God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 236

 Venomous Blood Essence, Dispelled by Gu Manzi!

Mahogany Town was the place where Yue Zhong had settled his people after moving away from Clear Wind Camp. It was only a small town, and prior to Z-Day, there weren’t more than 2000 people living there. It had already been opened once, hence most of the resources inside had already been cleared out, but it was still suitable to live in.

After Yue Zhong had returned to his own quarters, he took out one of the Mutant Elite Water Snakes’ blood essences and absorbed it. He did not dare to absorb it back when he was still in the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Station, in case he fell into a deep sleep or there were any unpleasant side effects. Here in Mahogany Town, there were over 2000 people nearby who could protect him.

The moment the blood essence was swallowed by Yue Zhong, it transformed into a surge of energy that circulated in his abdomen, constantly nourishing his body.

[Congratulations on gaining 7 points in Vitality and 1 point in Endurance.]

After the surging energy came to a rest, the pleasing notification resounded beside Yue Zhong’s ear.

Yue Zhong did not feel anything wrong with his body, and so he immediately proceeded to swallow the blood essence from the other Mutant Elite Water Snake too. Once again, the same sort of energy current circulated rapidly through his body, constantly nourishing it.

[Congratulations on gaining 3 points in Vitality.]

This time, the effects of the snake blood essence had diminished by over a half: evidently, Yue Zhong’s body was already beginning to develop a resistance to this type of blood essence. The blood essences of normal Mutant Water Snakes were now of no use to Yue Zhong whatsoever.

Furthermore, since he had already absorbed the blood essences of Mutant Water Snakes many times before, the enhancements he received this time around from taking the Mutant Elite Water Snake blood essence weren’t even as great as the benefits which he had gained from his first time taking the blood essence of a normal Mutant Water Snake.

Yue Zhong did not hesitate in the slightest and swallowed the last blood essence from the Type 2 Mutant Water Snake in one gulp. This time, as soon as the blood essence reached his abdomen, it transformed into a much more violent rush of energy. As the scorching energy current circulated within him, it nourished his body and made it bursting with vitality.

[Congratulations on gaining 14 points in Vitality and 5 points in Endurance.]

Following the sweet sound of a notification, Yue Zhong’s vitality (including the added bonus from equipment) reached 111 points. Even without his equipment, he still had at least 100 points in Vitality, which was 10 times that of a normal person. He immediately pulled out the Level 4 Skill Book and directly learnt it.

(TN: Level 4 Skill Book: Rebirth! – gained from killing the L3 zombie a while back)

A ray of light flashed, and within his sea of knowledge, an abstruse rune representing the Rebirth Skill was coagulated. Upon possessing this skill, Yue Zhong’s survival ability increased enormously. Even if his limbs were severed during a battle, he would still be able to make use of this skill to slowly regenerate them. With this skill, his rate of recovery also soared- in a battle where both parties possessed similar strength, this would be particularly useful.

“This time I have really gained a lot!!”

Yue Zhong could clearly feel that after this experience, his power had undergone an earthshaking change.

Suddenly, a scorching burst of energy rose from Yue Zhong’s abdomen and rushed directly to his brain. At that moment, his body heat rose dramatically, and the fiery energy almost obliterated his sense of reason.


Yue Zhong could feel that something was wrong and he immediately bolted out of the room.


There were 4 maids standing right outside his bedroom; amongst them were Ma Lili and Zeng Fang. As they saw him rushing out, they all bowed slightly and saluted him.

Both of Yue Zhong’s eyes were scarlet, filled with unbridled lust. He directly pulled Ma Lili and Zeng Fang into the room in a rather barbaric manner, and threw them onto the large bed. Without even closing the door, he immediately ripped apart Ma Lili’s clothes and directly penetrated her body.

A beautiful red flower immediately blossomed on the pure white bed sheet as Ma Lili’s eyebrows furrowed. Once the look of pain on her face had passed, a joyful expression soon appeared as she took the initiative to hug Yue Zhong and kiss him on the face.

In the current apocalyptic age, if a girl wanted to live on comfortably, then they would have to become a strong Enhancer like Ji Qingwu, who possessed superb combat awareness and instincts. Alternatively, they could be like Yao Yao, who became a powerful Evolver from the very start. Other than that, most of the girls living through the apocalypse right now could only rely on a strong person to live well.

Ma Lili belonged to the category where she had nothing other than her looks. She did not have any other outstanding talents, and so she could only attach herself to Yue Zhong. Yue Zhong didn’t enjoy tormenting girls like the perverted Lie Tianyang, and he also had great abilities and strength; this made her adore him to no end.

It was just that there were already outstanding beauties like Gu Manzi, Zhuo Yatong and Tong Xiaoyun beside him, hence Ma Lili knew that it was very difficult for her to receive Yue Zhong’s attention. She actually felt very happy and proud for him to treat her in such a manner today.

As Zeng Fang watched the entangled couple, her charming face blushed a little before she took off her clothes as well. She was left wearing only black laced underwear and a black flowery bra, making her seem even more appealing than before.

After she had removed her clothes, Zeng Fang also climbed onto the huge bed. She stuck out her tongue and licked all over Yue Zhong’s body like a lamia, livening things up even more.

Under Yue Zhong’s powerful assault, Ma Lili soon gave a huge groan of pleasure before collapsing powerlessly.

Yue Zhong directly dragged Zeng Fang over and stacked her on top of Ma Lili, before proceeding to fiercely penetrate her body as well. Once again, a beautiful red flower blossomed upon the (partly) snow-white bed sheet.

The two other maidservants standing outside heard all sorts of sounds from within the room and their faces turned red. They were no longer naive little girls after being immersed in the explosive information age. Naturally, they fully understood what was going on within the room. They couldn’t help themselves from feeling jealous and envious of the two girls who had obtained Yue Zhong’s favor. After this, Zeng Fang and Ma Lili’s positions would certainly be above theirs.

The two pretty maids outside glanced at each other and couldn’t help feeling curious as they peered into the room that had its door wide open.

A petite maid stared fixedly at Yue Zhong before inadvertently blurting out,

“So big!”

A curious light flashed past the eyes of the pretty, baby-faced maid as she said,

“Master really is quite robust! Will Zeng Fang still be okay after this?”

“Hehe, little Jie. Since Zeng Fang has been ‘broken’ by Master, why don’t you go over and help?”

“Pah! You damn girl, watch if I don’t tear your mouth apart!”


Those 2 girls laughed loudly outside the door. Even though Chen Ming had gone to take care of governmental affairs, the orders that he had laid out before were extremely strict; even though those two maidservants wanted to obtain Yue Zhong’s affection, without him actually calling them in, they did not dare to enter.

Right at this time, Gu Manzi walked over and saw the commotion. She frowned and asked,

“What are the two of you doing?”

The two maids instantly straightened up and said anxiously,

“Miss Manzi!!”

Gu Manzi had also heard the peculiar sounds coming from within the room. She looked inside and saw the scene could make the girls blush.

Even though Gu Manzi was usually full of jealousy and lacked the courage to fight, she was not stupid at all. She immediately inferred that something was wrong with Yue Zhong,

“That’s not right! Yue Zhong is normally not someone without restraint. Even if he did want to sleep with these two girls, he definitely wouldn’t leave the door open. There must be something wrong with his body. I should go ask Zhuo Yatong for advice.”

Just as she was about to leave, Gu Manzi suddenly remembered how many times she had disappointed Yue Zhong before. She paused for a moment before coldly ordering the two maids,

“What has happened here, no one is to talk about it, understood?”

The two maidservants didn’t dare to argue with Gu Manzi and replied,

“Yes! Miss Manzi!”

As Gu Manzi strode into the room and closed the door, she saw Yue Zhong ravaging the 2 girls. Gritting her teeth, she took off her own clothes, revealing her ample breasts, tender white skin and her incredibly sexy figure that was full of youthful vigor.

Carrying a fragrant scent on her, she entwined around Yue Zhong like a bewitching lamia, before kissing him on the face.

Yue Zhong had already pounded Zeng Fang until her body was sore. He swiftly grabbed Gu Manzi and pressed her onto him, directly penetrating her beautiful body.

Once again, another bright-colored rose blossomed on the bed sheet. Within Gu Manzi’s eyes, there were two limpid teardrops suspended there. Before the ‘end of the world’, she had been a proud, swan-like princess who countless men had pursued. After the world has changed though, she actually had to resort to measures like this to obtain the affection of the man in front of her. Even though she had long since mentally prepared herself, she still could not help tearing up a little at the thought.

(Divinecelestialbeinglol: Kun has been ranting about how the bed sheet could still be magically snow-white even after taking the ‘cherries’ of three girls, which is how the bed sheet is always described in the raws lol)

Yue Zhong hugged Gu Manzi’s alluring body as he pounded for a long time, before finally releasing his seed into her. By doing so, the aphrodisiac poison from the Type 2 Mutant Water Snake’s blood essence was also completely expelled.

(TN: I’m guessing that the poison wasn’t expelled… uhhh… into her, or it had already been nullified and basically dissipated upon release)

After his release, Yue Zhong quickly woke up and saw the three women whom he had just devastated. They looked very weak and were collapsed sloppily upon the bed. He felt slightly apologetic, yet there was also a strange feeling in his heart.

“It’s a pity! If only I had done it when I was still wide awake! ”

-( -_-  really?!)-/ …well at least he’s honest…

Yue Zhong looked again at the three incredibly beautiful ladies around him and his eyes flashed with a hint of regret. Drawing the three beauties into his embrace, he then fell into a deep sleep.

Early the next morning, Yue Zhong’s nose felt itchy and he couldn’t help but sneeze. He opened his eyes and saw Gu Manzi using her fine black hair to tickle his nose.

Gu Manzi propped up her charming face with both her hands as she gave Yue Zhong a bewitching smile and said,

“Good morning! Brother Yue!”

Her lush black hair, smooth white skin, ample chest, deep cleavage and exquisite facial features made it so that when Yue Zhong looked at her, the breathtakingly beautiful scene brought about a sudden urge in him.


Yue Zhong pulled her over into his embrace and kissed her extraordinarily beautiful face. His slight dissatisfaction with her vanished like smoke in thin air: even if she did not have any courage or battle strength, it was still alright. In any case, he was there to shoulder everything before them.

Zeng Fang and Ma Lili had also just woken up. They looked at Gu Manzi with envy, but they didn’t go over to compete with her.

After this eventful night, Zeng Fang and Ma Lili’s statuses soared; other than Zhuo Yatong and the other three girls (Gu Manzi, Tong Xiaoyun, Yun Caiwei), the rest of the community all began to show more respect to them. The knot in Gu Manzi’s heart was also undone, seeing as she had now found her own place. She was starting to exude an astonishing feminine allure.

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