushed forward to the back of the L3’s head. Rapidly, he pressed the Stinger against the back of the L3’s head and fired four consecutive shots.


The four rounds of Stinger bullets were constantly fired through the same wound in the L3’s head. After the four shots, that L3 actually still hadn’t died; instead, it angrily waved its hands behind itself and a fist came bombarding towards Yue Zhong.


“What a hard skull!!” Yue Zhong was greatly startled. The bone spike extended and he evaded one of the L3’s vicious attacks, only the bone spike supporting him was bombarded into pieces by the L3’s fist.


When Yue Zhong landed on the ground, he immediately put away the Stinger and whipped out the Dark Magic Sword. With a few flashes, he moved up to the front of the L3 and slashed many times at the L3’s grey bones, hoping to break the bones in its feet.

The L3 was furious and waved a fist that bombarded towards Yue Zhong, forcing him to retreat.


(Note: best fight scene ever, L3 waves fist and bombards, Yue Zhong retreats, rinse and repeat. I suppose it’s kind of realistic though?)


That L3  possessed both outstanding defensive power and incomparably tyrannical attack power. Its only weakness was that its speed was slow and so the L3 simply couldn’t even touch Yue Zhong’s body, which had undergone many enhancements.


Nevertheless, its tyrannical defensive power gave Yue Zhong endless headaches.

“Damn it!!” After Yue Zhong had slashed at the L3 for dozens of times, he rapidly took a few steps back and with the flick of a hand, a Type 40 RPG Launcher appeared out of thin air.


Yue Zhong pulled the trigger and a rocket shell bombarded that L3’s right leg with a huge ‘bang’. That L3’s right leg was finally broken by the terrifying power of the rocket shell and the L3 itself was also sent flying by the explosion; it lost its balance and collapsed onto the ground.


Upon seeing this scene, Yue Zhong also let out a light sigh of relief; if even the Type 40 RPG wasn’t able to get rid of this L3, then the situation would be troublesome.

Yue Zhong instantly activated the Devil Flame Skill and a group of crimson-colored flames arose from his right palm. His figure flashed and he rushed towards that L3.


That L3, which had collapsed to the ground, swatted at Yue Zhong as if he were a fly.

Yue Zhong jumped up and evaded that L3’s vicious attack, before jumping onto its back. With the violent flames on his right hand, he fiercely bombarded the L3’s head. The violent flames enveloped the L3’s head and the searing heat made its brains begin to boil. As long as it kept on burning, even if the L3’s skull could withstand being shot with a large-caliber bullet, its brains would still be cooked by Yue Zhong’s flames.


However, zombies relied on their diseased brain tissue to coordinate their actions: as soon as their brain tissue was cooked, they would also die.

The L3 had already evolved to have vision and was able to feel some pain, and also had an awareness of danger to some degree. It waved its large hands and swatted behind itself at Yue Zhong, wanting to chase away this fly that it hated.


Yue Zhong instantly activated his Shadow Steps Skill and his speed surged to the limit; he dodged the L3’s attacks whilst continuously using the Devil Flame to crazily burn away the L3’s head.


That crimson-colored flame constantly enveloped the L3’s head and didn’t stop; 15 seconds later, both of the L3’s arms were finally powerless and it dropped to the ground. A large, glowing spiritual ball entered Yue Zhong’s body.

[Congratulations for rising to Level 36, you’ve obtained 2 enhancement points!]

[Congratulations for rising to Level 37, you’ve obtained 2 enhancement points!]


“Enhance physical strength by 2 points and spirit by 2 points!” Only after he got rid of that L3 did Yue Zhong finally let out a sigh of relief. He thought for a while and chose to enhance his physical strength and spirit.


In this time’s fight with that L3, Yue Zhong had employed 3 skills in a row, thus his consumption of physical strength and spirit was not little. In order to have sustainable battle power and the ability to activate skills at any time from this day onwards, he chose to enhance physical strength and spirit.“


“This Yue Zhong really is frightening, he can actually even kill a monster like this!” Xia Yue watched Yue Zhong get rid of the giant-like L3 and her heart was filled with shock. She had witnessed Yue Zhong’s tyranny before- it was just that this time, it gave her the most tremendous shock. That L3 was an invincible, terrifying existence that not even grenades could kill, yet it was actually killed by Yue Zhong. This naturally made her endlessly horrified in her heart.


After that L3 had died, a Skill Book, a Green Treasure Box and 200 Survival Coins burst out from beside its body.


[Level 4 Skill: Rebirth!

This is a passive skill that can only be learnt in situations where vitality is above 100 points without the assistance of equipment. In addition, the evolver’s profession must mainly be that of the battle type in order to learn this. After learning this passive skill, even heavy injuries like broken limbs or crushed bones can slowly recover unless the person has died on the spot. Lost limbs can be regenerated and the speed of regeneration depends on your body’s vitality and how much energy is absorbed during the recovery process.]


[Level 3 Treasure: Power Belt! After equipping this, strength increases by 6 points.]


“This skill is truly too good!” Yue Zhong looked at that Level 4 Skill Rebirth and his eyes flashed with a strange light. He had to learn this passive skill: after learning this, even if he lost an arm, it could grow back again.


It was only that upon seeing the requirements to learn the Rebirth Skill, Yue Zhong’s eyes lightly flickered. Having to reach 100 points of vitality without the boosts from any equipment wasn’t an easy condition. Currently, Yue Zhong only had 61 points of vitality without his equipment on; if he wanted to reach 100 points, it would be too unrealistic to achieve it purely through leveling- he would need to distribute 20 levels’ worth of points to vitality.


Right when Yue Zhong was putting his spoils of war into his inventory, a large L2 walked over in front of him and its fist fiercely bombarded towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s figure flashed and he immediately went behind the L2; he slashed at the L2’s head and instantly sent it flying. The Dark Magic Sword was extremely sharp and in Yue Zhong’s hands, it could already send an L2’s head flying: however, if he wanted to kill an L3 with it, the Dark Magic Sword wasn’t sharp enough.


“Continue to clear the road!” Yue Zhong didn’t look at that L2 again and ordered.

With the efforts of Kong Tianyu’s 2nd Company, the cars blocking the road were all pushed aside and a big path was cleared for the main forces.

During the clearing process, there were also 4 intact Hummers that joined Yue Zhong’s fleet and once again, the fleet had expanded.


The fleet travelled for another day and stopped beside a branch road in accordance with Xia Yue’s instructions.

“The arsenal is right inside there! As long as you keep on walking along this lane, you’ll be able to see it.” Xia Yue said to Yue Zhong as she pointed at an ordinary lane leading into the remote mountains and ancient forests.


(Note: 深山老林- basically leading into the wilderness.)


Yue Zhong looked at that area of wilderness and his eyebrows lightly furrowed. The tyrannical mutated beasts were greatest in number in this sort of undeveloped remote place. Even the slightest mistake would result in the destruction of his only elite main battalion here in this place.

“I will first go to scout, you people wait here for orders!“ Yue Zhong ordered.

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