God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Huang Weian’s plot!

“Sir, please let us have some! I haven’t eaten properly for a month already. As long as you feed me, I will do whatever you want me to.” A somewhat pretty yet haggard-looking lady spoke as she combed her hair in an attempt to look more presentable, while her eyes were fixed on Yue Zhong.

Another plain-looking, yet the youngest of the remaining female survivors also pleaded to Yue Zhong, “Please give me some! 2 slices, if you just give me 2 slices, I’ll let you have your way with me for the night.”

“Please, let me have just one slice…..!”



The 5 of them continued staring at Yue Zhong, pleading and begging. Gu Manzi had earned a place with Yue Zhong and that gave all of them hope. They were all going crazy from the hunger: if they could just eat their fill, they were willing to forsake their dignity and face.

Hunger could drive anyone mad. In the history of mankind, during periods of famines, it was not uncommon for people to eat their own kin. In the most recent famine, there was an actual case of a father eating his own son’s flesh. From this, it could be seen how scary hunger was. The 5 poor women were also almost driven crazy by starvation, and so there was no point considering their dignity or face when their hunger was much more urgent.

Even someone like Gu Manzi who came from a prestigious background disregarded her dignity and came to beg Yue Zhong for food. They naturally also had no hesitation.

Seeing the 5 women who were willing to sell their bodies for food and were begging Yue Zhong pitifully, Zhuo Yatong trembled in her heart and unconsciously grasped Yue Zhong’s big hands. She had experienced the terror of going hungry to the point of torment; if not for the appearance of Yue Zhong, the only road for her then would be death. Having experienced the cruelty of the current apocalyptic world, it reinforced her decision to follow Yue Zhong and led her to realize that she was so lucky to have him.

Yue Zhong looked at the 5 ladies and his eyebrows furrowed as he pointed to Gu Manzi and lightly said, 
“If your conditions are better than hers, I will allow you to stay. Otherwise, please leave by your own accord. Don’t force me to act.”

The moment Yue Zhong finished talking, the silent 2m-tall White Bones stood up. Holding an axe the colour of black gold, it started circling the 5 women with its demonic fiery eyes constantly staring at them.

Under the effect of the Camouflage Skill, the people there only saw White Bones as a huge man of 2m, and the 2m long metallic axe in its hands gave a huge oppressing aura to anybody who saw it and made people feel uneasy.

The 5 of them looked at Gu Manzi who was busy devouring the meat and they immediately felt saddened. Although they were quite pretty, they could not compare to her.

Four of them took one last look at White Bones and its axe and their eyes flashed with a hint of fear, before they turned around and made their way back to the normal campsite. After Z-Day, normal society order had collapsed and humanity was also slowly eroding away; they did not know what would happen if they were to annoy Yue Zhong. They did not want to offend a strong person.

The remaining person was tall and fair-skinned. She had a round face as well as other  beautiful features, and she started promoting herself to Yue Zhong,

“I am a fellow student of Gu Manzi and I also graduated from the XXX University of the Arts. I am 24 this year. I can dance, sing, cook and even wash clothes. Sir, please keep me with you! My worth is certainly not below Gu Manzi’s. As long as you let me eat my fill, I am willing to do anything.”

Gu Manzi suddenly lifted her head and looked at Wang Ni before commenting coldly,

“Wang Ni. You lost your virginity when you were in university and after that, you still changed boyfriends 4 times. How can you compare yourself to me!”

After experiencing the cruelty of the post-apocalyptic world, Gu Manzi had changed for the wiser as well. She saw that Yue Zhong only had a car and his reserves were immaterial. The fewer the members in the team, the longer the team could hold out, and her personal portion would be more as well. If more people joined, she would have to share Yue Zhong with them and she was not willing to see that.

“Gu Manzi, why you!!”

Wang Ni’s past had now been revealed. Her face paled as she immediately tried to explain to Yue Zhong,

“That was all in the past. I haven’t had a boyfriend this year. I can cook, wash and do basically any household chores!!”

Yue Zhong looked at Wang Ni before coldly retorting, “Go away!”

Wang Ni’s face turned the colour of ash as she looked towards Gu Manzi with a gaze full of hatred and cursed.

“Gu Manzi! From today onwards, you are not my friend anymore. You will get your just desserts! I curse you to have a horrible death!!”

Yue Zhong frowned and he made a gesture with his hand. White Bones immediately leapt forward and gave a huge slap across Wang Ni’s face, causing it to swell.

He looked at Wang Ni coldly before saying,

“Gu Manzi is one of my people. The only one who can scold her, beat her or teach her a lesson is me.”

Wang Ni covered her face. Huge drops of tears rolled down her cheeks and she immediately turned and left as she cried. After Z-Day, she had been dumped by her new boyfriend who left on his own. Now, even one of her girl friends had stabbed her in the back, causing her to feel even more hurt.

Gu Man Zi looked at Wang Ni from afar before lowering her head and continuing to eat her meat carefully. As of now, she had cut off ties with one of her friends, just so she could lead a better life for herself.

[TN: How cruel… }

(Divinecelestialbeinglol: Kun’s too soft hearted for this sort of stuff …)

Huang Weian saw these events from afar and he lowered his head in thought, before first walking towards Wang Jian and whispering something. Then he walked amongst the survivors to invoke some emotions.

Not long after, under the encouragement of Huang Weian, a huge number of survivors stood up and slowly walked towards Yue Zhong’s campfire.

As the crowd of over 200 people started moving, there was an extremely oppressive force, as if Mount Tai was looming over and pressurizing Yue Zhong’s camp.

Seeing the approaching forces, Liu Erhei became restless and nervous as he stood up immediately; he took out the .54 handgun Yue Zhong had given to him and fired a shot into the sky, before calling out loudly, “What do you think you’re doing!

With the ‘bang’, the 200 survivors immediately halted their steps, too frightened to advance. They saw the gun in Liu Erhei’s hands and their eyes were full of fear.

As a commoner, it was normal to fear guns. It was only those who lived constantly on the edge, or were on the wrong side of the law, who wouldn’t be afraid of Liu Erhei’s actions.

All the gazes filled with fear, indecision and hesitation naturally fell onto Huang Weian. After all, they had all been motivated to act by his doing- if no one were to lead them, they also didn’t dare stir up trouble.

Under the gaze of so many people, Huang Weian sighed in his heart before standing up and calling out in a self-righteous voice,

“Yue Zhong, you have joined our vehicle fleet, so you can be considered one of our family members. We hope that you can take out all your rations and share them with us along the journey.”

After that, his greedy eyes roamed over to Zhuo Yatong and Gu Manzi who were both sitting beside Yue Zhong. Even though he kept a number of decent looking ladies with him, compared to Zhuo Yatong and Gu Manzi, they were not much.

Huang Weian retracted his gaze and fixedly stared at Yue Zhong while thinking to himself,

“It’s okay, as long as I gain control over the food, they will not be able to escape from the palm of my hand.”

“I do have food here!” Yue Zhong looked at Huang Weian and he coldly laughed, before directly opening his backpack and showing the contents inside. Inside, there was a huge pack of rice, milk, cakes, candy, instant noodles and various other foods.

Seeing the huge amount of rations in Yue Zhong’s opened bag, all the survivors turned green with envy. They clenched their fists tightly and their breathing becoming ragged. After Z-Day, gold was useless; there was only food, food was the true bargaining chip.

Gu Manzi saw the amount of food inside Yue Zhong’s bag and sucked in a breath of air, silently celebrating her decision to follow Yue Zhong in her heart.

“I do have food! But why should I give it to you?” Yue Zhong laughed coldly, before continuing,

“I scavenged all these based on my own efforts, my blood and sweat, from killing hundreds of zombies and retrieving these from their mouths. What justifications do you have to make me give it to you? Did you guys even contribute any amount of effort into obtaining these? So shameless!”

Facing Yue Zhong’s rebuke, a large number of the survivors immediately felt ashamed, yet they continued staring at the rations in his bag.

Huang Weian looked towards the rations and his eyes flashed with a strange light as he spoke in his self-righteous voice again,

“Yue Zhong, it can be considered that we are in a national crisis now. Everyone should be working together, to get past this together. You should not prioritize your own self-interests above others, you should think for the masses instead. Do you know what your current actions are tantamount to? Selfish. Fine, let me represent the group, the government as well as the people to borrow your food and rations. When the country has overcome this obstacle, I will return it to you by 10 times. I also promise that when I have the rations, you will get your fair share. No one will starve as I bring you all into SY County.”

“Yeah!! Bring out the rations!”

“Everyone should share!”

“Give the rations to Magistrate Huang !!”



Under the pretentious act of Huang Weian, the 200 survivors got riled up and started calling for Yue Zhong to surrender his rations. If it weren’t for the fact that they feared the firearms in Yue Zhong’s hands, they would have already attacked and taken everything.

After all the bullsh*t, the survivors were just after Yue Zhong’s rations; Huang Weian was making use of their psychological states to provoke and rile their emotions.

Hearing the agitated calls of the survivors behind him, Huang Weian wore an extremely satisfied expression on his face. As long as he gained the control over the rations in Yue Zhong’s hands, if he wanted to bed a woman, then he would be able to get the woman. Otherwise, they would be driven to insanity by their hunger.

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