God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Defeating Lie Tianyang!

In Qing Yuan County, Flame King Gu, who was hailed as one of the top 4 Enhancers, could conjure up 6 fireballs at most. With just a wave of his hand, Lie Tianyang could actually summon over 10 blades of wind, showing that his battle ability was clearly above that of Flame King Gu’s.

Even scarier was that while Lie Tianyang was activating his Wind Blades Skill, he could still maintain a hurricane armor around himself. Other than the possibility of being an Evolver who was favored by the heavens, Yue Zhong could not think of any other possibility that could allow a normal Enhancer to possess such strength.

When comparing Evolvers and Enhancers, the former could be considered geniuses, whilst the latter were simply normal people. Geniuses could easily possess great power and abilities, yet for normal people to catch up to geniuses, they would have to put in at least 10 times the effort.

Lie Tianyang’s eyes were red with fury; filled with venomous hatred and killing intent, he laughed maniacally and said,

“Hiding there is useless, you damn rat. You actually dare to destroy my Green Wolves Mount! I definitely will not spare you. I will tear your limbs away from your body and then toss them into a pit to let the maggots feast on!”

On this night, Yue Zhong had single-handedly wrecked the entire elite Green Wolves Mount division. Out of Lie Tianyang’s top 4 subordinates, 3 had died at Yue Zhong’s hands. (Other than Scarface who tried to put up a fight, the other 2 had died earlier in the villa’s great hall). Excluding himself, Lie Tianyang’s military forces had been wiped out in just one night, making him absolutely furious.

“If normal bullets are ineffective, how about those from a machine gun?”

Yue Zhong opened his right hand towards the ground and a bone spear shot out, propelling him to the rooftop of a villa. With a wave of his hand, a QJZ8 Machine Gun appeared and he aimed it at Lie Tianyang.

Surrounded by his hurricane armor, Lie Tianyang looked like a demon as he swiftly rushed to where Yue Zhong had originally been hiding; however, he did not see anybody when he got there.

“Go die.” From the rooftop of the villa, Yue Zhong pulled down on the trigger of the QJZ8 Heavy Machine Gun.

Countless bullets that could even pierce through the armor of small tanks were fired towards Lie Tianyang like a torrent of water.

Even someone as strong as Yue Zhong who was wearing the Bone Armor, Rat King’s hide, Water Snake skin and a Level 3 Defence Armor, wouldn’t be able to resist the firepower of a QJZ8 Heavy Machine Gun. Although the Rat King’s hide would be able to stop the bullet from penetrating any further, the force exerted from the impact would not be fully negated.

Those countless bullets bombarded Lie Tianyang in a frenzy; like what had happened previously though, they seemed to be swept away by his hurricane armor. Yet their penetrative force far surpassed the previous bullets and some bullets actually came close to Lie Tianyang’s skin.

Lie Tianyang’s eyes flashed with a hint of shock.  He shouted out and waved his staff, causing the hurricane armor around him to become even denser. The bullets were now swept away even faster by the force of the hurricanes.

Lie Tianyang followed the machine gun’s line of fire to discover Yue Zhong’s position and he snorted in anger, his eyes bloodshot and the veins bulging out on his body. He waved his staff towards the sky and a huge azure tornado streaked off in Yue Zhong’s direction.

The moment the azure tornado appeared, Yue Zhong’s sense of danger reached the highest level and he immediately stowed the machine gun away. He covered his head with both his hands and rolled off to one side.

The tornado reached the rooftop very quickly and Lie Tianyang immediately shouted out loudly,


At that moment, the azure tornado instantly exploded, with countless wind blades raining downwards.

5 of the blades landed on Yue Zhong’s body, splitting apart the Bone Armor and leaving many deep white marks on the Rat King’s Hide. Although the wind blades did not actually cut through Yue Zhong’s skin, it was as if a Muay Thai expert had struck Yue Zhong’s back viciously 5 times, causing his blood and internal energy to be unstable.

After executing that huge move, Lie Tianyang himself had turned very pale and was gasping for air. As the hurricane around him continued to swirl, he rose up high into the air.

After the tornado had released all its wind blades, Yue Zhong, who had originally intended to roll down from the rooftop, stood up immediately. His face flashed with a hint of ferociousness and with a flick of his hand, a Type 40 Rocket Launcher appeared.

His figure flashed several times before he appeared at the edge of the roof. He aimed the rocket launcher at Lie Tianyang as he said,

“If a heavy machine gun can’t get rid of you, will a rocket launcher be able to?”

Seeing the rocket launcher in Yue Zhong’s hands, Lie Tianyang, who was slowly rising in mid-air , immediately turned pale. He mustered all his strength and tried to condense his hurricane armor into a shield in front of him.

The moment the shield was condensed, Yue Zhong had already fired out a huge rocket that exploded onto the hurricane shield.

With a ‘hong’, the huge rocket was actually blocked by the hurricane shield.

However, the shield was immediately shattered by the resulting shock wave from the explosion.

Lie Tianyang fell out of the air as he tumbled to the ground and spat a mouthful of fresh blood.

“I cannot go on like this, I might even die! I am an Evolver!! I’m supposed to have an amazing future, I definitely cannot die here.”

Lie Tianyang felt fear in his heart the moment he landed. Prior to the apocalypse, he was just a cowardly thief, but after going through the events of Z-Day, he had actually gained powers after evolving. Everything had been smooth-sailing. Today was the first time he actually felt that his life was in danger.

Without any further hesitation, the hurricane began to revolve around him again and his figure flashed. He fled far into the distance, soon disappearing into the darkness.

“He escaped?”

Yue Zhong had just reloaded another rocket and was preparing to send him to meet his maker, when he discovered that Lie Tianyang had long since disappeared.

Yue Zhong lightly furrowed his eyebrows: those Evolvers with special abilities were the hardest to deal with, since if they wanted to escape, Yue Zhong had no means of preventing them from doing so.

With Lie Tianyang’s escape, there was now no one else in the entire compound who was strong enough to withstand Yue Zhong’s onslaught. He used the bone spears to descend from the roof, before making his way into the main villa.

There were 4 Green Wolves Mount members guarding the entrance; the moment they saw Yue Zhong appear, they were frightened out of their wits and wanted to make a run for it.

Yue Zhong opened his left hand and 3 bone spears shot out, penetrating the brains of 3 members, while he held a .05 Submachine Gun in his right hand and fired ruthlessly at the remaining member, turning him into a sieve.

After killing those 4, Yue Zhong pushed open the villa’s main gate.

“We humbly welcome your visit, Master.”

Yue Zhong had just entered the villa when he saw a butler-like person wearing a tuxedo together with 20 suave young men dressed in waiter suits and 20 beautiful ladies dressed in nurse uniforms. They knelt down on the ground and called out respectfully.

Yue Zhong swept his gaze across the group, as he said lightly,

“I’m not your master Lie Tianyang. Stand up and speak to me.”

The head butler wearing the tuxedo and the 40 other people all stood up on their feet. He looked towards Yue Zhong and spoke respectfully,

“Honourable Master, since you have won in battle with Lie Tianyang, you have now become our new master. We are willing to swear loyalty to you and contribute what measly strength we have.”  

After Z-Day, whoever had the hardest punch was the boss. Other than the Green Wolves Mount, the majority of the people in Clear Wind Camp didn’t really have much loyalty to Lie Tianyang.

Yue Zhong looked at the head butler and asked,

“What’s your name?”

The butler maintained his reverential manner and said,

“Your slave is called Chen Ming.”

Lie Tianyang had liked people to refer to him as ‘Master’, while referring to themselves as ‘Your slave’. Chen Ming had wanted to get on Lie Tianyang’s good side, and thus referred to himself as ‘your slave’. Chen Ming had no qualms about the term, he simply wanted to live on.

Yue Zhong continued asking,

“Are there any more Green Wolves Mount members here?”

Chen Ming swiftly replied,

“This is Lie Tianyang’s private manor, so there are only Green Wolves Mount members standing guard outside. Other than us, there is no one else inside the villa.”

Lie Tianyang had an extremely powerful skill;, if it was not for the fact that Yue Zhong possessed the storage ring and had kept so many types of arms, it would have been much more difficult to deal with Lie Tianyang. Since this was his private manor, there naturally wouldn’t be many Green Wolves Mount members stationed here.

Yue Zhong took out a .54 Handgun and 2 grenades, handing them to Chen Ming. He said lightly, “You are now my new officer, keep guard here carefully.  Whoever dares to cause any trouble, kill them.”

Chen Ming’s heart rejoiced and he immediately replied, “Yes, Master.”

After delegating duties to Chen Ming, with just a thought, Yue Zhong deactivated the Bone Encompassing Skill, causing White Bones to immediately turn into a streak of light and peel off him. Then, White Bones coagulated into human form before the shocked gazes of the people nearby.

Yue Zhong ordered White Bones,

“Stay here and keep guard. Other than me, whoever wants to go out or come in, kill them without hesitation.”

Within the block of villas, there was something extremely valuable, and that was the granary of Clear Wind Camp. A granary as such was crucial to any huge force and Lie Tianyang was also very mindful about rations, hence the food source for the whole of Clear Wind Camp was under his control in his private villa.

As long as he held onto the granary, Yue Zhong would gain control of Clear Wind Camp. Otherwise, even if he did chase Lie Tianyang away, wanting to gain absolute control would be tough. The problem of feeding over 2000 people was enough to pressure him- even if he took out all the food in his ring, he would not be able to provide for long.

White Bones’ demonic fiery eyes flashed and it nodded towards Yue Zhong as it quietly stood on guard.

Yue Zhong then proceeded to meet up with Xiong Zheng and the rest.

“Captain Yue, you managed to subdue all of the Mount?” Xiong Zheng looked at Yue Zhong who had just appeared before him, his eyes filled with shock and disbelief.

The 4 warriors beside Xiong Zheng had the same expression; inside the compound, there were supposed to be over 200 members of the Mount. In addition to experts like Lie Tianyang and Wei Ji, Yue Zhong had still managed to completely subdue the enemy by himself, so they didn’t dare to believe it.

Yue Zhong then ordered Xiong Zheng and Zhang Niujiang,

“Mm, bring all your men to the main town district. Whoever is taking advantage of the chaos to rob, rape or murder, kill them on sight. Maintain the peace and security.”

The intense gunfight in the villa compounds had definitely aroused the panic of the survivors in the main town. There were many people who had made use of the chaos to rob, kill and rape. The town had already been plunged into widespread panic and chaos. People who wished for there to be chaos were everywhere on earth.

“Yes, Boss Yue!”

Xiong Zheng and Zhang Niujiang replied with fervor. Being able to follow such an amazing and miraculous leader was an honour to them, and it filled their hearts with valor.

Xiong Zheng and Zhang Niujiang brought their small teams and killed their way into the centre of town, instantly executing any rioters who caused trouble; at the same time, they herded the masses back to their homes like sheep.

After executing about 40 rioters, the chaos was finally suppressed and most of the survivors had returned back to their homes, albeit with anxiety in their hearts.

“Clear Wind Camp has been captured just like that?”

Zhuo Yatong and the other 3 girls had been led by Yue Zhong to the villa compound. Seeing the spacious and clean buildings, suave waiters and beautiful maids, it felt like a dream to the 4 of them. Not too long ago, they were still unsure of their future out in the wild, yet just one day later, they had suddenly been thrust into a lavish lifestyle, staying in nice accomodation and being served by other people. It did not feel like reality to them.

Chen Ming walked up to Yue Zhong’s side and reported in a very deferential manner,

“Master, the bath has already been filled with warm water, please head there to refresh yourself.”

Chen Ming was a man who knew how to read people. He knew that Yue Zhong’s first priority would be to relax after such a huge battle, which was why he had prepared the bath in advance.

Gu Manzi and Tong Xiaoyun’s eyes lit up. They had been on the run for so long and hadn’t bathed for several days.

“Go ahead and rest if you want, let Chen Ming make the arrangements.”

Yue Zhong pointed to Chen Ming, before allowing himself to be led away by one of the maids towards the bath.

“I want to go and rest” Zhuo Yatong carried Yun Caiwei as she spoke to Chen Ming. Yun Caiwei had already succumbed to slumber after trying to stay awake the entire night.

Chen Ming called a maidservant over and yelled,

“Chen Lan, bring this Ma’am over to room 203 for a good rest.”

“Ma’am, please follow me.” A maidservant with a pretty oval face came up to Zhuo Yatong and said respectfully.

Led by the maidservant, Zhuo Yatong left this area, carrying Yun Caiwei.

Tong Xiaoyun glanced at Gu Manzi as she smiled sweetly and said,

“Gu-Jiejie, it’s so late, aren’t you going to rest?”

[TN: Jiejie is the Chinese way of saying older sister, Meimei means younger sister.]

Gu Manzi looked at Tong Xiaoyun and a hint of enmity flashed past her eyes, yet she still smiled. She glanced at Tong Xiaoyun’s chest and pointed out,

“Xiaoyun-meimei, if you don’t rest early, it will not be good for your growth.”

Tong Xiaoyun was pretty and her skin was fair, and she had a pure, refined air to her. However, her chest was still not very well-developed, and it seemed to only bulge outwards slightly. Compared to Gu Manzi’s ample C-cups, they were still far from comparable.

[TN: I have a feeling that it’s lewd time again…]

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