God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Jealousy and Courage!

Xiong Zheng looked carefully for a while, before shaking his head and saying,

“No! I haven’t heard of anybody setting up a military camp here.”

Yue Zhong stared fixedly at Xu Feng and asked directly,

“Since you have been there before, you should be clear on its establishment. How many squads are there?”

Xu Feng smiled and said,

“This place is the XXX Mechanized Infantry Brigade Station. There were over 3000 people stationed there. There are tanks, armed helicopters, autonomous artillery and many other kinds of equipment.”

Hearing this, Xiong Zheng’s eyes lit up and he exclaimed excitedly,

“Mechanized Infantry Brigade?!! We’ve really struck it rich!! This time we’ll strike it rich!!”

Yue Zhong was equally as excited, since with the Mechanized Infantry Brigade and its equipment, his troops would gain a huge boost in battle power.

Yue Zhong suppressed the excitement in his heart and his expression remained calm as he gave an order to Chen Ming:

“Chen Ming, go prepare by gathering all the working vehicles and fuel. Tomorrow, I’ll bring some men to open up this place.”

Regardless of whether the information was accurate or not, Yue Zhong was willing to take a risk and concentrate his forces on opening up this place.

Chen Ming nodded and replied, “Yes!”

After making a decision, Yue Zhong dismissed the rest of the people. He himself walked out of the conference room and strode towards the main villa compound. Although most of the buildings in the town had been burnt down, the villa compound was still intact and most of the survivors had settled here. Currently, each and every family was cooking the Mutant Pork, and there was a delicious scent wafting through the air. Everyone had a rarely seen look of expectation on their faces.

Along the way, whenever the survivors saw Yue Zhong, most of them would voluntarily salute him. The man in front of them had saved their lives, and had even provided them with meat that was hard to come by. At this moment, they were all extremely grateful to Yue Zhong. After taking over Clear Wind Camp, their lives had improved a lot in such a short period of time- compared to Lie Tianyang, they greatly preferred Yue Zhong as their ruler.

Yue Zhong entered Zhuo Yatong’s room and immediately saw the incredibly beautiful and mature lady sitting there quietly, elegantly reading a novel. A cute loli was sleeping beside the beauty.

Zhuo Yatong’s body had been in excellent condition, and it was only due to the exhausting battle that she was rammed against by the Mutant Pig, causing her to lose her mobility. After taking the Life-Saving Grass and resting for the entire afternoon, she had already made a full recovery, although her stamina was yet to fully replenish itself.

Yue Zhong gazed at the quiet and elegant Zhuo Yatong as he thought back to her outstanding efforts in the bloody battle against the Mutant Pigs. His heart racing, Yue Zhong reached out to hug this absolute beauty as he inhaled her fragrance and slowly spoke out some heartfelt words,

“It’s been really tough on you today. However, if you face a similar situation next time, I hope that you will retreat before you lose all your strength. I don’t want to lose you.”

Earlier today, if it wasn’t for Zhuo Yatong’s determination, the defence line at the department store would have already been broken down. If that had happened, the death count would have definitely been in the hundreds, thus Zhuo Yatong could be considered as a hero as well. However, everyone has some selfishness in them, and deep down, Yue Zhong placed more important on Zhuo Yatong than the other survivors. If he lost his troops, then he could train new ones; if he lost survivors, he could search for more. Even if 300 survivors were to die, it would not affect him as much as if Zhuo Yatong were to perish.


Zhuo Yatong could feel Yue Zhong’s sincere concern and the corners of her mouth raised slightly, before revealing a captivating smile. With just these words from Yue Zhong, she felt that it was all worth it. Yue Zhong truly cared about her and did not view her as one of his normal subordinates.

Gazing at the beauty in front of him, Yue Zhong could not resist and planted a kiss on her cherry-like lips. Zhuo Yatong also returned the kiss passionately, and soon their tongues entwined.

In the heat of the passion, Yue Zhong became increasingly aroused and he unconsciously started unbuttoning her blouse; he slipped his hands into her clothes and grabbed hold of her ample ‘white rabbits’ full of elasticity.

Zhuo Yatong was surprised and her face immediately flushed red. She gritted her teeth and resisted Yue Zhong’s advances, before pleading pitifully,

“Not here!! Caiwei is right beside us!!”

The moment she mentioned Yun Caiwei, Yue Zhong also became clear-headed and he stopped his onslaught with extreme reluctance.

Yue Zhong had just drawn his hands back when Yun Caiwei’s petite body shook a little, as she rubbed her eyes and sat up groggily. Looking at Yue Zhong and her mother, whose clothes were in a disarray, she asked innocently,

“Mummy! What were you doing with Big Brother?”

Zhuo Yatong’s face immediately turned a deeper shade of red, since she did not know how to answer her daughter. She could not help but stare at the culprit, Yue Zhong, with a slight accusing look.

Yue Zhong’s expression did not change, as he ruffled Yun Caiwei’s hair and smiled gently,

”Go change and have dinner! There’s your favourite roast meat tonight!”

Yun Caiwei gazed at Yue Zhong and her eyes immediately lit up as she asked,

“Roast meat? Is it the same as the  tender and fragrant roast meat we ate the other day?”

That Type 2 Mutant Black-scaled Boar meat was the tastiest meat that Yun Caiwei had ever eaten, and she had constantly craved for it.

Yue Zhong smiled lightly at Yun Caiwei and said, “Mm! It’s precisely that type of meat!”

“Yayy!! Big brother is the best! This is your reward!” Yun Caiwei immediately threw herself into Yue Zhong’s arms, lowering her head and planting a kiss on his cheek.

Zhuo Yatong gazed lovingly at Yun Caiwei as she called out gently,

“Caiwei, don’t bother your big brother! Quickly go change your clothes, otherwise there won’t be any roast meat left for you.”

Yun Caiwei bolted off like a little deer and smiled back sweetly at her mother,

“Mm! Got it, mummy!”

After they had changed their clothes, Yue Zhong brought the mother and daughter pair into the dining hall.

Gu Manzi and Tong Xiaoyun were already sitting there waiting.

At this moment, the way Gu Manzi looked at Zhuo Yatong had already changed: after seeing Zhuo Yatong dispose of the Mutant Pigs so easily, her heart was now full of both envy and admiration. She wanted to become as strong as someone like Zhuo Yatong, a heroine with tyrannical strength who could freely kill all her enemies.

All sorts of delectable delicacies were laid out on the table. Fried pork loin, fried pig heart, steamed pork ribs, braised pig tail soup, roasted pork chops and a variety of other dishes were served. The tastiest was still the Type 2 Mutant Boar meat, which was much more beneficial to the human body than the normal Mutant Pig meat.

After finishing their dinner, Yue Zhong took out two Level 2 Skill Books and passed them to Tong Xiaoyun, saying,

“This is your reward. Work even harder in the future!”

Those two Level 2 Skill Books were [Explosive Strength] and [Shadow Steps]. They were also the most common Level 2 Skill books, but to normal people, these skill books were valuable beyond compare. Each Skill Book could let one possess incredible explosive power and fighting strength.

Tong Xiaoyun received the 2 Skill Books and her eyes brightened up as she smiled sweetly. With these two Level 2 Skill Books, her strength could instantly rise severalfold. After today’s battle, she had become a Level 8 Enhancer, so as long as she gained another 2 levels, she would become a Level 10 Enhancer. (TN: Like duh)

Tong Xiaoyun was elated as she hugged Yue Zhong and kissed him twice consecutively:

“Thank you, big brother Yue!!”

Gu Manzi saw that Tong Xiaoyun had received two Level 2 Skill books and her eyes flashed with a hint of envy. She walked over and hugged one of Yue Zhong’s arms, as she pressed her ample chest against him and said coquettishly,

“Brother Yue! I also want a Skill Book, can you give me one? I want to help you fight the enemies too.”

Yue Zhong glanced at Gu Manzi and directly rejected her, saying,

“No way! You don’t have the necessary courage. Once you’ve proven to me that you can fight, I will then give you a Skill Book!”

During the battle with the Mutant Pigs, driven purely by the desire for power, Tong Xiaoyun had gone to Yue Zhong’s side and had gone through a life-and-death situation with him. This led Yue Zhong to look at Tong Xiaoyun differently. Although her talent might not be as outstanding as that of Zhuo Yatong, this seemingly weak girl in junior high school possessed a courage that would put most men to shame. Yue Zhong was willing to nurture her as long as she had enough courage.

Although Gu Manzi was pretty and alluring, she still feared death like normal people did. There was nothing wrong with that in itself, but Yue Zhong did not want to waste any precious Skill Books on such a person.

Hearing those words, Gu Manzi’s expression froze, and out of sheer habit, she wanted to vent her frustrations like a spoilt child, to fling his arm away and ignore him.

However, just when she was about to shake him off, she thought back to the days when she had to worry about food and warmth in the survivor fleet, as well as the decapitated human heads that she had seen in the bloody factory. The ‘young miss’ managed to suppress her temper. It was just that there were now only feelings of grievance and envy towards Tong Xiaoyun in Gu Manzi’s heart.

Since they were going to open up the military station the next day, Yue Zhong did not do anything to Zhuo Yatong or Gu Manzi; instead, he sensibly went to bed early to replenish his own energy.

“I want to join you and fight!! I will prove my courage!!”

Early the next morning, Gu Manzi had gotten into attire and arrived in front of Yue Zhong to directly announce her intentions.

“Good! Take this!”

Yue Zhong immediately passed a Replica Tang Sword to Gu Manzi, before taking her with him to join the vehicle fleet heading towards the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Station.

After two days and one night of constant travel, Yue Zhong’s team finally managed to arrive outside the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Station, which Xu Feng pointed out.

Along the way, they saw a few scattered zombie hordes, consisting of zombies in the tens and hundreds. Those zombies were easily disposed of by Yue Zhong, White Bones, Zhuo Yatong, Xiong Zheng, Tong Xiaoyun and all the other Enhancers. After Tong Xiaoyun managed to kill an L1 zombie, she rose up in level to become a Level 9 Enhancer.

“There’s something wrong!”

Observing the extremely quiet army station, Yue Zhong’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.

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