God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 303

Chapter 0303 – At Bottom…

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

With the support of the artillery, the position of the troops was really quite impregnable. Even when the horde swarmed in wave after wave, they would be wiped out almost instantly. Green Wind Gorge had become a merciless meat grinder, with were bits and pieces of corpses flying and splatting everywhere. The entire ground seemed to be soaked in dark blood and the rotten stench was unbearable.

The amount of firepower Yue Zhong possessed surpassed the amount the SY army had, furthermore, he had chosen a place that was more strategic than previously. The current fighting spirit and morale of the soldiers were much higher than previous, therefore the maintenance of their position was not a difficult task.

The battle continued all the way till noon, and over 400,000 zombies had been annihilated by Yue Zhong’s troops. The entire Green Wind Gorge was filled with countless body parts of the zombies. However, the sea of zombies still looked as endless as ever, as though they could not be wiped out.

Yue Zhong observed the horde that stretched without end, and he furrowed his brow before ordering: “Let the armored battalion attack!! Push forth! 1st Regiment 2nd Battalion attack!”

Following Yue Zhong’s orders, his trump card finally showed itself, 30 Type 69 tanks, 26 IFVs, 64 modified armored vehicles, 6 huge rollers were activated, and became a stream of armor that charged forward and flattened any unfortunate zombies that stood in their way.

The 1st Division 2nd Battalion’s soldiers were mostly also decked in Mutant Black Fish hide. With their .03 rifles and grenades, as well as rocket launchers, they followed behind the armored line and picked off any remaining zombies by the sides.

The 30 tanks had only 10 that could fire cannons, the other 20 could only be driven. A mortar hand could not be trained up so fast in such a short time. Recklessly firing could cost the lives of teammates. However, the frontal charge of the tanks were fearsome enough, not a single zombie could impede the charge of these Metal Valkyries

Scads of zombies were flattened into meat paste by the 30 tanks with each pass and they couldn’t even put up a fight. The rest of the armored line, including the IFVs, modified tanks, and rollers, were all capable of crushing the zombies as well, and any zombies unfortunate enough to be in the way of that armored line were flattened.

After forcefully carving a way out for about 5 to 6 km, the horde split up, as a group of 1000 L2s with brute strength started charging towards the Type 69 tanks.

The L2s were all a towering 3m, their strength immense, and could easily flip a car. However, when those L2s charged to the front they were immediately knocked down by the tanks, and the L2s were directly flattened and ground beneath the tires and tracks.

The IFVs also smashed onto those L2s viciously, knocking them away. Those L2s did not suffer any broken bones though, as they quickly got up again.

By this time, the ZPT90s on the IFVs started firing like mad, and under suppressive heavy fire, the L2s were shredded.

The few remaining L2s were also blasted to pieces by the troops of the 1st Division 2nd Battalion who were using the various grenade and rocket launchers.

After dealing with those L2s, the horde once again split up, and this time, a group of H1s packed in orderly formation started executing their fireball attacks at the armored line.

In just an instant, numerous fireballs landed on the tanks, IFVs, and the rest of the armored vehicles.

The moment the fireballs landed, the drivers in 3 of the rollers were instantly incinerated. 6 of the modified heavy vehicles also caught fire, and the passengers inside died on the spot. 13 of the modified heavy vehicles had their tires exploded and they fell uselessly to the ground. 4 of the IFVs were hit by the fire blasts, causing them to be filled with holes and their armor destroyed. One of the IFVs instantly caught fire. 3 of the IFVS also had their tires taken out, and lost their mobility, lying uselessly on the ground.

Only the tanks remained unscathed amidst that bombardment, and continued pressing forwards, pulverising the zombies that got in their way.

When the H1s had just appeared to fire those fireballs, rockets had already landed on them, blasting numerous H1s into smithereens.

The infantry battalion was also firing their rockets, grenades and their .03 rifles at the dangerous H1s, directly turning them into shredded meat.

After decimating the troop of H1s, another troop formed entirely out of S2s approached!

It was just that when they appeared, they already met the vicious attacks of the 10 tanks and remaining IFVs, those evolved S2s had not even displayed their fearsome attack before they were fired at till kingdom come. The remaining S2s were accordingly picked off by the experts in the 2nd Battalion.

Crushed, they were absolutely crushed!! The armored fleet just had to continue advancing forward, forcefully crushing their way through, turning over 100,000 of the zombies along the way into meat paste.

Yue Zhong sat on Greenie’s back, as he observed his armored vehicles crushing the zombies as they advanced, and his heart was filled with elation.

As long as fuel did not run out, the tanks could continue rolling forward on and on! Nothing could stop these steel monstrosities!!

This armored fleet was Yue Zhong’s trump card, and the strongest blade he had against the horde of zombies.

“Push forward for another 40 km! That way, it would be impossible for the bulk of them to attack Green Wind Gorge during the night. It can earn us a night of precious time!” Yue Zhong was laying on Greenie’s back as he looked down, and calculated before giving the order.

Night battles were the hardest to fight since ages ago. Yue Zhong had sent the armored fleet out because he was not willing to engage in a night battle with the zombies. Even though he had the flares, it was not that the humans could not fight in the night, but compared to daytime, it was indeed harder to fight.

“Eh? What’s going on?” Yue Zhong was still in the air observing, when he suddenly noticed that there was a group of zombies suddenly rushing forwards towards his armored fleet without a care for death. At the same time, the horde was opening up a pathway for another group to retreat backwards..

Yue Zhong looked at the obvious retreat of the zombies, and his heart leapt in joy: “Those must be the Z-Types?! Are they finally scared??”

It was as Yue Zhong had guessed, those Z-Types that had been hiding within the horde had seen the terrifying power of the armored fleet, flattening their troops, and had begun to fear for their lives, and was running to the back for protection.

“Kill it!! As long as I kill it, victory will be halfway in our grasp!!” Yue Zhong thought excitedly, and patted Greenie gently, pointing towards the movement within the horde.

Greenie understood Yue Zhong with just that pat, and immediately shot forward like an arrow towards the horde of zombies.

As an air-type Type 2 Mutant Beast, Greenie’s speed was truly fearsome, in just a few blinks, it had brought Yue Zhong within 20m of the retreating group.

Yue Zhong could see clearly 200 S2s, a 100 L2s and 10 enormous L3s, and they were accompanied by 20 zombies that were greyish-green, slender-looking but with powerful legs, 1.7m-tall and glowing with a slight green glow.

On top of that, there was a weird zombie with a head the size of a pumpkin, its limbs as short as fingers, perched atop an L3.

“Level 45 Type 3 Strength-based Evolved Infector S3. It possess extreme speed and sharp claws that can tear through anything. It possess the ability to infect, can cause an infected to become a infector as well.”

“Level 50 Type 2 Mental-based Evolved Infector Z2. It possess fearsome Spirit, as well as control over a horde of 1,000,000 zombies.”

On the frontlines, there were no signs of the fearsome L3s or S3s, it was obvious that this cowardly Z2s had commanded them to be their guards.

Greenie shot forward like a lightning bolt, using its huge claws to grab an L3’s head before exerting strength to behead it. It then swiftly activated its innate ability Wind Control, flapping its wing vigorously, causing powerful tornados to be conjured and blowing the numerous S2s and S3s away by a few tens of metres, leaving the 100 L2s and the remaining tower-like L3s.

The Z2 saw Yue Zhong and Greenie and immediately shot out a terrifying Spirit Blast, and a huge Spirit attack that could render a normal human into a retard shot towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong was after all a Spirit-based Evolver, but with that fearsome attack from the Z2, his eyes darkened, as he fell from Greenie’s back.

The attack was however, ineffective against Greenie, which was a Type 2 Mutant Beast, as Greenie immediately shot downwards, and bit off the Z2’s head, gobbling it up in just a matter of seconds.

With the death of the Z2, all the zombies that were under its control immediately broke away. Groups of zombies lumbered off, and the 9 L3s and 20 S3s shot towards Yue Zhong.

The scent of evolved flesh and blood from Yue Zhong enticed them greatly.

Yue Zhong could reach a speed of 12 times that of normal humans upon activation of all his buffs and skills, but the speed of the S3s were well beyond Yue Zhong’s speed that was enhanced by abilities, reaching at least 150 points base speed!. They had rushed from way behind the L3s, but had arrived near Yue Zhong and started attacking even before the L3s, their claws reaching for Yue Zhong.

As Greenie had just killed the Z2, it was not fast enough to react and save Yue Zhong!

Chapter 303: Yue Zhong’s Mechanized Blade! Killing the Z2!

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