God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Speech!

Seeing the charming Gu Manzi, Yue Zhong had a sudden urge to push her down by the side of the pool and engage himself in pleasure. However, he quickly held himself back. The sneak attack on Clear Wind Camp had taken its toll on his stamina and spirit- he had to maintain his condition in case Lie Tianyang suddenly came back.

If he expended too much energy and Lie Tianyang suddenly returned, he wouldn’t even have enough time to cry.

In fact, when Yue Zhong had started his assault on the villa compound, Lie Tianyang had been indulging himself with a few beauties at his side. This had expended quite a lot of Lie Tianyang’s stamina, hence his lower concentration level and response time during the battle. After all, he had even appeared later in the battle than the rest.

Yue Zhong smiled lightly and he told Gu Manzi,

“Come here! Today I’ll spare you.”

Gu Manzi swam over obediently and she asked with a face full of concern,

“Brother Yue, are you exhausted? Let me give you a massage!”

“Mm!” Yue Zhong slowly closed his eyes.

Gu Manzi looked at Tong Xiaoyun and she smiled, before moving across to Yue Zhong’s side and beginning to massage his body, making his muscles relax.

Tong Xiaoyun was not angered by Gu Manzi’s provocation: instead, she started watching Gu Manzi’s actions very carefully, absorbing and learning what she could.

Yue Zhong continued soaking in the pool for a while, before drying himself and allowing himself to be led away by a maidservant to his resting quarters.

After Gu Manzi and Tong Xiaoyun had also cleaned themselves, they too followed the servants back to their rooms.

Before the second day had even dawned, a petite figure opened the door to Yue Zhong’s room and burrowed into the covers, before hugging onto Yue Zhong and then falling into a deep sleep.

Not long after, another petite figure also darted into the room  and did the same thing, diving beneath the covers. However, those 2 small figures soon collided with each other. Both of them emerged from underneath the covers as they stared at each other.

Those two petite figures were the two lolis Yun Caiwei and Tong Xiaoyun. Both of them stared at each other for a while, before each grabbing onto one of Yue Zhong’s arms with a mutual understanding and falling asleep.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, Yue Zhong’s internal body clock caused him to wake up. Usually, he would wake up at 7, but after the huge battle that had gone on the previous night, the recovery process of his body had caused him to sleep until 8 am.

When he opened his eyes, he immediately noticed that 2 lolis were sleeping beside him, one on each side. Yun Caiwei and Tong Xiaoyun were both in deep slumber. With Yue Zhong by their side, they were not afraid of what the future might bring. Regardless of any dangers or obstacles, Yue Zhong would be in front of them, shouldering it all.

“Time to get up!” Yue Zhong called out loudly as he pulled off the covers and gently slapped the two lolis’ buttocks.

Tong Xiaoyun sat up and rubbed her hazy eyes. The nightgown she was wearing had slipped down halfway, exposing her little cherry-pink rabbits. Coupled with her snow-white skin, it was truly a sight to behold.

After Tong Xiaoyun’s head had cleared, she looked at Yue Zhong and smiled sweetly, saying, “Good morning, brother Yue!”

Yun Caiwei also got up groggily, before saying, “Big Brother, good morning!!”

Seeing their cute and innocent appearances, Yue Zhong also started to feel extremely comfortable; he reached out to pinch their cheeks, before throwing them unceremoniously out of the bed, telling them to go wash up.

After they had a shower, he led the 2 of them into the dining room.

Very soon, Gu Manzi and Zhuo Yatong also finished washing up and arrived at the dining area.

Chen Ming walked up towards Yue Zhong and asked, “Master, can I begin to serve breakfast now?”

“Yes, you may!”

Right after Yue Zhong had just finished his sentence, Chen Ming had already gestured towards a few maidservants to bring breakfast over from the kitchen and to start serving.

Breakfast actually consisted of sausages, eggs, warm milk, deep fried fritters, corn porridge, steamed buns and so on. In the current world, this type of breakfast could be considered extremely luxurious.

Ever since Z-day, Zhuo Yatong and the other 3 girls hadn’t eaten anything even remotely close to what they were seeing right now. Without another word, they all lifted their utensils and proceeded to dig in.

As soon as they had filled their plates, the demeanor and etiquette of the 4 ladies began to show. This applied especially to Zhuo Yatong, who grew up in an esteemed background and had to learn special etiquette; each and every movement of hers was refined, and she was truly a sight to behold.

Gu Manzi also grew up in a family with a prestigious background, and so she had gone through similar training in manners and etiquette. Although she could not quite be compared to Zhuo Yatong, she did look elegant in her own right. Tong Xiaoyun might not be as refined as those two women, but she was still equally loveable.

After finishing a fried fritter, Yue Zhong signaled to Chen Ming,

“Get Zeng Fang and Ma Lili to be my personal maids, their remunerations will increase by one grade.”

Chen Ming replied respectfully, “Yes! Master!”

The maidservants at the side had a momentary look of jealousy on their faces- since Zeng Fang and Ma Lili had just become Yue Zhong’s personal maids, their supplies and treatment would be a lot better from now on.

Yue Zhong continued, “Chen Ming! Get Xiong Zheng to bring all the survivors to the assembly area.”

“Yes! Master!” Chen Ming nodded and retreated.

After a while, Chen Ming returned and said, “Master, Wang Jian requests an audience. Do you wish to see him?”

Since Yue Zhong was the new leader of Clear Wind Camp, if Wang Jian wanted to see him, he would have to go through Chen Ming first.

Yue Zhong replied lightly, “Let him in!”

Wang Jian was brought into the villa under Chen Ming’s lead; when he saw Yue Zhong casually digging into the food in the dining room, a complex look flashed past his eyes. He knew Yue Zhong was strong, but he could never have imagined that Yue Zhong had actually managed to take down the entire Clear Wind Camp by himself with a dozen ex-militants who had just surrendered to him.

Yue Zhong glanced at Wang Jian and asked, “Have you eaten your breakfast yet?”

Wang Jian looked at all the fritters, buns and milk upon the table and he couldn’t help but start salivating as he replied, “Nope!”

Wang Jian had not eaten anything comparable to the items on the table for more than a month. He was only the leader of the survivor fleet and whilst he could satiate his hunger everyday, the food he ate was mostly rice- there was basically nothing else in his stomach right now.

Yue Zhong chuckled and he grabbed 2 fried fritters, 2 buns and a bottle of milk, placing them on a plate and pointed to Wang Jian. The servant girl on his side immediately brought it forward to Wang Jian.

“Thanks!” After receiving the plate, Wang Jian didn’t bother with any more manners and he immediately started to devour the food with  gusto.

Wang Jian finished his meal very quickly without any hassle, before asking Yue Zhong, “How do you plan on dealing with our group of survivors?”

Wang Jian’s side had over a hundred survivors and he was representing them to enquire about their future.

Yue Zhong looked at Wang Jian and replied lightly,

“I will treat everyone equally- the way I treat the survivors of Clear Wind Camp will be the same as for you guys. If you guys want better treatment, you will have to put in more effort. I will not give anybody any special treatment.”

“Follow me!” Yue Zhong said to Wang Jian as he stood up, before striding out of the villa.

Zhuo Yatong and the other 3 girls immediately stopped eating, and started following Yue Zhong. Since this was a place they were unfamiliar with, the moment Yue Zhong was out of their sight, they would lose all sense of security.

There were over 2000 people gathered at the town square and all of them were waiting with stiff expressions, unsure of the life that their new leader was going to bring them. To them, it did not really matter if the current leader was Lie Tianyang or Yue Zhong, because all they wanted was to survive. Since they were living purely for the sake of being alive, they were essentially walking corpses.

On both sides of the town square, there were 16 heavily armed soldiers monitoring the 2000+ survivors.

Under the gazes of so many people, Yue Zhong walked towards the center of the podium, while the four women and Wang Jian only stood at the edge.

Wang Ni was standing amongst the survivors when she saw Gu Manzi standing by Yue Zhong, and her eyes were filled with jealousy and unwillingness:

“Damn it, why didn’t that guy want me!! Why did he only want Gu Manzi, I am obviously better than her! Why! Why!!”

One of the students also saw Tong Xiaoyun, who was standing on the other side of the podium as well, and he called out dejectedly, “That’s Tong Xiaoyun!! She also followed Yue Zhong?”

Another student couldn’t help but reply with extreme jealousy, “I really didn’t expect for her to be that kind of girl as well, a lowly woman who sells her body in exchange for the protection of a man.”

The faces of those students who were looking at Yue Zhong and Tong Xiaoyun were all full of envy and hate.

One after another, the female students also looked at Tong Xiaoyun, who was splendidly dressed in nice clothes and bursting with life. Their hearts were all envious as they thought to themselves, “Tong Xiaoyun followed Yue Zhong! If I could get her to recommend me, then I can follow him as well and will never have to suffer again.”

Standing atop the podium, Yue Zhong gazed at the 2000-odd survivors as he spoke coldly,

“I’m Yue Zhong! From today onwards, you are my citizens. As my people, your basic allowance will be 3 bowls of porridge as relief meals. Although those relief meals may not be filling, they should be enough for you to survive. If you don’t want the relief meals, it’s fine as well.

I can arrange jobs for you so that as long as you work, you will have ample food supplies. If you are unwilling to stay here, you can leave now. I will not stop you.  As long as you’re staying here and eating my food, you will have to follow me orders. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Hearing those words, the eyes of many survivors brightened up and not a single person was willing to leave. Under the rule of Lie Tianyang, the survivors were made to eat chicken feed, pig feed and they even had to dig for wild vegetables in their own town.

Every now and then, they would be fortunate enough to get some gruel. Compared to the conditions now, where Yue Zhong was promising them 3 bowls of porridge a day, it was a huge blessing. No one was willing to strike it out on their own in the wild.

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