God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Great Victory!!

After shaking off the suppression from the firepower, the remaining Mutant Pigs started their mad assault on Zhuo Yatong and her team once again, crushing the hopes of almost the entire team.

Zhuo Yatong swung her blade and immediately killed 2 of the Mutant Pigs in succession, but due to exhaustion, her timing was off and she was struck viciously by another Mutant Pig. She was knocked back by 5 or 6 metres and she spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

2 of the Mutant Pigs came pouncing over fiercely, as they opened their bloody mouths and prepared to bite down at Zhuo Yatong’s throat.

“Am I going to die?” As she watched the Mutant Pigs drawing closer, her eyes flashed with bitterness. Those 2 Mutant Pigs could have been killed easily had she been in top condition, but she had virtually no stamina left and had just been injured by another Mutant Pig- she couldn’t even move anymore.

An expression of regret and sorrow flashed past her eyes:

“What a pity, I can’t even see him or Caiwei one last time before I die!!”

The Mutant Pigs arrived in front of her and they opened their mouths full of razor sharp teeth, biting down at Zhuo Yatong’s throat. She could even smell the putrid breath from their mouths.

Right as Zhuo Yatong was about to meet her death, 2 bone spears shot down from the skies, immediately piercing through the Mutant Pigs’ heads and nailing them to the ground!

“Boss Yue!!”

“Battalion Commander!! He’s back!!”


The warriors, whose morale was about to shatter due to Zhuo Yatong being knocked back, saw Yue Zhong suspended in mid-air, supported by his Bone Spears. They immediately let out an earth-shaking roar of celebration and their morale instantly shot up.

Still suspended in mid-air, Yue Zhong hollered,

“The majority of the herd has escaped! These are the last of the Mutant Pigs, so as long as we kill them, then we will have won this battle!”

Upon hearing this great news, all the warriors got excited. They immediately erupted with unbelievable valor and began to engage in a frenzied slaughter with the Mutant Pigs.

“I’m sorry, I was late!!”

Yue Zhong disengaged the Encompassing Body Armor Skill and let White Bones join in the fray. He then disposed of a few more Mutant Pigs himself, before he came to Zhuo Yatong’s side and hugged her blood-soaked figure tightly, placing some Life-Saving Grass powder into her mouth.

Zhuo Yatong lay comfortably in Yue Zhong’s embrace as she smiled gently and said,

“I should be the one to apologize, for not being able to persevere all the way till your return.”

At this moment, that unbelievably beautiful face was covered in blood, yet in Yue Zhong’s eyes, she was even more attractive than before.

Yue Zhong laid her down on a stretcher with a little reluctance as he said,

“Stay here and rest well! I will go end the battle!”

After all, the battle was not yet over, and as the strongest fighter, Yue Zhong had to return to the battlefield.

Zhuo Yatong was also a little reluctant to part, but she still put on a gentle smile as she said,

“Mm! Be careful!”

Yue Zhong glanced once more at Zhuo Yatong, before rushing with hesitation towards the herd of Mutant Pigs.

The total number of Mutant Pigs remaining was no more than one hundred, and with Yue Zhong and White Bones both joining the fray, they quickly disposed of many of the pigs. Right when there were less than 30 of them left, the Mutant Pigs suddenly became dispirited and tried to make a break for it. However, they were immediately chased down by Yue Zhong and his men, who pierced through the pigs’ forelimbs and thus captured them alive.

Inside the villa compound, there were over 1000 survivors gathered, with people crowded around everywhere in the place. At the same time, all sorts of items had been piled up, forming a crude fence together with some barbed wire.

Everyone’s hearts felt anxious as they looked into the distance, awaiting the results of the battle. They had already done all that they could: if the frontline fell, then they could only pick up simple weapons, like metal or wooden sticks, and prepare to engage in battle with the savage Mutant Pigs.

No one present believed that they had a chance to win against the Mutant Pigs with those simple and crude weapons. All their strongest warriors had already been sent to the frontlines, hence only the weaker adults and children were left.

“Victory!! We’ve won!!! The Mutant Pigs were wiped out by us!! We’ve won!!”

A warrior covered entirely in blood rushed back from the frontlines and was shouting loudly with joy.


“We’ve really won!!!”

Hearing the joyous news, all the survivors within the villa compound immediately broke out in celebration. Many of them were overjoyed and were hugging one another. They had finally made it through this tribulation and had survived. Everyone was overcome with endless happiness.

The warrior continued to say,

“The Battalion Commander has said!! Tonight we shall feast, everyone will be able to dine on pork and have their fill!!”

“Long live Yue Zhong!! Long live Yue Zhong!!”

“That’s great!! Long live Battalion Commander Yue!!”

Hearing this news, all the survivors were even more elated, since they had not eaten meat in a long time. Yue Zhong’s decision had filled them with endless gratitude and approval towards him.

“The battle this time has resulted in about 70% of the houses in Clear Wind Camp being burnt down. 58 people had died, 23 have sustained heavy injuries which they can’t recover from- even if they were to use your miraculous medicine, they would still be handicapped and won’t be able to fight in future battles.

43 others have sustained light injuries and are expected to be able to recover. Our machine gun ammunition has been completely depleted, whilst we have less than 100 rounds worth of rifle bullets remaining; as for the handguns, we are left with about 40 rounds of ammunition for them.”

“There is less than a tonne of gasoline left, although diesel is slightly better with over a tonne left…”

As the other survivors were celebrating after the calamity, Chen Ming was fulfilling his duties as an Operative Officer by reporting the specific details and losses from this battle.

In the fight against the Mutant Pigs, Yue Zhong was successful in leading the survivors to overcome them, but he himself had suffered huge losses. He had expended almost all of his ammunition and there were more than one hundred casualties. A huge number of the deaths came from the warriors of his First and Second Companies that he had just established, which was quite a blow to Yue Zhong.

The only consolation was that after such a devastating battle, most of the warriors in the First Company had already become Enhancers and had seen bloodshed, and so they were no longer a disorganized mob. They were beginning to possess the courage and confidence needed to fight.

On top of that, Yue Zhong had gained a huge number of Mutant Pigs’ corpses and many God and Devil System items, as well as Level 1 and Level 2 Skill Books. He decided to turn the hide of the Mutant Pigs into leather armor, to distribute all the Mutant Pork (lol) as food and even to use the bones to make soup, which could nourish the survivors’ bodies. As for the Skill Books, he decided to reward them to the warriors of the First Company who had fought hard in the battle.

Yue Zhong then said deeply,

“Those 23 casualties with heavy injuries will be allocated the same amount of resources as those soldiers on active duty- not a single one is to be given any less. For those with no wives, arrange one for them. Is that understood?”

Yue Zhong never mistreated his subordinates who fought for him.

Chen Ming replied in agreement,

“Yes! Master!”

Yue Zhong pondered a while, before asking Xiong Zheng,

“Xiong Zheng! Do you know if there are any military camps around here?”

Yue Zhong was currently lacking in ammunition and weapons the most rather than food. Without those two, they could still manage against zombies; however, if they had to deal with humans armed with firepower, then even if they were to obtain victory, it would be at a huge cost.

Xiong Zheng replied bluntly,

“Boss Yue, I know of one location, but it has already claimed by the Ferocious Tigers as their territory!”

Yue Zhong furrowed his eyebrows tightly as he tapped his index finger lightly against the table: he was considering a relocation of the entire camp. Without any weapons or ammunition, this camp comprising over 2000 people was akin to a huge piece of fatty meat- anyone who had enough power could come and take a bite out of it.

If Lie Tianyang wanted revenge, all he had to do was to provide information about Clear Wind Camp to any major power, and those major powers would definitely then send out troops to annex Yue Zhong’s stronghold.

It was just that the relocation of over 2000 people was not a simple task, as it would require all kinds of preparations to be made in advance. The first step was to verify a suitable location to relocate to. Yue Zhong stared at a map, looking over the villages one by one and trying to find a suitable place.

A soldier entered the room and said,

“Reporting in! Battalion Commander, there’s a survivor outside who requests an audience. He claims to have been a reporter prior to Z-Day,and has some important news for you.”

Yue Zhong continued to gaze at the map without lifting his head up as he said lightly,

“Bring him in!”

The soldier quickly brought in a slightly tanned, astute-looking male with a frail body who looked about 20 years old.

Yue Zhong glanced at the young man and simply said,

“Say whatever business you have!”

The young man laughed lightly and said,

“Battalion Commander Yue, my name is Xu Feng! Before the apocalypse, I was a reporter. Just last year, I conducted an interview at an army camp. I can still remember the location. Would you like to know where it is?”

Yue Zhong stared at Xu Feng before he retracted his gaze and asked,

“What do you want?”

A hint of passion flashed past Xu Feng’s eyes as he said,

” I want to obtain a Level 2 Skill Book and become a warrior of the First Company.”

During the apocalypse, the highest death rates came from the people who fought on frontlines. At the same time though, the frontline warriors also received the best benefits. After the victory in the battle against the Mutant Pigs, Xu Feng desperately wanted to become an Enhancer and enter the upper echelons of Yue Zhong’s system.

Back when Lie Tianyang was in charge of Clear Wind Camp, Xu Feng had wanted to hand over this vital piece of information in exchange for a better position. However, Lie Tianyang was too brutal and Xu Feng was worried that passing on this piece of information might bring more harm to himself than good. Subsequently, Xu Feng decided to withhold the information he had and so Lie Tianyang never got his hands on it.

Yue Zhong replied in a deep voice,

“I promise to give you what you want: however, the army camp’s position must be nearby and it must not have already been opened by others. Come over here and point out to me where the army camp is located.”

Exchanging a Level 2 Skill Book for the location of an army camp was definitely worth it for Yue Zhong.

Xu Feng walked up to Yue Zhong and took a look at the map, before pointing out a place and saying, “It’s right here!”

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