God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 248

Devil Flame Sword!

Yue Zhong glanced at the four Mutant Vicious Apes that had appeared and said lightly to the three girls,

“I’ll leave these four monsters to you!”

Mutant Beasts like these Mutant Vicious Apes were only at Level 33. For Yue Zhong to rise up by one level, he would have to kill at least a few dozen of them. Currently, Ji Qingwu was only a Level 27 Evolver, so killing just one of them would let her directly rise in level.

Upon hearing Yue Zhong’s words, Ji Qingwu activated her Cutting Edge Enhancement Skill and a faint cyan radiance enveloped the Replica Tang Sword in her hands. Under the effects of the Cutting Edge Enhancement Skill, the Replica Tang Sword in her hands would be even sharper than Yue Zhong’s Dark Magic Sword.

Her figure flashed and she directly rushed towards a Mutant Vicious Ape like a storm of bladed wind.

The targeted Mutant Vicious Ape’s eyes flashed with an ominous glint as one of its fists swung out and bombarded Ji Qingwu with with power enough to create a piercing wind sound. This particular Mutant Beast had extraordinary strength and considerable agility. Assuming this punch hit its target, then even a boxing champion from the previous world would have their head directly blown into bloody off-sized bits!

Using exquisite footwork, Ji Qingwu’s response was to turn her delicate body slightly to the side allowing her to dodge the Mutant Vicious Ape’s attack by a hair’s breadth. In doing so, she also slashed at the beast’s head, easily beheading it and causing fresh blood to splatter into the air, covering her entire body.

Seeing Ji Qingwu finish off this Mutant Vicious Ape so easily, a competitive spirit arose in Zhuo Yatong, who was standing at the side. She activated her Explosive Strength Skill and together with her innate talent, her strength surmounted that of twelve people combined.

She picked up a God and Devil System Level 3 Treasure ‘Wolf Tooth Staff’, which was 2m in length and weighed 300kg, using it brutally to smash at the Mutant Vicious Ape.

That Mutant Vicious Ape was directly smashed into several largish chunks of flesh and blood by Zhuo Yatong’s terrifying strength, as well as the immense inertia from her 300kg heavy Wolf Tooth Staff. It fell onto the ground, dead, and a huge orb of experience let Zhuo Yatong directly rise up in level.

Facing the Mutant Vicious Ape that was rushing towards her on the other side, Tong Xiaoyun activated her Telekinesis Ability. A stone suddenly rolled up to the ape’s feet, causing it to trip and fall face-first onto the ground.

With just a thought from Tong Xiaoyun, three Replica Tang Swords rapidly shot towards the Mutant Vicious Ape like arrows. With Tong Xiaoyun controlling them, two of the swords directly pierced through the ape’s eyes as if they both had intelligence, destroying the ape’s vision, while the other sword penetrated through the ape’s body, tearing out a shallow wound.

Tong Xiaoyun could control six Replica Tang Swords at most using her Telekinesis Ability, but the greater the number of swords she had to control, the less the amount of power each sword had in them. She normally liked to control three Replica Tang Swords at once when confronting enemies, which let her easily slaughter zombies.

With both of its eyes blinded, the Mutant Vicious Ape struggled painfully on the ground. The three Replica Tang Swords controlled by Tong Xiaoyun constantly flew towards the ape, piercing through its head and creating countless small wounds, causing the ape to constantly bleed. After 3 minutes of this ‘grinding’ tactic, Tong Xiaoyun was finally able to kill the Mutant Vicious Ape.

By the time Tong Xiaoyun had killed the beast, the other Mutant Vicious Ape had already been slashed to death by Ji Qingwu in one move. As Ji Qingwu constantly rose in level and gained enhancements, the advantages of her arduously-trained swordplay were finally revealed. With her swordplay as a foundation, she was able to dodge enemy attacks with just the slightest movement. In addition to the fact that she possessed the Cutting Edge Enhancement Skill, very few people would be able to avoid her blade in close-combat. When facing swordplay experts like Ji Qingwu, the best way was to directly use a rocket launcher to bombard her to pieces before she drew close enough.

Out of the four Mutant Vicious Apes, only a Level 2 Skillbook [High Speed Movement] was dropped. Yue Zhong also took out the blood essences and gave them to the three girls to absorb. Currently, the blood essences of low-levelled Mutant Beasts as such were already useless to Yue Zhong.

[TN: not sure what happened to the nucleus thing, maybe lower-levelled mutant beasts only have blood essence?]

After finishing off the four Mutant Vicious Apes, Yue Zhong and his party continued to drive in the direction of the large-scale weapons arsenal.

When they came to a place littered with the wreckages of all sorts of military vehicles, the earth shook slightly and 3m tall Black-scaled Ferocious Boars came charging towards them from the distance like small-size tanks. They stared ravenously at Yue Zhong and his party.

“16 of them!! It’s a bit less than last time! I will go to kill them! You guys be careful!”

As Yue Zhong watched the 16 Black-scaled Ferocious Boars, a scorching heat flashed past his eyes and he spoke towards the three girls. He immediately activated his Encompassing Body Armor and charged towards the 16 Black-scaled Ferocious Boars, taking a Type 05 Light Submachine Gun with him.

As Ji Qingwu and the two other girls watched Yue Zhong rush towards the 16 beasts, a hint of shock flashed past their eyes. Those behemoths were Level 43 Mutant Beasts and every one of them possessed boundless strength. As soon as something was charged into by the Black-scaled Ferocious Boars, even a Hummer would be knocked flying and smashed to pieces.

“Too reckless!! This bastard!”

Seeing Yue Zhong’s impulsive actions, even Ji Qingwu, a calm person who had a pure upbringing and had never sworn in her entire life, couldn’t help but let out a curse. Holding her Replica Tang Sword, she rushed towards Yue Zhong’s side.

Seeing Ji Qingwu rushing forward, Tong Xiaoyun also felt a rush of battle lust, but a hand pressed down on her body, firmly keeping her in place.

Zhuo Yatong held Tong Xiaoyun back while looking towards Yue Zhong with a complicated expression and said,

“Don’t go over, with your current strength, even if you rush forward now, you will become a burden to him. Since he said he wanted to deal with those Black-Scaled Boars, he must have the confidence to do so. If you go up, you might not be able to do anything.”

In comparison with the hot-blooded Ji Qingwu and Tong Xiaoyun, the older Zhuo Yatong was much calmer.

Yue Zhong rushed towards the 16 Mutant Black Scaled Boars, hoisting his gun and releasing a burst of rapid fire. A concentrated line of bullets landed on the bodies of those 16 Mutant Boars,and although it did nothing to pierce that thick armor of theirs, it caused them enough pain to shriek, before concentrating their wrath on Yue Zhong.

The 16 Mutant Boars immediately charged towards Yue Zhong in fury.

Facing the onslaught of those tank-like beasts, Yue Zhong kept his .05 back inside his storage ring before activating his Devil Flame Skill. A dense fiery energy ball blossomed in his hands, compressing itself tightly into the shape of a 2m long sword of flames.

In the span of a few breaths, Yue Zhong had arrived in front of one of the Mutant Black Scaled Boars and he shot out 2 Bone Spears from his back to propel himself up into the air. As he aimed his Devil Flame Sword downwards, the Mutant Black Scaled Boar had just rushed towards the blade.

The Devil Flame Sword was the result of an expenditure of 50 Spirit and 20 Stamina to form, and to maintain its appearance, Yue Zhong had to expend 10 points of Spirit and 3 Stamina. It was a huge drain, but at the same time, it possessed immense power; even the Type 2 Mutant Water Snake’s armor could easily be split open by this Devil Flame Sword.

The Mutant Black-Scaled Boar had charged recklessly towards the Devil Flame Sword, and under the force of its own power, it was immediately sliced in two. Its wounds were instantly cauterized, sizzling with a burnt smell.

TN: Ahh fresh meat.

After disposing of one of the Mutant Black-Scaled Boars in one strike, the Bone Spear behind Yue Zhong extended, sending him onto the head of another Black Scaled Boar, where he immediately stuck the sword into its head, penetrating its skull and incinerating its brain instantly.

After becoming an Evolver, Yue Zhong’s strength underwent an earthshaking change. If he was taking on these Mutant Black-Scaled Boars as he was before the Evolution, he would have never been able to condense the Devil Flame Sword with his power and exhibit such fearsome strength.

Right after he killed that Mutant Black-Scaled Boar, Yue Zhong jumped down from its body and activated his Shadow Steps. He stepped to the right like a spectre, evading an attack from yet another Black Scaled Boar by a hair’s breadth, whilst at the same time swinging the Devil Flame Sword in front of the Boar.

The Mutant Black Scaled Boar could not stop due to the energy from its own frenzied charge and it sent itself into Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame Sword, instantly being sliced in 2, while its innards and blood sprayed out, splattering onto Yue Zhong.

“Congratulations on reaching Level 41! You have gained 2 enhancement points.”

Just as the 3rd Mutant Black Scaled Boar fell lifelessly, the sweet sound of notification resounded in his ears.

Yue Zhong was, after all, a Spirit and Endurance Dual Attribute Evolver. Each time he leveled up, he would gain a fixed enhancement point in Spirit as well as Endurance, and on top of that, he had another 2 enhancement points to be distributed according to his own wishes.

Yue Zhong swiftly allocated those points to his Agility, as it was extremely crucial on the battlefield. He had not learnt any blade or spear techniques before, and if he were to meet an opponent well-versed in martial arts, he could only rely on his extremely high Agility and all sorts of other skills to suppress the enemy. Other than that, the benefits of having high Agility was the ability to perceive danger and act faster; if he had low Agility, even if he could sense the danger but was not able to react in time, it would still be all for naught.

After Yue Zhong had allocated his enhancement points, his body slightly shifted as he swung down onto another Mutant Black Scaled Boar, immediately opening a large wound in its head, frying the brain matter instantly.

When he disposed of this Black-Scaled Boar, he started weaving in and out amongst the Mutant Black-Scaled Boars, the Devil Flame Sword in his hands constantly dancing and flashing as the Mutant Boars fell one by one.

“So formidable!!”

Ji Qingwu’s steps came to a halt as she watched Yue Zhong dance with his Devil Flame Sword amongst the herd of Mutant Black Scaled Boars. Her eyes flashed with shock. Even dealing with a single one of these beasts would take a toll on her- never did she imagine that Yue Zhong could actually take care of them as though he was slaughtering chickens, with the same as that of killing normal zombies.

After killing another 7 of the Black-Scaled Boars, the remaining behemoths finally felt a little fear amidst their fury, as they turned tail and escaped.

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