God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Alluring Services!

Tong Xiaoyun’s smile became slightly tense, as she maintained her smile while saying,

“Gu-Jiejie, I’m not in a rush. After all, I’m only 14 this year and am still far from maturity. Who knows, I might even catch up to you. However, Gu-Jiejie, you must really hurry up. I heard that if a lady doesn’t give birth before she is 30, it will definitely be harder to give birth after her 30s. Gu-Jiejie, you must be 26 this year, right? You only have 4 years left so you’d better hurry up.”

Hearing those words, Gu Manzi’s expression froze,-her age was a big blow to her. After all, a lady’s best years were usually from 18 to 30. After 30, her beauty would start to wither away just like a flower.

Gu Manzi was already 25 this year and she was at the prime of her life, yet after a few years, she would begin to lose her beauty. And the little girl in front of her who was like carved jade would become even more beautiful. To Gu Manzi, any mention of her age was a huge blow to her.

“Gu-Jiejie, excuse me!” Tong Xiaoyun laughed sweetly at Gu Manzi before she ran off in the direction of the bath.

“Damn that little vixen!” Gu Manzi started to curse under her breath as she hesitated for a moment. In the end, she gritted her teeth and chased after Tong Xiaoyun.

Being led by the maid, Yue Zhong strode into a bathroom made entirely out of marble. It was clean and bright.

In the bathroom, there was a huge pool 10m in diameter, and in the middle of the pool there was a man-made rock formation from which hot water flowed out.

At both sides of the pool, there were two beauties of not more than 20 years of age kneeling down, dressed in white garbs made of muslin. One could make out their fragrant bushes and bright red cherries.

Seeing Yue Zhong walking over,  the two ladies immediately walked up to his side and helped him take off his clothes.

“That Lie Tianyang really knew how to enjoy life!” Receiving such service from 2 beauties, Yue Zhong could not help but let out a sigh.

When Yue Zhong was at Qing Yuan County, he had always been busy and never had any time to enjoy himself.

Yue Zhong looked at the 2 girls who were standing beside him, one to his left and the other to his right, before he slowly asked,

“What are your names?”

The girl to his left had a round face with skin as fair as could be, making her look very delicate. She was a 1.6m tall beauty with curves in all the right places and she had long black hair. The girl to his right also had an oval shaped face with healthy, beige-coloredskin.Her eyes were full of vigor and she had red lips and pure white teeth. Her body was slim and she was a refreshing sight, a short-haired beauty.

The round-faced girl with long hair said, “I am called Ma Lili! I am 18 years old this year and a freshman at university. I’m still a virgin!”

The oval-faced girl also looked at Yue Zhong before carefully replying, “My name is Zeng Fang! I’m 19 this year and I used to be a swimming instructor. I’m also a virgin!”

Chen Ming had always been good at finding the needs of other people, and so he had arranged for these 2 virgins to take care of Yue Zhong. Although there were other women who were prettier than these two, Chen Ming had only been able to arrange for these two girls in such a time short span, who were most suitable for serving Yue Zhong the first time.

Ma Lili and Zeng Fang were not absolute beauties, but they could still be considered the cream of the crop. Before the ‘end of the world’, they had many suitors as well.

Yue Zhong stored his clothes and equipment into his storage ring before leaping into the pool.

When he felt the warm water wash over his body, it was so comfortable that his eyes closed involuntarily. The night’s battle had drained his spirit and stamina. If it wasn’t for the power of the rocket launcher inside his storage ring, the victory over Lie Tianyang might not have been so easy.

(TN: it wasn’t that easy tho… you even let him get away YZ)

Other than Lie Tianyang himself, Wei Ji of the 4 Kings had also left a deep impression on Yue Zhong. If the distance between them had been 10m, Yue Zhong could have executed Wei Ji in a single move. Outside of 100m distance though, Yue Zhong would have to exhaust all of his strength to get rid of Wei Ji..

Seeing Yue Zhong entering the water, Ma Lili and Zeng Fang hesitated for a moment before following suit.

Ma Lili lifted Yue Zhong’s leg to one side, while Zeng Fang started massaging and washing Yue Zhong’s other foot with her small hands. After a while, she lowered her head and placed his foot into her mouth.

Although they weren’t the most beautiful ladies Lie Tianyang had gathered, they were the best at servicing others. Chen Ming had taken a lot of effort to choose these 2 girls to serve Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong felt his foot entering somewhere warm and moist; at the same time, something soft started to lick his toes and he immediately opened his eyes, seeing Zeng Fang provide her services with great care.

Zeng Fang felt Yue Zhong’s gaze linger on her and her body froze for a moment, before her face then went scarlet in shame. She knew that what she was doing was shameful, but she didn’t just want to survive. Rather, she also wanted a better life than most other women and to achieve that, she was willing to do anything necessary, even if it meant falling into depravity herself.

Under Lie Tianyang’s rule, Zeng Fang and Ma Lili had witnessed the cruel fate of those who were not willing to serve. There were some top beauties who had figures and looks surpassing both of them, yet because of their stubbornness, they had angered Lie Tianyang. He had tortured them to death and turned their corpses into human sausages.

After witnessing the fates of those great beauties, Zeng Fang, Ma Lili and the rest of the women were frightened out of their wits: they did not dare to go against those who had control over their lives anymore.

After Zeng Fang had finished servicing one of Yue Zhong’s feet, she then lifted his other leg up and Ma Lili immediately lowered her head to do the same.

Seeing this scene in front of him, Yue Zhong suddenly felt a rush of blood. Before the apocalypse, he would have immediately stopped them from doing these kinds of shameful acts, but in the depths of his heart, he instinctively wanted to see what other types of exotic service they would provide.

“Forget it! It’s not like I am forcing them to do it anyway!”

If he was a gentleman or a righteous man like the ones in stories, or perhaps a chivalrous knight or saint, he would immediately stop the girls from doing these acts and advise them not to use their bodies this way. However, after a short dilemma in his heart, Yue Zhong had an excuse of some sort for himself, and he had no more qualms about enjoying this treatment.

Right at this moment, Tong Xiaoyun strode into the room wearing nothing but a white bathing robe. She saw the half-kneeling Zeng Fang and Ma Lili, who were servicing Yue Zhong in such a demeaning way with their bodies mostly exposed, and her face fell. Although she was willing to give herself to Yue Zhong, she was not quite prepared do something on that sort of level.

Suddenly there was a flash in her beautiful eyes as she thought of an idea. She hurriedly entered the pool, hugging onto one of Yue Zhong’s arms tightly as she said with an expression of veneration on her face,

“Brother Yue, you’re really strong. You were actually able to bring down the entire Clear Wind Camp by yourself, you truly are extraordinary.”

Hearing those words, Zeng Fang and Ma Lili were both slightly shaken and expressions of shock flashed past their eyes. They knew that Clear Wind Camp was subdued by the man in front of them, but they had thought that he had brought an army of over hundreds of subordinates with him, seeing as he had been able to take care of Lie Tianyang in such a manner.

After all, there were over 300 militants in Clear Wind Camp and 200 of them were members of the elite Green Wolves Mount; those 200 members were ruthless and cold-handed, whether they were against zombies or other humans. Now that they’d realised that Clear Wind Camp had been subdued single-handedly by the person who was currently right in front of them, they naturally could not help but feel endless astonishment in their hearts.

Yue Zhong had obviously made use of a brilliant strategy to attack at night and had used the ex-militants to create diversions. Tong Xiaoyun knew how to curry favour, which made him delighted. He extended his arms, bringing Tong Xiaoyun into his embrace before letting out a self-satisfied grin.

When Tong Xiaoyun was brought into Yue Zhong’s embrace, her face turned red and her slender, petite body also couldn’t help but tremble as it turned slightly redder. She had already made the decision of giving herself to Yue Zhong but at the end of the day, she was still inexperienced and as the actual deed was looming ever so closer, she could not help but feel slightly apprehensive.

Yue Zhong felt the trembling of Tong Xiaoyun as he lowered his head to look at her; seeing that her face was flushed red with an extremely shy expression, he found her extremely cute.

Yue Zhong lowered his head to plant a kiss on Tong Xiaoyun’s lips as the traces of a young lady’s fragrance constantly spread out from her body.

Tong Xiaoyun’s body froze after she was kissed by Yue Zhong. Only after a while did she stick out her tongue and intertwine it with Yue Zhong’s.

Just as Yue Zhong and Tong Xiaoyun started making out, Gu Manzi, who was also wearing a white robe, walked in and witnessed the scene.

If it was before the apocalypse and her boyfriend had dared to kiss another girl, she would immediately give a strong slap to the bastard without a second thought, before breaking up with him on the spot.

However, when she saw the scene in front of her, all that arose was a strong sense of jealousy as she cursed in a low voice, “She really is a little vixen, already knowing how to bait men.”

Gu Manzi swept an arrogant gaze over Zeng Fang and Ma Lili like a proud swan; after seeing her gaze, they were intimidated and quietly retreated over to the side.

Zeng Fang and Ma Lili were very obedient, not daring to fight against the ladies Yue Zhong had brought. Furthermore, Gu Manzi surpassed them in terms of beauty, causing them both to feel a little inadequate.

Gu Manzi entered the pool naturally as if she were a mermaid, before she started to hug onto the other arm of Yue Zhong, using her voluptuous mounds to press against his arm.

Once his and Tong Xiaoyun’s lips had parted, Yue Zhong saw the incredibly beautiful and sexy Gu Manzi beside him.

Gu Manzi smiled at Yue Zhong charmingly before going underwater, using her snow-white hands to grab onto Yue Zhong’s ‘poisonous dragon’ and delivering it into her mouth.

Yue Zhong was immediately aroused.

Nevertheless, Gu Manzi could not hold her breath underwater for too long; when she came back up, the hot water was giving her delicate skin a very pinkish hue- adding on to the fact that her figure was voluptuous, it gave her an extremely irresistable charm. She was in her golden years, plus she was very attractive to begin with. This time, her attractiveness far surpassed that of Tong Xiaoyun.

Gu Manzi cocked an enchanting eyebrow as she called out seductively,

“Brother Yue, come and eat me up!”

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