God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Fierce battle with the beast!

The Type 2 Mutant Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar jumped around continuously, causing shockwaves one after another and making Yue Zhong disoriented; he even suffered some internal injuries. However, as his vitality was 7 times stronger than that of normal humans, his light wounds were constantly healing.

“Damn, if this goes on, I would be killed by this pig!” An idea started to form in Yue Zhong’s mind, but it was not easy to climb up the bodies of these monsters. Even if he could make it onto top, he might not necessarily be able to kill it.

At the next jump of the Type 2 Ferocious Boar, right before it landed, Yue Zhong made his move; he used his Bone Armor to shoot out 4 spikes into the ground,  supporting him and preventing him from falling with the Type 2 Ferocious Boar.

The moment the Boar landed,  Yue Zhong retracted his spikes, leaping with agility onto the head of the Boar.

Making use of his limbs like a nimble monkey, he made his way on top of the Boar’s head.

This time, when the Boar prepared to jump high again, Yue Zhong grabbed onto its body tightly.


Right as the Boar started descending, with just a thought, Yue Zhong shot out 4 Bone Spears again that pierced into the ground before frenzily retracting them, allowing him to descend speedily. He appeared in front of the Boar’s eyes.


Yue Zhong retrieved the Stinger and fired 3 shots at the Boar’s right eye. The Boar didn’t even have enough time to blink and its eye was immediately pierced by all 3 shots.


With regards to the majority of living things, the eyes tended to be one of the weaker spots. This Boar was not any different: although its entire body was covered with black scales that were tough enough to block even cannon fire, its eyes were not protected. As long as it did not close its eyes, even a normal rifle bullet could hurt its eyeballs. This time, it received Yue Zhong’s shots at point blank range- the bullets pierced through the eyeball and drew fresh blood.

After the 3 shots had hit the Boar, Yue Zhong quickly jumped back onto its body. Currently, the safest place was on top of the Boar itself.

When the Boar’s eye had been injured, it went into a frenzy; under the influence of the huge pain, it charged forward while jumping, heading towards the forest while flattening everything in its path like a tank.


Yue Zhong could only hold on tightly and was shaken until he saw stars, but he did not dare let go in the slightest.

When the Type 2 Mutant Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar made use of its strength, its speed outstripped the rest of the normal Mutant Black-Scaled Ferocious Boars and very soon, it had left its 23 little brothers behind.


However, Yue Zhong did not know this and was only concerned about holding on for dear life and enduring the bumps as the Boar continued its speed of 200km/hour.

The Boar continued its rampage for another half an hour before its speed started to decline. Under its explosive strength, it was possible for the Boar to hit a top speed of 300km/hour, but for it to maintain a speed of 200km/hour for an entire hour was not plausible. Although it was an evolved lifeform and had gained mighty strength, likewise, its size had also increased equally. It already consumed a lot of energy and stamina while running, not to say the physical exertion when it was running with all its strength.


In half an hour, Yue Zhong had already dispelled his Bone Armor and White Bones was perched on top the body together with him.


When the Boar had slowed down, Yue Zhong had the opportunity to observe his surroundings, only to find out that the Boar had brought them way beyond the mountains. There was a lush forest of dense trees up to 10 metres tall blocking out large areas of sunlight, only allowing some slight rays to shine through.


“We are actually heading up the hill!” Yue Zhong thought silently as he felt the direction while perched atop the Boar. After running such a distance, the Mutant Boar’s right eye had started to scar and it had also started to calm down from its rage.


All of a sudden, the Mutant Boar twisted its body, and rolled towards the ground. Yue Zhong was shocked and hastily jumped down from the Boar’s body, before leaping onto a great tree. White Bones followed suit onto another tree.

After the Mutant Boar did a roll, it got back up on its feet quickly and stared at Yue Zhong. It opened its mouth and let loose an earthshaking grunt.


That unearthly sound was really shocking and it caused a terrifying shockwave to propagate outwards in all directions.


When that terrifying sound was transmitted outwards, some bugs, weaker animals and even birds were affected, dying on the spot. The skies seemed to rain with the countless dead birds falling.

Yue Zhong was not spared from the soundwave and both his ears rang incessantly; his brain seemingly faced an onslaught of knives and was on the verge of exploding. His heart rate jumped up by three times and his blood was about to burst out of its vessels. His chest tightened and he threw up a mouthful of fresh blood, his entire body falling from the tree like a rag. Meanwhile, blood trickled from his ears, not escaping the damage caused from the shockwave.


After releasing that fearsome grunt, fatigue flashed across the Boar’s fierce gaze. That finishing move was gained when it had evolved into a Type 2 Mutant Beast; the might of the attack was extremely heavy-handed, yet at the same time, it consumed a lot of its energy. It could not execute it consecutively, otherwise it would endanger itself as well. However, as it saw Yue Zhong falling from the tree, its eyes flashed with glee and it immediately rushed towards him.


Seeing that Yue Zhong was about to become meat paste under the hooves of the Mutant Boar, White Bones shot out a Bone Spear to push Yue Zhong away from his original position, lifting him up.

Under the pounce of that Mutant Boar, a few of the great trees at Yue Zhong’s original position were knocked down and broken, yet the Mutant Boar did not gain anything.

White Bones retracted its Bone Spear, pulled Yue Zhong towards itself and hugged him. The Mutant Boar’s soundwave attack may have affected the living things around it, but it was useless to an undead like White Bones.

“Run towards the mountain top!” Yue Zhong was still dizzy and his ears were ringing nonstop, deaf to any other sound. His head felt like splitting and he could not control his body at all, so he could only leave it all to White Bones.

Yue Zhong’s other pet Greenie had undergone evolution during slumber almost right after its meal of the Z1, which was why he did not bring it along during this mission.


If he had Greenie with him, with its flight capability, even if Yue Zhong was helpless against this Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar, escaping would not be an issue.

Upon receiving Yue Zhong’s order, White Bones immediately carried Yue Zhong and headed towards the mountain peak with haste.

The Mutant Boar stared at Yue Zhong who had hurt it twice and was now being carried away by White Bones; it knocked away the trees blocking the way and immediately gave chase.


As of now, White Bones possessed a speed that was 5 times that of a normal human: furthermore, it had the ability to manipulate its bones, and although its speed could not compare to the Mutant Boar, every time the Boar caught up to it, White Bones would shoot a Bone Spear to bring itself up above a 10m tall tree. When the Boar had knocked down and destroyed that tree, White Bones would just immediately send itself up to another tree.

“Move towards the right!” Yue Zhong’s vitality that was 7 times stronger than a normal human had finally activated, so although his ears were still ringing, he had regained a little control over his body.

Among the 6 different attributes, the strengthening of each had its own use- not one could be considered a waste or rubbish.

Following Yue Zhong’s order, White Bone shot out a Bone Spear towards a tree on the right and retracted it almost immediately, pulling itself and Yue Zhong over.

Seeing that White Bones was about to escape, the Mutant Boar became even more enraged; it took a deep breath, and once again released that horrifying earthshaking soundwave.

Terrifying shockwaves travelled outwards with the Mutant Boar as the centre, exploding most of the smaller and weaker life forms that they passed, killing them instantly.

Yue Zhong immediately activated his [Encompassing Body Armor Skill] and White Bones immediately transformed into the protective covering that enveloped his whole body, leaving not even a single hole for ventilation.

When that terrifying soundwave arrived at Yue Zhong’s body, after passing through the layers of White Bone’s armor, it gradually weakened and did not pose a threat to Yue Zhong when it did finally reach him.

Yue Zhong immediately shifted his body and continued escaping towards the right.

After finding out that its roar had no effect, the Mutant Boar seemed to become sluggish; however, it could not let go of its hatred and continued rushing towards Yue Zhong in a frenzy.

After running towards the right for about 100m, Yue Zhong suddenly halted and flipped his right hand, pulling out a Type 03 Rifle and pointing it at the approaching Mutant Boar. He started shooting towards the crazy-looking beast.

The Mutant Boar’s face became riddled with countless rifle bullets and the bullets bounced off its face.

Yue Zhong’s firing did no damage to the Mutant Boar, only serving to enrage it further, and its speed suddenly soared, pouncing  like a lightning bolt towards Yue Zhong with all its strength.


Yue Zhong immediately shot out 2 Bone spears, sending himself into the sky, resulting in the Mutant Boar pouncing onto thin air. In fact, Yue Zhong was standing at the edge of a cliff; since the Mutant Boar had missed the pounce, its forelimbs landed on thin air and its body weight sent itself tumbling off the cliff.

Just before the Mutant Boar fell into the cliff abyss, it made use of its tail to strike viciously at Yue Zhong and that monstrous strength caused even the exterior Bone Armor to cave in. Yue Zhong also suffered a broken rib and threw up a mouthful of fresh blood, before falling into the cliff abyss as well.

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