God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Total Surrender!

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Bang! The militant had not even finished a magazine of ammunition before a bullet found its way into his head. His body crumpled lifelessly to the ground.

Upon seeing this, the morale and courage of the militants took an even further dive, and everyone’s faces were filled with fear. Not a single one of them wanted to die.

“The 3 seconds are up! Those who have not released their weapons yet, die!” Yue Zhong’s ice-cold voice resounded throughout the area, as though it was hammering into the hearts of the militants.

With a ‘bang’, yet another militant who was still wielding his weapon received a bullet through his brains, falling lifelessly to the ground.

Watching another comrade die before them, the militants had faces filled with fear and they immediately threw their weapons to the ground.

Xiong Zheng saw his subordinates surrendering their weapons and he lightly sighed, before doing the same with his .79 Assault Rifle. At death’s door, it was something even trained soldiers would do and choose over honour. They were not bandits after all- facing the threat of death, surrendering was a normal course of action.

Most of the militants had thrown their guns down, but there were still 2 remaining militants who lay prone on the ground, using their comrades as a cover and awaiting Yue Zhong’s appearance. The moment he showed up, they would immediately make a move to kill him. However, they never expected that Yue Zhong had already grasped each and every militant’s location clearly.

Seeing that the 2 crafty militants still held the notion of retaliating, Yue Zhong fired 2 shots that directly penetrated their skulls.

After the 2 militants were picked off by Yue Zhong, Xiong Zheng’s backup plans were entirely quelled.

In the darkness, Yue Zhong coldly ordered, “All of you get out of the cover. Walk to the bus and squat down with your hands above your heads. Those who don’t comply will be dealt with immediately.”

After all, Yue Zhong was acting on his own: if he were to reveal himself and get ambushed, he would have to worry about the militants making use of the opportunity to escape one by one. At that time, it would be very troublesome to deal with them. If he could gather them together and keep an eye on them, if they did want to escape, then it would be much easier to take care of them.

One by one, the militants walked out from the cover, towards the direction Yue Zhong had indicated.

All of a sudden, one of the militants made a break for it, wanting to use the cover of the night to escape.

With a ‘bang’, the militant did not even make it past a few steps before receiving a bullet through his brain, becoming a corpse collapsed on the ground.

Witnessing this, the fear of Yue Zhong only grew even more in the militants’ hearts as they made their way to the bus and squatted down with their hands above their heads; no one else made a further attempt to disrupt anything.

In fact, Yue Zhong was only by himself- if the militants all started running in different directions, he could at most kill 7 or 8 of them, and he wouldn’t be able to give chase. However, under the power of fear, the militants could only comply with his orders and they didn’t try to escape.

“Liu Erhei, come out! Tie them all up!” Yue Zhong ordered in a deep voice.

“Yes! Boss Yue!” Liu Erhei, who wasn’t far away, answered immediately. He pushed the other 3 captives to join the rest in front of the bus then pulled out the ropes, proceeding to tie up the militants tightly.

Yue Zhong then came out from the dark and called out towards the policemen hiding behind the cover, “Wang Jian, the rest of you come out as well!”

Even if the 5 of them harbored any intent to make a move against Yue Zhong, he was confident of dealing with them in the dark of the night, which was why he emerged from the darkness.

Wang Jian heard Yue Zhong’s voice and hesitated for a moment, exchanging glances with his colleagues. Only then did they step out from behind the cover. With the earlier display of Yue Zhong’s strength, if he wanted them dead, they would have died already.

Yue Zhong took a look at the 5 policemen, before pointing to the captives and ordering, “Watch them, I will go deal with the rest!”

With that, Yue Zhong immediately retreated into the darkness. In the night, Wang Jian’s team had neither any special abilities nor sufficient strength, so he would rather have them keep watch.

One of the policemen took a look at Wang Jian, before saying, “Old Wang, what do we do? Are we going to just stay here and wait for him?”

Among these 5 policemen, Wang Jian was the quickest and at the same time, he was a Level 13 Enhancer, thus the small team all treated him as the leader.

Wang Jian gritted his teeth as he said, “We shall wait!”

He understood the intentions of the other policeman- it was to take advantage of the time when Yue Zhong was busy dealing with the rest of the militants, and escape with a car on their own.

After all, Yue Zhong was temporarily on their side, but having someone else be in control of your life didn’t leave a good taste in the mouth. Once Yue Zhong was back, they would be at his mercy. In the dark of the night, they had no way of overcoming him in a fight. Furthermore, from his performance in the daytime earlier, he was not a hot-blooded youth and didn’t make any rash decisions.

Wang Jian was very clear on all these, yet he still chose to wait. One of the reasons was that the majority of their supplies were in some of the Dongfeng Vehicles that had driven off into the wilderness. Without ample rations, even if they could escape from here, they would soon face the problem of hunger.

Yue Zhong was running all the way and soon he saw the other group of militants pushing the captured survivors towards his direction. There was a total of 17 survivors and each one of them was carrying a huge load of supplies on their back. It seemed that the militants had ordered for the survivors to transport the supplies out of the Dongfeng Vehicles.

Those Dongfeng Vehicles were actually filled with various items, but the militants had only allowed the survivors to carry the necessary fuel and rations, abandoning the rest.

The amount of rations the vehicle fleethad was already alarmingly low, with not more than 50kg of rice left. Other than that, there were some other consumables, and due to the fact that there weren’t many rations left, the 17 survivors could easily transport the items from the Dongfeng Vehicles.

Yue Zhong looked at the militants from afar and cocked his rifle.

With a ‘bang’, one of the militants immediately died with a bullet through his brain.

The rest of the militants were shocked and immediately split up to find cover, whilst at the same time, they returned fire in the direction that Yue Zhong was at.

The survivors made use of that momentary freedom to escape towards the darkness whilst carrying the rations. Only 4 or 5 of them chose to abandon the rations. All of the survivors were very clear on how valuable the rations were. Many would not be willing to leave the rations even as they were escaping for their lives. If they threw the rations away, should they escape from the current crisis, they would face the imminent problem of hunger right afterwards.

In the dark night, all the attacks of the militants came to nought.

Yue Zhong easily picked off the militants one by one all by himself, aided by the cover of darkness.

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!!”

“I surrender!!!”

After five or six of the militants’ heads had exploded, the remaining militants could not withstand the fearsome pressure anymore and began to surrender one by one.

In the dark, Yue Zhong coldly called out, “All of you come out! Pick up the rations from the ground and walk to the bus. I have my eyes on you.”

The militants came out from behind their cover, carrying the 4 bags of rations that had been thrown to the ground by the survivors. They did not know how many guns were aimed at them currently and this fear filled their hearts.

Yue Zhong absorbed all the guns that the militants had put down into his Storage Ring and continued observing from the dark.

After killing the 2 militants who had tried to escape, the rest of the militants resigned to their fate and they fearfully transported the rations to the bus.

By this time, there were already many survivors gathered near the bus; upon seeing that the militants had been rounded up and captured, many had returned when the gunfight had come to an end. Compared to the outside world, it was much safer here.

“Too amazing!! He’s really too terrifying! Too strong!”

Seeing that Yue Zhong had chased the militants from the dark as though he was rounding up ducks, the survivors were all shocked beyond belief. As they thought about how they had tried to extort his supplies under Huang Weian’s incitement earlier in the day, they now felt deep regret. If Yue Zhong had blew his top, they might have already died by then.

“He’s too powerful!!! If only he was my man!!” Wang Ni stood amongst the survivors, watching Yue Zhong come out from the dark as her eyes filled with a complex gaze.

The moment the militants had arrived in front of the bus, they were tied up by Liu Erhei and pushed to one side as he maintained his vigilance.

Yue Zhong saw that the situation was calming down and called out loudly, “Iron Bones! Bring them over! Tong Xiaoyun, you come out too!”

Not long after, under the protection of White Bones, Zhuo Yatong and the rest, as well as Tong Xiaoyun, gathered in front of the bus.

“Did he subdue all these men by himself? It’s too amazing!!”

Zhuo Yatong, Tong Xiaoyun, Gu Manzi and Yun Caiwei all looked at the kneeling militants who had been tied up, and their eyes flashed with a hint of shock and pride. They did not expect Yue Zhong to be that strong, to the point of turning the tide of the battle just with his efforts alone, and even capturing 30-odd militants.

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The women amongst the pitiful survivors all looked at Zhuo Yatong and the other three women with jealousy and envy. In the current world, having someone strong and decent to rely on was a huge blessing.

“It’s great that this strong person is my man! I must have him fully in my grasp.” Gu Manzi gazed at Yue Zhong with joy and pride in her eyes and heart. She could feel the countless jealous gazes from the other women amongst the survivors.

Tong Xiaoyun had similar thoughts as her feelings soared when she looked at Yue Zhong.

“I absolutely cannot give up on this person. No matter what, I need to stay by his side.”

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