God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Attack of the Mutant Pig Herd!

Xiong Zheng pointed to a small town on the map and said to Yue Zhong, “We have not opened up this town yet!”

Yue Zhong glanced at Qi Shi town and pondered for a while, before deciding to use the town as a training ground for the troops.

“Not good! Not good!! Master, something’s happened!! There’s an attack, attack!!”

Right at this moment, Chen Ming ran into the room in a panic and shouted to Yue Zhong.

Seeing Chen Ming in such a distressed state, Yue Zhong called out deeply before striding out,

“Let’s go!”

Xiong Zheng followed nervously behind him.

Yue Zhong quickly climbed up the machine gun turret at the gate of the camp and looked into the distance, only to see a huge, oppressive-looking herd of white Mutant Pigs chasing a Hummer in a frenzy.

When looking into the distance, one would not even be able to see the end of the herd, so their numbers could very well be over 10,000.

[Level 11 Mutant Beast: Mutant House Pig. It possesses sharp teeth and immense strength.]

The moment Yue Zhong saw the Mutant Pigs, the information about them flooded into his brain.


Yue Zhong took a look at the densely-packed herd of Mutant Pigs and his complexion turned ashen; he gritted his teeth and couldn’t help swearing.

If it was just one Mutant Pig, then it was a god-sent meal. However, the numbers that were approaching ranged in the tens of thousands- to Clear Wind Camp, this was simply a disaster. Clear Wind Camp lacked weapons and ammunition, whilst the militants were lacking in training and had only recently regained their strength from eating Mutant Beast meat. Under the current circumstances, if they had to face the incoming stampede of 10,000 Mutant Pigs, even Yue Zhong had no confidence of saving the entire camp.

The moment Clear Wind Camp was breached, the 2,300+ people there would end up in the Mutant Pigs’ mouths without a doubt.

With a wave of his hand, a QJZ89 Type 12.7 Calibre Heavy Machine Gun appeared in his hands.

Yue Zhong grabbed it and fired at the Hummer in a frenzy. Regardless of who was in it, he had to kill the person inside. Over 2,300 lives were being endangered by the Hummer’s driver and Yue Zhong’s was already filled with killing intent.

The heavy machine gun easily tore holes in the Hummer, turning it into a sieve. A person wrapped in tornadoes immediately burst out from the vehicle and raised his middle finger in Yue Zhong’s direction, laughing coldly before immediately disappearing into one side of the wilderness.

Yue Zhong could already make out from the person’s shadow that it was Lie Tianyang.

After being defeated by Yue Zhong 10 days ago, he had constantly been harboring hatred for Yue Zhong in his heart. He had found an entire herd of Mutant Pigs and after killing a few, he managed to lure them towards Clear Wind Camp.

Before Z-Day, the entire herd was actually from a large breeding pen. After the apocalypse, the herd had undergone a mutation and had started feasting on zombies. Since there were zombies littered around everywhere, the herd had no lack of food or water. The size of the herd hadn’t decreased and their numbers had grown by around 1000 instead.

“Lie Tianyang!! Damn you!!”

The fury in Yue Zhong’s heart transcended the heavens, yet he could still do nothing about Lie Tianyang. After all, Lie Tianyang had already escaped- if Yue Zhong were to give chase, he would have to leave the camp, of which he was the backbone. As soon as he left, Clear Wind Camp would immediately collapse.

At this moment, the first  battalion of warriors from Clear Wind Camp had already gathered upon Yue Zhong’s orders. From within the camp, they could already see the herd rampaging in their direction. Every single face turned incredibly pale and many people’s hands trembled as they held onto their guns.

Yue Zhong immediately fired off a series of orders to Chen Ming as he said,

“Chen Ming! Go gather all the people in the camp together. Arrange for a group to use debris to block off all areas, other than the main transport channel!! Then arrange for a group of people to prepare molotovs- any completed ones are to be sent to the front lines immediately!

Afterwards, arrange for another group to gather all combustible materials and pile them up to the west of the town’s department store. Finally, arrange for a group of 400 men to transfer those materials to the front lines to be prepared as reserves. In terms of weaponry, bring whatever you can find!”

“Yes!” Chen Ming heard the orders and the panicking within his heart also calmed down a little. He bowed respectfully and immediately retreated to carry out Yue Zhong’s orders.

Despite being a man who did not do too well under stressful situations, Chen Ming was excellent at executing orders from above. Immediately after he retreated, he delegated the instructions to different stewards who then quickly passed Yue Zhong’s orders further down, assigning various tasks to everyone..

The entire Clear Wind Camp bustled with activity, as all of the residents knew they were about to face the siege of over 10,000 Mutant Pigs. Once all of them had gathered, they immediately dispersed in their teams to carry out their assigned tasks.

A large amount of debris was moved out of the various rooms that had been destroyed, before being piled up at the various alleys, roads and tunnels to block them off.

Within a building, a few hundred women constantly filled up countless bottles with precious gasoline, completing makeshift molotovs. Clear Wind Camp did have some resources like fuel, but not much. After all, fuel was an extremely valuable, non-renewable resource even before the apocalypse: without it, the teams searching for resources would not be able to function properly as their vehicles would be useless. They would not be able to travel out too far and this would be extremely detrimental to the searching process.

Many other ladies and children were also gathered to move wooden planks, waste paper, plastic sheets, foam and various other items, placing them to the west of the department store.

400 able-bodied men were rounded up too, as they gathered shovels, hammers, knives, bats, watermelon knives and any other bizarre weapons they could find, before sending them to the front line for use as backup preparations.

Yue Zhong took a look at the 800 men who he had trained, before he spoke out with huge killing intent,

“I won’t bother too many with useless words! Now that the end is already nigh, if the camp is broken into, then we will definitely be torn into pieces by those beasts in the wilderness! No one will survive unless we defend this place- only then we will have a sliver of hope. From now on, without my orders, whoever dares to retreat will be shot dead on the spot! Defend the camp now and I will let you eat meat everyday for an entire month!”

Upon hearing Yue Zhong’s words, everyone’s hearts turned cold.

After he finished speaking, Yue Zhong leapt down from the watchtower. Zhuo Yatong brought Yun Caiwei, Gu Manzi and Tong Xiaoyun with her as she followed behind Yue Zhong.

After all, Zhuo Yatong was a Strength-type Evolver, so in order to bolster the strength of Clear Wind Camp’s forces, she was allocated to be one of the frontline fighters. Although killing other humans was impossible for her, she had an advantage when it came to Mutant Beasts.

Xiong Zheng brought his 2nd Company over and began to lay out defenses atop the platform.

Amongst the 3 Companies that Yue Zhong had trained up, Xiong Zheng’s Company was the most outstanding and showed the most potential; it was also the Company that had the best fighters.

The densely packed herd of Mutant Pigs was rushing towards the camp like a flood: as they neared, Yue Zhong could make out their features more clearly.

When comparing these Mutant Pigs with those normal pigs prior to the apocalypse, these Mutant Pigs had bigger, rounder, red eyes. In addition, their 4 limbs were thicker and stronger, their muscles more taut and powerful, and they exuded an aggressive atmosphere. While running, their speed was comparable to wild boars of the pre-apocalypse days.

As soon as that herd of Mutant Pigs came over to this region, they caught onto the smell of the large number of humans within Clear Wind Camp. They became excited and charged in the direction of Clear Wind Camp.

The main source of food for these Mutant Pigs was zombies, but they preferred to eat live humans if they had the chance to.

Yue Zhong had gathered a large amount of manpower to dig many pits 3m deep and 4m in diameter outside of Clear Wind Camp. Apart from the main road, the surroundings of Clear Wind Camp were now riddled with one pit after another.

When facing the Mutant Pig Herd, those pits displayed an astonishing usefulness: one after another, the charging Mutant Pigs directly fell into the pits, whilst the other Mutant Pigs behind simply couldn’t stop and ended up leaping into the pits as well.

The Mutant Pigs were constantly falling into the pits, then being crushed or trampled to death by the other Mutant Pigs behind. So far, the two sides hadn’t even properly made contact, yet several hundred Mutant Pigs had already fallen into the pits and had been killed by their own companions.  

Even though Yue Zhong had ordered for many pits to be dug, those Mutant Pigs continued charging with unparalleled fierceness towards their direction and very quickly, they appeared within 100m distance of Clear Wind Camp’s gates.

“Fire at will! Fire!!” Yue Zhong called out in a deep voice.

Xiong Zheng brought over the 1st Company to fire continuously at the Mutant Pigs; as the bullets rained down on them, a dozen of them were injured or killed.

“Catch 3 of them alive for me!” Yue Zhong shouted out an order to White Bones!

White Bones shot out 3 bone spears through its right hand, immediately piercing through the heads of 3 Mutant Pigs, before tossing their corpses into the camp.

“Chop them up!” Yue Zhong ordered the 4 soldiers holding the Replica Tang Swords.

The 4 soldiers of the 1st Company swung their Replica Tang Swords down towards the 3 injured Mutant Pigs, killing them instantly. Even though it was with the help of Yue Zhong, 3 of the soldiers managed to level up and become Enhancers the moment after they killed the pigs..

“Add all your points to your stamina, then swap over!” Yue Zhong boomed out.

3 of the soldiers gave their Replica Tang Swords to the others before they immediately withdrew.

The very next moment, yet another 3 Mutant Pigs flew into the camp and were immediately slaughtered by 3 soldiers of the 1st Company.

The Mutant Pigs’ corpses were dragged over by those well-equipped men and then thrown aside.

White Bones continued to hunt the Mutant Pigs in that way, essentially transforming them into orbs of lights that constantly strengthened and enhanced the troops.

However, White Bones could not block the entire herd on its own: as the herd rushed down and viciously slammed onto the camp gates, their heads exploded violently upon impact. The Mutant Pigs that followed up met with the same end, advancing fearlessly before immediately dying as they charged into the gates.

One by one, the Mutant Pigs died upon impact when they rammed into the gates, forming a road of corpses that constantly piled up.

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