God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Zhuo Yatong evolves!

If it were in Qing Yuan County, Yue Zhong could get over 20 doctors to help diagnose and treat Zhuo Yatong, but here, he could only rely on the Life-Saving Grass and some herbs, stuffing them into her mouth and watching over her.

In Yue Zhong’s storage ring, he had amassed quite a number of herbs. After all, the Life-Saving Grass was not entirely a miracle drug: although it could help recover internal injuries and treat external wounds, with regards to illnesses resulting from viruses, it was not much of a help.

Yun Caiwei looked at her mother whose face was currently pale, her entire body perspiring and her breath ragged. She pulled on Yue Zhong’s hands and asked worriedly,

“Mommy! Big Brother, what’s wrong with her?”

In this world, Yun Caiwei could only rely on her mother and Yue Zhong, so seeing her mother like this was enough to cause her to panic.

Yue Zhong helped Zhuo Yatong wipe away the sweat on her face while consoling Yun Caiwei: “Don’t worry, it will all be alright!”

Yue Zhong himself did not know what had happened to Zhuo Yatong, but he knew for a fact that he could not be rash. Being rash would not help anything, so he pulled Yun Caiwei away from Zhuo Yatong’s side and placed her into the car.

After the world had changed, many sorts of strange happenings had taken place. If Zhuo Yatong suddenly became a zombie, it would not be considered as unexpected.

Half an hour passed, then followed by a full hour, and with the flow of time, an entire night passed, yet Zhuo Yatong’s fever did not subside one bit, although she had not turned into a zombie.

On the 2nd day, Yue Zhong cooked porridge again to feed Zhuo Yatong and helped her wipe away her perspiration, busily taking care of her for an entire day. There was no intention to progress from their current spot.

On the morning of the 3rd day, Zhuo Yatong furrowed her eyebrows, opening those beautiful eyes of hers and seeing Yue Zhong lying beside her, obviously having taken care of her for an entire day.

Emotions rushed up in Zhuo Yatong’s heart and at this moment, she fell in love with this youth younger than her by 8 – 9 years. Women were usually emotional creatures; whilst Yue Zhong had come to their aid at the start, she was thankful but not moved. Even their tryst by the riverside happened as a way of thanking Yue Zhong for saving them and it was not out of love, hence at that time, she didn’t actually develop any feelings for him.

Yet when she found that Yue Zhong had taken care of her unconditionally when she was unwell, she realized that she had truly fallen for this man.This was because regardless of what his motives were, he had personally taken care of her very carefully, and this type of trait was hard to find in the current world.

Zhuo Yatong couldn’t help but reach out her hand to stroke Yue Zhong’s face.

As he possessed a strong sense of wariness, Yue Zhong had awakened the moment Zhuo Yatong had moved. He grabbed her delicate hands in his, saying,

“You’re up! Let me go cook some porridge for you.”

Not a single mushy sentence like “I love you” or “Without you I’ll die” came from his mouth. Yet this simple sentence had moved Zhuo Yatong, her emotions stirred.

Yue Zhong also did not know that he had unintentionally won the heart of this beauty. He had chosen to take care of her simply because he had treated her as his woman, and he had the responsibility to. He knew that even though he had won her body, he did not assume that he could win her heart.

Zhuo Yatong looked at Yue Zhong and a hint of tenderness flashed in her eyes. She said,

“I’m fine now, let me prepare the food! Looking after her man is a woman’s basic duty.”

After which, Zhuo Yatong sat up.

The moment she sat up, she was full of mature charm and her entire body seemed as though it was free of unnecessary weight. That pair of voluptuous mounds that were full yet soft at the same time seemed to push her unbuttoned blouse out even further, exhibiting her tender, snow-white skin to Yue Zhong. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

[TN: Yes, such a vivid imagination ;)]

Yue Zhong only took in the scene for a few breaths but it made everything else seem just as beautiful too. It was just for a few moments, yet he felt the surge of desire; should he continue looking, he was afraid he would leap on top of her again. He was deeply attracted to her mature body and demeanor.

Zhuo Yatong saw Yue Zhong’s gaze sweep over her body and her mouth curled upwards- she was clearly delighted. With regards to her attractiveness, she was very confident.

Yue Zhong looked toward the corner of the tent and said lightly,

“Are there any changes in your body?”

Zhuo Yatong became silent for a while before she suddenly responded in alarm,

“Husband, I think I’ve become an Evolver.”

“An Evolver?” Yue Zhong heard this and his mind immediately went blank. He had a lot of Enhancers in his team, but as for true Evolvers like Yao Yao, she was the only one whom he knew. It was really the first time that Yue Zhong had come across the process of an Evolution.

Yue Zhong continued his questions, saying,

“What are your current abilities and skills? In other words, did you gain anything during the evolution?”

Yao Yao was considered an agility-based Evolver. Yue Zhong had tried asking her before, right after her evolution and obtaining a huge boost in agility: every time she gained an increase in abilities from the system, other than 2 points of free allocation, she would gain a fixed increase in agility. It could be said that when comparing Evolvers with the normal Enhancers, the Evolvers actually reaped more benefits.

Zhuo Yatong’s face did a weird change and she hesitated a little before saying,

“My Strength had received the strongest boost. Currently, my stats are Level 1, Strength 25, Agility 13, Vitality 12, Spirit 11, Stamina 12, and Endurance 13.”

“Evolvers really do have an advantage!” Yue Zhong was partly depressed yet also happy for Zhuo Yatong at the same time.

Zhuo Yatong’s basic attributes were already above average, hence even if she was only Level 1, after her evolution, she had attributes that had already surpassed normal Level 10 Enhancers. The 25 points of strength had bestowed upon her an immense strength. If she gave it her all, she could probably snap the neck of a normal zombie with just one punch.

Yue Zhong waved his hands and retrieved 3 Skill Books, throwing them to Zhuo Ya Tong and saying,

“These 3 books are for you. As long as you want to learn them, you can easily do it.”

Those 3 Skill Books were the [Level 2 Skill: Super Strength Enhancement], [Level 2 Skill: High Speed Movement] and the [Level 3 Skill: Enormous Power Solidification]. The Level 3 Skill book was obtained when Yue Zhong had killed the Mutant Water Snake. He had already learnt it before, hence there was no need to relearn. After receiving the 3 books, with just a thought, they turned into streams of light and entered her sea of knowledge, uniting to form strange runes within.

Yue Zhong retrieved a set of white gloves, Level 1 Enhanced Boots, a Replica Tang Sword, a Level 2 Armor and the Water Snake Skin Cape that he had swapped out earlier,passing it all to Zhuo Yatong.

That Water Snake Skin Cape was 1 of 4 sets that Yue Zhong had kept prepared in his ring. After all, being in constant battles could cause either the Rat King’s Skin or Water Snake Skin to rupture, therefore when he had fully equipped Zhuo Ya Tong, her strength reached 41 points, stronger than most normal people by 4 times. If she used the Strength Enhancement Skill, she could unleash a strength 7 times that of a normal person. However, even though she possessed such strength, she did not have the relevant experience in battle. Any Level 10 Enhancer under Yue Zhong’s training could easily dispose of Zhuo Yatong who had not gone through any training.

However, the fact remained that her strength vastly outstripped that of other normal Enhancers. It was precisely because of this that Yue Zhong chose to invest in her, giving her 3 skill books in one go.

“Is this my strength?”

Zhuo Yatong casually lifted up Yue Zhong’s backpack that weighed a few dozen kilos and she couldn’t believe that she, who looked so frail, could actually possess such strength.

Yue Zhong took a look at Zhuo Yatong and said in a deep voice,

“Yatong, you are now an Evolver and your abilities have vastly surpassed normal zombies. Now you possess the strength, but still lack the actual experience to battle a zombie. After this, you will need to handle 3 normal zombies by yourself. Until you have finished disposing of 3 zombies, I will not lend a hand. Do you understand?”

Zhuo Yatong was not a stupid person, so as soon as she saw the firm expression on Yue Zhong’s face, she gritted her teeth and replied heavily,


As they continued on their journey at top speed, Yue Zhong’s party came across a highway which was packed with many private vehicles.

On that densely packed highway, there were many zombies roaming around as well. Upon hearing the noise of the BMW, a number of the zombies started shambling over.

Yue Zhong saw the zombies making their way over and ordered White Bones,

“Leave one alive, kill the rest!”

The moment White Bones received the order, it moved as quick as lightning, rushing into the midst of the zombies in a short span of a few breaths. Immediately, White Bones waved its axe like a tornado, killing all but one before returning to Yue Zhong’s side.

Yue Zhong took a glance at the remaining zombie before giving Zhuo Ya Tong the order,

“Go! Finish it! Your strength is much stronger than it! All of your attributes are superior to these zombies, so as long as you can muster the courage, you can kill them.”

Zhuo Yatong grabbed her Tang Sword and walked a few steps forward. However, the moment she saw the rotting face with 2 huge holes as well as the blackened teeth, the murky white eyes and the shrivelled body, she could not help but feel fear rising in her heart. Her body trembled and she looked back at Yue Zhong.

Most people would not be able to overcome their fear of the grotesque appearance as well as the fear of infection if they didn’t try killing the zombies. They also would not be able to engage in a battle with them, not to mention a brawl. To brawl with a zombie required courage; at that time in Qing Yuan County, Yue Zhong had to threaten the survivors with guns, in order to force them beyond their threshold before they actually rushed ahead to fight the zombies.

Facing the pleading look on Zhuo Yatong’s face, Yue Zhong was unmoved and only sternly glanced at her before saying,

“If you don’t want to become its food, you have to use your sword to chop off its head.”

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