God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 241

Title Withheld!

After Yue Zhong gained control over Ning Guang County, he immediately increased the rations from 1 bowl of gruel to 3 bowls a day for the survivors, hence gaining the appreciation of most of them.

The original 6 battalions of Ning Guang County also went through changes, with Yue Zhong only selecting the best. With the original soldiers under him as the main core, he formed a strengthened regiment that comprised 4 battalions.

Liu Erhei, Xiong Zheng and Zhang Niujiang were all promoted to become Camp Leaders. From the previous battle in which Guo Quan’s decisive actions had caught Yue Zhong’s eye, Guo Quan had also now been promoted to a Company Leader.

After the battalion was formed, Yue Zhong continuously put them under strict training. The meat from the Type 2 Mutant Water Snake was also beneficial in boosting the recovery rate and strength of the soldiers who were pushed past their daily limits in training, letting them enter a period of immense growth.

“There’s news of Yue Zhong!”

In Qing Yuan County’s conference hall, Chi Yang had gathered all the high-ranking officers.

Da Gouzi could not help but exclaim,

“Where is Boss Yue right now??”

Lu Wen was also anxious and she asked,

“Chi Yang, where is Yue Zhong! Quickly tell us!”

“Vice Commander Chi, where is Captain Yue right now? Tell us quickly!!”

Liu Yan asked with scarlet eyes.

The rest of the people gathered also looked towards Chi Yang anxiously, awaiting info about  Yue Zhong’s location.

After Yue Zhong had lured the Type 2 Mutant Black-scaled Ferocious Boar away to protect the 1st Battalion’s main soldiers and was declared missing, Qing Yuan County had lost their core. Some were even affected adversely. However, under Chi Yang’s leadership, they stuck to their plans according to Yue Zhong’s instructions. As per normal they continued to clear the zombies and expand outwards while looking for other survivors and rations. They simply didn’t engage in any major operations.

Chi Yang’s expression did not falter as he replied lightly,

“Yue Zhong is currently in Ning Guang County. He has subdued them and established another stronghold. He is currently the leader of over 17,000 people.”

17,000 people!!

Hearing that number, the officials present could not help but let loose a cool breath. During the time that Yue Zhong was declared missing, they also had a huge number of survivors join them, but their total number was still currently only 12,000. Yue Zhong had actually established such a huge base all by himself, and in such a short period of time as well! It filled them with veneration, yet also pressure of some sort!

Guo Yu’s pretty features were currently frowning as she said worriedly,

“Ning Guang County! That’s the county just down from SY County right! There is a huge sea of zombies there blocking the way, and their numbers are definitely above 10,000.”

Guo Yu was in charge of gathering intelligence, and so she was very clear on the information about the huge sea of zombies.

Obtaining intel was a very important task. If they received knowledge of an impending zombie horde, they could set things in motion to prepare for a counter-attack or defense. Therefore, there was a specific department set up purely for gathering information.

After Yue Zhong had ‘swallowed’ Ning Guang County, his total number of dependants had well exceeded the number in Qing Yuan County. However, their fighting force and administrative system could not compare to Qing Yuan County at all.

Chi Yang had a serious expression as he said,

“That’s right! Yue Zhong has requested that we start an attack on the horde towards Ning Guang County. He will also dispatch people to attack from his side. From now on, our main priority is to clear the zombies on the road towards Ning Guang County. I hope that everybody will give their all as the faster we clear a path, the faster we can meet up with Yue Zhong again.”


All of them replied loudly in unison and their morale reached a high.

After coming to a decision, the entire Qing Yuan County went up in a buzz. All the elite warriors of the First and Second Battalion were mobilized to head towards Ning Guang County’s direction and commence small-scale attacks on the zombie hordes.

“Brother Yue, did you want me for something?”

Back in Ning Guang County, after an entire day of training, the originally fair-skinned beauty Tong Xiaoyun had now become quite tanned; she came up to Yue Zhong’s side and asked curiously.

Zhuo Yatong and Tong Xiaoyun both joined in the tough military training that the soldiers of the forces undertook. Both of them originally had fair, satiny skin, which was now quite tanned.

Both Zhuo Yatong and Tong Xiaoyun hoped to gain more strength to fight alongside Yue Zhong. As for Gu Manzi, Ma Lili and Zeng Fang, they were unwilling to put themselves through all that hellish training, preferring to enjoy the lavish lifestyle within the comfort of the villa instead.

“Eat this!”

Yue Zhong took out a pink Snake Birth Fruit and gave it to Tong Xiaoyun.

Once she had received it, Tong Xiaoyan popped it into her mouth without any hesitation. After spending quite a lot of time together, she knew that Yue Zhong would definitely not harm her.

As soon as the pink Snake Birth Fruit entered Tong Xiaoyun’s abdomen, it transformed into a warm surge of energy that started to strengthen every part of her body. She was immediately affected by the rise in temperature and her own body started burning up. Feeling light-headed and short of breath, she promptly fainted in Yue Zhong’s arms.

“Husband! What are you doing?”

Zhuo Yatong looked at the limp Tong Xiaoyun in Yue Zhong’s arms, wrinkled her nose and said tactfully,

“If you want her, just let her know. Why do you need to resort to means like drugging her?”

Tong Xiaoyun had a reddish hue to her skin and was breathing heavily. In addition to the fact that she was collapsed limply in Yue Zhong’s embrace, it looked as if she had just been drugged and was about to be taken advantage of. Yue Zhong looked at Zhuo Yatong and said lightly,

“I’m just trying to help her evolve!”

Zhuo Yatong carefully observed Tong Xiaoyun again, before saying apologetically,

“I’m sorry, I’ve wronged you.”

Yue Zhong just smiled to show that he didn’t take it to heart.

Tong Xiaoyun had a fever for the entire day. She woke up the next day and the moment she awakened, she saw Yue Zhong sitting beside her.

Yue Zhong looked at Tong Xiaoyun as she awoke and he smiled lightly,

“You’re awake! Feeling better?”

Tong Xiaoyun looked at Yue Zhong excitedly and exclaimed,

“Mm! I’m much better!! Brother Yue, I’ve become an Evolver! I am a Spirit-attributed Evolver and I even possess the Telekinesis Ability!!”

To demonstrate, she pointed to her right and a flower vase flew straight into her hands. It really was telekinesis.

Upon obtaining this ability, Tong Xiaoyun was elated and she continually moved different objects about the room, making them fly around.

Yue Zhong looked at Tong Xiaoyun indulging in her new ability and asked,

“Can you try moving me?”

Yue Zhong wanted to see if this new ability could be used on humans. If so, then this ability was truly overpowered. It could almost be invincible.

“I’ll try!”

Tong Xiaoyun’s eyebrows furrowed as she used her ability on Yue Zhong. However, when the power landed on Yue Zhong, it felt like a stone sinking down into the huge ocean- there was no effect.

“It’s no use!”

Tong Xiaoyun said dejectedly.

Yue Zhong consoled her,

“It’s alright. Your power is already strong enough as it is. I’m guessing that this ability cannot be used on living things. But you can definitely use your telekinesis to make use of objects to attack enemies. If you’re strong enough, I think you could even stop bullets.”


Tong Xiaoyun nodded her head as she looked down at her hands. She was taken aback before running to the washroom and squealing,

“My skin is fair again. My skin is fair again!!”

After consuming the Snake Birth Fruit, she had undergone a transformation and the pollutants in her body were dispelled. Even her skin that had become tanned under the sun regained its fairness.

[Divine: Yue Zhong is going to make a fortune from selling this miraculous fruit to all those peerless oval-faced beauties with jade-like snow-white skin and charming eyes out there!…]

Tong Xiaoyun had chosen to go through the high intensity training with the soldiers. Even though she had gained strong combat abilities, she was still a girl and as she watched her skin become more and more tanned under the sun as the days went by, she also felt pained.

“Brother Yue! You’re the best!”

Tong Xiaoyun ran out from the bathroom and leapt into Yue Zhong’s arms, kissing his face a few times.

Being kissed by a beauty was definitely something Yue Zhong felt good about. He lowered his head to kiss Tong Xiaoyun, and she responded by wrapping her arms around Yue Zhong and began to passionately make out with him.

Once their lips had parted, a thin strand of saliva still hanging between them broke.

Tong Xiaoyun’s face turned a deep shade of red once again, but this time her eyes seemed to fog over as she licked her lips seductively and said,

“Brother Yue, I’m all yours!”

Her joy at successfully becoming an Evolver, as well as her gratitude and veneration towards Yue Zhong, culminated in an overwhelming desire to express her love physically.

Yue Zhong stared at the welcoming beauty before him, a delicate, alluring girl who was still in her youth, and he couldn’t help but feel some arousement in his heart.

“Husband, something’s happened! The military has sent people over!”

Right when Yue Zhong was about to start doing something, Zhuo Yatong pushed open the door and walked in, her face full of worry.

“What? The army is attacking?”

Yue Zhong’s face paled, and all notions of getting frisky with Tong Xiaoyun immediately went out the door as he strode outside.

Tong Xiaoyun cursed the army under her breath for having such bad timing. She fixed her clothes and donned her protective equipment, before taking up her Tang Replica Sword and walking out.

Not far from Ning Guang County, there was an army squad dressed neatly in proper army uniform that looked extremely well-disciplined. They advanced towards Ning Guang County in Armed Personnel Carriers (APCs), with two Infantry Fighting Vehicles and two 122mm Self-propelled Howitzers leading the way.

“This is going to be tough!”

Standing on high ground with a reconnaissance company, Guo Quan observed the neatly-dressed, well-trained official military soldiers and his eyebrows furrowed tightly.

Yue Zhong had obtained ten Type 69 Tanks and even some 122mm Self-propelled Howitzers when he had opened up the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Station. However, the problem was that there was no one under him who knew how to operate these modern weapons. That time when he had taken over Ning Guang County, the 4 tanks were purely there to intimidate the enemy and not a single shot was fired.

Right now, the approaching official military force possessed two IFVs. Even more fearsome was the fact that there were also two 122mm Self-propelled Howitzers. Furthermore, they had an entire battalion of properly-trained soldiers, with fighting strength that might even exceed ten times that of the 3000 soldiers once under Tao Zhengyi.

Just when the army had reached the gates of Ning Guang County, Xu Feng brought a white flag as he walked towards the army and said,

“I am Ning Guang County’s representative Xu Feng and I hope to exchange a few words with your commander.”

Two of the soldiers stared at Xu Feng coldly before saying heavily,


Under the watchful escort of the 2 soldiers, Xu Feng was sent into the midst of one of the battalions to see the leader of this entourage.

“Damn! What a stunning yet cold beauty!”

The moment Xu Feng entered the camp, he saw an absolute beauty with a head of jet-black long hair and an incredibly sexy body that would not lose to that of Zhuo Yatong, However, she possessed an icy personality that seemed to even seep out from her bones, causing him to exclaim out loud.

Two other ladies dressed similarly in military uniform, also with striking features, stood to either side of that peerless beauty. All three of them seemed to form a picture of a safflower flanked by its beautiful green leaves.

“I am Shen Xue, the leader that you seek. What do you want! Speak!”

The ice-cold beauty stared at Xu Feng and coldly asked.

Xu Feng replied without skipping a beat,

“I am Xu Feng, a subordinate of Ning Guang County’s leader Yue Zhong. May I be so bold as to ask, what’s the purpose of this visit by the esteemed army to our Ning Guang County?”

One of the beauties, who was tall, extremely refined, had short hair and a goose-egg face, spoke out smilingly,

“Hi there, Xu Feng. I am Lǚ Ning. The municipal leading body of SY County has a very good impression of your group of survivors, having reorganized yourselves, rescued the masses and defended your resources. This time, the purpose of our visit is to convey the message from SY County, that there will be an appointed leader being sent down to take over. Your survivors will soon be able to return to the government and reunite with the other citizens.”

(TN: goose-egg face is just another one of those Chinese beauty things…it’s basically self-explanatory)

Standing to the left of Shen Xue was the short-haired Lǚ Ning, while standing to the right was a beauty with an oval face, Gao Lina. They were Shen Xue’s confidants and best friends.

When Xu Feng heard this, he knew Lǚ Ning and the rest were here to capture Ning Guang County, this big fat piece of meat. Yue Zhong had not taken over for a very long time and another tiger who had been eyeing this piece of meat had now made its move.

Xu Feng pondered a while, before replying warmly,

“Ning Guang County already has a decent government and administration set-up, we do not need any new leaders. Please head back to SY County.”

Shen Xue immediately refused flatly,

“You go back and tell Yue Zhong! Tell him to surrender immediately and I’ll spare his life. Otherwise, when my army attacks Ning Guang County, I will definitely take his life. I’m only giving you people 30 minutes to consider! Now go back!”

Xu Feng had wanted to reply, but was forcefully sent out by Shen Xue’s subordinates.

Seeing that Xu Feng had been dismissed, Lǚ Ning laughed at Shen Xue,

“Xuexue, you’re so aggressive!”

With an electric gaze, Shen Xue stared at her friend and said,

“This is wartime! You should address me as Battalion Commander Shen!”

Lǚ Ning laughed lightly and said,

“Yes! Yes! Commander Shen! You’re so overbearing. That Yue Zhong really doesn’t know what’s good for him. He actually wants to reject our Commander Shen, he really is courting death!”

Shen Xue’s eyes flashed with a resolute gleam,

“When our nation is facing a crisis, those who establish their own base of operations are the worst kind of scum. I will definitely wipe them out and let them know the prowess of the People’s Liberation Army.”

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