God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 203

Chapter 203: A Huge Harvest!


The cliff was a few hundred metres deep, so if Yue Zhong fell from that height, even he would become meat paste.

Just when he had been falling for a short time, with just a thought, he shot out a Bone Spear from his Bone Armor that pierced the cliff wall, supporting him and preventing him from freefall.

As for that fierce and extraordinarily brutal Mutant Boar that was like a tank, it continued its unfortunate descent and crashed heavily onto the bottom of the cliff.

While hanging in the air, Yue Zhong gritted his teeth and bore the pain in his chest, immediately taking out the medicinal pills made from the Life-Saving Grass and swallowing them. He moved his hands and shot out Bone Spears alternately, descending the cliff wall slowly. His first priority was to determine if the tank-like Mutant Boar, which would not be defeated, was truly dead or not.

After reaching a distance of about 100m from the bottom, Yue Zhong gazed at the fallen body of the Mutant Boar that had chased him till no end, not detecting any movement. There was a lot of blood flowing from its mouth.

From afar, Yue Zhong pulled out a Type 03 rifle and shot at the head of the Mutant Boar. One by one, the bullets bounced off the impregnable scales.

This time, there was no movement from the Mutant Boar; it was apparently dead.

Upon seeing this, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief and at the same time, he rejoiced from  within. The entire body of the Mutant Boar was a treasure- its scales could even block the firepower of a Type ZPT90 25mm cannon. That was by far the best defence that Yue Zhong had come across: if he could convert them into his armor, his defence would increase by another notch.

Yue Zhong’s heart was burning and whilst tolerating the pain in his chest, he used the Bone Spear to support himself down the cliff wall.

When he landed, he quickly climbed on top of the Mutant Boar’s head, pulled out his Dark Magic Blade and used all his strength to cut down swiftly, only to find that even after summoning all his strength, all that the Dark Magic Blade did was to leave a white mark on the scales of the Mutant Boar’s head. It did not even penetrate a single bit.

“Sure enough!” Yue Zhong frowned and thought earnestly for a while, before activating his [Devil Flame Skill] and a mass of fiery red flames arose in his hands.


Yue Zhong gazed at the fiery red Devil Flame in his hand and with a thought, accompanied by the continuous consumption of his spirit and stamina, the fiery red Devil Flame compressed. After spending 25 points of spirit and 25 points of stamina, a thin red line of fire was condensed in his right index finger.


Yue Zhong was perspiring profusely; poking into the back of the Mutant Boar with his finger, the highly compressed flame started burning a hole, before finally creating a wound the size of a finger.


Yue Zhong continued to use the highly compressed Devil Flame gathered at his index finger to burn the back of the Mutant Boar and managed to create an opening for the Dark Magic Blade to penetrate through.


After burning the hole, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief, as he had already consumed a large amount of points of his stamina and spirit.


When mutated beasts were still alive, they were very resilient- the wounds that were created on the Mutant Boar’s body when Yue Zhong shot 40 rocket grenades at it had already recovered, and even the scales had grown out once again.

Yue Zhong had also tried using his Devil Flame to rip off the skin from the Boar, but to no avail.

He thought for a while, before jumping down from the Mutant Boar’s back and quietly rested for 20 minutes while recovering the spent stamina and spirit.

When the 20 minutes had passed, Yue Zhong quickly jumped on to the Boar’s face with White Bones.

With a thought, White Bones got into a prone position, its body shooting out layers of Bone Spears and thus creating a Bone Platform in front of the Mutant Boar’s eyes.

Yue Zhong swiftly got on the platform, pulled out his Dark Magic Blade and summoned his strength to pierce the eye of the Mutant Boar. This time, the sharpness of the Dark Magic Blade could be employed, breaking through the eyeball of the dead Mutant Boar.


Yue Zhong continually hacked and cut using the Dark Magic Blade, before finally managing to retrieve the eyeball; he released a load of bloody meat in the process and the unpleasant smell of blood filled his nostrils.

He hesitated for a while, but the desire to obtain any possible nucleus or blood essence won over his disgust towards the stench. He began making cuts into the flesh of the Mutant Boar, and burrowed within its head.


After 20 minutes, with his whole body covered in specks of red and white mucus, Yue Zhong stepped out of the body, holding a black shiny nucleus the size of a fist and a red blood essence the size of 2 fingers.

Upon emerging from the body of the dead Mutant Boar, he immediately jumped into a small creek beside the body to enjoy a cold bath, washing off the grime and blood on him.

White Bones suddenly shot out a Bone Spear into the the body of the Mutant Boar through the eye socket until it reached the skull and activated its [Bone Manipulation Skill], continuously absorbing the bone essence of the Mutant Boar.


Yue Zhong only took a look at White Bones and retrieved various barbeque equipment and condiments from his storage ring. Then he directly started roasting a chunk of meat from the dead Boar.

The scales of the Mutant Boar were extremely tough and the same applied to about 10cm of the meat that was under the scales, yet the flesh further deeper was soft and fresh, with a certain tenderness and chewiness. After roasting, the flavour was beyond comparison and Yue Zhong wolfed down 3 bites.

[Congratulations, you have gained 1 point in strength!]

When Yue Zhong had just eaten the 3rd chunk of meat, the pleasant sound of a notification resounded.


Hearing the sound, Yue Zhong became distracted and a thought flashed in his mind, “Don’t tell me that eating the meat of advanced types of mutated beasts can grant enhancements?”

Before this, Yue Zhong had eaten the meat of the mutated beasts many times, yet did not gain any enhancement. Becoming stronger from the meat of an advanced type was also a first for him.

After he heard the notification, he immediately took great bites, making short work of 7 – 8 chunks of meat, yet there were no further notifications.

However, even though there were no enhancements, he felt that his stamina and spirit seemed to be recovering faster after eating the meat.


“What a treasure!” After finishing his meal, Yue Zhong looked at the Mutant Boar the size of a house and his eyes flashed with greed.

The Mutant Boar had a few hundred tons of meat on it and even the bones could be used to construct weapons; its scales were also an excellent source of defensive material. Unfortunately, Yue Zhong’s storage ring did not possess enough space to keep the entire Mutant Boar inside.


Yue Zhong retracted his gaze from the Mutant Boar’s carcass and retrieved the red blood essence, swallowing it. The moment it entered his abdomen, it became a billowing heat and started surging throughout his body, nourishing every single cell in his body.


[Congratulations, you have gained 15 points in vitality and 10 points in strength!]


The Blood Essence of the Mutant Boar was really extraordinary: after consuming it, Yue Zhong had actually gained 25 points of enhancement in total, greatly strengthening his physique.

Yue Zhong erected a tent by the creek and after placing some traps around the tent, he entered it and immediately fell into a deep sleep. He needed to rest properly for the wound on his chest and the broken rib caused by the last desperate hit of the Mutant Boar to both heal.


On the morning of the second day, Yue Zhong awoke; his broken rib had completely restored with the help of his immense vitality and the medicinal pills taken prior. Since he had recovered, he immediately pulled out his Dark Magic Sword and proceeded to use his entire strength to start peeling the scales from around the eyes.

Although the Dark Magic Blade could not cut the scales on the Mutant Boar, with Yue Zhong’s recovered energy and strength 5 times that of normal humans, he could actually peel the scales slowly, it just required an astonishing amount of physical energy.


Yue Zhong worked at it tirelessly for the whole day and only managed to peel open an area 8m long and 4m wide worth of scales, whilst at the same time slicing out 3 tonnes of meat.


During the night, Yue Zhong would only rest for a short while and then continue his work. The scales of the Mutant Boar were simply too amazing and he was not willing to give up even a single one of them.


With the scales of this Mutant Boar, the troops directly under Yue Zhong would be able to advance in power and the Snake Skin Armor could be given to the troops in Chi Yang’s 2nd Company.

It must be known that the armor made of the Mutant Water Pythons’ skin was scarce- as of now, other than the officers of each company, only the Special Combat Battalion and the first 2 rows of Evolvers in the 1st Company under Yue Zhong’s 1st Battalion possessed one each.

The rest of the military force was mostly using armor made from the normal Mutant Rats’ hide. After the war at the granary, Yue Zhong had managed to retrieve a huge load of Mutant Rats’ hides. Although the armor made of the Mutant Rats’ hide could not compare to that of the Mutant Water Pythons, with the reinforcements of 3 layers of it, even normal zombies would find it hard to damage the armor. Only the evolved zombies could get past it and they were currently the leading cause of casualties in Yue Zhong’s troops.


Yue Zhong’s actions were like those of a butcher, busying himself throughout these 3 days, cutting out 20+ tons of meat from the Mutant Boar, and any scales exposed were all peeled clean by him. There was a patch that was stuck to the ground, which he could do nothing about except leaving it there.

On the second day of dismembering the Mutant Boar, the meat started to release a stench and Yue Zhong only managed to procure 20 tons of good meat.

[Congratulations, your [Special Bones Skill] has gained 20 points in strength!]

On the noon of the 3rd day, White Bones, which had been absorbing the bone essence of the Mutant Boar, retrieved his Bone Spears from within the Mutant Boar and Yue Zhong received the sweet sound of a notification.

After fully absorbing the bone essence of the Mutant Boar, White Bones’ entire body seemed to be covered with a layer of black metallic luster and a bony armor enveloped him entirely, giving him the appearance of an ancient general; it became harder to detect that White Bones was just a skeleton.

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