God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Surprise Attack on Clear Wind Camp!

Yue Zhong glanced at Wang Jian, raising an eyebrow as he said lightly,

“That’s your problem, what do you need me for? Didn’t you already ask us to leave the fleet? We will be on our way tomorrow morning, as for this matter, you’d better sort it out on your own.”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, Wang Jian felt incredibly embarrassed as he had asked Yue Zhong to leave not even 10 hours ago. He was now regretting his choice to follow Huang Weian’s advice and try to force Yue Zhong to hand over his supplies.

When Huang Weian had wanted to use the masses to try and oppress Yue Zhong, Wang Jian had silently consented to it. He had also hoped to obtain the rations from Yue Zhong to distribute equally among the survivors. The reason was purely that the amount of rations that the vehicle fleet had was too little- without enough food, the whole fleet would eventually collapse.

“Yue Zhong, today’s matters were my fault! If you are still offended, you may shoot me and I still won’t blame you. But those 100 survivors are innocent! Out here, only you have the ability to lead them to survival.

Take it that I’m begging you, please help them!! As long as you are willing to lead them, you are the leader of this fleet! My team and I will listen to all your commands. As long as you don’t make us do anything that crosses our bottom line, we will be willing to do anything!” Wang Jian gritted his teeth as he said loudly.

After this night’s gunfight, the policemen had very little ammunition left. Wang Jian himself was a Level 13 Enhancer and his strength was decent, but the current situation was not like the initial stages of the apocalypse anymore. Currently, even Level 13 Enhancers would find it hard to protect themselves; meeting any Type 2 evolved zombies would mean certain death. The pressure on Wang Jian to ensure the survival of over one hundred people was massive.

Wang Jian had led this fleet of survivors for quite some time, and had slowly begun to feel the difficulties of being an upright and moral leader. He had to bear the burden of searching for food, mediating on any conflicts that arose, distributing the food and many other tasks, making him feel quite suffocated. Yue Zhong looked ruthless and vicious, yet he did not mindlessly slaughter the innocent, nor was he without empathy. It was because of this that Wang Jian wanted to rely on Yue Zhong, and thus pass the burden of 100+ survivors onto him.

Yue Zhong glanced at Wang Jian then asked in a deep voice,

“Listen to me? If Huang Weian comes back, who will you listen to, him or me?”

Wang Jian hesitated a moment, before gritting his teeth and saying, “As long as you don’t make us do immoral or despicable things, we’ll listen to you.”

Yue Zhong continued to pressure him.

“If we get to SY County, will you listen to the government’s orders or mine?!”

It was rare to find that people like Wang Jian and his team could preserve their morality and righteousness in times of cruelty like this. Yue Zhong did want to keep and make use of people like them, who had a sense of justice and adhered to their own principles.

However, even though the apocalypse had finished its 3rd month, the influence of the government had not yet diminished, and in many people’s hearts, the government was the proper entity to lead and govern. Especially for those who worked in civil posts, such as Wang Jian and his team, to abolish the influence the government had left in their hearts would be much harder than imagined. Otherwise, they would not have let Huang Weian have his way and enjoy the high life, nor would he have been of any use anyway.

His original intentions were to follow SY County Government’s orders, yet right now, he also wanted to preserve the lives of the 100+ people in the survivor fleet.

Yue Zhong looked at the hesitating Wang Jian and decided not to push him any further.

“Forget it! I just want you to promise me something. If SY County ever wants you to do something detrimental to my people, please decline. At the same time, you will have to bring your colleagues and leave my forces. This should be considered doable, right?”

Wang Jian heaved a sigh of relief, “Yes!”

Yue Zhong then continued, saying deeply,

“Fine! Go prepare yourself, we’ll attack Clear Wind Camp shortly! Wrest it away from them!”

Xiong Zheng could not help but blurt out,

“Boss Yue! There are over 300 people standing guard at Clear Wind Camp, are we really going to attack tonight?”

This time, Clear Wind Camp had dispatched about 60 people on this seize-and-kill mission. There were also 300 guards at Clear Wind Camp. Yue Zhong’s side only had about 20 people including the 5 policemen. To Xiong Zheng, wanting to get rid of 300 people with only this much strength was something too ambitious to accomplish.

Yue Zhong replied deeply,

“Yes! Go make preparations! We shall obtain Clear Wind Camp tonight!”

The darkness of the night was a great aid to those who possessed the Dark Knight Profession, like Yue Zhong. In the dark, he possessed eyesight far better than most; others were usually impeded by the darkness and could only exhibit 20% of their battle prowess at most. If Yue Zhong had to attack 300+ armed people during the day, he wouldn’t have a chance of victory in the slightest. However, at night, coupled with White Bones’ aid, he had around 70% confidence in conducting a sneak attack and overcoming the 300+ militants there.

Under the strong influence and insistence of Yue Zhong, the militants he had just absorbed into his ranks began making their preparations. Yue Zhong, on the other hand, did not request for the policemen to assist in the operation: instead, they were to stay behind and protect the survivors.

Under the cover of the night, Yue Zhong boarded a bus very quickly with the 15 ex-militants, Liu Erhei, the 4 ladies and White Bones as well. The bus headed towards Clear Wind Camp.

Although Wang Jian had agreed to obey him, Yue Zhong could not trust Wang Jian entirely, therefore he did not leave Zhuo Yatong and his team with the rest of the survivors. After all, the human heart was unfathomable- the other survivors might capture the girls to use as bargaining chips against him.

Not long after, the bus slowed down. Yue Zhong followed behind Xiong Zheng as they approached Clear Wind Camp with the utmost caution.

Soon, they came to a clearing which was about 50m away from the camp itself.

Clear Wind Camp was within a small town. Lie Tianyang might not be someone with values, but it was with no doubt that he was strong. After Z-Day, he had made use of his own strength to carve out a group for himself, as he stylized himself as Big Boss and occupied this small town. In the course of events, he had lost over 300 subordinates to the zombies.

After gaining control over the small town, he started hunting for survivors everywhere, negotiating his way about, clearing the surrounding towns and absorbing their powers. This was how Clear Wind Camp had its current strength.

After Yue Zhong and his team had gotten into the vicinity of the camp, they observed the situation carefully. They noticed that there was a timber fence surrounding the entire camp, with only a front and back door for entry and exit.

At the 2 doors, there were 4 militants on guard. At the same time, near the camp itself, there were two 8m tall towers erected that were equipped with machine guns.

Atop the towers, there was a team of 2 militants in each tower, providing surveillance on the ground below. Right beside the camp gates, there was a small camp of 40 militants; if there was a disturbance near the gates, they would be able to swiftly provide reinforcements.

After breaking past the perimeter, you would directly reach the normal survivors’ living area. Moving further inwards to the centre, you would then reach a small district where the wealthy and powerful stayed. That was where Lie Tianyang was currently staying. Surrounding his residence were the various living quarters of his most loyal soldiers, otherwise also known as the strongest of Clear Wind Camp, the Green Wolves Mount Team.

The warriors of the Green Wolves Mount accompanied Lie Tianyang on his crusades to hunt, kill and pillage. They received the best treatment in the camp, enjoyed the best women, drank the best alcohol and even feasted on the best food. They were loyal to a fault and extremely overbearing with their strength.

Xiong Zheng and the other militants had also once belonged to these elites; however, when forced to make a choice between loyalty to Lie Tianyang and their own lives, they had all chosen their own lives in the end.

Yue Zhong glanced at the 8 militants guarding the gates before ordering,

“Bring me over! I will take care of them in an instant!”

“You girls wait here!” Yue Zhong told Zhuo Yatong and the rest. Attacking the camp was going to require all of his concentration and effort, so he could not afford to make White Bones stay outside just to protect them.

Xiong Zheng and the two other Team Leaders looked at Yue Zhong, before steeling their nerves and bringing Yue Zhong towards the gates.

The few militants looked at Xiong Zheng curiously as they asked,

“Xiong Zheng, what happened? How come it’s only the few of you, where are the rest?”

“We were ambushed! We only managed to catch this captive, the rest of our brothers are all dead. I want to inform our Big Boss quickly. Hurry up and open the gate!!” Xiong Zheng shouted as he stood before the gate.

The other ex-militants had expressions of shock and were feeling tense. If the militants inside those towers decided to crazily open fire, they would not be able to survive.

Hearing Xiong Zheng’s words, those surveillance guards confirmed Xiong Zheng’s identity before giving the go-ahead for them to enter.

The moment Yue Zhong entered the camp, his eyes lit up as he surveyed his surroundings, as he had discovered 2 sentries who were very well hidden.

At the next moment, he activated his Art of Fear Skill. A hugely oppressive and menacing aura was emitted from him, and it thoroughly encompassed the whole area containing the sentries and watchmen atop the towers.

Under that huge pressure, all the militants immediately fainted.

At almost the same instant, White Bones had already shot out its sharp bone spears, piercing directly into the hidden sentries’ skulls.

In the space of a moment without making any sound, Yue Zhong had seized the gates of Clear Wind Camp. And not even a single soul had yet to discover what had happened.

White Bones made use of its Bone Spear, leaping onto the towers and immediately killing all the militants up there, after which it brought down the 2 Heavy Machine Guns.

Yue Zhong brought out a bottle of mineral water, with which he doused his subordinates who had also fainted under the heavy pressure, waking them up.

“It’s really been dealt with!!” Xiong Zheng exclaimed the moment he woke up. He looked around and his heart filled with shock.

Yue Zhong pointed to the 2 Heavy Machine Guns as he gave an order to Liu Erhei:

“Liu Erhei, you take your men and stand guard here. Other than us, whoever passes by here, kill them with these guns!”

Liu Erhei replied deeply, “Yes! Boss! I will definitely not let you down!”

“The rest of you, follow me!”

Yue Zhong led the way, bringing White Bones and the other 10 militants with him as they rushed towards the army camp.

In actual fact, the army camp was only a single-storey building, guarded by 2 militants holding .81 Rifles who were constantly yawning. They thought that it was just a formality, because in their hearts, as long there was no trouble caused at the gates, they would be safe here.

All of a sudden, 2 Bone Spears shot out from White Bones’ right hand, piercing through the 2 militants’ heads and killing them before they even had a chance to let out a sound.

As they followed behind, Xiong Zheng and the other ex-militants had looks of amazement and joy on their faces. The ability of White Bones was an extremely efficient tool in carrying out assassinations in the night.

After taking care of those 2 militants, Yue Zhong brought his men as they swiftly made their way through each room, breaking open the locks and killing the militants in their beds, ending their lives before they even woke up.

Some of the militants had faster reactions than the rest and wanted to counter-attack, but before they could make a move, their heads would have already been penetrated by White Bones’ bone spears.

When it came to killing their old comrades, the methods of the traitors were the most vicious and cruel. This was because they had no other options, and could only follow their new leader and slaughter onwards. Xiong Zheng and the group of ex-militants did not have a shred of mercy towards their old comrades, and every swing of their blades saw blood as they ruthlessly slaughtered all the militants.

Under the command of Yue Zhong, Xiong Zheng and the rest quickly subdued the entire building without triggering any mass alarm.

“Continue our advance!” After having dealt with the army camp, Yue Zhong commanded the rest to move on.

Xiong Zheng and the rest were also feeling the battle lust, and their bodies were in excited states. They followed closely behind Yue Zhong, moving towards the depths of Clear Wind Camp.

There were also some guards patrolling the living quarters of the normal survivors, yet under the lead of Xiong Zheng and his team, who knew the place inside out, those poor guards never even saw what had hit them as they were mercilessly taken out by Yue Zhong and White Bones.

With the guidance of the ex-militants, Yue Zhong managed to cross into the inner living quarters, killing all the way without causing too much of a disturbance.

In contrast to the outer regions, the inner zone was heavily guarded with well-hidden sentries all over the place, as well as 5 teams of militants who constantly patrolled. Wanting to simply confront them the way Yue Zhong had done previously was definitely impossible.

Yue Zhong carefully observed the situation before sighing deeply. Together with his team, he took a detour around the compound, mounting a surprise attack on the other side of the camp. Yue Zhong dealt with the militants at the gate, and also killed all of the militants sleeping within the army camp building.

He didn’t take any captives since his military strength was insufficient in the first place, not to mention sparing precious manpower to guard captives.

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