God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 212

Chapter 212: The Charm of Roasted Meat!

With Wang Jian’s constant efforts to search for resources with his colleagues and rescuing survivors along the way, a small fleet was gradually formed. They roamed where they could, hiding from the zombies and searching for usables.  Secretary Huang’s actual name was Huang Weian and he was the county head of Jiao Yuan County; he and his group of people were all rescued by Wang Jian.

As for the group made up of students, at the beginning of Z-Day, only 12 of them had turned into zombies. Although most of them had actually thrown away their Novice Staff, the teacher and 13 other students had held onto their weapon. After that, when an Enhancer joined the fleet, he told them about the benefits of enhancements.

With Wang Jian as the leader, all 4 of the other policemen and himself became Enhancers by only using the Novice Staffs. The students also became Enhancers one by one with the help and guidance of Wang Jian and Liu Jin. It was just that leveling with the assistance of others only provided a little experience, therefore their aptitude was not high and the strongest person was currently only Level 9.

Niu Jiang was a retired soldier before the end of the world and afterwards, he relied on his own abilities to gain access into a police station and obtained firearms. After recruiting quite a number of people, they roamed about for a while. It was only after the zombies had started evolving and a huge number of his subordinates had perished that he fled with his remaining people. After they had escaped, they joined Wang Jian’s fleet.

Wang Jian’s fleet operated by equal distribution of the resources – everyone ate the same amount. Only those who went out to hunt for resources and those officials like Huang Weian would get to eat more. Wang Jian was righteous yet not overly concerned with rules, and in fact, he was quite easygoing. Since they were headed to a government establishment, he knew it would not be wise to offend someone of status like Huang Weian.

It’s important to know that prior to Z-day, if someone of Huang Weian’s status wanted to ‘play’ with someone insignificant like Wang Jian, who was just a normal civil worker, they would not need to use much force. Of course, it didn’t mean Huang Weian literally using his fat body, but with just a few words, it would be easy to remove Wang Jian from his post and rank; even sending him to be a security guard was not a difficult feat.

After Z-Day, no one knew what the establishment that the government had set up looked like, and so even less people dared to offend Huang Weian. They allowed him to retain his official post and an attack team all to himself.

Just as Yue Zhong and Niu Jiang were discussing about the various highlights of each team, a tall lady who was about 1.62m walked in front of Yue Zhong. She seemingly hesitated for a few moments before pointing to the meat and saying,

“Let me eat my fill! I will let you do me as you like!!”

Yue Zhong frowned as he lifted his gaze. He saw that the woman was really tall, and although her figure was not as perfect and alluring as Zhuo Yatong’s, she did possess a C-cup bust, long slender legs,very white skin, an oval-shaped face and other defining features. It was just that her eyes seemed a little wan and sallow, and her face also didn’t look too good. Even though she could not compare to Zhuo Yatong, she could be considered a beauty in her own right as well.

She stared at Yue Zhong and gritted her teeth before saying,

“I am Gu Manzi! I graduated from XXX University of the Arts and I am 25 years old this year. I don’t have a boyfriend and am still a virgin! As long as you let me have my fill of that meat, I will let you play with me however you like!! If you can feed me from today on, I will always follow you and be your woman.”

[TN: Not literally sex if you interpret it like that, but the raws said XXX]

Gu Manzi had not eaten her fill for at least 2 months! She was tormented by her hunger to the extent that she was close to her tippingpoint. As Yue Zhong roasted the Type 2 Mutant Boar meat, the oil glistened all over. If it were before the end of the world, Gu Manzi would have felt revolt at the meat since she was all this time, the meat that was on the grill right now was extremely enticing to her, even more so than having 100,000 USD prior to Z-Day.

Gu Manzi did not even ask for Yue Zhong’s name. All she knew was that he was carrying a .05 Light Assault Rifle, he had a Dark Magic Sword at his waist and he also had 2 pretty ladies by his side, one of them mature and the other still young. There was even an able-bodied man following him. She knew that he could be relied on, so if she wanted to sell herself, she would only sell herself to someone like him.

Truthfully, not many women could tolerate the hunger and in the end, they chose to sell themselves. The few ladies by Huang Weian’s side also sold themselves and willingly became his mistresses just to be fed well. Among the fleet, there were even some females who secretly used their bodies in exchange for more food, thus it wasn’t particularly shocking.

If it wasn’t for the righteous and moral Wang Jian containing the reasoning of the people, there might have been cases of cannibalism already.

Upon hearing Gu Manzi’s words, Zhuo Yatong could not help but feel nervous and she clasped her hands tightly as she looked towards Yue Zhong. Although she was sure that her own looks, demeanor and even strength were all way above Gu Manzi’s, from her experience, she knew men were creatures who always preferred new to old. Furthermore, Gu Manzi had something she did not have- virginity. To most men, being able to be the man who took the cherry was a huge attraction.

It was just that Zhuo Yatong knew she had no way of controlling the man in front of her, and if she chose to interfere with his decision, while he might listen to her temporarily, he would slowly generate a sort of dislike for her. Her wisest choice would be to use her own abilities and charm to slowly win over his heart.

Yue Zhong looked at Gu Manzi and asked coldly,

“Can you cook?”

“No!” Gu Manzi came from a well-to-do family; before the events of Z-Day, she was living like a princess. Other than ordering take-outs, she would go to various restaurants and dine there. With regards to preparing meals, she had not considered doing that before.

Yue Zhong continued to say softly, “Do you know how to wash clothes?”

“No!” Gu Manzi’s expression was turning ugly. Every household had a washing machine before Z-Day and so a princess like her would not even know how to wash manually. However, after Z-Day, washing clothes by hand became an important task, as a huge amount of clothes had to be washed.

Yue Zhong grabbed Zhuo Yatong’s hands, before looking towards Gu Manzi and asking,

“Are you as beautiful as her?”

Gu Manzi looked at Zhuo Yatong jealously, then with an expression that seemed as though she was about to break down, she said,


Gu Manzi was very confident in herself, yet she knew that she could not compare to Zhuo Yatong’s beauty, elegance or aura.

With her hand held by Yue Zhong, Zhuo Yatong felt a sweetness in her heart and she smiled at Yue Zhong.

Yun Caiwei saw that Yue Zhong was holding her mother’s hand and her bright eyes lit up as she ate her meat with gusto. The Type 2 Mutant Boar meat was really a delicacy and its taste was amazing. She was also afraid of going hungry, hence until she had eaten her fill, she would not think about letting her mouth rest.

“I do need someone to wait on me, so if you do want to stay, you will need to learn how to be a maid. If you aren’t willing, you are free to leave now. If you stay, then sit with us and have a meal together.”

Just as Gu Manzi was prepared to leave, humiliated and holding back the tears, Yue Zhong’s soothing voice resounded in her ears.

Yue Zhong was not willing to take in some other girl that he would have to take care of. He only let Gu Manzi stay because he needed a maid. Zhuo Yatong was already his woman, so he did not want to treat her like a maid and order her around.

Gu Manzi couldn’t help but blurt out. “I’m willing!!”

After which, she immediately sat down with her eyes staring at the piece of meat, and she gulped down her saliva without any regard for her dignity.

Seeing her expression, Zhuo Yatong smiled understandably and proceeded to slice off pieces of meat, placing them on a plate for Gu Manzi. She had been, after all, in a similar situation not too long ago.

Upon receiving the plate, Gu Manzi immediately dug in and wolfed down the pieces of meat with gusto. She licking the plate clean, before continuing to stare at the roasted meat.

Yue Zhong glanced at Gu Manzi and said,

“You can only eat 3 plates of meat. Based on your current state, if you eat too much, it would not be good for your body!”

To someone who had starved for a long time like Gu Manzi, placing too much stress on the stomach after such a long period of hunger could cause death from over-eating.

Listening to Yue Zhong, Zhuo Yatong sliced off 2 servings worth of meat again with some rice, before giving it to Gu Manzi.

Gu Manzi looked down at the rice and meat in front of her, her eyes reddening as huge drops of tears flowed down her cheeks. This was the best meal she had eaten in the 3 months since the end of the world. However, having eaten this meal, she had to accept the fact that she was no longer a proud princess. Instead, she now had to wait on this man in front of her. Although she was a maidservant in name, she was very clear that should Yue Zhong want to obtain her body, she had no way of declining.

Since things had gotten to this point, although she was mentally prepared, she couldn’t help but tear up a little at the humiliation she felt.

Niu Jiang did not pay attention to the crying Gu Manzi, as his gaze also fixed on the piece of meat. He asked,

“Give me one more plate, Yue Zhong! This meat is really too delicious. What meat is this?”

As he squeezed Zhuo Yatong’s hands, Yue Zhong lightly smiled and said, “It’s meat from a Mutant Beast.”

Zhuo Yatong smiled back at Yue Zhong, before serving one more plate to Niu Jiang.

As he stuffed his face with the meat, Niu Jiang asked,

“Mutant Beast meat. Sure enough, you must be really powerful to be able to dispose of something as scary and fearsome as a Mutant Beast. At that time, more than 10 of my brothers died to a Mutant Cat. Oh right, Yue Zhong, you must be an Enhancer as well? What’s your current level now?”

As Niu Jiang spoke these words, everyone looked towards Yue Zhong. They all wanted to know this secret.

Yue Zhong laughed lightly and said. “It’s a secret!”

Every Enhancer’s level was considered to be a secret. If it was known, it would be easy to deduce his/her abilities and skills, as well as how many attribute points they had. This was an important battle of wits, and so Yue Zhong naturally wouldn’t let others find out so easily.

Just as Yue Zhong and Niu Jiang were resumed their idle conversations, 5 women walked out from the huge camp of survivors up to Yue Zhong’s side.

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