God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 243

Yue Zhong takes on the Military!

Right as the bullets were about to land on Yue Zhong, he did a side-step and easily evaded them! He took a glance at the location of the hidden snipers: ever since he had evolved, his senses heightened, which allowed him to pinpoint their location accurately. He cocked his .05 Silenced Submachine Gun and fired rapidly in their direction, immediately killing one.

The other sniper had a stronger perception of danger; after that gunfire, he immediately ducked behind other cover.

Yue Zhong did not continue harassing the other sniper- instead he rushed towards that platoon of soldiers like a tank.

After the earlier skirmish by Yue Zhong, that platoon had only 10 soldiers left. As Yue Zhong suddenly broke through to their location, he fired continuously and killed the remaining 10 soldiers.

After annihilating the line of warriors, with a flash, Yue Zhong continued towards the back of the military.

“What a freak!!”

The remaining sniper hugged his own rifle, as he looked at Yue Zhong rushing towards the military’s camp. His face was white, as he had just witnessed the prowess of someone who, by his own strength, managed to decimate an entire squad of elite military soldiers.

The sniper also knew of the existence of Enhancers and Evolvers while he was at SY County. Those who could wipe out an entire squadron on their own, even amongst the 12000 survivors in SY County, numbered 10 at most.

Yue Zhong had just continued not far, before a Type 92 Infantry Fighting Vehicle appeared in front of him. There was a ZPT90 25mm Machine Cannon mounted on top of it, releasing a huge wild burst of gunfire towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s Danger Perception Skill had already notified him of the danger; just as the ZPT90 set its sights on him, he had already dashed swiftly to the side.

The majority of the bullets from the ZPT90 hit blank air and caused the area to be filled with potholes.

The soldiers from another company were currently using Type QLZ06 .35mm Grenade Launchers and .03 Rifles to fire crazily at Yue Zhong.

(Similar to this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_87_grenade_launcher  and this is gross: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/QBZ-03 )

A few soldiers were also continuously firing mortars at Yue Zhong.

The resulting explosions continued to ring out and the gunfire didn’t seem to cease at all. Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps and his speed jumped up to a level that was 10 times that of a normal being. In that huge barrage of bullets, Yue Zhong continued to evade only the heavy firepower that posed a danger to him, while the other bullets continued to land and deflect off of his Encompassing Body Armor.

Yue Zhong didn’t dare to stay at the same location for more than a second, as he had no confidence in surviving.

Just when he managed to roll towards a huge rock by the road, he felt his heart skip a beat. Without time to take a breath, he leapt again towards the other side.

With a ‘Bang’, the stone that Yue Zhong had dodged from was instantly smashed into smithereens by the anti-tank missile.

Yue Zhong himself had just jumped out from that rock, when he felt 2 grenades exploding about 2m to his right, and the shrapnel and shockwave propelled him to another side.

“He should be dead by now!”

Seeing how Yue Zhong was faced with attack after attack, most of the warriors in the army had that single thought in their minds. Watching Yue Zhong face the hail of bullets earlier had given them a sort of shock and feeling of crisis.

After Yue Zhong was bombarded by those projectiles, he braved the shock wave from the grenade explosion, before rolling on the ground and standing up immediately. He opened his hands. A number of hand grenades flew out from his hands towards the soldiers and exploded.

Those soldiers who were unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast radius died one by one.

Yue Zhong continued running, carrying his .05 Silenced Submachine Gun and firing continuously into the army camp.

(https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/QCW-05 )

Although his aiming and firearms control was superb, the soldiers were spread out too far and were hiding behind cover; in the end, Yue Zhong only managed to kill 2 soldiers in his first bout of bullets.

“This battle is too tough!”

Yue Zhong continued to run away frantically, while dodging the constant attacks from the military.

Seeing that normal rifle bullets could not do a thing to Yue Zhong, the soldiers had added heavy weaponry and explosives to their attacks, giving Yue Zhong immense pressure and preventing him from advancing any further.

“I can’t go in like this. Otherwise, Ning Guang County is sure to fall!”

With a flash of his intense speed, he dodged an incoming missile, before a gleam appeared in his eyes. He swapped out the .05 Silenced Submachine Gun for a PF98 Anti-Tank Missile Launcher.

In the midst of his running, he had thrown a glance towards the entire camp from afar. Swiftly, he aimed at a small mortar troop and fired a shot!

Yue Zhong’s current agility was at 111 points, his actions faster than the human eye. Before the soldiers even had a chance to react, they received a huge rocket in the midst of their mortar troop.

When that rocket exploded, a fearsome shockwave and a huge amount of shrapnel immediately shot outwards in all directions, killing 5 soldiers and heavily injuring 7 others, causing them to scream in agony.

The moment he attacked, Yue Zhong was like a spectre and swiftly swapped out another rocket in the PF98, before taking careful aim and firing at a Type 92 IFV.

With another ‘bang’, the rocket pierced through the armor of the IFV and exploded, resulting in a huge fireball. The 9 warriors in the IFV as well as 4 others hiding beside it were instantly killed.

Yue Zhong shifted his body again and continuously fired the anti-tank missiles into the army camp.

Loud explosions occurred one after another and soon, the entire army camp was plunged into a fiery hell. Many soldiers were either killed by the explosions or trapped in the fires. Throughout the camp, chaos ensued.

Under that continuous fire from Yue Zhong, the casualties increased and a total of over 70 soldiers had been either killed or injured, diminishing their overall strength greatly.

After confirming that he had caused enough chaos to bring down the fighting capabilities of the camp, Yue Zhong continued to rush forward like a spectre, with the intention of wiping out all the soldiers.

“Commander! Please send aid!! I need aid!! If you don’t send anybody, the soldiers will be killed by that monster!!”

The 3rd Company’s leader Gu Jian who was tasked to delay Yue Zong was currently pleading with a pale face and exasperated voice.

Shen Xue glared at him coldly, with her fury and killing intent billowing out:

“Gu Jian!! I told you guys to delay Yue Zhong, how are you guys this bad? You still haven’t killed him and yet you dare to ask for reinforcements?

Gu Jian gritted his teeth and replied,

“That Yue Zhong is impervious to bullets and his aim is too efficient. He can still pull out PF98s to fire 120mm rounds at us. The amount of firepower he has is infinite, how do you expect us to fight against this freak?!?!”

Shen Xue replied coldly,

“I don’t care! You have to use whatever men you have to delay him for another 2 hours!! After these 2 hours, we will have conquered Ning Guang County. Once we have conquered Ning Guang County, it is our victory!!”

Under the fierce attack of the army, Guo Quan’s forces had already been worn down by a large extent; as long as they gave it more effort, the army could proceed to attack Ning Guang County soon.

Shen Xue knew that with a civilian army like Yue Zhong and Guo Quan, the ones who actually knew warfare and could put up a fight did not number many. As long as they could take down Guo Quan who was stubbornly holding on, there shouldn’t be any other major threat to the army’s advance into Ning Guang County.

Shen Xue looked coldly once more at Gu Jian and ordered,

“Obey my commands! Immediately go attack Yue Zhong with all you have!”

Gu Jian’s lips quivered. In the end, he could only bite down as he saluted Shen Xue and replied, “Understood!”

Right at this time, Lǚ Níng rushed into the room with a shocked expression as she reported in a fluster,

“Commander Shen!! The 3rd Company… the 3rd Company has been wiped out by Yue Zhong!!”

Gu Jian’s face promptly turned deathly white.

Shen Xue crossed her fingers together, and her face took on an unsightly green. She had a total of 4 companies with her and 1 entire company had been taken out by Yue Zhong, if this continued, it was hard to say whether they could even survive against his attacks.

Right at this time, another soldier was shouting into the radio,

“Commander!! This is the 4th Company, the enemy’s firepower is too strong! Requesting for aid!! Please send reinforcements!!”

Shen Xue immediately made a decision and gave it: “2nd Company, immediately send all your troops to support 4th Company. 1st Company, stop your attack and return to camp! Lǚ Níng, Gao Lina, follow me!”

When Shen Xue gave her orders, the 2nd Company that was standing by immediately poured towards the back of the army camp.

When the soldiers of the 2nd Company arrived for help, the pressure on Yue Zhong rose exponentially, and the increase in firepower suppressed him till the point that he couldn’t even lift his head.

“The intensity of the attack has risen! Another company must have joined in!”

Yue Zhong did not stop running as he didn’t dare stay in the same spot for too long. He kept running and seeking cover, while constantly assessing the enemies’ strength. The greater the pressure grew for him, the less pressure on Ning Guang County.

When Shen Xue arrived at the front lines and saw the countless injured soldiers and dismembered bodies lying around, her face turned ashen.

All of a sudden, 2 grenades flew high and landed on the battlefield, resulting in huge explosions, killing 3 soldiers, while another 2 immediately fainted upon receiving broken bones.

After a few seconds, another rocket was fired, and the heavy machine gunners, as well as the light machine gunners were all decimated. Even 3 normal soldiers were injured by the resulting shrapnel, as they fell to ground and screamed in agony.The entire battlefield was filled with blood, gore, and the countless sounds of agony and pain.  All the while, the military soldiers’ morale was steadily dropping.

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