God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Assault on the Villa!

Amongst the militants, only Xiong Zheng had decent accuracy and managed to hit 2 targets. The rest didn’t have much luck- after all, they were not suited to fighting in the dark like Yue Zhong. However, with them being spread out and firing all around, it gave the illusion that there was a huge force right outside the villa. The members of the Green Wolves Mount were forced to take cover and randomly return fire in the dark.

Although Xiong Zheng, Zhang Niujiang and the rest were not effective at taking down the enemy, their additional firepower was enough to attract the enemy, making them panic to aid Yue Zhong’s attack.

After White Bones had killed those 6 hidden sentries, the remaining Green Wolves Mount members on their side were also easily taken care of by Yue Zhong and it.

With a slash of his blade, Yue Zhong split the barbed wire open and proceeded to charge towards one of the villas in a frenzy with White Bones. From the information that Xiong Zheng had provided, Yue Zhong knew that this villa contained the resting and living quarters for most members of the Green Wolves Mount.

The members of the Green Wolves Mount also frequently needed to rest- after all, there was close to a hundred militants simply patrolling outside alone, so whenever they switched shifts, the rest would take the chance to sleep inside the villa.

Pushing his speed that was 7 times that of a normal person to the limit, Yue Zhong crossed the entire distance of 150m in just 6 seconds, leaping straight into the villa.

[TN: So that means normal people take 42 seconds to cross 150m… I think something is wrong here but nvm]

In the huge hall, there was the rancid smell of alcohol, sweat and also a strange sour odor. Twenty-plus women were all lying around exhausted on the floor, sofas and tables, their bodies covered with foul-smelling white specks.

Many members of the Mount were sprawled all over the place as well, in deep sleep. Only 2 or 3 of them who had higher perceptions of danger than the rest were currently dressing themselves. As they saw Yue Zhong rushing in, their eyes flashed with a hint of fright.

Yue Zhong had already pulled out his .05 Light Submachine Gun, and without further ado,  he began to spray bullets at the 3 who had stood up, turning them into sieves (i.e. full of holes).

After disposing of those 3 members, he continued his advance towards the upper level.

Other than the Mount members in the great hall, the 2nd storey had many members as well.

Yue Zhong had just rushed up to the 2nd storey when White Bones entered the great hall right behind him; as it looked at the sleeping humans, its fiery demonic eyes lit up. It proceeded to pierce through their heads continuously with its bone spears, killing all the humans in the great hall.

After Yue Zhong had reached the 2nd storey, he would slash at the locks on each door before kicking the door wide open, then wildly open fire and instantly decimate the sleeping Green Wolves Mount members. One by one, the inhabitants of each room met their doom as Yue Zhong advanced. If they were awake, they might have posed some sort of threat to him, but since they were asleep, they were completely harmless.

After he had cleared up the 2nd storey, Yue Zhong went back down. All the people in the great hall, be it man or woman, had already been killed by White Bones.

[TN: not quite sure why he killed the women as well, maybe to put them out of their misery?]

Killing the members of the Green Wolves Mount in this villa meant that the total number of enemies Yue Zhong had to face had now been reduced by yet another huge portion. He immediately rushed out of the villa with White Bones.

As soon as he exited, he came across the first patrol team that had arrived as reinforcements.

Yue Zhong immediately activated his Encompassing Body Armor, and White Bones turned into a stream of light that encompassed his body, which then transformed into an external armor that covered Yue Zhong’s whole body minus his eyes.

Yue Zhong then raised his .05 Submachine Gun as he opened fire at the approaching Mount members, instantly taking down 4 of them.

The other members immediately dove for cover while returning fire at him.

However, the bullets would bounce off Yue Zhong the moment they hit the Bone Armor, not injuring him in the slightest.

Yue Zhong was like a human tank as he advanced forward fearlessly, constantly firing at the militants; every shot of his found its aim and within moments, the entire team was decimated.

After killing this team of Green Wolves Mount members, Yue Zhong made his way towards the team that was pressuring Zhang Niujiang’s team. He wanted to take care of all the insignificant members before finally tackling Lie Tianyang, the leader of Clear Wind Camp.

All Yue Zhong knew about Lie Tianyang was that he had great strength, but Yue Zhong didn’t know to what extent this strength reached. He did not want to engage in an all-out fight with Lie Tianyang, only to be suddenly decapitated by some random Green Wolves Mount member.

With the protection of the Bone Amor, Yue Zhong was like a tank as he used the .05 Submachine Gun to take down the gunners in the team, before killing the rest of the normal members. He was swift and every shot fired meant another militant was dead. Shots fired at Yue Zhong were also useless as they would just deflect off him, causing the militants’ moral to constantly drop.

Just when the militants had been picked off one by one until there were only about 23 of them left, Yue Zhong had a sudden premonition. He perceived an extreme danger and immediately retreated 3 steps backwards.

With a ‘bang’, a large calibre projectile penetrated Yue Zhong’s bone armor near the chest area, landing on the Rat Skin Leather. It managed to leave a white mark before its momentum was depleted.

Yue Zhong himself was flung 5-6m backwards, as though he had been hit by a martial arts practitioner and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

If he did not have the protection of the Bone Armor or the Rat King Skin, receiving this bullet directly would have meant certain death. Even with the protection of the Encompassing Body Armor, Rat King Skin, Water Snake Skin and the Level 3 Defence Armor, Yue Zhong still received a heavy injury. If his body strength hadn’t reached 49 points, even with all the protective layers, he still would have suffered some broken bones.

The moment Yue Zhong was sent flying, a huge number of rifle bullets flew at him, but they were immediately repelled by his Bone Armor.

“What a good marksman!! I was too careless!”

Yue Zhong braved the hail of bullets, before swiftly rolling behind a nearby cover. He immediately swallowed some Life Saving Grass and began to recover from his injuries.

After checking his Bone Armor, for the sake of wiping out the Green Wolves Mount members in the shortest time possible, Yue Zhong re-entered the fray. Braving the incoming hail of bullets, Yue Zhong killed his way through the militants. The speed at which he slaughtered the members was very fast, but it exposed him to some of the other Enhancers, causing him to receive some light injuries.

“Still not dead? What a monster!”

The leader of this particular Green Wolves Mount Squadron was an Enhancer called Wei Ji. He was hidden in one of the villas and possessed the Level 3 Sniper Specialization Skill. As he watched Yue Zhong deftly leap behind a cover through his lens, he couldn’t help but inhale some cold air.

Wei Ji had utmost confidence in his sniping skills- as long as the enemy did not get close, other than Lie Tianyang, no one else in Clear Wind Camp was his match. Wei Ji’s only weak point was close quarter combat, since any four members of the Green Mount Wolves would be enough to deal with him once they were close enough.

“I have to get rid of this sniper!”

Yue Zhong looked left and right carefully, before rushing out like a cheetah, firing rapidly at all the streetlights.

Following the clustered sounds of gunfire, the road lamps were all broken one by one and the entire district was engulfed in darkness.

“Damn it!!” Wei Ji saw that the entire street was in complete darkness and couldn’t help but curse out loud. Without any vision, even if he could shatter a toothpick from a distance of 1000m under normal conditions, he was currently unable to do anything about Yue Zhong. Darkness was the ultimate nemesis of snipers.

Wei Ji began to quickly disassemble and pack up his beloved Barrett Sniper Rifle and then left this particular villa. If it was during the day, he could still make use of his superb aiming skills to pressure Yue Zhong; however, in the night, staying here any longer was undoubtedly awaiting death.

Countless lamps were broken by Yue Zhong’s shots, and the entire compound was soon shrouded in darkness.

In the darkness, Yue Zhong was like a fish in water, silently killing all the members of the Green Wolves Mount like a grim reaper wherever he went.

All members of the Green Wolves Mount were caught off guard by the sudden darkness. Since they had all started to panic, they simply could not put up any resistance, letting Yue Zhong take them down one by one with ease.

“What kind of an audacious person dares to come to my Clear Wind Camp and act wildly!!”

Just as Yue Zhong was about to finish slaughtering the 5 remaining members of the Mount, an enraged howl resounded out from one of the villas. A man who was wearing a black suit, a green hat, a green cape and green agility boots suddenly rushed out towards Yue Zhong like a meteor with a green staff in his hands. This person was precisely Lie Tianyang.

[TN: So much green! In brightest day, in darkest night lol]

[Amaranth: he kind of reminds me of the grinch xD]

[Divinecelestialbeinglol: this guy seems really suspicious- btw raws can also mean cyan/azure as some of you might know, but gangsters just don’t wear cyan]

Yue Zhong only took one glance at the man before he pulled the trigger, turning another 2 militants into sieves. In a flash, he appeared behind the last 3 Mount members, raising his hand and shooting out 3 bone spears, which immediately pierced their heads and killed them.

Other than those who had been acting as guards outside, all the members of the Green Wolves Mount had been killed by Yue Zhong!

“Bastard, you’re courting death!!”

Lie Tianyang was furious and a hurricane began to encircle him, increasing his speed by 3 times; in just a few breaths, he had crossed a distance of 100m and was crazily approaching Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong looked at the enraged Lie Tianyang who was rushing towards him and answered with a wild burst of bullets from his Submachine Gun!!

Before any of those bullets could hit Lie Tianyang though, they were swept away by the hurricanes which appeared around him and were blown to one side.

“Damn ants!! Just based on this, you think you can to injure me? I will skin you alive, you swine!” Lie Tianyang smiled grimly as he waved his green staff at Yue Zhong.

All of a sudden, sharp blades of wind which could even cut through steel were conjured up, and they rushed towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s sense of danger kept alerting him, warning him about the impending danger. Just then, his face changed greatly and he immediately rolled towards one of the buildings at the side. Those blades of wind were extremely fast- even though Yue Zhong had managed to dodge a large number of them, he still received wounds from 2 of them. The sharp blades even managed to cut through the Bone Armor and only after they hit the Rat King’s Hide did the blades lose their power, leaving behind a white mark and disappearing.

“What a fearsome person! No wonder he’s their leader! Don’t tell me he’s an Evolver too?”

Yue Zhong’s eyebrows furrowed as he thought to himself quietly.

Yue Zhong had always thrown himself onto the front line, battling against countless zombies and mutant beasts in order to get to where he was today, a Level 35 Enhancer. Compared to most, he was definitely very strong.

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