God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Mutant Wolves!

Yue Zhong and a driver rode in a Hummer, following the lane leading into the weapons facility that was hidden deep within the mountains.

“Liang Hu! Fall Back! Fall Back!” All of a sudden, Yue Zhong had a premonition and he immediately shouted at the warrior responsible for driving.

Liang Hu immediately set the Hummer in reverse and retreated crazily.


From the forest, a number of giant wolves with grey fur and bodies as sturdy as lions leapt out like lightning, landing on the ground. If Xu Zhenggang had advanced earlier, he might have crashed into the midst of those giant wolves.


Yue Zhong activated his Eyes of Perception Skill and the information of the giant wolves immediately flooded into his brain:

[Level 35 Mutant Beast- Type: Mutant Grey Wolves. They possess tough skin and sharp claws, which can even tear through steel. Furthermore, they are usually gathered in packs, hence they are a tougher opponent to face.]


Yue Zhong lifted his gaze, only to see that the total number of wolves actually exceeded a hundred; he could only imagine how tough these wolves were before the ‘end of the world’ and his scalp went numb.

Those 100 Mutant Grey Wolves immediately rushed towards Yue Zhong and his subordinate with horrifying speed.


“Retreat quickly!” Yue Zhong quickly took out his Type 03 Rifle, aimed at the Mutant Wolves and fired three shots.

Those 3 bullets were aimed specifically between the eyebrows of 3 of the wolves: however, they become embedded in the fur and didn’t penetrate the skin. It was obvious that while the toughness of the fur could not match the Mutant Water Pythons’ scales, it was not that weak either.


On the contrary, the speed of the wolves was much greater than the water pythons= by running at their maximum speed, they could still chase the Hummer and the distance between was gradually decreasing.


“Go call for backup! Let them come with reinforcements! I will hold them off!” Yue Zhong activated his Bone Armor and jumped down from the vehicle. If there was no one to hold the wolves off, even Liang Hu would be killed alongside with the Hummer.


Receiving Yue Zhong’s command, Liang Hu knew he would not be of much help by staying and hence he sped off.


The moment Yue Zhong landed, he pointed his ring at the Mutant Wolves and a huge fireball instantly shot towards one of the wolves; it exploded upon impact, killing it immediately.


After killing a wolf in one attack, Yue Zhong shot out a bone spear with his right hand, supporting his leap towards higher ground on the side. Those wolves had claws that could cut through steel and so Yue Zhong did not dare get surrounded in their midst.

(Note: alright, it’s bone spear from now on. It sounds better than spike, although it’s not really what the raws say.)


When the unfortunate wolf died under Yue Zhong’s fireball, 7 or 8 of the other wolves immediately made short work of its carcass, tearing into it aggressively. The rest of the wolves were leaping towards Yue Zhong as they jumped up onto higher ground.


With a single slash, Yue Zhong killed the foremost Mutant Wolf and followed up with another shot of his bone spear to send himself up on to a tree.


When he was up on the tree, Yue Zhong immediately retrieved the Stinger and fired 2 shots at the wolves below. With Yue Zhong’s superb marksmanship, 2 more wolves died miserably when their heads exploded. Their corpses were also cleaned out by their companions without a thought.

With the flip of his hand, Yue Zhong drew out a JS12.7mm Sniper Rifle into his hands. This was one of the items he had recovered when sweeping through the army barracks. Yue Zhong supported the JS12.7mm rifle in his arms, then immediately aimed and fired at the wolves below him.


With a single loud “peng”, a hole appeared in the Mutant Wolf’s head and it fell lifelessly onto the floor; likewise, it was torn apart by its companions.


“Luckily for me, wolves don’t know how to climb trees. If not, it would be problematic!” Yue Zhong sat on the tree, calmly picking of the wolves one by one with the JS12.7mm rifle. The only regret was that the killing of these Mutant Beasts with the usage of non-system weapons did not give him any experience.

After Yue Zhong had killed about 7 of the wolves with the rifle, one of the them suddenly leapt upwards, and stuck its sharp claws into the tree, making its way up the tree one step at a time (TN: more like paw by paw eh?

divinecelestialbeinglol: that’s very funny Kun).


Yue Zhong’s face paled and he immediately fired a shot at the wolf, making its head explode.

However, it was too late: as if they had all gained the instinct, one by one, they started to throw themselves onto the tree and made use of their claws to climb up it.

It was just that before Z-Day, wolves were not beasts that could climb trees, but after the events of Z-Day, their bodies had undergone huge enhancements. Yet to suddenly gain the ability to climb trees well, that was not too plausible.


Those making their way up the tree proceeded slowly; after Yue Zhong observed for a while, he kept the JS12.7mm rifle and made use of his knife to behead one of the Mutant Wolves that had just managed to climb up the tree, sending its head flying.

Even when the wolves were climbing up from all directions, Yue Zhong remained calm and beheaded each and every wolf that made its way up as if he were harvesting grass.


After killing 5 wolves in a matter of seconds, the rest of the Mutant Wolves jumped down from the tree. They were not as unintelligent as the normal zombies. When they failed in an attempt, they would think of other methods. As the wolves came down from the tree, Yue Zhong reverted to using the JS12.7mm rifle to take out the Mutant Wolves.


Staring at Yue Zhong atop the tree, one of the Mutant Wolves’ eyes flashed and it took a vicious bite out of the tree. After evolving, these wolves had teeth and claws that could pierce through steel- the force behind their bites could only be imagined from this. With just one bite, a huge hole appeared in the tree. The rest of the wolves noticed and immediately started attacking the tree with a crazy fervor.


Wood chips flew everywhere and huge holes appeared one after another; as the wolves bit frenzily, Yue Zhong shot down 2 of the Mutant Wolves.  At that moment though, the tree was finally bitten into two and it fell to the ground.


Just before that, Yue Zhong had extended the bone spear with his right hand, piercing through a tree someplace else before retracting it. The bone spear brought him towards another tree, rendering the efforts of the Mutant Wolves for naught.

Seeing how slippery Yue Zhong was, the Mutant Wolves patrolled for a while before heading off. Had they been normal zombies, they would’ve waited there dumbly and be picked up off one by one by Yue Zhong. However, these Mutant Wolves had left in the end, highlighting the differences between Mutant Beasts and Zombies.

Yue Zhong saw that the wolves were leaving and his face changed; he immediately jumped down from the tree. He lifted the Stinger and fired 2 shots at the escaping wolves, killing 2 of them by exploding their heads.


Upon receiving Yue Zhong’s taunts, the Mutant Wolves changed directions immediately like a tornado and rushed towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a strange light and he slashed six times almost instantaneously: 6 of the wolves which had just pounced towards him were cut into two in mid-air, blood spraying everywhere.

Out of the 7 wolves that had charged at Yue Zhong, one of them had dodged Yue Zhong’s fatal attacks; it came up in front of him and bit down furiously on his Bone Armor. Under the ferocious attack of the Mutant Wolf with teeth like steel, Yue Zhong’s armor cracked and bits of bones were sent flying; however, it was not bitten through. Yue Zhong waved the sword and directly sliced towards the head of the Mutant Wolf.


As for the parts of the bone armor that were bitten, with just a small squirm, the cavities were filled.


Upon seeing this, Yue Zhong’s mood calmed down: relying on the safety of the tree, he slashed everywhere, and each and every wolf that reached him died under his blade. If there were too many Mutant Wolves gathering around, Yue Zhong would then immediately make use of the Bone Spear to travel atop the tree.


After Yue Zhong had made short work of another 23 Mutant Wolves, the rest of the wolves decided not to be swept into his pace and set off escaping into the woods, ignoring his taunts and challenges.


“These mutant beasts are really tough to deal with!” Yue Zhong leapt down from the tree, looked at the 30 plus Mutant Wolves’ corpses, and furrowed his brows.


While these wolves were vulnerable to Yue Zhong’s attacks, with regards to the main battalion that he had just established, only the heavy machine guns and infantry making use of the ZPT90-type 25mm cannons could deal serious damage to these wolves.


ther than that, the normal warriors could only use grenades or rocket launchers to even pose a threat to them. That was not to say that they could be used freely, as those weapons were powerful yet scarce resources, their amount dwindling with every usage. As of now, Yue Zhong’s encampment did not possess much heavy weaponry.


Yue Zhong looked at the various corpses lying around, and used his Dark Magic Sword to slice open one of the Mutant Wolves’ head, searching for its nucleus and blood essence; however, he did not manage to find any nucleus, just blood essences of various sizes.

Yue Zhong was delighted, and quickly kept all the corpses into his storage ring.

After cleaning up the loot into his ring, Yue Zhong immediately set off towards the direction he came from with haste.


Within moments, Yue Zhong saw his 1st Company already on their way to provide reinforcements. With the 2 ZPT90-type 25mm cannons, even if the wolves were to attack again, Yue Zhong had confidence in annihilating them.


Liu Yan saw that Yue Zhong was covered in the wolves’ blood, and asked worriedly, “Captain Yue, are you alright?”


“I’m fine!” He waved his hands, looked towards the front and hesitated for a while before ordering, “Let’s continue onwards!”


Upon receiving Yue Zhong’s orders, the entire fleet embarked on their route forward, the arsenal of weapons providing them with a strong sense of temptation as only a peerless beauty could.


“Stop!!” After advancing for quite a distance, Yue Zhong once again called for a stop- at the same time, he got down extremely quickly from the Hummer.


Right in the middle of the road, a Dong Feng warrior vehicle loaded with machine guns seemed to have been stepped on by some gigantic monster; it was flattened beyond recognition and dark red blood was scattered around the vehicle, giving the entire scene an extremely strange vibe.

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