God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Sea of zombies- Dead End!

“Why are you still hesitating!?”

After being scolded by Yue Zhong, Zhuo Yatong gritted her teeth, turned her head around and gripped her Tang Sword tightly, approaching the zombie carefully.

With just a thought from Yue Zhong, White Bones used its fiery demonic eyes to keep a close watch on Zhuo Yatong; as soon as there was something wrong, it would immediately shoot out a Bone Spear to save her life. Although he said he would not care about her life or death, in truth, Yue Zhong was not willing to let a woman whom he had a relationship with die here.

Zhuo Yatong could already be considered an independent woman before the world had changed; under the pressure of Yue Zhong, she was now forced to show her potential. She edged carefully towards the zombie and to her surprise, she found that the zombie’s speed was extremely slow. She routed around the zombie at a quick pace before stopping behind the zombie and bringing down her Tang Sword swiftly, beheading it.

“This zombie is only so-so!”

After beheading her first zombie, Zhuo Yatong felt a surge of pride and her fear towards the zombie lessened. She smiled at Yue Zhong as she walked back haughtily to his side.

Yue Zhong looked towards White Bones and ordered,

“Go and lure 3 of them here!”

White Bones shot forwards like an arrow and once again attracted the attention of 6 zombies: after luring them away from the other zombies, it casually disposed of 3 of them.

Yue Zhong pointed towards the 3 zombies and gave an order to Zhuo Yatong,

“Go finish them! Remember, the Snake Skin Pelt on you can block even bullets, so as long as you don’t let them reach your head, you will be safe.”

Listening to Yue Zhong, Zhuo Yatong’s original pale face regained a bit of color. She was still confident of dealing with 1 zombie, but 3 in one go seemed to be beyond her capabilities and she had not succeeded at something like that before.

Gritting her teeth and taking a huge breath, Zhuo Yatong rushed towards the zombies with huge steps. However, she maintained her guard and the moment she arrived in front of them, she started circling them constantly, looking for an opportunity to strike.

The 3 zombies could only helplessly move around shakily on the spot as they tried to get closer to Zhuo Yatong. However, their movement speed was slow and they were clustered together, giving Zhuo Yatong the feeling that she was like a mouse leading some tortoises around.

After circling the zombies 3 times, she could not take it any more and rushed towards one of them.

At this moment, one of the other zombies had just turned around, exposing the horrors of its face that had been bitten off as it reached out for Zhuo Yatong. She took a look at the zombie’s face and clamped up in fright, which allowed the zombie to claw at her body.

“I’m dying!! I’m dying!!”

At that moment, Zhuo Yatong’s mind only had this thought and she frantically used her Tang Sword to hack mindlessly at the zombie.

With strength that was 4 times that of normal humans wielding the sharp Tang Sword, the 2 zombies were hacked into several pieces by the desperate Zhuo Yatong.

The last zombie had just neared Zhuo Yatong before it immediately entered the range of her frenzied attacks and was chopped into pieces.

After killing the 3 zombies, Zhuo Yatong took ragged breaths and her face was pale. With her current enhanced self, beheading 3 zombies wouldn’t actually consume much stamina, but under the stressful situation, she had expended quite a bit of it.

Liu Erhei was watching Zhuo Yatong cut through the 3 zombies with ease and his eyes opened wide with shock. He did not expect that the woman who was saved by Yue Zhong, who looked so frail and delicate at the time,  could deal with zombies on her own, which was something that not even most men could accomplish.

Liu Erhei’s eyes glowed as he looked at Zhuo Yatong.

“It’s too amazing, what exactly did Boss Yue do? He actually managed to raise this woman’s abilities to this extent in these few days? If only I could be this strong as well.”

“Wait a moment! He said before that the Snake Skin Pelt that I’m wearing can withstand scratches from the zombies.”

After a few breaths, Zhuo Yatong remembered what Yue Zhong told her and looked at the spot where the zombie had attacked her. She saw that other than a hole in the village clothes, the Snake Skin Pelt was without a scratch.

“I shall guide you on killing the zombies more efficiently! Watch closely!”

Yue Zhong walked up to her and spoke lightly, before taking big strides towards the horde of zombies.

He arrived in front of the abandoned cars and lashed out viciously with his leg, causing a loud sound. A number of zombies started moving towards the source of the sound.

Yue Zhong entered the zombie horde, his blade flashing as though he was training, and one by one, the zombies that approached him only saw death. When he was surrounded by dozens of zombies, as they attacked him simultaneously, he would retreat back a step, dodging a huge number of attacks. He allowed a few to reach his body, before a single of flash of his blade struck out, beheading all of the zombies as if he were harvesting wheat. In just a few moments, the zombies were all killed by Yue Zhong and not a single one remained.

Zhuo Yatong saw how easy it was for Yue Zhong to dispose of all those zombies without batting an eyelid and she recognized the vast difference between her combat abilities and his. At the same time though, she felt overjoyed. Seeing as such a powerful man was her husband, she would naturally feel proud.

After slaughtering those zombies, Yue Zhong returned to Zhuo Yatong’s side and started telling her about the various tactics and strategies to employ when dealing with different situations regarding zombies.

After the talk, Yue Zhong once again threw Zhuo Yatong into the midst of a zombie horde. She had the Snake Skin Pelt, so as long as she did not come across an evolved zombie or any other major issues, she would not be in danger. Furthermore, White Bones was constantly on guard beside her to provide protection should the need arise.

As she continued her training, she improved quickly and her speed of killing zombies became faster. Originally her abilities exceeded those of normal Enhancers by 10 times and she was also well equipped; the moment she overcame her fear of zombies, killing them became an easy feat. After an entire morning, the zombies in the whole area were cleared by her and there was even an L1 amongst those which she killed.

After killing such a large number of zombies, Zhuo Yatong rose to Level 8 and obtained a huge amount of enhancement points. Her strength was not lacking but her stamina was one of the weaker points, therefore Yue Zhong guided her to allocate 14 points entirely to her stamina. At the same time, in accordance with Yue Zhong’s conjecture, Zhuo Yatong, being a true Evolver, gained a fixed point in strength every time she leveled up. It was clear that she was a strength-based Evolver.

After the zombies in this area had been cleared, Yue Zhong brought Zhuo Yatong and travelled along the highway, making their way towards Qing Yuan County.

After travelling for about 2km, Yue Zhong came to a stop as a huge sea of zombies suddenly appeared in sight. Their numbers stretched for miles on either side and they cut off the intended road to Qing Yuan County, making it so that he couldn’t even see the horizon.

Sitting inside the BMW, Zhuo Yatong and Liu Erhei looked towards the sea of zombies in the distance and their faces turned pale. It was their first time coming across a horde of such magnitude- against such a number, an individual’s strength seemed so negligible.

Yue Zhong looked at the zombies and was lost in thought for a while, before swiftly climbing up a tree by the side of the road.

He stood atop the tree over 10m tall and took in the sight. He could see that the zombies had literally filled every place for up to a distance of at least a few kilometers away. Beyond that, the zombies had formed a sort of dam, blocking the road back to Qing Yuan County. Unless he made his way alone through the mountains that were devoid of any human activity, he would not be able to break through this sea of zombies. Even if he activated his Encompassing Body Armor, used the Bone Spears and also used various other skills, it would not be easy.

The sea of zombies was not remaining still; the zombies simply followed along the highway and progressed aimlessly.

“Turn back!!”

Yue Zhong observed the sea of zombies for a while before leaping down and getting into the car, giving instructions to Zhuo Yatong.

The huge sea of zombies was not on a level for Yue Zhong to contend with and so he switched his priority to finding a radio communications tower. He would make use of it to contact his forces.

Zhuo Yatong stepped on the pedal and brought the car to turn around, going back the way they came from.

Yue Zhong’s team did not make it very far before they came across a fleet of 5 buses, 4 Dong Feng trucks, 2 Humvees, 3 Jeeps and 4 cars that cut off the road.

Yue Zhong saw the appearance of the fleet and his eyebrows furrowed; with a wave of his hand, Zhuo Yatong stopped the BMW.

With just a flick, a .05 Light Assault Rifle with a silencer appeared in his hands.

This gun was lightweight and had a simple structure. With its small size, it possessed good accuracy and strong firepower at close range, and with its ammo capacity at 50 rounds per clip, it was currently one of China’s most advanced weapons. Even though its firepower could not penetrate the defence of an L2, when dealing with humans, it could not be beaten.

“Hold this!” Yue Zhong gave a .54 handgun to Zhuo Yatong.

When dealing with zombies, it was possible to still engage in melee combat, but when dealing with other humans, using guns was a sort of assurance. Yue Zhong was not sure what kind of people were in front of him and he wanted to be safe than sorry.

Zhuo Yatong looked at Yue Zhong and her eyes flashed with shock: she didn’t know how Yue Zhong managed to retrieve the .05 light submachine gun and .54 handgun.

“Just how many secrets is he hiding on his body?”

Zhuo Yatong thought silently in her mind as she accepted the .54 handgun and played with it for a moment, before glancing at Yue Zhong.

The fleet saw Yue Zhong’s team in the BMW and one of the Jeeps came to a stop. Four men stepped out.

Amongst them, 3 of them held .81 rifles whilst the leader was very burly and only held a .79 assault rifle, with a Tang Sword hanging at his waist. His clothes were very tidy and his bearings gave the impression of a cheetah ready to pounce.

Yue Zhong opened the car door and strode out.

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