God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Night Raid!

In the darkness, a militant accidentally triggered a trap mechanism as he advanced. Not far from him, a few beer bottles dropped, hitting the rock floor and shattering with a loud crash. In the lonely and quiet night, the sound was amplified.

“ENEMIES!” A bus filled with night guards who were half asleep awoke and shouted loudly.

After the apocalypse, danger was everywhere. With fearsome zombies, fierce mutant beasts and even humans who became depraved, nowhere was safe. Without any preparation or safety, no one could even think of wandering around freely now, as it meant death.

The survivors in the buses awoke with a start as they looked out into the dark with fear, and sat helplessly in their own seats. All they could do was wait.

The bus drivers had also woken up at the start and had prepared their engines to drive off. Only by starting their vehicles could they break free from the ambush. As for retaliation, the thought had never even crossed their minds.

“Kill!! Kill the drivers!!” The leader of the militants issued an order loudly.

Immediately, those militants who were creeping around quietly and carefully like lizards stood up one by one, lifting their guns and aiming at the numerous buses. They let loose a barrage of bullets.

The barrage of bullets penetrated the windows of the vehicles, making glass shatter everywhere and rain down inside the vehicles. All the survivors inside the buses crouched down in fear. Most of them could not help screaming to vent their inner fears.

Under the sudden attack of these militants, 3 unfortunate bus drivers were shot to death, collapsing limply in their seats.

Some of the other vehicles managed to start and began to make their way into the distance.

Right at this moment, another 2 huge buses came from the front of the lane, sealing off the road ahead. Another 2 buses drove from behind and cut off their retreat.

Huang Weian had a look of horror on his face; he grabbed the driver next to him, He Ye, and pointed to the right of the road before shouting, “Go!! DRIVE!! Why did you stop? Why did you stop?! There! Drive towards there!!”

He Ye saw the barren lands on both sides of the road and he gritted his teeth, veering the bus off the path and rushing towards the wilderness.

The remaining jeeps and humvees also split up and drove off the road, driving towards the wilderness. That was the only lifeline they had at the moment. They couldn’t care less about the survivors in the 2 remaining buses.

A number of militants jumped off the 2 buses that had blocked the way forward, and in their hands, there were .81 Rifles and .79 Assault Rifles.

A dense barrage of bullets was fired through the windows of the survivor buses, instantly killing the drivers.

Under the firepower of the militants, the drivers of the Dongfeng vehicles panicked and rushed out towards the main road. Bullet after bullet hit the 4 Dongfeng vehicles, causing many sparks to fly out.

The militants saw that the vehicles were leaving one by one, making a beeline for the main road, and a small detachment of 30 people immediately chased. The land here was full of detritus and forests, and the direction that those vehicles were heading towards had a small forest: even if it were an off-road vehicle, its speed would not be fast enough to navigate the forest in a short span of time. Sooner or later, the militants would catch up.

Another team of 12 militants strode towards the 3 buses- to them, the buses were already their spoils.

Right at this time, 5 policemen jumped out swiftly from one of the buses. The moment they disembarked, they rolled onto the ground and raised their .79 Assault Rifles, beginning their counter-attack on the 12 militants.

Caught off-guard and under the rapid fire of those assault rifles, three militants took heavy damage, with one of them instantly dying when a bullet penetrated his head. As for the other two, one received a shot to his chest, whilst another received a shot to his waist, falling down to the floor and wailing in agony.

The remaining militants immediately dived towards the side, searching for cover as they scrambled away; at the same time, they fired back at the 5 policemen.

Both sides were engaged in a fierce gunfight in the dark of the night.

On the other hand, the survivors in the 3 buses were a different story. They were panicking yet staying still like wooden chickens, feeling jittery as they watched the gunfight, waiting for their fate to be decided by the winners.

“Get up all of you, don’t make a single sound!” The moment the beer bottles had smashed, Yue Zhong had jolted awake and he immediately patted the 3 ladies sleeping beside him awake.

[TN: 2 Ladies and 1 kid to be exact…]

Zhuo Yatong, Yun Caiwei and Gu Manzi all woke up and stared at Yue Zhong mutely. Although they were a little shocked, they knew that the man in front of them was reliable. As long as he was not panicking, they were not afraid.

“Stay here. I will go take a look at what is happening. My orders!” Yue Zhong then swiftly left the tent, immediately rolling onto the ground and looking into the distance as he lay there.

Not long after, fierce gunshots rang out from the survivor camps.

Due to the events that had occurred the previous evening, when Yue Zhong had set up camp, he had set it up further away from the main camp. It was because of this that his danger perception did not act up, and he did not manage to catch onto the militants’ actions.

“Kill them!” Yue Zhong saw 3 militants approaching and immediately gave an order to White Bones.

Upon receiving the order, White Bones’ eyes flashed with a demonic fire; pulling out its huge White Bone Axe, it rushed towards the 3 militants like a tank.

The 3 militants saw White Bones rushing over and their faces had a hint of ridicule on them as they raised their guns and fired at it.

“What a stupid enhancer! Actually using a system weapon to charge at us, do you think we’re zombies?” A militant thought in his heart as he was firing at White Bones, laughing coldly. They knew that the current world had given birth to many enhancers who were stronger than normal human beings, yet even their stronger bodies would die if they were to be hit by a bullet. There was nothing for the militants to fear.

However, their faces turned pale when they realised that the bullets were bouncing off White Bones’ body, merely causing sparks to fly out and not doing anything to impede its charge.

Seeing that their guns were ineffective at hurting White Bones, the 3 militants were frightened and immediately turned around, starting to run back in a frenzy. An existence that could not be damaged by bullets was not something they had prepared for, and the huge axe in its hands was obviously a close-range weapon; they did not want to be dismembered by it.

White Bones saw the escaping militants and immediately stopped in its tracks as it raised its left claw. At that instant, 3 Bone Spears shot out from White Bones’ left claw, piercing through the 3 militants’ heads and killing them instantly.

After going through various enhancements, White Bones was able to act independently and it was now able to accurately manipulate 3 Bone Spears at once within a range of 100 metres. Subsequently, it could easily shoot out and control the bone spears, finishing off the 3 normal enemies.

Yue Zhong saw that White Bones had disposed of the 3 enemies who were approaching, and he called out in a low voice to those in the tent, “Come out now!”

Zhuo Yatong, Yun Caiwei, Gu Manzi and Liu Erhei all walked out of the tents. They had heard the gunshots from nearby- there had obviously been an intense battle going on out there. Upon realizing that fact, their faces turned pale.

Gunfight! They had only seen scenes like this before in the movies: now that it was happening to themselves, the fear of the stray bullets that might randomly hit them struck deep into their hearts.

The moment Zhuo Yatong and the rest saw Yue Zhong, their panic was quelled a little, as his face had not a single tinge of fear to it. Instead, it was endlessly calm.

“Follow me!”

Yue Zhong pulled away Zhuo Yatong and the rest; under the cover of the dark night, they arrived quietly at a small forest.

“I will leave Iron Bones (Yue Zhong’s chosen moniker for White Bones) to stay behind and protect you guys. Don’t leave this place. As long as Iron Bones is not dead, you guys will be fine.”

Yue Zhong threw a huge pile of ropes and a .54 Handgun to Liu Erhei before saying lightly,

“I’m going to go take care of those guys. Liu Erhei, follow behind me and help me tie up some prisoners.”

Liu Erhei’s body twitched as his hands shook while lifting the ropes and the .54 Handgun; he had a pleading look on his face as he gazed at Yue Zhong. He was not willing to take part in such a dangerous operation because he was certain that if he was careless, then he would die.

Yue Zhong stared fiercely at him and Liu Erhei knew that he could not change his mind. He had also witnessed Yue Zhong’s heavy-handedness before and was clear on Yue Zhong’s behavior, therefore he could only resign himself to his fate.

Zhuo Yatong had a look full of worry as she said, “Do take care!”

Yun Caiwei also called out sweetly, “Big Brother, you must come back safely. Little Wei will pray for you, you will definitely be safe.”

[TN: Little asian girls have a tendency to refer to themselves using the third-person]

Gu Manzi looked at Yue Zhong and was at a loss. She was vehemently against the idea of Yue Zhong taking action all on his own. To her, there were many people on the opposite side- with so many guns, the current best course of action was to sneak away while they were not paying attention. She did not know why Yue Zhong had such guts. She hesitated for a while before also saying, “Be careful.”

Yue Zhong laughed, bringing Liu Erhei with him as they charged in the direction of the fight.

With the strengthening of his passive skill Night Enhancement, Yue Zhong’s night vision had improved to a farther distance and he was now more aware of danger.

To most people, the darkness of the night was a hindrance to the eyesight, yet to Yue Zhong, it was the best cover. Under the cover of the darkness, he quietly sneaked into the survivor camp.

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