God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Tong Xiaoyun!

A dozen militants had already surrounded the 2 buses; under the threat of the militants’ firearms, the survivors in the bus had no choice but to exit the bus one by one, with fear written all over their faces.

Amongst the 70+ survivors that disembarked, the 30+ students were part of them as well. All of them looked at the militants with their guns and their faces were filled with fear and panic.

“This time, our harvest isn’t bad at all!” One of the militants looked at the survivors, as if he were gazing at a flock of sheep.

“Yeah! This time, there are a lot of quality goods!” Another militant swept a look over the survivors and his eyes brightened as he pulled out Wang Ni from the crowd. He laughed before saying to the rest, “I shall have my fun first, I will let you guys have a turn later.”

As Wang Ni was dragged out by the militant, although she was shocked, she did not resist. She knew that it would come to this sooner or later, but she couldn’t care less; anyway, she was not some virtuous lady, she just wanted to live on. Resisting the militant could result in her death.

“Chen Jian! F*** your mother! Who wants to play with your leftovers!”

Another militant scoffed jokingly as his eyes flashed with an obscene light and also roamed across the survivors. At last, his gaze landed onto one of the students and his eyes lit up. He dragged out a female student of around 13-14 years old with an oval face and snow-white skin, as well as a seemingly very pure and beautiful appearance.

The student who was dragged out was called Tong Xiaoyun. She was both delicate and beautiful, her character was quiet and well-behaved, and she consistently received good grades. She was considered the dream first love for many of the boys in the class.

The moment the militant pulled Tong Xiaoyun out, he stirred up the hornet’s nest as many of the students called out emotionally and agitatedly.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Let go of Xiaoyun!!”


“Go die!” Facing the ire of these middle school students, the militant’s face turned hideous and he immediately pulled out a gun, firing 6 shots at two of the boys who were especially agitated.

At such a short distance, one of the boys received a bullet to his brain and his eyes flashed with a hint of disbelief as he lifelessly crumpled to the floor. The other student had multiple shot wounds in his chest and flecks of blood splashed out as he also fell to the floor without another word.
Seeing this miserable scene, the rest of the survivors immediately wailed in fright and chaos was about to ensue once again.

With a sweep, the militants aimed their guns at the survivors and all of them shivered; they stood still, not daring to move.

The militant leader looked at the survivors with scorn before shouting out overbearingly,

“Damn it! All you measly pieces of sh*t, you must be tired of living! If daddy wants to play with some women, what’s it to you?! Do you believe that I will slaughter you and make you into human sausages!?”

After being hollered at by the leader of the militants, the survivors quietened down and looked at him in fear.

“Bah! Cowards!” The leader laughed coldly as he spat out a mouthful of phlegm directly onto the face of the most agitated student earlier.

That student was called Zhang Mi. He had always been secretly admiring Tong Xiaoyun. Earlier, when she was dragged out, his emotions went into a disarray. He had also just received the humiliation of the militant and his heart was full of fury and resentment, yet the fates of those two classmates of his had warned him about the consequences of being rash.

“Chick! Do you see that? No one will come to your rescue!!” The militant pinched Tong Xiaoyun’s cheeks and let her look at the teacher and students nearby.

“Wake up to the reality in front of you. No one will save you and no one is able to. If you service me properly, I don’t mind feeding you. If you make me unhappy, then you will be passed around my brothers before we cook you!”

Tong Xiaoyun looked towards her teacher Liu Jin and classmates pleadingly, hoping for a brave person to stand up for her and save her from the hands of the militant.

However, it was in vain as her teacher and fellow students all avoided her gaze and didn’t even dare to look at her. Amongst the students, there were enhancers but they did not possess strong skills and under the threat of firearms, even enhancers couldn’t do much.

Tong Xiaoyun was starting to despair: she was brought up to be virtuous and traditional, and not as open-minded as Wang Ni. If she was raped by the militant, she would not be able to continue living.

The militant let out a perverted smile, licking his lips as he pushed Tong Xiaoyun to the ground. After that, he undid his zipper and pulled out his ugly thing; while holding his gun to Tong Xiaoyun’s head, he laughed pervertedly and said, “Lick it!!”

[TN: That is horrible. She’s only 14 for goodness’ sake.]

[Divinecelestialbeinglol: I like pizza.]

After Z-Day, the constant pressure and stress to live on, as well as the uncertainty towards the future had resulted in the depravity of a lot of people’s hearts. The militant was also a pervert to begin with and liked to humiliate girls in front of an audience, desolating their body and mind. The despairing look on their faces was like a drug to him, giving him immense pleasure.

Tong Xiaoyun was kneeling on the ground and could feel the gazes of the rest of them on her like knives. She was unwilling to perform this type of vile thing in front of other people, yet she could feel the gun pressing against her head; if she did not heed the perverted militant’s words, she would be shot dead on the spot.

The militant used the gun and without a shred of pity, pressed it against her head and shouted out threateningly, “Faster! Do you want to die?!”

Tong Xiaoyun only felt that her world had suddenly collapsed and she began to cry, her hands trembling as she slowly reached out for the ugly thing in front of her eyes.

The militant’s eyes flashed with a hint of pleasure; yet another pitiful creature was about to be conquered under his threats and he felt a sick sense of gratification.


A last hint of fear flashed past the militant’s eyes. In between his eyebrows, there was now an additional hole that had been created by a bullet. He crumpled to the floor lifelessly with disbelief on his face.

The rest of the militants, who were planning to enjoy themselves by watching the live-action performance in front of them, immediately went into an uproar.

Bang! Bang!

Clear gunshots rang out incessantly throughout the dark of the night and with every gunshot, one more militant would be shot dead.

The militants couldn’t care less about controlling the survivors right now and immediately split up to find cover.

Taking advantage of the chaos happening among the militants, Zhang Mi ran to Tong Xiaoyun’s side and urged, “Tong Xiaoyun, hurry, let’s escape!!”

Tong Xiaoyun looked at Zhang Mi, her pale face suddenly smiling and saying,

“Escape? Where can we escape to? Everywhere out there is filled with zombies, mutant beasts, and even scarier humans. Even if we make use of the chance to escape, without rations nor a vehicle, where can we run to?”

Tong Xiaoyun was a smart child to begin with, it was just that she was well taken care of and had been sheltered all her life. She had never had the chance to fully utilize her brain. Humans were like that- if not forced into a corner, people would not be able to exhibit their strongest traits. Under the earlier threats, she had begun to think a lot in the ugly situation.

Watching at the pitiful-looking Tong Xiaoyun, in a moment of hot-bloodedness, Zhang Mi couldn’t help but cry out loudly, “Tong Xiaoyun, come with me! I will use my life to protect you!”

Tong Xiaoyun only looked at Zhang Mi coldly; if it was before, she would have been grateful, maybe even fall for him. However, she knew that his words were just that, words. When she was feeling despondent earlier, Zhang Mi had chosen to keep quiet to one side, looking on powerlessly. Whatever he said now, she could not believe even if she wanted to.

At this time, a huge number of the survivors were fighting to escape in other directions. The militants were obviously not decent human beings, especially the leader who mentioned human sausages. It was obvious that this power was not a proper one in any way, and so the survivors were not willing to stay any longer.

“I’m leaving! Take care of yourself!” Tong Xiaoyun looked towards the darkness and her eyes flashed as she mustered her courage and determination, before running in the direction where the bullets were being fired from.

Zhang Mi looked at the departing back of Tong Xiaoyun and his face fell. In the end, he still turned around and ran back towards his classmates. As the leader was Liu Jin, even if he was a low level enhancer and could not do much to people who held guns, against the normal zombies, they had a small chance of prevailing. Searching for resources was also easier with others than by oneself.

In this current world, one would need to possess an adequate amount of strength to do things independently. Without it, only by joining together with others could one ensure a difficult but possible survival.

The one who was disposing of the militants was precisely Yue Zhong, who took to the darkness like a fish would to water. By himself, he had pressured the many members of the militant group in such a way that they couldn’t even catch their breath.

In the dark of the night, the militants had no way of seeing anything beyond 20m into the distance, whilst Yue Zhong’s vision remained accurate even over distances of 2000m.

Yue Zhong’s body flashed about like a specter shuttling about in the dark. In his hands was the .03 Rifle, exhibiting his firing skills that he had honed tirelessly; every shot accurately found its target and blew apart a militant’s head.

After each shot, Yue Zhong would immediately change his position. A huge hail of bullets would fire randomly at his previous position, yet they wouldn’t hit anything. The militants could not even see where Yue Zhong was and could only helplessly fire in the general direction. They even tried to use suppressing fire to force him out, but it was to no avail.

As he hunted down the militants one by one, Yue Zhong kept on changing his position. Watching their comrades die one after another from the bullets appearing out of nowhere, the militants lost their morale quickly. They scrambled into their 2 buses, afraid to even stick their heads out, waiting for aid to come.

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