God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 245

 Suppress the Insurgency!


The policemen were currently aiming their grenade launchers at Zhang Bao, their eyes filled with hatred. 3 of their brothers had just died miserably at his hands, and if it wasn’t for their other comrade being held hostage currently, they would have fired at him long ago.


The Werewolf Transformation could allow Zhang Bao’s 6 attributes to receive a boost, and he could even block most bullets. However, if he was hit by the grenades, they could also blow him to smithereens.

Wang Jian was in deep thought as he looked at his subordinate who was helpless in Zhang Bao’s grasp:

“Let him go! I’ll let you leave!”

To Wang Jian, every single member he had trained was like a child to him, and he was unwilling to give any of them up.

“I don’t trust you, back off!!”

Zhang Bao hollered.

Right at this moment, on the rooftop of a building not far away, Zhuo Yatong was lying prone on the ground cocking a Barlett Sniper Rifle; with the crosshair on Zhang Bao, she pulled the trigger.

‘Bang!’ The sound echoed across the compound  and an armor-piercing round directly penetrated Zhang Bao’s head, causing it to explode like a watermelon. Fresh blood and brain matter splattered on the ground.

Tao Zhengyi was still trembling on the floor, shouting,

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me! He took the initiative to kill, I wasn’t involved!!”

With Zhang Bao’s death, Tao Zhengyi no longer had any backing, support, or any threatening strength.

“Take him away!!”

Wang Jian ordered coldly.

Another 4 policemen rushed up and handled Tao Zhengyi roughly, as they tossed him in the back seat of a car and drove towards the jailhouse.

Once they had settled Tao Zhengyi, Wang Jian brought his men and continued their rounds around Ning Guang County to contain the unease.

Zhuo Yatong was currently looking for another target from her position.

Those who went through evolution naturally were chosen geniuses. They could swiftly adapt and learn all sorts of knowledge and abilities. Although Zhuo Yatong was a Strength-based Evolver, under Yue Zhong’s training and guidance, she picked up marksmanship and sniping very quickly.

Of course, her sniping skills could not compare to those who possessed the Sniping Specialization, but it was enough to deal with most situations. Therefore, Yue Zhong had chosen to put her behind the fighting lines for the first time, to act as a support sniper covering Ning Guang County from within.

When Tao Zhengyi’s insurgency was quelled, the rest of Ning Guang County also regained its composure.

Shen Xue’s troops had retreated to a distance of 5km away under Yue Zhong’s coercion, whilst at the same time, Yue Zhong returned to Ning Guang County.

Guo Quan had fought back his sorrow to report to Yue Zhong,

“Captain, our First Company did not let you down, we have completed our mission.”

Guo Quan had led the First Company to defend against Shen Xue’s relentless assault. Yet they had paid a huge price: after the fight had ended, out of the 90 warriors in the First Company, there were 47 who lost their lives, 26 who sustained heavy injuries and the 17 who had survived looked as though they could not fight anymore.

Even with the protection of the Mutant Water Snake Scale Armor, under the relentless attack of Shen Xue’s soldiers and bombardment of rockets, mortars and other heavy duty weapons, several of Guo Quan’s warriors had died. Without the protection of the Water Snake Armor, the entire First Company might have perished.

Yue Zhong had established 4 battalions, and those with the best fighting capabilities and spirit were gathered in one company. However, they had actually been defeated by Shen Xue’s own company. The difference between the 2 types of armies could be seen.

Yue Zhong replied in a heavy tone,

“You guys really did great. This time, due to the efforts of the First Company, Ning Guang County was defended, I want to reassign the First Company into 5 squads. You guys may select the members from the rest of the 4 battalions! Those who are injured, I will do my utmost to see them healed. The brothers who have perished, we will properly collect their remains, I want to see them properly buried.”

“When comparing my troops to the actual military, there really is still a huge gap.”

Yue Zhong felt upset as well, this battle was the first time he lost so many soldiers that he had groomed. Even during the battle against the zombie horde in Qing Yuan County, the elite soldiers that he trained didn’t suffer too much damage- in fact, it was the cannon fodder and scum battalion who made up most of the deaths.

“Yes! Regiment Commander!”

Guo Quan’s emotions had calmed down a little as he saluted Yue Zhong, before bringing his people to collect the remains of his dead comrades.

“Regiment Commander!!”

“Regiment Commander!!”


The moment Yue Zhong entered the medical centre for the wounded soldiers, all the injured warriors stood up and called out emotionally.

“All of you rest well! Let the doctors treat you!”

Yue Zhong looked at all of them before ordering in a heavy voice.

Within the medical centre, there were doctors and nurses everywhere, currently treating the injured warriors. There were over 15,000 survivors in Ning Guang County, and those who were doctors by profession before the apocalypse numbered in the 30s. These doctors were all supported by Yue Zhong, as he led them to become medics, with the main focus to treat injuries and illnesses caused by warfare. It was considered one of the benefits for the warriors.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s orders, the soldiers quietened down.

Yue Zhong took out a huge bag of Life Saving Grass powder from his storage ring and handed it to the staff of the medical centre, before ordering,

“Use this to treat my soldiers immediately. Apply externally, and maximum amount per person shouldn’t exceed a small bag’s worth.”

Yue Zhong’s storage ring was filled with arms, food, medicines, food,and other necessities. As for the Life Saving Grass, Yue Zhong had amassed 2 cubics’ worth of this treasure, enough to save many lives.

One of the older doctors, Wang Yinian, actually furrowed his brows as he asked impolitely,

“Commander Yue! What kind of medicine is this! Please tell me honestly, otherwise, I am unable to give this to the injured. I need to bear responsibility for my patients.”

Wang Yinian was a surgeon and had many years of experience in the operating theatre. His temperament was stubborn and straight, and even after the events of the apocalypse, he didn’t change much.

Seeing Wang Yinian actually talking back to Yue Zhong, the other doctors and nurses all turned pale as they looked towards him in fear. After the apocalypse, human lives were cheap; under Tao Zhengyi’s rule, a doctor had actually been executed for checking his woman out. These medical professionals had seen the cruelty of the post-apocalyptic world. They were afraid that Yue Zhong might execute them as well, due to Wang Yinian infuriating him.

Although Wang Yinian was a stubborn and direct person, he did have the ability, and his medical expertise was valuable. All the doctors and nurses needed him.

Yue Zhong glanced at Wang Yinian, as he cocked his eyebrows, but he didn’t make a scene. He immediately took out his Dark Magic Blade and sliced his hand, opening a long wound, before applying the Life Saving Grass on himself.

Under the effect of the Life Saving Grass, coupled with Yue Zhong’s own strong vitality, the wound started recovering at an astonishing pace, healing within a matter of seconds.

Yue Zhong asked Wang Yinian,

“Is this enough for you?”

“Do as Commander Yue has ordered and go apply medicine to the warriors!”

Having witnessed the miraculous efficacy of the Life-saving Grass, Wang Yinian immediately ordered the other doctors and nurses.

Those warriors who had the Life-saving Grass applied to them immediately felt their bodies become much better, as their wounds also began to stop bleeding.

As Wang Yinian watched the warriors’ wounds quickly stop bleeding, his eyes straightened and he couldn’t help but ask,

“Commander Yue, what is this miraculous medicine? Can you tell me?”

Wang Yinian had practised medicine for many years, yet this was his first time seeing medicine as miraculous as this.

Yue Zhong replied faintly,

“The collective term for this type of medicine is ‘Life-saving Grass’ and it is composed of several precious medicaments that have been mixed together. It is my exclusive secret recipe and so it cannot be randomly told to others.”

A treasure like the Life-saving Grass that could quickly heal injuries could be considered as one of the trump cards in Yue Zhong’s hand.

As his position in Ning Guang County was not concrete enough, he did not want to reveal the truth about the Life-Saving Grass to outsiders.

Wang Yinian looked disappointed, but he still left and continued treating the injured.

After confirming that the condition of the First Company’s warriors had stabilised, he left the medical centre.

Chen Ming came to Yue Zhong’s side holding a report and said,

“Master, there were a total of 193 people involved in the insurgency this time. How will you deal with them?”

Yue Zhong gave an unprecedentedly cruel series of orders,

“Throw the leader Tao Zhengyi into the zombie horde to feed them! Those directly under him are to be executed in public to warn the others! Same goes for those indirectly involved who have committed murder. For those who didn’t, throw them to the scum battalion to become cannon fodder against the zombies in the future.”

Chen Ming nodded his head as he asked another important question,

“What about the family members of those rebels?”

Yue Zhong coldly declared,

“Those men above 16 who have a relationship with the insurgents will be thrown into the scum battalion. The females will be sent into the women’s camp and await future assignments. For the children who have yet to mature, they are to be sent to the Dark Camp, to be disciplined and taught proper morals and values.”

Regardless of the period, era or governing bodies, the punishment towards rebels would always be the most cruel one possible. If those who revolted succeeded, then it was a done deal, but if they were to be suppressed and captured, they would definitely not have a good ending.

Following Yue Zhong’s orders, 46 men who had followed Tao Zhengyi’s call were decapitated in front of the entire county. 32 other belligerents who committed murder were also executed. The excessive bloodshed thoroughly shocked the survivors in Ning Guang County, giving them an insight into Yue Zhong’s decisive and ruthless measures.

Tao Zhengyi looked at his subordinates who were being  executed one by one and pissed himself in terror, his eyes filled with fear and despair.

The other people involved in the rebellion were thrown into the scum battalion and kept in jails, while their women were sent to the women’s camp to await allocation in the future. Those who indirectly supported the rebels’ actions were also thrown into the scum battalion, and in just a short while, the jail was filled with prisoners.

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