God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Success of the Pits!

Originally, Clear Wind Camp only had a single wooden fence surrounding it. After Yue Zhong took over, while digging up pits all around the camp, he also made use of the dug-up soil to reinforce the fence.  Subsequently, the current defenses of Clear Wind Camp had been greatly reinforced, and so they were not damaged too much by the pummeling from the Mutant Pigs.

However, the fence was only 3m high and as the Mutant Pigs rammed suicidally into the gates, over one hundred corpses were left behind, forming some sort of corpse path.

The Mutant Pigs behind made use of the corpse path consisting of their dead comrades to wildly leap into the camp.

In accordance with Yue Zhong’s orders, Zhuo Yatong was already standing guard, defending in front of the path of corpses. The moment the Mutant Pig had jumped across, she immediately cleaved it into two with her elegant blade.

After Zhuo Yatong disposed of the Mutant Pig in one move, she levelled up again to reach Level 9 and instantly allocated 3 points all to strength, giving her strength a huge boost.

(TN: I think that she received 2 points to distribute freely, whilst 1 point was automatically added to strength… well, that’s what Kun put at least- it’s probably what actually happened, except the raws don’t go into that much detail.)

One by one, the Mutant Pigs continued jumping over from the corpse path, before being killed instantly by Zhuo Yatong.

Watching a lady like Zhuo Yatong daring to slaughter those Mutant Pigs, bloodlust filled the hearts of the warriors of Yue Zhong’s 1st Company. Ten of them wielded Replica Tang Swords in their hands as they rushed to defend in front of the corpse path, slashing at those Mutant Pigs that Zhuo Yatong hadn’t managed to block in a frenzy.

Watching the Mutant Pigs fall one by one at the combined efforts of Zhuo Yatong and the warriors of the 1st Company, the 2nd Company warriors calmed their hearts and their hit rate also increased by a lot.

Just when the situation seemed to have improved, the herd had already lost over 1000 Mutant Pigs, filling up the holes that the 2000+ people organized by Yue Zhong had painstakingly dug.

The ferocious herd of Mutant Pigs immediately laid siege to all sides of the fence one after another, battering against it until their brains ruptured before dying on the spot.

“Throw the molotovs!” Yue Zhong immediately gave the order for the molotovs to be thrown over.

Those men who did not dare fight on the front lines now threw the molotovs with great concentration.

One by one, the bottles sailed over the fence and upon landing on the ground, they exploded and blossomed into flames, burning the Mutant Pigs’ corpses. Smoke rose as the stench of burning flesh filled the air.

Over one hundred Mutant Pigs rushed into the fire and they were soon engulfed by it as the stench continued to spread out.

From within the herd, the Mutant Pig King immediately let loose a huge grunt and the rest of the Mutant Pigs retreated a little, one after another.

“Is there a Mutant Pig King?”

Yue Zhong swiftly climbed up the machine gun turret and looked down, hoping to discover the King’s location. As he gazed over the camp, all he saw was a huge white mass consisting of the normal Mutant Pigs, and not even a shadow of the Mutant Pig King’s particularly striking body.

A huge number of the Mutant Pigs retreated and the defenders took the moment to catch a breath, all of them heaving a sigh of relief.

However, the main road to Clear Wind Camp had not been affected by the molotovs. Zhuo Yatong was still killing the Mutant Pigs as they came, her level increasing wildly as she continued her slaughter. She had already reached Level 13 and currently, her strength had already surpassed that of Yue Zhong’s by quite a lot.

The warriors around Zhuo Yatong had already swapped out 3 times: they did not possess good equipment from the God and Devil System like Zhuo Yatong, who was a strength-based Evolver as well, which made her able to last longer.

Strength-based Evolvers were particularly effective against Mutant Beasts, due to the fact that they possessed great strength; killing those normal Mutant Beasts only required a little stamina, and so an Evolver’s fighting strength was naturally more prolonged.

“What a powerful lady! She really is the Boss Yue’s woman!”

Xiong Zheng had just shot dead a Mutant Pig. As his eyes roamed across towards Zhuo Yatong, his heart slightly skipped a beat- he really could not be compared to her.

Zhuo Yatong had been slaughtering the Mutant Pigs without pause and her stamina was rapidly being depleted. After killing over 60 Mutant Pigs, her stamina had gone down by over a half, while her body was soaked in fragrant perspiration. (TN: uhhh…) After all, Evolvers were not invincible- they too would eventually die from fatigue once overwhelmed by numbers. Fighting a prolonged, high-intensity battle was one of the best ways to deplete the opposition’s stamina.

“Let me take over.  Go rest for a moment!” Yue Zhong strode forward and stood in front of the road, calling out to Zhuo Yatong.

She nodded her head and retreated.

After Yue Zhong took over Zhuo Yatong’s position, he casually slashed twice at 2 Mutant House Pigs that were charging towards him, slicing them both into two pieces. The Dark Magic Blade was much sharper than the Replica Tang Sword, hence killing those Mutant Pigs was as easy as it was for normal people to cut a piece of paper with a knife. Upon reaching Yue Zhong’s level, killing low-levelled existences like the Mutant Pigs would give the orbs of ‘divine light’ , although wanting to rise in level would require you to kill at least a few hundred of them.

Gu Manzi and Tong Xiaoyun gathered around Zhuo Yatong as they asked with great envy,

“Big Sis Yatong, you’re really amazing! Can you tell us how you became so strong?”

In the current era, only those who possessed strength had the ability to live with dignity. Although Gu Manzi and Tong Xiaoyun had both set their hearts on possessing Yue Zhong, they themselves wanted to become strong as well. If they had enough strength, then they would naturally become more valuable to Yue Zhong.

Zhuo Yatong smiled sweetly and looked at Yue Zhong’s back as she slowly said,

“My strength is only possible because of him! If you two want to become strong, go ask him.”

Gu Manzi and Tong Xiaoyun both watched Yue Zhong as their eyes glistened.

Without any regard for the danger before her, Tong Xiaoyun gritted her teeth and rushed up to Yue Zhong’s side, saying loudly,

“Big Brother Yue! I want to become strong too, let me fight beside you!!”

Yue Zhong nonchalantly sent out two slashes that swiftly bisected another 2 Mutant Pigs, before he turned to glance at Tong Xiaoyun, who had a stubborn look on her face. Her beautiful, large eyes full of the desire for strength captivated him: with a wave of his hands, he immediately threw a Replica Tang Sword to her.

“Take this! Kill it! When you level up, add everything to strength!”

Right after Yue Zhong had finished speaking, White Bones had already thrown a Mutant Pig over.

Tong Xiaoyun picked up the Replica Tang Sword and she strode towards the Mutant Pig that had been pinned to the ground by a bone spear.

The Mutant Pig was struggling frantically as it grunted out in fear at the sight of the approaching Tong Xiaoyun.

Her desire for strength had completely suppressed the fear within her heart. She walked towards the head of the Mutant Pig and raised the Replica Tang Sword up high, before viciously swinging it down.

Tong Xiaoyun was, after all, a normal girl, and she had not gone through any enhancements or evolutions before, therefore her strength was quite weak. Although the Replica Tang Sword was sharp, in her hands, it only managed to cut into the pig’s head, causing it immense torture and pain. Blood continuously flowed out and the Mutant Pig constantly squealed out in pain, but it still wasn’t dead yet.

Tong Xiaoyun looked at the struggling Mutant Pig and she gritted her teeth again, before raising her sword again and chopping down in a frenzy, turning the Mutant Pig’s head into pulp. It continued to struggle for quite some time before it finally took its last breath and died.

After killing that Mutant Pig, Tong Xiaoyun was also exhausted and was gasping for breath. She now understood fully how much stronger Yue Zhong and Zhuo Yatong were in comparison to her.

WIth the Mutant Pig’s death, a huge ‘divine light’ orb of experience immediately entered Tong Xiaoyun’s body, letting her level up twice to become a Level 3 Enhancer.

“I have become an Enhancer too!!”

Tong Xiaoyun allocated 4 points into strength and felt the wonderful surge of energy in her as she exclaimed in delight.

White Bone retracted its spear and 4 men walked over, dragging the Mutant Pig’s carcass away and throwing it directly at the foot of Clear Wind Camp’s podium.

With another toss from White Bones, another Mutant Pig was thrown in front of Tong Xiaoyun. This time, she grabbed her Replica Tang Sword with excitement and immediately swung down at the Mutant Pig. After the 4 point increment from killing the previous pig, her strength had now reached 10 in value and was comparable to that of a fully-grown man .This time around, with the new experience and strength she had gained, Tong Xiaoyun managed to smoothly decapitate the Mutant Pig in one strike.

With the passing of time, the burning molotovs began to die out. Following a mighty grunt from the Mutant Pig King, the Mutant Pigs resumed their onslaught as they rushed madly towards the camp.

Facing the impending siege of the Mutant Pigs, the men standing atop the podium threw the molotovs in their hands down towards the Mutant Pigs one after another, starting the tumultuous, raging flames within the herd once again.

Only this time, the amount of molotovs had diminished by a lot and the blazing flames created by them could do nothing to impede the assault of the herd.

One by one, the Mutant Pigs used their own bodies to build up a path for the others behind to use, and so the Mutant Pigs that followed were able to leap into the camp one after another.

This time, Zhuo Yatong could not rest any longer and she immediately drew her Replica Tang Sword, shooting forward like an arrow and beginning to massacre those Mutant Pigs.

“First Company! Advance!”

After Yue Zhong had easily disposed of yet another 2 Mutant Pigs, he shouted out loudly to his soldiers.

12 brave warriors of the First Company stepped forward with their Replica Tang Swords to provide reinforcements. The rest of the people used their guns and pointed them in the direction of the 3 paths outside Clear Wind Camp, firing at the Mutant Pigs as if their lives depended on it.

The Mutant Pigs were soon riddled with bullet holes and they either died on the spot or fell to the ground, struggling in pain. Nevertheless, there was still a dozen of them who managed to break through the blockade line and jumped into the camp.

The moment those Mutant Pigs leapt up onto the podium, a number of them were immediately slaughtered by those who were defending. However, there was a channel on the right where a Mutant Pig had made use of its companion being under attack to divert the fighters’ attention. It leapt up onto the podium and charged forward viciously, directly knocking two sword-wielding soldiers of the First Company to the ground.

The Mutant Pig possessed immense strength and its charge had directly broken the 2 soldiers’ legs. Without pausing, it charged savagely at another soldier and bared its sharp fangs. Then the Mutant Pig lowered its head and instantly ripped the soldier’s throat apart, causing fresh blood to sputter across its face, giving it an even more sinister appearance.

The other Mutant Pigs took advantage of the chaos to leap up from the channel, rushing towards the inner defenses.

Seeing the frightening Mutant Pigs up close, the fighters of the First Company were frightened out of their wits. Very quickly, they were overwhelmed by fear and completely broke down, while 6 of them even turned tail and ran. When they were fighting a favorable battle, they could still manage, but the moment the tide turned, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure at all.

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