God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 249

Successive Attacks!

“Congratulations on reaching Level 42! You have gained 2 enhancement points.”

After Yue Zhong had rushed up to dispose of another Mutant Black-Scaled Boar, he finally gained a level, and his Agility was finally enhanced to hit 80 points. A single regular burst of speed from him could reach 8 times that of a normal person sprinting.

“This will not do! We need to find another convenient weapon! This type of fighting is too taxing on one’s Spirit and Stamina.”

After Yue Zhong had killed those Black-Scaled Boars, the Devil Flame Sword in his hand was also about to die out, and the stamina drain caused his face to start to turn pale. The might of the Devil Flame Sword was fearsome, but its consumption was likewise huge, and in just a minute of battle, his Spirit had already been depleted by 60 points. If he were to go all out, he could at the very most last for 5 minutes.

“The drop this time is really quite bountiful!”

Yue Zhong eyed the 11 carcassess of the Black-Scaled Boars and his eyes flashed with delight. The armor of these Black Scaled Boars could be used to make the best body protection. Based on the size of the 11 dead behemoth piggies, there might even be enough armor for an entire battalion!

The scales of the Black-Scaled Boars could withstand even the might of a 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun. So once Yue Zhong’s subordinates were to don the armor made by these scales, their death rate would instantly plummet. In the previous battles, the Mutant Water Snake Leather had already proven its worth, what more was there to say about the black scales?

The 11 Black-Scaled Boars even had 2 precious skill books as well as a green treasure box that dropped from them.

“Level 3 Skill Book: Sniper Specialization. Passive Skill, upon learning, the user will possess the skills of a top-rate sniper.”

“Level 3 Skill Book: Werewolf Transformation. Active Skill. User will transform into a werewolf upon activation. Consumes 10 Stamina and 10 Spirit every minute. In the werewolf state, all 6 attributes gain a boost. Strength of transformation is dependant on 6 attributes as well as enhancement level of skill.”

“Level 3 Treasure: QingFeng Sword! It is an incredibly sharp sword.”

Yue Zhong threw the QingFeng Sword to Ji Qingwu, swapping out the Level 1 Tang Sword in her hands. He gave the Werewolf Transformation to Zhuo Yatong and the Sniper Specialization to Tong Xiaoyun.

Although Tong Xiaoyun had Evolved, she still lacked the ability to fight against the army. While her telekinesis could be of use towards normal humans, if they were up against the army, a sniper bullet would be all that was needed to end her life. If she learnt the Sniper Specialization, she could become a top sniper and could participate in the battle against the army if needed.

Since Yue Zhong had the aid of the Level 6 Treasure Storage Ring, as long as he had enough firepower, he could decimate an entire battalion on his own. As the army had many different tricks and methods, his pressing issue now was to power up his own women, giving them a better chance of survival.

Setting to work, Yue Zhong swiftly dug out the blood essences and nuclei from the Mutant Boars’ heads before continuing on his way towards the huge armory. Along the way, there were no more Mutant Beasts: after all, it was the territory of the Mutant Black-Scaled Boars, and normal Mutant Beasts didn’t dare enter it casually.

Not long after, the armory came into Yue Zhong’s sight. It was hidden in the hillside and a gigantic steel door was all that stood between him and the arsenal. To open the armory, one had to deal with that enormous steel door.

Right in front of those steel doors, there was an electronic lock. However, since Yue Zhong didn’t know the passcode to it, he could only gaze at the steel doors. He strode up to the doors, and reached out to place his hands on them, before activating the Devil Flame. The steel started to melt quickly around the raging flame, forming a flow of liquid steel, and soon, a hole with enough space for someone to walk through was formed.

As the armory was built into the hill, its interior was about 20m in height, and while the outside was a small funnel, the interior was an entire different story, with 4 huge storehouses built.

Yue Zhong took a glance at the 4 storehouses, before calling out to Ji Qingwu,

“Ji Qingwu! I’ll leave those locked doors to you!”

Amongst the 4 storehouses, there should be one that contained medical supplies. Supposing Yue Zhong used his Devil Flame to burn a hole through, he might accidentally cause an explosion.

Ji Qingwu looked at the locks on the storehouses and a chilling glint appeared in her eyes as she activated her Blade Strengthening Skill. With a single mighty swing, she broke open the lock on one of the storehouses.

Zhuo Yatong then stepped forward to push the door open, revealing the countless weapons inside.

“It’s tons of firepower!”

Yue Zhong greedily stared at the many boxes in the storehouse as his eyes lit up. The building was huge, a 50m by 100m storehouse! Inside there was box after box, all on top of even more boxes. Each one stacked neatly, they completely filled up the entire storehouse.

“Type 56 Semi-automatic Rifle?”

Upon prying open one of the chests for closer inspection, Yue Zhong couldn’t help but frown, as he saw that the boxes were filled with many such obsolete weapons, giving him a bad feeling.

Yue Zhong opened up a number of boxes, only to discover that all of them contained weapons that had long ago been deemed obsolete by the Chinese Military.

Yue Zhong then proceeded to open up another storage and saw the large amounts of vintage artillery inside. He now understood the true meaning of Xia Yue’s words about being able to equip an entire regiment: “I’m afraid that these are all weapons that are no longer useful.”

The bad news? This entire armory could not compare to the weapons Yue Zhong found when he opened up the Mechanized Infantry Brigade. The good news though, was that the total amount of weapons and equipment here was really huge and ammunition was plentiful as well! While it might prove difficult to use effectively against a human army, this was absolutely more than enough to deal with zombies. Furthermore, the ammunition type was common and the various extra munitions for the Type 56 Semi-automatic Rifles could be used for the Type 81 Rifles as well.

Amongst the 4 storehouses, there was even a fuel facility, within which was a truly huge amount of fuel. Factoring in the amount of fuel from the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Station and Ning Guang County, Yue Zhong didn’t need to worry about the fuel issue for the next 4 months or so!

After opening the armory, Yue Zhong brought the 3 ladies and left the facility. On his way out, he ordered his men waiting outside to quickly enter and start the large-scale transportation of the items contained therein.

After just a short while, Yue Zhong brought the entire vehicle fleet that was filled with various weaponry, ammunition and fuel with him as they started their journey out.

For this mission, aside from the 4 IFV’s and 2 Dual-mounted 14.5mm Machine Gun vehicles, he mobilized a total of nearly 100 vehicles, allowing him to transport a huge portion of the contents in the armory all at once.

The vehicle fleet had not travelled very far before a huge flock of Mutant Birds flew towards it. The Mutant Birds were the size of hens and had grey feathers, with an average wingspan of about 20cm.

“Level 22 Mutant Beast: Steel Beak Bird! It possesses an extremely tough, sharp beak. Using its beak it can drill holes through steel, it is also extremely ferocious.”

Yue Zhong saw the sudden incoming onslaught of the Steel Beak Birds and his face paled before he shouted out,

“Open fire!”

Yue Zhong swiftly leapt from his vehicle, pulling out a .05 light submachine gun and firing rapidly towards the mass of birds in the sky.

The dual-mounted 14.5mm machine guns rotated under command and started spewing deadly bullets at high speed towards the sky. The countless number of bullets ruthlessly flew forth as they penetrated and killed numerous Steel Beak Birds, causing a fresh rain of blood filled with feathers to come down everywhere.

Yue Zhong’s Type 05 machine gun was firing nonstop, shooting down heaps of Steel Beak Birds. These Mutant Birds were fast and had high numbers.  Even though their beaks could penetrate steel, their defence on the other hand was extremely weak- a 5.8mm bullet could penetrate clean through their weak bodies.

However, the quantity of Steel Beak Birds was really too numerous, and a number of them managed landings on a few of the vehicles. Of course, they were currently pecking viciously at the steel armor, causing many small holes on the exterior.

Some of the smarter Steel Beak Birds opted to attack the glass windshield, fracturing the glass and entering the vehicles. Their immediate action was to then pierce holes into the frantic warriors’ skulls so they could gobble up the brain tissue.

The First and Second Battalion that Yue Zhong had brought along were the elite of the elites. At the first sign of trouble, they had rushed out from their vehicles with their weapons drawn and were currently attacking the Steel Beak Birds.

Under the slew of bullets, a large number of the Steel Beak Birds fell downwards, fresh blood thickly splattering all over the ground. Faced with the relentless assault of the Steel Beak Birds, another 3 soldiers had their heads pierced and brains eaten before the entire flock of birds was finally exterminated by Yue Zhong’s First and Second Battalions working together.

“Have they all grown this strong?” Yue Zhong felt a sense of pride and joy when he saw his troops had cleanly wiped out the Mutant Birds.

If it was any other troop of soldiers that had gathered together, they would have fled at the sight of the seemingly endless birds that blocked out the sun. Yet Yue Zhong’s First and Second Battalion had been tempered through numerous battles and had finally formed an elite force which could engage in both close quarters combat as well as ranged attack. They even had a strong fighting instinct and morale to boot.

Once they were equipped with the advanced weaponry and equipment from the Mechanized Infantry Brigade, he had confidence that he could deal with the Army under Shen Xue’s control.

After those Steel Beak Birds were slaughtered, countless other birds were suddenly startled and fled in all directions from the forest. Suddenly, 3 gargantuan yellow birds with wingspans of over 40m flew up into the sky.

“Level 46 Mutant Beast: Yellow Jade Condor! It is a ferocious bird with unknown powers.”

Upon seeing the 3 Yellow Jade Condors, Yue Zhong’s face turned pale, as he remembered the scene where he was easily pierced through by the Green Eagle. He immediately lifted his .05 submachine gun and started firing in frenzied bursts at the 3 Yellow Jade Condors, attracting their attention and inciting their hatred. He had to do something immediately because he knew his subordinates would not be able to withstand even a single attack from one of those deadly birds, let alone 3!!!!

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