God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Insta-killing Scarface!

After quietly disposing of over a hundred militants on the outskirts of Clear Wind Camp, Yue Zhong quietly led his team of 10 back towards the villa compound.

This time, Yue Zhong carefully observed the militants in the compound.

Lie Tianyang had engaged in many depraved acts of debauchery and was naturally fearful of his retribution. The compound had many sentries hidden all over, as well as 5 teams who were constantly on patrol. At every pass, there were also machine guns and barbed wires, so wanting to sneak inside was virtually impossible.

Even for someone of Yue Zhong’s calibre, under such heavy security, to be able to sneak past all of that without alerting anyone would only have about a 20% chance of success. However, if that was the case, then the certainty of killing Lie Tianyang would be even less. After all, those 200+ members of the Green Wolves Mount were not for show; if Yue Zhong had to deal with those 200 militants, even he would face his death with the slightest mistake.

Yue Zhong lay prone on the ground, silently observing the militants for over half an hour.

Eventually, a militant dressed in a black suit, with a scar running down his face, led 24 militants with him as they walked out of the compound.

Xiong Zheng looked at the man with the scar walking out, and he immediately went up to Yue Zhong and said,

“That Scarface is the leader of the Green Wolves Mount and he is an Enhancer. He possesses the ability to become a werewolf and when he morphs, his strength is enhanced beyond belief. Normal bullets can only penetrate his outer hide and no further. His strength is astonishing.”

“Stay here and keep watch. I’ll go handle them.”

Yue Zhong watched Scarface and his 24 men of the Green Wolves Mount approaching, before his figure flashed and he ducked swiftly into an alley.

One of the team leaders under Scarface complained,

“Boss, where are we going this time? It was finally our turn to have some fun at the Hundred Beauties Garden, but now you’ve mobilized us. The next time it’s our turn, we’ll only be able to enjoy all the used goods.”

The Hundred Beauties Garden was thought up by Lie Tianyang. Inside, there were all the beautiful females that Lie Tianyang had grown sick of toying with. Every few days, there would be a new addition to the garden and the members of the Green Wolves Mount could take turns to enjoy pleasuring themselves with the women. This was one of the few things that they could look forward to after the events of Z-Day.

Scarface’s expression turned dark, as he said,

“Big Boss told me to go outside and take a look. Based on the time, Xiong Zheng’s team should have already come back with some spoils. However, they are not back yet, so there must be something amiss.”

Another team leader immediately began to curse loudly,

“Those bastards must have started playing around with the goods first, damn that motherf***er, they should have let this daddy here lead the operation!”

This bunch of militants from the Green Wolves Mount were not good people. Whenever they went out to hunt survivors, they would reserve the pretty ladies originally intended for Lie Tianyang’s enjoyment first, while they would also take turns wasting the other women.

Some of them couldn’t resist and would immediately get to raping some of the more beautiful ones. If Lie Tianyang didn’t find out, then it would be alright, but if he did happen to find out, then those who had engaged in the acts would be immediately skinned by him and burnt alive.

Every time there was an operation to head out, all the members of the Green Wolves Mount and the other militants would scramble to be the ones sent out. Even if the all pretty ladies were to be offered to Lie Tianyang, the other women could still be wasted and no one would care.

[TN: The meaning of all this is that each time they finish an operation, the militants get to have a turn at the Hundred Beauties Garden. Probably.]

Just as the Green Wolves Mount member cursed, Yue Zhong suddenly shot out of the alley like lightning and activated his Art of Fear Skill.

A terrible, oppressive aura was immediately exuded from Yue Zhong, enveloping the 25 Green Wolves Mount members.

Under the horrifying pressure from Yue Zhong’s spirit, 24 of the members immediately fainted from fear.

As for Scarface, he immediately activated his Level 3 Werewolf Transformation Skill. In just a moment, a tremendous amount of thick fur sprouted out from all over his body and the teeth in his mouth elongated to become sharp canines like those of a wolf. His hands grew claws sharper than needles, and his muscles became extremely defined and solid with veins protruding all over. In fact, those bulging muscles eve tore apart his clothes.

The Level 3 Werewolf Transformation Skill allowed a person to become a werewolf, with all attributes receiving a huge boost; however, after activating this skill, it would wear down the user’s stamina. Furthermore, whilst in the werewolf form, it was not possible to make use of any other skills. Even with all these disadvantages, it was still a powerful ability.

Scarface had made use of this skill to raise his level up to Level 20, and he had levelled the skill up twice: he could maintain this form for 10 minutes, and while he was in a transformed state, any bullets smaller than .09 Calibre would be unable to hurt his body.

Furthermore, while he was in his werewolf form, he possessed a higher resistance to most attacks, hence rendering Yue Zhong’s Art of Fear Skill to be useless against him.

When Yue Zhong had activated his Art of Fear Skill, he had already pushed his speed to the maximum, rushing over to swing his Dark Magic Blade towards Scarface’s head.

Yue Zhong’s [7 times that of a normal human’s speed] was truly too fast, too furious.After Scarface had transformed, he only had enough time to raise his right hand in front of him to block the incoming blade.

A ‘bladelight’ flashed and a look of fright shone past Scarface’s eyes; his throat twitched, as though he wanted to say something. The very next moment, his arms and head directly shifted, and fresh blood sprayed from the wounds on his body, dyeing the ground red.

Had it been a fair confrontation, and if Scarface had known how sharp Yue Zhong’s Dark Magic Blade was, even if Yue Zhong wanted to kill him, it would require at least 10 strikes. However, Scarface knew nothing about Yue Zhong, whereas Xiong Zheng had told the latter all there was to know about Scarface. Adding to the fact that Yue Zhong’s prowess was way above that of Scarface’s anyway, with an ambush as such, killing Scarface within the span of a second was not a problem at all.

After disposing of Scarface, Yue Zhong walked over to those Green Wolves Mount members who had fainted, using the Dark Magic Blade to decapitate them one by one.

When he was done, Yue Zhong then returned to patting down Scarface’s corpse, and began retrieving the God and Devil System Items.

Scarface had only equipped a Replica Tang Sword, a pair of White Gloves, a pair of Level 1 Enhanced Boots, a Level 2 Defense Armor and also a Level 3 Power Ring.

“I’ll just give this ring to Zhuo Yatong.” Yue Zhong thought silently as he stored away the rest of the items.

Amongst the items from the system, apart from some special items, most of the items’ effects couldn’t be stacked. Yue Zhong already possessed a Power Ring, so he decided to give the one that he’d just found to Zhuo Yatong.

After silently killing these Green Wolves Mount members, Yue Zhong returned to where Xiong Zheng was.

Xiong Zheng saw Yue Zhong returning by himself, and his eyes couldn’t help but flash with a hint of disbelief as he timidly asked,

“Boss, did you really take care of Scarface and the rest?”

Yue Zhong continued staring at the compound as he answered calmly,

“Mm, I have taken care of them.”

Inside the compound, there were still 7 other Green Wolves Mount members who were his real opponents.

Upon hearing Yue Zhong’s words, a hint of veneration flashed past the eyes of Xiong Zheng and the rest: even assassinating just two Green Wolves Mount members without causing any disturbance would already have exceeded their expectations.

Yue Zhong carefully circled the compound a few times, but no matter what, he could not find a gap in the defence to break through. There were lights everywhere and the patrol teams did their jobs diligently without stopping; there were also sentries were hidden everywhere, so wanting to sneak in silently would be impossible.

“We can’t afford to wait any longer. Otherwise, they will have made preparations.”

Yue Zhong finally made his decision. He ordered to Xiong Zheng and the rest,

“Later on, spread out, and when you guys fire, change your position after each shot. There’s no need to pay attention to your hit rate, just attract their attention. I’ll handle the rest. Remember, only when I have opened fire should you guys then do the same.”

“Understood, Boss!” Xiong Zheng nodded his head, before giving orders for his team of 5 to split up.

Zhang Niujiang also brought his men and split up.

Yue Zhong brought White Bones with him,  as he climbed up one of the huge trees over 100m tall. He waved a hand and brought out a QJZ8 Machine Gun.

Just as 2 of the patrol teams were preparing to switch over, Yue Zhong pulled the trigger and opened fire. In that split-second, the machine gun spat out countless bullets, completely enveloping those 24 members of the Green Wolves Mount as he ruthlessly gunned them down.

The large-calibre bullets of the machine gun were extremely terrifying, and many of the members’ heads directly exploded or they were severed at the waist; some even had their bodies torn apart.

The scene became as though it had just experienced a rain of blood. Under Yue Zhong’s sudden frenzy of firing, those 24 members became tattered corpses within a matter of seconds.

The QJZ8 machine gun was a fearsome weapon that could even create dents in armored vehicles- using it against humans was simply overkill.

After slaughtering the 24 Green Wolves Mount members, the piercing sound of gunfire had resounded throughout the compound and an alarm sounded out crisply.

Those hidden sentries also began to open fire at Yue Zhong’s position in a frenzy. However, it was in vain, for all the bullets hit empty air as Yue Zhong had already changed his position.

“Kill them all, White Bones.” Yue Zhong changed his position and immediately gave the cruel order to White Bones.

White Bones hoisted its huge axe and began making its way like a tornado towards the hidden sentries.

“Fool!” Those hidden sentries saw White Bones rushing towards them, their expressions fleeting as they all began firing at White Bones.

The next moment, their expressions turned ash-grey as they realised that the bullets were bouncing off White Bones’ body, not harming it in the slightest. White Bones extended its right arm and 3 Bone Spears immediately shot out, penetrating the heads of 3 sentries.

It then retracted the blood-covered spears, before shooting out another round of spears, drawing blood once again and killing another 2 hidden sentries.

Xiong Zheng, Zhang Niujiang and the rest began to open fire at the compound.

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