God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 244

 Revolt and Chaos!

Half of an entire company, which was equipped with modern weaponry and had undergone strict military training, was actually suppressed by a single person, all the while facing the deaths of their comrades as well as explosions. The desolate scene caused the fighting morale amongst the soldiers to plummet.

Shen Xue almost wore down her teeth with her grinding; if this continued on, the 2nd Company and 4th Company would most likely face the same outcome facing Yue Zhong. Even if she brought her troops to attack Ning Guang County, she might not even have enough troops left afterwards to deal with Yue Zhong, and would likely face death as well.

“Yue Zhong!! I am Commander Shen Xue, I have told my men to stop all advance and attacks on Ning Guang County. Please stay your hands immediately, and let’s discuss terms!”

Shen Xue had gone to the broadcast machine and used that crispy clear voice of hers to speak to Yue Zhong.

Initially of course, Shen Xue was filled with confidence that her trained troops would be able to overcome this motley crew of bandits. However, now that she was facing the fact that an entire company of hers had been wiped out by a single Yue Zhong, she had no chance but to lower her head to ask for mercy and negotiations.

Only those with equal strength had the justification to negotiate. If one of them didn’t possess the necessary strength, then asking for negotiations was a joke.

Yue Zhong was currently hiding behind a huge rock as he coldly called out,

“Leave behind a company’s worth of equipment as compensation, then you can leave! Otherwise, I will kill your guys off slowly!”

After becoming an Evolver, Yue Zhong’s strength had gained an immense boost. As long as he didn’t face a direct explosion head on, the shockwaves and shrapnel actually did not cause him any permanent harm. This was a great boon for his survival on the battlefield. In addition to his Encompassing Body Armor and the inexhaustible amount of firepower in his storage ring, he was truly a fearsome killing machine. Wiping out the battalion of soldiers under Shen Xue entirely was only a matter of time.

“What guts!!”


“We’ll fight to the death! Even if I, your father, were to die, I would still go down taking a bite out of you!”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s arrogant words, the soldiers on Shen Xue’s side were all infuriated and decided to fight it out with him!

Shen Xue was also riled up by his words and her chest heaved, while her eyes flashed with a murderously cold light.

Right at this time, Lǚ Níng walked up to the broadcast radio and spoke placidly,

“Yue Zhong, I am Staff Officer Lǚ Níng from the 3rd Battalion of the XX Regiment. The 3 battalions are just a small part of SY County’s army, if you decide to continue fighting us, regardless of the outcome today, SY County will not sit back and rest. Your power may be strong, but likewise, SY County has a number of experts- adding on to the strength of the Army, it’s enough to thrash the Ning Guang County that you have established countless times. This time, it was a misunderstanding on our part. Can we negotiate properly to address this and not resort to damaging our relationship any further?”

Lǚ Níng’s words had struck Yue Zhong’s weak point. Yue Zhong had obtained information from different survivors on the fighting capabilities of SY County, which far surpassed that of Qing Yuan County. Although those survivors did not know everything, they could confirm that SY County’s military possessed helicopters, Type 69 tanks and all sorts of other types of modern weaponry. Their total strength was much more superior!

Yue Zhong could suppress a platoon by himself, whilst he could destroy a company with some difficulty. Engaging an entire battalion in combat was enough to make him evade with all his might, while he could only continually pick off the soldiers one by one. If he were to face an entire regiment, even by the time they had finished attacking Ning Guang County, Yue Zhong could not finish off the entire battalion.

In Ning Guang County, Yue Zhong had 4 battalions of warriors, but facing against the well-trained troops of the military, even just 1 battalion was enough to thrash his troops.

Yue Zhong contemplated for a while, before he responded coolly,

“Alright! Leave and I will not pursue this matter!!”

As he still hadn’t bridged the gap between him and Qing Yuan County, Yue Zhong did not possess the strength to face SY County’s military yet. If he waited for the distance to be bridged, reestablished connections with his base at QingYuan County, and armed his people there with the weaponry he had retrieved from the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Station, he would then possess the confidence and strength to face SY County.

Shen Xue intercepted coldly,

“3000 tonnes of rations!! Give us 3000 tonnes of rations to compensate our losses!”

After the apocalypse, food rations had become the currency and in SY County, the strongest currency was precisely food. 3000 tonnes of food was not a small amount. However, compared to Shen Xue’s loss of the 2 Howitzers as well as the 100+ soldiers, it wasn’t worth comparing.

“Then you can all go and die! SY County may be strong and I know that. If they want to force an entry, I am naturally unable to hold them back! After killing you all, I will immediately head over to SY County and assassinate all the officials. I will kill more than 10 a day- after a month, I see how many officials your SY County will have left!”

“Even in the worst case scenario where I cannot assassinate them, I would have no issues killing all the small fries. Each day I will kill over a 100- after a month, an entire regiment would be wiped out by me! By that time, the entire SY County will be mine! Why should I even waste my time talking with you here!”

Yue Zhong’s fury and killing intent billowed out, resounding across the entire field. He would definitely not soften in front of Shen Xue: whoever gave in during this time and period, other people would then follow suit to take advantage of that weakling.

Tao Zhengyi had chosen to attack Yue Zhong’s Clear Wind Camp because they had run out of ammunition at that time, making them tantamount to a fat piece of meat waiting to be gobbled up, and he had wanted to be the one who ate that meat. Due to that, Yue Zhong had retaliated and saw that Ning Guang County’s fighting capabilities were subpar. In this world, no one dared to showcase their weakness.

Hearing those words filled with killing intent, the entire battalion shuddered in their hearts. Yue Zhong possessed supernatural shooting skills, plus he had that armor on him which deflected almost every single bullet. Furthermore, he seemed to possess unlimited firepower; with his abilities, it would be easy for him to assassinate all the officials, needless to say the killing of the normal soldiers. If Yue Zhong really went ahead, it would spell disaster for all the common soldiers in SY County.

“Damn rebel!”

Shen Xue’s entire body was trembling with fury from Yue Zhong’s threat, as no one had dared utter such words in her presence before.

Lǚ Níng grabbed Shen Xue’s hands, while shaking her head, before using the broadcast radio to speak to Yue Zhong again,

“Yue Zhong, you don’t have to be like this. We just want 3000 tonnes of rations. However, let’s make it an exchange, we will give you 150kg of gold.”  

(UBPC: 330.69 pounds)

As the saying goes, hoard antiques in times of wealth, buy gold in times of trouble. Gold was the common currency in the world, which could affect people’s greed. Even when the world was in turmoil from the changes, gold represented a source of currency as well. Initially, in Qing Yuan County, other than food rations, gold was the next source of currency that could be used.

Yue Zhong pondered for a while more before replying,

“Alright! I promise you. Now please bring your army and retreat beyond 5 km, we’ll carry out the exchange tonight.”

Lǚ Níng keenly captured the change in attitude amongst Yue Zhong’s words, as she smiled and said,

“Yue Zhong. I think you must have run into some problems, do you need us to help you? As long as you are willing to give the right amount, we are willing to assist you.”

Yue Zhong replied blandly,

“No need! Indeed, I have some issues that cropped up, but it doesn’t concern you guys.”

Yue Zhong had indeed met some problems.

“The government has sent the army to deal with Yue Zhong!! Kill!! Kill his men!! As long as we kill his men, when the army enters the city, all of you will be rewarded!”

Within Ning Guang County, Tao Zhengyi, who was flanked by Zhang Bao on his left and Niu Sheng on his right, was hollering at the top of his voice.

When he got wind of the news that the Army was attacking, Tao Zhengyi made use of the opportunity to kill the warriors who were keeping watch on him with Zhang Bao and Niu Sheng. After he left his compound, he then made use of his past influence to gather a small troop. He was currently killing and pillaging in Ning Guang County, creating chaos.

Tao Zhengyi was vicious in his methods as well. He knew that Yue Zhong’s warriors were strong, yet compared to the actual military, they did not amount to much. He wanted to plunge Ning Guang County in chaos and control the army from within. When the city was successfully breached, he would be the person who had contributed the most. Not only could he make use of that to get on the SY County’s army good side, he could exact revenge on Yue Zhong for taking over Ning Guang County.

Tao Zhengyi was currently leading a force of over 40 people and wreaking chaos in Ning Guang County, killing, raping and setting fire, creating a commotion.

Within the unrest, many of the survivors were also affected by the chaos and madness. They began killing, raping and setting fire as well, and the entire Ning Guang County was in a mess.

“Everybody return to your living quarters!! All those who are still on streets will be shot on the spot for treason!”

As the head policeman, Wang Jian had immediately brought his well-trained police officers and they were diligently putting down the unease and troublemakers.

Wang Jian started executing those survivors who were swept along with the madness one by one. A large number of the survivors had now returned to their own accommodations to wait out the uncertainty. Whoever became the new overseer of Ning Guang County, they could only accept it helplessly.

“Kill him!”

Tao Zhengyi noticed Wang Jian and his team of policemen who were suppressing the chaos, and gave an order to Zhang Bao and Niu Sheng to take him down.

Zhang Bao roared in anger and activated his Werewolf Transformation Skill. His entire body started sprouting fur and the muscles on his body became larger and taut, while his hands turned monstrous with huge claws. With his entire body elongating, he soon became a terrifying werewolf over 2m tall.

On the other side, Niu Sheng’s eyes gleamed as he held up a huge shield weighing over 200kg and charged at Wang Jian. He was a Strength-based Evolver and the 200kg shield in his arms was considered light to him. Under the protection of that shield, none of the bullets could not penetrate or hurt him.

Zhang Bao and Niu Sheng had both activated their skills, and were charging towards Wang Jian with frenzy.

Wang Jian looked at the two oncoming enemies as he frowned and shouted out,

“Open fire!”

The 20+ policemen beside Wang Jian immediately cocked their weapons and opened fire at Zhang Bao and Niu Sheng. In that hail of bullets, Zhang Bao and Niu Sheng could not dodge them entirely. Some of the bullets penetrated Zhang Bao’s body, leaving behind numerous wounds, although they did not pose any danger to his life. As for Niu Sheng, the bullets only hit the shield with sounds of metal hitting and could not penetrate through at all.

“Swap to the grenade launchers!”

Wang Jian saw that their attacks were useless, so he gave this order.

The 20 policemen immediately switched to QLB06 35mm Grenade Launchers and aimed them at the 2 Evolvers before pressing the trigger.

Bang! Bang!

Following the sounds of explosions, the shield-bearing Niu Sheng was immediately caught in the blast and the shield in his hands was knocked away by the explosion, while his body was blasted into pieces, fresh blood dyeing the ground.

Zhang Bao saw Niu Sheng’s manner of death and a chill arose in his heart. He leapt up high and immediately jumped into one of the surrounding houses belonging to a survivor. Facing the assault of 20 QLB06 35mm Grenade Launchers head-on would mean certain death, even for an Evolver like him.

“Take them out!!”

Wang Jian eyed the rebels with Tao Zhengyi in the distance, his face turning grim, and he shouted out the order.

The 20 policemen swapped out their .03 Rifles again and started firing at Tao Zhengyi’s troop.

The rebels under Tao Zhengyi immediately abandoned him and tried to escape in all directions.

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!! I surrender!! I am willing to give up all my property and women to exchange for my lowly life. Please!! Don’t kill me!!”

Tao Zhengyi looked at the policemen running towards him, as he knelt down on the floor and begged miserably. He wanted to live!

Wang Jian eyed the disgusting pig in front of him with a look of disgust, before ordering,

“Tie him up and bring him back to the station.”

If it was Yue Zhong, he would have immediately crippled Tao Zhengyi by shooting his limbs. Wang Jian, however, was a policeman, and regardless of how much he hated and despised Tao Zhengyi, since he had now surrendered, he would not kill him.

3 of the policemen stepped forward to cuff Tao Zhengyi.

Right at this time, from the survivor’s house, Zhang Bao suddenly jumped out while still in his werewolf form. He broke past the group of policemen, before slashing his claws in 3 successive motions. The 3 policemen beside Tao Zhengyi had their throats ripped out and Tao Zhengyi regained his freedom.

Before the other policemen could react, Zhang Bao had grabbed onto another policeman as a hostage. He placed his sharp claws at the policeman’s throat and threatened Wang Jian,

“No sudden movements! Otherwise he’s dead! Let us go, as long as we can leave here safely, I’ll release him.”

[Dedition: How did you not see that coming?]

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