God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Survivor Fleet!

The 4 men saw that Yue Zhong was approaching them with the Dark Magic Sword by his waist and a .05 Light Submachine Gun in his hands.Their eyes narrowed as they raised their caution towards him. Someone who was well-equipped and prepared in the current world was not simple, and they didn’t want to offend such a person needlessly.

The well-built man carrying the .79 assault rifle, with the gait like that of a cheetah, smiled at Yue Zhong and said,

“How are you, I’m Niu Jiang! I’m not sure how I should address you, the little brother here?”

“I’m Yue Zhong.”

Yue Zhong took a look at Niu Jiang before asking,

“Niu Jiang, where are you guys headed for?”

Niu Jiang did not hesitate before responding,

“We want to head to the SY County gathering. The government has established stability there and has called out to survivors to gather there.”

Niu Jiang looked at Yue Zhong and said warmly,

“Brother Yue Zhong, why don’t you come along with us! Moving together brings more benefits.”

Yue Zhong was well equipped and the items on him were not simple; if he joined this fleet, then their defence would also rise. Yue Zhong pondered for a while before nodding,


That sort of government establishment would definitely have radio communications; since Yue Zhong’s destination was the same as Niu Jiang’s team, he naturally would not decline going together.

Yue Zhong joined Niu Jiang’s team and the entire fleet continued on their journey.

When the sun set, the fleet chose a small, barren plain to set up camp.

In the fleet, there was a total of 200 survivors. The moment they disembarked, they would pull out pots and pans, and the children and women would forage for twigs and branches to start a fire for cooking.

Amongst these 200 survivors, a huge number of them had tattered clothes and emaciated appearances. However, there were a few who seemed much better off.

There was a handful who were led around by a fatty with a plump face and huge belly. He was surrounded by 5 men and 8 women of mixed ages, all of whom didn’t seem weak. Yet another group comprised of a male cop dressed in his uniform leading his colleagues around and each of them had a .79 assault rifle. Another handful had Niu Jiang as their leader with 9 people in total, each of them equipped with either a .81 rifle or .79 assault rifle. There was one final group where the leader was a bespectacled male roughly 30 years old, and he was gathered with 34 other people.

The majority of the survivors gathered around the bespectacled male were mostly middle school students of 13-14 years.

This crowd of people was the largest with the most people. The other survivor groups would be as large as a family at most- no one else congregated on such a level.

Yue Zhong’s team stepped out from the BMW.

Zhuo Yatong brought Yun Caiwei to wash the rice to cook. Liu Erhei was in charge of gathering the rotten leaves and debris for starting a fire. Yue Zhong pulled out 2 tents from the boot of the BMW and he set it up.

The 2 tents had just been pitched when they attracted almost everyone’s attention from the other camp. After the end of the world, luxurious goods were frowned upon and the most sought after items became food. When the 200 survivors were on the run, their focus was only on getting as much food packed as they could: luxury items like tents were considered unnecessary, and so none of them had one.

“Camping tents! Do they think they’re on a tour?”

One of the students looked on with envy as she scowled in a low voice.

Currently, the year was already entering the autumn season, hence the air could get very cold in the night. Without camping tents, they could only squeeze together in the bus, where it was extremely cramped and uncomfortable.

Another student snorted coldly. With a hinge of jealousy in his eyes as he looked at Yue Zhong’s side, the student said,

“Let’s ignore them. They will regret it once they run through their rations.”

Amongst the grumbling of the envious and jealous people, one of the men under the fatty walked to Yue Zhong’s side. His body was on the skinny side and he said with a hint of haughtiness,

“I’m called He Ye. How should I address this little brother?”

Yue Zhong glanced at He Ye, lightly saying,

“I’m Yue Zhong. Do you have any business with me?”

“I’m a driver for Secretary Huang from Jiao Yuan County. That person over there is Secretary Huang.”

He Ye pointed towards the fatty surrounded by a few men before saying,

“Since it’s autumn now, the winds are cold. I hope you can give this tent to him. Once we arrive at SY County’s gathering point, Secretary Huang will definitely take care of you guys. With his status, even getting you some civil servant positions would not be an issue.”

After he finished talking, he looked on confidently at Yue Zhong. Although the world had changed a lot, the government had established a safe haven for the survivors at SY County. Secretary Huang could be considered someone of power even before the end of the world and his words had some worth. As long as they could reach SY County and establish themselves, securing a few civil posts would be an easy feat.

A position that allowed you to eat your fill in the current world was really an achievement. It was enough for people to fight bitterly to obtain it. He Ye did not believe that Yue Zhong would decline the offer.

Yue Zhong looked at He Ye with disgust before saying coldly,

“Not interested. Please go back!”

He Ye heard the words and instantly turned pale. He had noticed the .05 light submachine gun in Yue Zhong’s hands, so he could only hold back the harsh words at the tip of his tongue. He immediately turned on the spot and walked back towards his boss.

Secretary Huang glanced at He Ye and asked quietly,

“How was it, He Ye?”

He Ye replied in a grieved manner,

“Boss, he is not willing to give it to you.”

Secretary Huang’s face changed and he replied,

“Alright, I understand. Go take a rest and prepare to have dinner.”

Even though he did not express it explicitly, Secretary Huang started to bear a hatred for Yue Zhong. However, he would always seek counsel before taking action; if he didn’t possess enough strength to handle the matter, he might end up creating a problem for himself, thus he wouldn’t be so stupid. Amongst the survivors, although there were the 5 police officers, these 5 policemen came from another place and were not willing to listen to him, nor take heed of his status as Jiao Yuan County’s VIP.

Not long after, Zhuo Yatong  and Yun Caiwei brought over the hot rice that they had cooked. On the other side, Yue Zhong set up a barbeque pit and began roasting the Type 2 Mutant Boar’s meat.

Drops of the pig oil dripped onto the fire, feeding the flames. The smell of barbequed meat began wafting through the air.

“What is that smell!!””

“It’s barbequed meat!! Who is barbecuing meat?!”

The moment the starved survivors caught a whiff of the barbeque, they immediately turned their heads around and looked towards the direction the smell came from. Upon seeing the countless envious gazes, Yue Zhong continued to constantly season the meat without a care, causing the smell to become even more fragrant.

One of the middle school students stared at the meat and said with his mouth practically drooling,

“Roasted meat, if I could get just one bite, I would die willingly!”

“That’s right!!”

Another student took a look at the mixed gruel and bread in his bowl. The amount was so pitiful that the grains of rice could be counted. The student’s gaze returned to the meat and he unconsciously swallowed gulp after gulp of saliva.

After the events of Z-Day, all the survivors faced a shortage of food. Niu Jiang and his party of 200 people had congregated over the course of the past 3 months after Z-Day. They were constantly on the move and searching for food, and had lost quite a number of people. Their equipment was running low and many were starving. Only those who were constantly on the frontlines fighting and the government officials could eat their fill at the expense of others.

Niu Jiang walked to Yue Zhong’s side. Looking at Zhuo Yatong sitting beside him, he was stunned and a strange light flashed past his eyes. Then he said,

“How fragrant! Yue Zhong, is this your wife? She’s really beautiful! You’re quite lucky!”

Niu Jiang had seen many beautiful women on his countless travels before Z-Day, yet he had seldom seen someone with the demeanor and aura of Zhuo Yatong, and also her beautiful looks and body.

Hearing Niu Jiang’s sincere praise and calling her Yue Zhong’s wife, Zhuo Yatong couldn’t help but smile. Her heart leapt in joy and she also began to see Niu Jiang in a better light.

Niu Jiang only looked at Zhuo Yatong once before his gaze fell unto the meat Yue Zhong was roasting and his eyes couldn’t move away. Peerless beauties were great of course, but he possessed enough strength to attract many women. The meat that Yue Zhong was currently roasting was the true attraction to him right now.

Yue Zhong looked at Niu Jiang before smiling and inviting him over, saying,

“Please sit! Let’s eat together!”

“Oh, how could I!”

Niu Jiang was courteous, yet he did not hesitate to sit down with his eyes fixed on the piece of meat and his saliva already dripping.

After the events of Z-Day, the vast majority of biological creatures had undergone mutations, so almost every beast in the wild was much stronger than before. Subsequently, obtaining fresh meat was extremely difficult and Niu Jiang also hadn’t eaten much.

After being called Yue Zhong’s wife, Zhuo Yatong carried out her ‘duties’ as a mother and wife, helping scoop rice for Yue Zhong and also cutting a thin slice of meat, which she placed on a dish for Niu Jiang.


Niu Jiang received the plate and immediately devoured the meat. The meat was succulent and incredibly delicious, causing him to be endlessly mesmerized.

When he hastily chomped down that piece of meat, a smile broke out on his face; he had also received some enhancements. He looked at the huge piece of meat on Yue Zhong’s plate and his gaze become even more intense.

Yue Zhong ignored the gaze of Niu Jiang and laughed as he asked,

“Niu Jiang, I am not that familiar with your members of the fleet, why don’t you introduce them to me?”

As the saying goes, the mouth talks when fed.

Niu Jiang had eaten Yue Zhong’s meat, and he started carefully introducing the various people to Yue Zhong with attention.

“That person over there is …”

At first, the fleet only had the 5 policemen and the bunch of students who were on an outing at the time. The leader of the 5 policemen was called Wang Jian. He had brought along his colleagues and the bunch of students, using only his handgun to deal with the zombies as they searched for and rescued other survivors.

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