God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Crazy kitchen knife!

After the world had changed, a large number of species had all started to mutate and plants were no exception. The wild vegetables that were edible by humans before the world had changed instantly became very scarce. At the same time, wave after wave of poisonous plants grew unbridledly from the ground. If those poisonous plants were eaten, the human would be poisoned and die. Subsequently, scouring for wild vegetables was also a technical activity- without sufficient knowledge, there was no way of finding wild vegetables that were edible. In the surroundings of this Tooth Village, there were many plants, but those that could actually be eaten were few in number.

When Ma Zhengming and his party returned to the village, the villages all surrounded them and greedily looked at the big fishes in the nets.

Ma Zhengming and his party also all had their heads held up high, as if they were heroes triumphantly returning. In fact, in the eyes of the people of Tooth Village, Ma Zhegnming and the others who had brought over food really all were heroes.

However, even more people’s gazes landed on White Bones, who was dragging the corpse of the Mutant Water Snake behind it. This was the first time that they had seen such a terrifying monster. Many children curiously extended their hands to touch the scales of that Mutant Water Snake.

All along the way, Yue Zhong had been looking at Tooth Village, only to see over 40 women of different ages and around 10 children. The only men left were Ma Zhengming and the five others.

Ma Zhengming led Yue Zhong, White Bones, Liu Erhei (Blackie), Cai Wen, Liu Qing, Zhang Er and He Guang into a compound. As soon as Ma Zhengming entered the compound, 6 women walked out; the oldest was 46, whilst the youngest was only 16.

Apart from that 46 year old middle-aged women, the rest of the women all had slightly dark skin, but all of them still looked quite pretty and they were regarded as beauties in this village.

(Note: in China, pale skin is generally considered to be more beautiful.)

Ma Zhengming threw down a bucket of fish and shrimp before that middle-aged woman and said forthrightly, “Juan Zi! Bring those few over to prepare some good food! Also, bring that Divine Spring Tea over, I’m going to have a good drink with these brothers.”

That middle-aged woman received that bucket of fish and shrimp, then brought the other five women over to the kitchen.

Plate after plate of boiled prawns, steamed carp, sashimi, stewed fish soup and all sorts of other delicious freshwater fishes were placed onto the table. Apart from that, each of the men also received a cup of green-colored tea.

Liu Erhei raised his cup of tea to smell it and a surge of fragrance wafted out from it, making him startled; his body felt extremely comfortable and he hurriedly asked,

“Old Secretary! You’ve really hidden it quite deeply, what treasure is this?”

Ma Zhengming gave a chuckle and raised his cup of green-colored tea to take a sip, before saying with his eyes narrowed,

“This is Divine Spring Tea. Drinking it will give your body many benefits. Hehe!”

Yue Zhong raised his cup of Divine Spring Tea to take a sniff and a surge of fragrance rushed into his nostrils. After that surge ended, he also felt quite refreshed. He poked out his tongue and lightly licked that Divine Spring Tea: he didn’t perceive any danger and immediately drank it.

As soon as that Divine Spring Tea landed into Yue Zhong’s abdomen, a surge of clean air poured out and circulated once around his body. Afterwards, it rushed straight to his forehead, giving him a refreshing sensation.

“You have gained 1 point of Spirit.”

“Good tea!” Having heard the enhancement notification, Yue Zhong couldn’t help but let out a few words of praise.

White Bones, Liu Erhei, Cai Wen, Liu  Qing, Zhang Er and He Guang all gulped down that Divine Spring Tea one after another as well.

White Bones wore a human disguise in front of other people, so it naturally had to gulp down that Divine Spring Tea. It was just that its body turned into a cup made from bone, which contained the Divine Spring Tea. Meanwhile, the other five people all revealed an extremely intoxicated look.

(TN: I can’t quite picture White Bones doing that…)

Seeing that everyone had gulped down that Divine Spring Tea, Ma Zhengming’s eyes flashed with a hint of a strange light. He then said very graciously,

“Eat the dishes!”

After he finished speaking, Ma Zhengming took the lead to take a boiled prawn, put it straight into his mouth and started chewing on it. Even though those prawns didn’t have any seasoning, they still had a fresh and sweet taste when eaten.

After the ‘end of the world’, these dishes were rare delicacies and the survivors from Tooth Village had not tried them many times. Apart from Yue Zhong and White Bones, the other men all ravenously contested for those dishes and ate them in big mouthfuls, as if they were hungry ghouls that had just been reincarnated.

Yue Zhong also ate a few prawns but suddenly, he felt his body go numb and immediately, he lost control of it. His expression changed and he looked towards Ma Zhengming, saying,

“Have you poisoned it?”

“What’s happened? Why is it that I can’t move anymore?”

“Damn! It’s really numbing!”

Almost simultaneously, Liu Erhei, Cai Wen, Liu Qing, Zhang Er and He Guang’s expressions all had a huge change. The chopsticks held in their hands fell to the floor and they collapsed powerlessly onto the table.

Looking at Yue Zhong and the five others, who had fallen into a paralysed state, Ma Zhengming’s eyes flashed with a hint of joy and he explained,

“Poisoned it? I really haven’t done that kind of thing. It’s just that although this Divine Spring Tea can play the role of nourishing the body, at the same time, it also paralyses people’s bodies for 5 minutes.”

Yue Zhong’s gaze hardened and he said in a heavy voice, “What are you attempting?”

Ma Zhengming had concealed the information about the paralysis effect of the Divine Spring Tea, so he obviously didn’t hold any good intentions. Otherwise, he definitely would’ve told people about it beforehand.

Ma Zhengming smiled grimly at Yue Zhong and said,

“Little brother Yue Zhong, I was very attracted to that treasured blade in your hands. However, I knew that you definitely wouldn’t sell it. As long as you made an unwise move though, you would perish. This way, the treasured blade in your hands will be all mine. After gaining that treasured blade, I will then use that big snake’s scales to make a whole-body armor and so I won’t have to be afraid of the zombies in Chen Village. After killing all of the zombies in there, I will be able to get hold of the resources in Chen Village. As long as this cycle continues, my days will become better and better. For my future, the only way is to sacrifice you!”

Yue Zhong’s expression didn’t change and he asked aloud,

“Liu Erhei and the others have now seen your true colors. Do you want to kill them as well?”

“A person who will achieve great things doesn’t bother with trifling matters.They will also very quickly go accompany you down there, to make you feel less lonely on the road to the Yellow Springs (TN: death/afterlife).” Ma Zhengming revealed a grim smile towards Liu Erhei and the others and said, “Relax, your wives and daughters, I will help you properly take care of them.”

“Ma Zhengming you beast!”

“You brute! Even if I become a ghost I still wouldn’t let you go!”

“Old Secretary, why don’t you let me go!! I’m willing to do anything for you, I beg you to spare my life!”

As soon as Ma Zhengming had revealed his true colors, sounds of cursing and pleading were transmitted from the feast.

“Juan Zi! Come over here and kill them!” Ma Zhengming only gave a cold smile and loudly shouted. In order to paralyse Yue Zhong and the others, he had also drank Divine Spring Tea, so he was also in a state of paralysis: he could only kill off Yue Zhong and those five by using others.

That middle-aged woman with ordinary looks walked out of the kitchen with a kitchen knife, standing beside Ma Zhengming as if she were a specter.

“Juan Zi, go kill them!” Ma Zhengming ordered loudly towards that middle-aged woman.

However, she merely stood beside him like a rock, not moving at all.

“Juan Zi?” Ma Zhengming said as his eyes flashed with a hint of puzzlement.

“Ma Zhengming! We have already been married for 27 years. Ever since that day we married, I have always put up with your bad temper. I have put up with it for a whole 27 years. Even if I only express a tiny bit of dissatisfaction, you beat me. Do you take me as your wife or as your sandbag? I thought that I would always put up with it and properly live out the rest of my life. Yet after the world changed, you found one woman after another right in front of me. Have you considered my feelings before?”

“The women you found were each younger than another; Xiao Hong is so young that she could easily be your daughter. You haven’t even let her go. Are you still human?”

Juan Zi’s words revealed an incomparable chill, making Ma Zhengming feel as if his bones had frozen. He couldn’t help but argue back, saying,

“I had to put my own life at risk to frantically look for food outside, only by doing this was I able to keep you fed. Xiao Hong followed me of her own volition, I have done nothing wrong!”

“Yes! I have always put up with you because you are able to find food from outside to feed us. However, right now the situation has changed. That monster residing in the small brook has already been killed by this person. As long as I kill you, I can go fishing in the small brook with a bunch of women in the same way. Tooth Village already has no need for you foul men.”

Juan Zi’s eyes flashed with a hint of craziness as she lifted the kitchen knife in her hands up high and crazily chopped down at the back Ma Zhengming’s neck, right where it connected with the head.

Juan Zi was a woman of the countryside and often did farm work in Tooth Village, so her strength was greater than many of the men from cities.

Ma Zhengming was badly mutilated by Juan Zi very quickly and he let out a maddened yell, the blade over halfway through his neck. Seeing Ma Zhengming being badly mutilated, the 6 people sitting down all felt a wave of horror emerge in their hearts. Ma Zhengming’s other wives all crouched in the corner, looking fearfully at this very bloody scene.

After frenzily killing off Ma Zhengming, Juan Zi took a small breather; she had a grim look on her face and her whole body was covered in blood. As if she were an evil spirit that had come out of a horror film, Juan Zi walked up to Yue Zhong and her eyes flashed with an ominous light. Without saying anything, she chopped down at Yue Zhong’s head.

“Subdue her!” Yue Zhong ordered in a low voice.

At that moment, White Bones shot out a bone spear from its palm that instantly penetrated Juan Zi’s right arm in which the knife was held, pinning her against the wall.

Seeing White Bones shoot out a bone spear, a hint of disbelief and madness. She desperately roared,

“How is this possible! People who have drunk the Divine Spring Tea will definitely have their bodies paralysed for five minutes. How can you move?”

Under the gaze of the others, Yue Zhong slowly stood up and coldly said,

“How is it impossible! Not only can he move, I can also move.”

The Divine Spring Tea really did have a paralysis effect, but Yue Zhong’s 87 points of vitality played a very big role: he was only paralysed for 30 seconds before he recovered his ability to move- it was just that he had continued staying at the side letting the show play out, since he might as well watch the carnage between the husband and wife.

Juan Zi looked at the upright Yue Zhong and her eyes flashed with a hint of dimness, as she knew that it would be difficult for her to escape death.

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