God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Reversal of the Battle!

After Yue Zhong had forced the militants to retreat into the buses, he approached the buses swiftly like a ghost; with a wave of his hand, a grenade instantly appeared and he immediately pulled out the pin, throwing it into one of the buses.

“Grenade!!!” When they saw the grenade being thrown in, the militants who were cowering inside the bus and guarding the windows and doors with their guns were frightened out of their wits.

Boom! Following that horrifying explosion, hot air waves and shrapnel covered the entire bus in a matter of seconds, killing many militants and injuring the rest.

Yue Zhong didn’t even pause for a second and followed up with another grenade into the other bus. With a ‘boom’, the militants in the other bus met the same end.

Yue Zhong rushed up to one of the buses, brandishing his blade and finishing off those militants who didn’t die from the explosion, completely wiping them out. After clearing the first bus, he went on to the second bus and killed the remaining militants there as well, before absorbing all of their rations and equipment into his storage ring. As for their firearms, such things were considered very precious in the current world, so Yue Zhong didn’t even leave a single bullet or gun behind.

After clearing the militants in those 2 buses, Yue Zhong disembarked and saw Tong Xiaoyun emerging out from the darkness and walking towards him.

Yue Zhong looked at Tong Xiaoyun as he furrowed his eyebrows slightly, saying, “What are you doing here?”

“It really is him!!” Tong Xiaoyun saw Yue Zhong’s features clearly and affirmed her earlier conjecture.

Tong Xiaoyun walked towards Yue Zhong and mustered up her courage to promote herself.

“Boss Yue, let me be your underling! I can wash clothes, cook and will pick up arms to fight if need be. If you want, I can sleep with you as well. Rest assured, I’m still a virgin and I haven’t let any other men touch me yet.”

Tong Xiaoyun saw Yue Zhong taking care of the militants entirely on his own and she had made the decision to follow him. She desperately wanted to survive in this new world and knew that the only way for her was to rely on a strong person. Zhang Mi was obviously someone she could not rely on- only Yue Zhong possessed the strength for her to feel safe. As for her body, she knew that it was not within her control; even if it was not given to Yue Zhong now, sooner or later, someone would lay their hands on her, just because she was too weak and powerless.

“Don’t make a sound!” Yue Zhong suddenly pounced forward and pushed her to the ground.

Tong Xiaoyun was about to push him off almost instinctively, but she fought against it. It was just that her eyes flashed with a hint of bitterness, as she did not expect Yue Zhong to be so urgent and want to do it here.

At the very next moment, she knew that she had mistaken his intentions. Bullets flew at the spot where they had been just before, causing tiny craters to appear one after another.

The militants who had gone on to give chase to the other fleeing survivors had returned, and upon hearing the explosions of the grenades, 12 of them had immediately rushed back to provide assistance.

Yue Zhong hugged onto Tong Xiaoyun as they rolled towards a huge rock for cover, before he took out a .54 Handgun and passed it to her, ordering,

“Stay here and don’t move! I will go take care of them!”

“Mm!” Tong Xiaoyun was scared witless by the sudden hail of bullets, to the point that she could not stop her body from trembling. She held on tightly to the gun that Yue Zhong had passed to her. She was just a 13-14 year old girl after all, and had not experienced any sort of life-changing event before, not to mention that she was suddenly now part of a gunfight.

Yue Zhong took a deep breath before he rushed out like a cheetah.

Those militants were shooting into the distance where they couldn’t see anything, and so they sprayed out their bullets without actually hitting anything. They quickly stood up from behind their cover as they carefully edged their way towards the area where Yue Zhong and Tong Xiaoyun had been standing before.

Yue Zhong took a look at those militants when they stood up and he immediately fired off 2 shots with his .03 Rifle. Two of the militants immediately had bullet holes appear in their heads and they crumpled to the floor.

The remaining militants immediately panicked and split up to find cover, while firing random shots in the direction where Yue Zhong was.

After Yue Zhong had fired his shots, he had already made a move; hose militants were shooting at empty space, not even hitting his shadow.

Yue Zhong was like an assassin in the night as he made his way closer to the militants, and every shot of his correctly found its target, exploding each head upon contact.

It did not matter where the militants were finding cover, as they would still be taken out one by one. After another 6 militants had been killed, one of them finally could not bear to be hunted down by such a terrifying opponent anymore. Being powerless to even counter-attack, he threw his gun to the floor and shouted frantically,

“Don’t kill me!! Don’t kill me!! I surrender!! Don’t kill me!!”

Yue Zhong had actually already aimed at that militant; when he saw that the militant had surrendered, he immediately fired a shot to the militant’s side.

With a ‘bang’, the militant saw his comrade right beside him die with a bullet penetrating through his brain, falling lifelessly to the ground.

Upon witnessing this scene, the militant’s heart went cold as he hugged his head with both arms and crouched down, not daring to make a single move.

“I surrender! Don’t kill me!! I surrender!!” The remaining 2 militants also threw down their weapons in fear, shouting out loudly. They could not even see the enemy yet their friends had died one by one: there was nothing more horrifying than this. They were not zombies and could still feel fear. They wanted to live on, so they chose to surrender.

Yue Zhong stood behind the 3 militants, calling out to Liu Erhei, “Liu Erheii! Go retrieve their weapons and tie them up!”

Liu Erhei had been hiding behind a huge stone the entire time without moving, as though he was a corpse. He jumped up and brought along the rope before arriving in front of Yue Zhong and immediately began to flatter loudly, “The fight is finally over! Boss Yue, you’re really amazing. I am too awed by you!!”

Yue Zhong looked at the lazy Liu Erhei as he frowned and spoke sternly, “Tie them up properly! We don’t have any time to waste!”

After killing 12 of the militants, the matters on hand were not yet finished. There were still over 20 militants who were still engaged in battle with 5 policemen. Yue Zhong had to hurry over and kill them as well.

“Yes!” Liu Erhei replied, as he quickly set down to tying up he militants tightly with the rope, and made use of rags to stuff into their mouths.

Yue Zhong glanced at the captives and gave a command to Liu Er Hei, “Stay here and watch them. If they dare to make a move, then shoot them down.”

Hearing those words, the 3 captives shuddered and did not dare make any more unnecessary movements. The current era was not a period of human rights or peace, so killing captives was not something people could be bothered to punish you for; if someone died, it was simply too bad.

After handing over the 3 captives to Liu Erhei, Yue Zhong once again made his way swiftly like a cheetah towards the location of the gunfight.

At night, the situation was not favourable at all for gunfights. Under the cover of the darkness, the hit rate would be very low unless the fight was at a close distance. It was only under the cover of the night that Wang Jian and his team of 4 policemen could continue to hold their ground against the 20-odd militants.

In this wild barren land, the gunshots were numerous, yet the death count was low. The gunfight had gone on for quite a while; Wang Jian’s side only had one person who had been careless and received a wound to his arm from a random bullet, yet no one else had received an injury. It was just that with the flow of the gunfight, Wang Jian’s side was slowly running out of ammunition: without their ammunition, they would soon be powerless to resist the advance of the 20-odd militants.

Right at this moment, Yue Zhong had already routed behind the militants and he fired 2 shots all of a sudden, killing 2 of the militants immediately.

“An expert!! There is an expert who can fight in the night!!”

The leader of this team of militants saw his 2 subordinates’ heads explode and his heart went cold. It must be made clear that during the gunfight with Wang Jian’s team, his team had expended over 200 bullets; other than a bullet grazing the other side and 3 of his own team members suffering injuries, no one had actually died.

Two militants had suddenly met their deaths, hence it was obvious that an expert had arrived. In the dark of the night, someone who possessed such fearsome night vision and a good aim was truly  a killing machine to be feared. Even with their numbers, they might not necessarily be able to win over the enemy.

“The expert out there!! My name is Xiong Zheng! This time, our Fierce Tiger Team recognizes our loss!! Please grant us your mercy and let us leave with our lives. Women, food, weapons, any requests that you have, just say it and we will definitely do our best to provide you with ample compensation.” The leader of the militants called Xiong Zheng called out loudly into the dark night.

The fact that Xiong Zheng could lead this small team was not just based on his battle abilities, but also his power of observation and judgement. He had already guessed that the explosions from the grenades were caused by Yue Zhong, and the team that had gone to provide reinforcements must have either perished or been captured. He could only negotiate for terms now, otherwise the only thing that awaited them was death.

Yue Zhong called out coldly from the dark, “All of you put down your weapons and surrender to me. I can leave you with your lives, otherwise, you will all die! You have only 3 seconds to consider. After 3 seconds, I will kill all of those still holding onto their weapons.”

“Yue Zhong! That was Yue Zhong’s voice. Has he come to rescue us? How did he manage to force them to beg for mercy? He really does possess an incredible amount of strength.” Wang Jian heard Yue Zhong’s voice and his heart was shaken until he gradually calmed down. Regardless, with Yue Zhong’s arrival, their lives were safe.

If Yue Zhong hadn’t arrived, when Wang Jian and his team ran out of bullets, they would have been shot dead or captured by the militants.

Upon hearing those words from Yue Zhong, Xiong Zheng and his company hesitated for a while before dropping their guns. They were about to hand over their own fates like livestock.

“Who the hell are you!! Let daddy send you to your death!!” A militant with an overbearing nature shouted loudly as he raised a Knife-Type Assault Rifle and began to fire wildly towards Yue Zhong’s direction.

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