God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 304

Chapter 304 – Capturing Long Hai City! Yue Zhong’s gains!

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Facing the S3’s whose movement speed surpassed his own, Yue Zhong’s eyes gleamed as he activated a skill. White Bones materialized out of thin air and immediately transformed into an orb of light which morphed into his Bone Encompassing Armor.

Yue Zhong then activated his Devil Flame with another thought, an extra expense of 50 points of Spirit and 20 points of Stamina was used to condense it into a flaming sword.

The moment the Devil Flame Sword appeared in his hands, his killing intent was unleashed! In the next instant his body was struck viciously by 3 of the S3’s, slashed by their piercing claws.

Under the attack of the S3’s, Yue Zhong’s Bone Encompassing Armor that was impervious to even heavy ammunition was scored furiously, leaving 3 deep claw marks.

Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps quickly in response. At the same time he swung his Devil Flame Sword and extended it to a 6m-long sword, instantly surprising and slicing across the 3 S3’s in front as well as another 6 of them who were rushing forward.

A huge experience orb instantly combined and got absorbed into Yue Zhong, finally pushing him to the next level.

“Congratulations on achieving Level 45, you have gained 2 points of enhancement to be allocated.”

Yue Zhong directly enhanced his Agility, before waving the fearsome Devil Flame Sword again, instantly beheading another S3.

The remaining 10 S3’s had evolved and possessed a higher perception for danger, so they had evaded the first moment they could. This and their insane speed allowed them to avoid Yue Zhong’s strikes.

Yue Zhong ignored the S3’s that were avoiding him, and went for the L3 that was charging towards him. Under that mighty Devil Flame Sword, the L3 was also instantly beheaded, its head rolling onto the floor.

The L3s were known for their impregnable defence and immense strength. Since its tough armor was broken through by Yue Zhong, its threat level diminished. Of course, if Yue Zhong was struck by the charge of the L3, his Encompassing Bone Armor might not be able to withstand that overly fearsome strength.

After killing the L3 with a single slash of his blade, his left hand shot out 3 extremely sharp Bone Spears towards the neck. Startlingly, the Bone Spear that could kill an L2 instantly, only managed to create a white mark on that L3’s neck with a sharp ‘ding’ as though it had hit metal.

“To use the Bone Spear to deal with these L3 is really too exhausting!” Yue Zhong frowned, as he thought to himself. The Devil Flame Sword was truly terrifying, but likewise, it expended a huge amount of his energy, and was not meant for long battles. If he could possess a sharp weapon, dealing with these high-level zombies would be easier.

Yue Zhong’s attack had angered the L3. It swiftly stepped forward, and a fist that was the size of a wok came swinging towards him, bringing with it a terrifyingly formidable air pressure.

The L3 had strength equivalent to 18 men! Thus, each fist consisted of a few tonnes of raw power and it could pummel even an armored vehicle easily. If Yue Zhong was hit by that, even with his enhancements, he would definitely be heavily injured.

Facing the mountain-like L3, Yue Zhong zipped about like a spectre, dodging its repeated attacks. At the right moment he swung his flame sword down, beheading the L3!

The S3’s that were encircling Yue Zhong seemed to have seen their opportunity, they rushed forward, surrounding him in just an instant and reached out to slash at him.

As he saw the sudden ambush by the 10 S3’s, Yue Zhong activated his Gravity skill so that those attacking S3’s would be weighed down by the increased gravity. It had appeared as though their lean bodies had gained an extra 100 jin, and their speed decreased substantially.

The increased gravity did not affect the L3 which was Strength-based, but to those Agility-based S3’s? It was an utterly lethal move. Under that pressure, they had lost their only advantage: speed.

Facing these S3’s that had slowed down, Yue Zhong did not hesitate, swinging his Devil Flame Sword about in attack, he easily decimated the 10 S3’s.

After killing those S3’s, Yue Zhong charged towards the remaining L3’s. With a few plain slashes of his blade, the remaining L3’s were all wiped out.

After taking care of these high-level zombies, Yue Zhong swiftly swept any and all drops into his storage ring and jumped on Greenie’s back before they flew to the skies. Yue Zhong’s strength was indeed tyrannical, but even he could not fend off 100,000 zombies.

When he was in the skies, he looked once more at the battlefield below, only to discover that the once-concentrated and densely packed horde had broken up, scattering in different directions within their various smaller groups.

There were some remnant groups that were still attacking the armored fleet, but even more were dispersing and lumbering off.

The death of the Z2 had caused the horde to lose their commander, and many of the zombies were standing around blankly, without a hint of their hostility earlier.

Xu Zhengang who was stationed within the command centre had noticed the horde breaking apart, and immediately ordered the 1st Division to begin their assault on the leaderless horde.

When the 1st Division arrived at the battlefield, most of the zombies had already broke away, running with a Z1 and escaped in different directions. Those that remained on the battlefield were a few hundred thousand which were still moving mindlessly forward.

Although the horde looked as dominating as ever, without the command of a leader, they could not form into wave after wave of coordinated attack. They could only advance with instinct, and that kind of assault posed no threat to the power of the 1st Division. Pretty soon, they were overcome easily.

The huge horde had dispersed and were scattered everywhere, so even when the soldiers fought till evening time, the 1st Division could not totally annihilate the zombies. They could only retreat under the cover of the armored battalion. It was simple truth that fighting during the night was too disadvantageous.

However, since the commanding Z2 was taken care of, the remaining zombies were still scattered. Having to suddenly evolve a new Z2 required time as well.

The next day, Xu Zhengang got an early start, and had already led the entire 1st Division to launch countless assaults on the various zombie groups both here and running.

As these groups were comprised of mostly ordinary zombies, and their mobility was severely impaired, Xu Zhengang and his troops swiftly caught up.

Under the constant bombardment of the Armored Battalion, huge patches of zombies were blasted into pieces. As a result, those Z1’s hiding within these groups abandoned the mini-hordes and retreated under the protection of the other evolved zombies.

With Greenie’s help, Yue Zhong managed to dispose of another 4 Z1’s, but there were still 3 of them who managed to escape with the cover of other evolved zombies.

Losing the command of the remaining Z1’s, the horde of zombies turned into free exp, allowing the troops to slaughter with no efforts whatsoever. Xu Zhengang commanded the troops forward and they took care of the remaining zombies with extreme ease.

The intense battle continued for another 5 whole days, and almost 700,000 of the zombies were annihilated without the control of their Z2 or Z1’s.

In fact, they had managed to wipe out over 500,000 of them with the help of heavy firepower. Only because if this had the slaughter of the zombies achieved such a height.

After losing the command of the Z-Types, the zombies did not surge forward like they did initially, and hence the heavy artillery could not achieve similar results as that of the beginning.

After 5 days and almost wiping out all the zombies, Yue Zhong’s troops made their way into Long Hai City.

“Congratulations, on recovering Long Hai City and gaining the title [Long Hai City Conqueror]! This title gives you +2 enhancement points in all attributes. This title cannot be re-earned! These enhancements can be stacked!”

“You have gained +3 levels, and gained 6 points of enhancement to be allocated for bringing an army to conquer Long Hai City.”

“You have gained 10,000 Survivor Credits for bringing an army to conquer Long Hai City!”

“You have gained a Level 4 Defence Vest for bringing an army to conquer Long Hai City!”

“You have gained an additional skill enhancement point for bringing an army to conquer Long Hai City!”

The moment Yue Zhong stepped into Long Hai City, the various notifications resounded in his head. A huge beam of experience appeared out of nowhere and entered his body, pushing his level to reach Level 48, and garnering him 6 points of enhancement to be allocated.

Yue Zhong chose to enhance 4 points into Agility, and the other 2 into Stamina.

“Level 4 Defence Vest, equipping it provides a +15 enhancement points to all 6 attributes. Furthermore, the Defence Vest can deflect any bullet below a 25-calibre cannon round.”

After conquering Long Hai City, Yue Zhong had really obtained a huge enhancement, especially this Level 4 Defence Vest, which was quite obviously a priceless item. It could make a normal person become virtually impervious to most firepower, and obtain stats twice that of another normal person.

As for the skill point enhancement, Yue Zhong did not even hesitate, and directly allocated the point into his Devil Flame. A magic light shined within his mind, as the rune for the Devil Flame glowed, before evolving once again.

“Level 3 Skill: Devil Flame (+3 Enhancement level)…….x4 bonus to Devil Flame’s initial attack power”

The moment he added the skill point to Devil Flame, his Devil Flame Skill had reached its maximum level. The next step for evolution would be saving 2 skill points before learning the Type 2 Devil Flame Skill.

In Qing Yuan City, there was a tense atmosphere. As everyone was working, they were also awaiting the news brought by Yue Zhong’s troops on handling the Long Hai City issue.

If Yue Zhong lost, the terrifying horde would set its sights on Qing Yuan County next, and the recent peaceful lifestyle of theirs would be threatened again.

After 8 days had past, the quiet frontlines finally sent back some amazing news! “Victory!!! Victory!!! Commander Yue has brought his troops and wiped out the million-strong horde! He has already conquered Long Hai City!!! Long Hai City is ours!!!” One of the soldiers ran into Qing Yuan County, as he hollered at the top of his voice.

“That’s awesome!!!”


“Praise to Yue Zhong!!”


Hearing this news, all the survivors in Qing Yuan erupted in cheers. They had been praying and hoping for the news of victory. Such sweet news meant that they were free from any zombie threats for a long time. They could set their mind at ease to work, and live on with pride and dignity. The entire Qing Yuan County celebrated, as everyone fell into a festive mood.

After Yue Zhong conquered Long Hai City, he immediately deployed his troops to continue their assault on the zombies in the surrounding towns. Long Hai City had over 6,000,000 citizens previously, and Yue Zhong had only conquered its City centre.

In the villages all around, there were still countless zombies scattered about. If they didn’t take care of them now, these zombies could gather again under the birth of another Z-Type, or even evolve and pose a threat to them.

Humans had a strong adaptation ability, so they would do anything to survive. Even when Long Hai City was overrun by over a million zombies, after Yue Zhong had conquered the City, he managed to find over 2,000 survivors from various corners of the City. These survivors had long since been starved and were emaciated severely. Most were down to their very last breaths. At the same time, he found 165 Enhancers, of which 32 had already leveled above Level 30.

Yue Zhong immediately brought them into his troops, and the 32 Enhancers over level 30 were brought into the Special Combat Forces, becoming part of them.

Yue Zhong also brought about 100,000 survivors from Qing Yuan County and Ning Guang County over to stay at Long Hai City. With an influx of human survivors, the various production plants and factories started operating again.

Liu Yujiao had introduced many people of talents to Yue Zhong, and together with various professionals, new bullets and ammunitions were starting to be manufactured. Of course, since the new workers were not like the factory workers from before the apocalypse, the speed at which ammunition was being manufactured was not as fast.

Even though Yue Zhong had obtained victory over the million-zombie horde, he had expended quite a bit and suffered some loss. After clearing those zombies, his total ammunition count from the warehouse had dropped to half of its original count. As of the near future, he had no means of waging another huge war against another horde of zombies.

After conquering Long Hai City, Yue Zhong’s prestige had reached its highest among the survivors, and his soldiers all held high hopes for the future.

“Commander Yue!! The Snake Birth Fruit Tree has again born fruits!!” Xiao Ming found Yue Zhong and reported to him.

Xiao Ming was also a veteran who had followed Yue Zhong from the very start, he had led a small team of elite soldiers and guarded the Mechanized Infantry Brigade with fervor. The location of the Brigade was a classified secret, and other than a few top officials within Yue Zhong’s team, no one was allowed to get even relatively near to the Mechanized Infantry Brigade camp.

The fruits of the Snake Birth Fruit tree that could cause people to evolve was the most highly secured trump card of Yue Zhong’s.

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