God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 214

Chapter 214: A Violent Disturbance!

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Seeing the crowd of restless survivors, Niu Jiang’s face changed slightly. After hesitating for a while, he stood up and smiled apologetically to Yue Zhong,

“Sorry! I am a member of this fleet after all!”

After he finished speaking, Niu Jiang left and returned to his own subordinates to silently watch the events unfold. A few slices of roasted meat were not enough for him to entrust Yue Zhong with his life and they were only acquaintances who had met by chance.

As she watched the zealous, imposing crowd of over 200 survivors, a hint of fear flashed through Gu Manzi’s eyes and she retreated a few steps. If those survivors were incited and began to riot, they would be even more frightening than the fiercest beasts.

Yue Zhong instantly stood up with the silenced .05 Light Assault Rifle in his right hand and the .54 Handgun in his left, and directly fired a shot in front of Huang Weian.

“Trying to get my food! No way! All of you f*ck off for daddy, you crowd of trash! If you have the ability, go and snatch back some food from the zombies yourselves! If you advance one more step, I’m warning you that my gun can’t see what it’s doing!”

An extremely accurate bullet shot right in front of Huang Weian, whose face suddenly paled. As he looked at the silenced .05 Light Assault Rifle and the .54 Handgun in Yue Zhong’s hands, he took several steps backwards, no longer with that soaring spirit from before. Although his ability to incite people was impressive, his inherent nature was that of a coward.

“Yue Zhong…”

Huang Weian had just wanted to continue speaking when he was forcefully cut off by Yue Zhong.

“Huang Weian, you shut up for me and f*ck off. Otherwise, the first person to be shot by daddy will be you!”

After being berated by Yue Zhong, the color of Huang Weian’s face changed back and forth from green to white. His mouth trembled a few times and then he turned around, walking away gloomily like a stray dog.

Yue Zhong suddenly pointed the muzzle of the gun in Wang Jian’s direction and shouted in a voice full of hostility with a cold killing intent,

“Wang Jian, I’m warning you, don’t point a gun at me. Otherwise, I don’t mind killing all of you! I’ve killed several thousand zombies before, and the number of people who have died by my hands is also over one hundred. If I have to kill one then I’ll do it, if I have to kill one hundred then I’ll do it as well! I didn’t come here to harm you, so you shouldn’t try to harm me. If you make me mad, none of you should think of surviving! Put your gun away carefully, otherwise you’ll definitely die!”

Wang Jian and the four other policemen had rescued 200 survivors and maintained order in the camp as well, letting the survivors here still have some humanity in them. This made Yue Zhong greatly admire their characters in his heart. However, if a conflict began between the two sides, Yue Zhong would still kill them without any hesitation. After all, this was an apocalypse world where human lives were only worth as much those of ants, and Yue Zhong only wanted to properly survive. Even if they were saints, he would still kill those who blocked his path to survival without error.

Of course, if there was no need, Yue Zhong didn’t wish to get rid of the five policemen. Without the protection of them, very quickly, there might be heavy casualties in this fleet of over 200 survivors. The only remaining order and humanity would also completely collapse.

Yue Zhong had no interest in taking control of this fleet and becoming its leader because it didn’t have a stable base like Big Cliff Village, Stone Horse Village or Qing Yuan County. If he did take in this fleet, he could very well end up having to worry about their food supplies everyday. If it wasn’t for that, he would have long gotten rid of an unreliable official like Huang Weian.

In the brutal apocalypse world, Yue Zhong was able to kill his enemies without even blinking an eye. Nevertheless, he wasn’t willing to carry out any senseless killings and he also wasn’t willing to watch the few remaining survivors die for no reason.

Wang Jian and the other four policemen had originally wanted to use their guns to subdue Yue Zhong, except Yue Zhong’s speed vastly surpassed theirs. Wang Jian was just about to take action when Yue Zhong’s silenced .05 Light Assault Rifle had already locked onto them. He was able to feel Yue Zhong’s powerful killing intent: if they moved in the slightest, the opposition would definitely kill them without any hesitation. This made Wang Jian not dare to move at all.

As he endured the extremely strong pressure from Yue Zhong, Wang Jian slowly said,

“I understand now! Please put down your gun first! We promise not to point our guns at you. If you are unwilling to take out your food and share it with everyone, please leave our fleet.”

The other four policemen also didn’t dare to make any moves; although they had a very strong sense of justice, they were not madmen. They weren’t willing to sacrifice their own lives in vain for no reason.

Pointing the silenced .05 Light Assault Rifle directly at the crowd, Yue Zhong said in an icy voice,

“Tomorrow I will leave! Right now, all of you guys, go back to your camp for me. I will count to ten, those who don’t go, just lie down here for the better!”




After being threatened at gunpoint by Yue Zhong, those survivors with no backbone immediately fled desperately in the direction of the camp. Amidst the chaos and trampling, three frail-bodied female survivors were knocked down by the other survivors, then were trampled into meat paste.

Cries, cold voices and shouting sounded out throughout the crowd. Not a single person looked back at those three female survivors who had been trampled to death: in this apocalypse world, deaths were very common. Everyday there were humans who were killed, starved or committed suicide- after witnessing enough of this, people would naturally become insensitive to such matters. As long as the people who died weren’t their relatives, none of them would care.

Yue Zhong glanced at the chaos in the crowd, then said lightly to Gu Manzi and Liu Erhei,

“It’s alright now! Eat!”

Gu Manzi, Liu Erhei and Zhuo Yatong all gazed at Yue Zhong with awe. Just now, the 200 survivors who had all been instigated by Huang Weian and formed an extremely imposing force were now all very frightened. They would never have thought that Yue Zhong could resolve the crisis so easily, making Huang Weian go back to his own camp in the manner of a stray dog.

“How overbearing!”

Niu Jiang watched as Yue Zhong drove back those 200 survivors all by himself and a hint of radiance flashed past his eyes. He let out a sigh. Just now, he wasn’t determined to stay on Yue Zhong’s side, and now he felt a slight regret.

Truthfully, if Yue Zhong had been weak and cowering just now, Niu Jiang probably would have gone and trampled on him as well, stealing away everything that he could steal from him.

In the apocalypse world, every survivor knew about the cruel law of the jungle. As soon as you revealed some weakness, the surrounding wolves would all pounce on you and take away everything you had.

If Yue Zhong had given his food to Huang Weian just now, after receiving the food, Huang Weian would immediately request Yue Zhong to join the armed forces. This way, he would receive unified command. He was compressing Yue Zhong’s ‘survival space’ step by step, forcing Yue Zhong to become a chess piece in his hands. Only Huang Weian didn’t think Yue Zhong would have such a fierce and decisive reaction, leaving him with no way of escape.

After Yue Zhong had exposed his vicious fangs, those survivors naturally didn’t dare to come provoke him again. Yue Zhong and his party thus cheerfully finished their dinner.

After dinner, Gu Manzi obediently took the initiative to do the washing-up. Meanwhile, Yue Zhong made Zhuo Yatong start doing shooting practice with the .54 Handgun.

Within Yue Zhong’s storage ring, there were 1300 rounds of ammunition for the .54 Handgun, so Zhuo Yatong could shoot as much as she wanted.

Hearing round after round of gunshots, those survivor’s bodies were all trembling slightly. If they had continued to pressurise Yue Zhong just now, those bullets probably would’ve been fired at them.

“Do they really have that many bullets to waste? Perhaps what that Yue Zhong said about him killing several thousand zombies is true! I don’t know if forcing him to leave the fleet was right or wrong!”

Wang Jian heard the constant gunshots from nearby and he had some very complicated feelings in his heart. When Huang Weian had initially encouraged him, he had agreed to force Yue Zhong to hand over the food, but that was because the fleet’s food supplies had already reached a dangerously low amount.

Food and drink for over 200 people was not a small amount. Their fleet simply didn’t dare to enter towns, and so they were only able to find some small villages to search for resources. Even if they did come across a small village, they could only be like thieves and would secretly kill a few zombies, clear everything from a small supermarket or convenience store and then leave.

If they were discovered by a horde of zombies, they could only flee in panic. Subsequently, in the process of searching for zombies, there were constant deaths of fleet members, making the morale of the fleet lower and lower. Those who were willing to go out and search for resources became fewer and fewer.

As Yue Zhong stood beside Zhuo Yatong, he gave her pointers on her shooting skills. Zhuo Yatong was already a novice at fighting battles with zombies, so with her ability and equipment, finishing off evolved zombies like an L1 or an S1 was no problem. However, when it came to dealing with other humans, firearms were still more practical and were a great deterrent.


The time of year had already entered the autumn season. A night breeze blew and a chill swept across everyone.

The wind blew across Yun Caiwei, who was standing beside Yue Zhong, making hershrink back slightly. She tugged at the corners of Yue Zhong’s clothes, using that big pair of delicate and charming eyes to look at him, saying,

“Big brother, can you hug me? I’m a bit cold!”

“Alright!” Yue Zhong looked at Yun Caiwei, who seemed as delicate as porcelain, and then he hugged her in his embrace. A hint of fragrance spread from her body.

Like a kitten, she curled up in Yue Zhong’s embrace, feeling the warmth from his body; her face was filled with satisfaction. With this broad and warm embrace, she didn’t need to worry about the wind and rain outside anymore. Not long after, she fell asleep.

After she had fired more than a dozen rounds, Zhuo Yatong returned to Yue Zhong’s side.

Zhuo Yatong, Yue Zhong, Yun Caiwei and Gu Manzi all cleaned themselves up before getting into a camping tent. Meanwhile, Liu Erhei had luckily also gotten a tent for himself.

Holding its large axe, White Bones patrolled the surroundings.

“How comfortable!” After she got into the tent, Gu Manzi slept to the right of Yun Caiwei. She was covered with a blanket and stretched her own body, feeling how full her stomach was. Then she closed her eyes and happily fell asleep. This was the first time she had slept so sweetly since the beginning of the apocalypse world one month ago. She didn’t have to worry about food, her own future or her safety.

Zhuo Yatong glanced at Yue Zhong, who was sleeping to her right, and she leaned forward, kissing him lightly on the face. Only then did she fall asleep, clinging onto one of his arms.

In this moonless night, a group of militants crept through the dark night one after another, as careful as mice. They silently approached the fleet.

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