God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 208

Chapter 208: Push down Zhuo Yatong!

That stunning beauty full of mature charm was precisely Zhuo Yatong. A soaked white shirt clung tightly onto her full figure, completely outlining her beautiful body. Yue Zhong could even see her black lace bra and sexy little black **, full of mystery and maturity.

He was dumbstruck and stared at the woman in front of him; his throat was slightly dry and an evil fire gushed out from his groin, making his ‘flag’ suddenly rise up. Up until now, he had constantly been busy fighting, searching for resources, approving documents and thinking about how he should go about improving his power in the future. Everyday, he was dead tired from all this business. He had already gone for many days without satisfying his own desires. This time, place and scene had given birth to a strong urge inside him, making him want to take possession of this beautiful woman, whose body was extremely pretty all over and was full of a mature charm.

Zhuo Yatong also felt Yue Zhong’s aggressive gaze; she was very familiar with this sort of gaze, since before the ‘end of the world’, there were many men who had once eyed her with the same aggressive gaze. It was just that due to fearing her family’s background, those men didn’t make a move; instead, they behaved courteously and gentlemanly to conceal their inner desires.

Yue Zhong suddenly to a big stride forwards and directly hugged Zhuo Yatong.

Zhuo Yatong let out a cry and anxiously exclaimed, “Don’t. Don’t do it here, little Wei is watching!”

(TN: I believe there’s a more important matter at hand here, m’lady…)

She had already begun to make preparations for becoming Yue Zhong’s **. However, she didn’t want her daughter to see the shameful scene.

Yun Caiwei opened her innocent eyes wide as she watched Yue Zhong hug Zhuo Yatong and her eyes flashed with a strange light.

“White Bones!” Yue Zhong let out a low growl like a wild beast.

White Bones’ right hand extended up to Yun Caiwei and grabbed onto her clothes; the bone shrunk back and took Yun Caiwei away.

Yue Zhong flipped over Zhuo Yatong’s body straight away and grabbed onto her ample buttocks, entering her ** like a naughty puppy might jump into one’s embrace.

An incomparably comfortable feeling surged into Yue Zhong’s heart as he wantonly violated the stunning beauty below. It also made her constantly let out captivating ** cries from her cherry lips.

Only after sex did Yue Zhong carry Zhuo Yatong into the little stream for her to fully cleanse herself.

“Change into these!” Yue Zhong rummaged around in his backpack, taking out a pair of jeans and a white shirt before tossing them to Zhuo Yatong. In his storage ring, there was only this type of clothing and no women’s clothes.

Zhuo Yatong hesitated for a moment before changing her clothes right in front of Yue Zhong, displaying her beautiful ** in front of his eyes.

That pair of jeans wrapped tightly around Zhuo Yatong’s buttocks and her ample ** were also almost about to make the buttons on the white shirt burst apart. She hesitated for a moment again before telling Yue Zhong,

“It’s a little tight.”

After having intimate sex with Zhuo Yatong, Yue Zhong’s tone when speaking to her had also softened to some degree.

“I know now! In the future, I will help you to find a set, but for now, just bear with it.”

Zhuo Yatong gently nodded and said,


Looking at the sexy and impressive Zhuo Yatong, Yue Zhong suddenly took her into his arms and his big hands slipped into her clothes, grabbing onto that extremely ample pair of ‘ jade rabbits’ full of elasticity. As he smelt her body’s fragrance after bathing, he lightly said,

“Is Yun Caiwei your daughter? Today I see that your age does not exceed 27 or 28, how can you already have a daughter this old?”

Zhuo Yatong was sexy and also had a mature charm. Yue Zhong had already made her become his own **: only now did he wish to understand her past. If it was a normal situation, Yue Zhong would have no interest in her story whatsoever.

As she lay in Yue Zhong’s embrace, Zhuo Yatong slowly recounted her own past.

This year, she was only 28 years old and was right at the golden age. Her daughter Yun Caiwei was also only 11 this year. When she was 16, Zhuo Yatong had fallen in love with a man, and had thus ‘eaten the forbidden fruit’. Not long after, she conceived and subsequently gave birth to that man’s child. However, as soon as he saw their child, that man was scared of the burden and responsibility of child-rearing and broke up with Zhuo Yatong.

Zhuo Yatong’s family could be regarded as a prominent one. Upon knowing of this matter, the elders of her family were absolutely furious and chased the mother-daughter pair away to a remote little village as some sort of banishment. Zhuo Yatong was very brave and relied on her own efforts, some funding from her parents and also her family’s prestige to gradually operate a business that produced a decent career for her. Before the ‘end of the world’, she was already kind of a rich woman with a net worth of several million.

At the time Z-day had commenced, Zhuo Yatong had just been preparing for a birthday party with her daughter. They had stored a large amount of grain, cakes, pastries and drinks in advance. It was because of this large amount of stored-up food that she and her daughter were able to luckily hold on for 3 months until Yue Zhong had rescued them.

With some overbearingness, Yue Zhong said,

“From now on, you are my **. I will not let you be touched by other men, nor will I let you fall in love with other men. If I discover that you have betrayed me, I will definitely not let you go.”

“I know now! Husband!” Zhuo Yatong said coquettishly as she curled up like a lazy cat in Yue Zhong’s embrace. This was the first time in many years that she had acted as such to a man and it made her feel quite good.

If those men who had tried to court Zhuo Yatong before the ‘end of the world’ saw this, it would definitely make their eyes shatter all over the place. It’s important to know that back then, her style at the market always appeared as an image of a strong woman in the eyes of others; she was an independent, modern woman.

If it was before the ‘end of the world’, men like Yue Zhong definitely wouldn’t be the sort of partner chosen by Zhuo Yatong. She was able to build up a career without any help from a man and lived very well. However, after the ‘end of the world’, Zhuo Yatong could only choose to rely on Yue Zhong; she had rich experience and had witnessed the cruelty of post-apocalypse humans. Otherwise, with her beauty, she would be bound to experience a lot of suffering.

Upon hearing this stunning beauty Zhuo Yatong call him ‘husband’ and act so coquettishly towards him, Yue Zhong felt very comfortable. In his current **, only Guo Yu’s appearance and temperament could be compared to that of Zhuo Yatong’s. However, one was a sweet fruit that was gradually ripening, whilst the other was already mature, the whole body revealing a honey-sweet fruit: both were different types of beauties and couldn’t really be compared.

Yue Zhong gently let Zhuo Yatong down and said in a deep voice,

“Right! Let’s go!”

Zhuo Yatong straightened her clothes, smiled sweetly and said,


After she finished speaking, as if she were a little girl who had just fallen in love, Zhuo Yatong’s soft little hand as white as snow held onto Yue Zhong’s big hand and they walked forward.

As he held onto Zhuo Yatong’s little hand, Yue Zhong’s heart was slightly swayed. Even though he had once had sex with 3 others, it was his first time holding hands with a woman whilst walking. Before, he had constantly been in battle, in more battles and in even more battles again; all this desperate effort was for the sake of survival and evolving.

Yue Zhong was not really a genius at fighting; he could only grow stronger through his constant, repeated efforts in finding opportunities to become stronger. He raised his own strength little by little, increasing his own power. Wave after wave of unexpected events made him exhausted, to the extent that he couldn’t even properly go on a date.

(TN: raws were kinda vague about the sentence above but you get the idea~)

Holding onto Zhuo Yatong’s hand, Yue Zhong arrived in front of the car.

“What a pretty **!! Is she really that Zhuo Yatong? Boss Yue really has good luck.” Liu Erhei looked at Zhuo Yatong with her stunning looks, sexy figure and dazzling fashion, and his eyes flashed with a little shock. Since he was experienced in these sorts of matters, he naturally knew what had just happened below with Yue Zhong and Zhuo Yatong.

The loli Yun Caiwei trotted up to Yue Zhong and Zhuo Yatong, and using that pair of big blinking eyes, she asked Zhuo Yatong with an innocent expression,

“Mummy, what game did you play just now down there with big brother?”

Right now, Yun Caiwei had also changed into a large set of men’s clothes; although this made her appearance rather strange, her innocent sweetness was still hard to conceal.

Upon hearing her own daughter’s question, Zhuo Yatong’s face was instantly covered in a scarlet glow as she felt endlessly ashamed. She had no way whatsoever of telling her innocent daughter that just now, she had actually been ‘battling in the wilderness’ with a man.

Yue Zhong went up and took a look at Yun Caiwei before saying in an unquestionable tone,

“We are going now. Little Wei, get into the car!”

“Yes! Big brother!” Yun Caiwei’s pixy-like eyes turned and she didn’t continue to ask this question that made Zhuo Yatong feel awkward. In a well-behaved manner, she went to the back seat and sat down there.

Gratefully, Zhuo Yatong glanced at Yue Zhong and said,

“Thank you!”

Yue Zhong smiled at her and directly sat down in the front seat. Zhuo Yatong got on as well and started the engine, leaving this place.

Evening. Dinner was barbecued meat, cakes and milk.

Zhuo Yatong and Yun Caiwei had both starved for a long time, so as soon as they saw the delicious food, they couldn’t resist and ravenously began to eat.

As he watched Zhuo Yatong eat in such an unrestrained manner, Yue Zhong gently patted her on the back and said,

“Eat a little slower! I still have a lot of food here.”


Zhuo Yatong’s pretty face blushed and only then did she slow down her eating speed, regaining her elegant demeanor again. Coupled with her own stunning looks and that she had originally received good etiquette training as a young miss, even the picture of her eating could be regarded as a beautiful scene.

Yun Caiwei’s big eyes wandered around a little on Yue Zhong and Zhuo Yatong’s bodies, the light in her eyes briefly flashing before disappearing.

Liu Erhei sneakily took a couple of glances at Zhuo Yatong before not daring to look again, afraid that he might be charmed by that mature, sexy and elegant woman if he kept on looking.

(TN: Left out a couple of words in the description above because I think it’s just overkill.)

“Husband! I have a headache!” After eating a chunk of barbecued meat, Zhuo Yatong’s pretty face was suddenly dyed with a red glow. Both of her eyes seemed lost and her body swayed a few times before collapsing onto the ground.

“What’s happened?” As he watched Zhuo Yatong collapse onto the ground, Yue Zhong’s heart was shaken and he immediately brought her into his embrace. He saw that her face looked abnormally flushed and a sense of foreboding poured out from his heart. Immediately, he reached out and touched her forehead, and his hand felt an extreme heat.

“Do you have a fever?!” Yue Zhong’s heart sank. In this apocalypse world where doctors were hard to find, there was a great probability of dying from an illness.

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