God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 305

Chapter 305 – Type 3 Nether Beast!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

“It bore fruit?” Yue Zhong’s eyes lit up, and he quickly followed Xiao Ming to the Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

Currently, there were sentries everywhere within the Mechanized Infantry Brigade. All the soldiers were equipped with modern weaponry, and every 2 soldiers had a rocket launcher and grenade launcher. Furthermore, there were 2 IFVs and 2 Red Arrows hidden within the darkness.

Following Xiao Ming’s lead, Yue Zhong came to the trunk of the enormous Snake Birth Fruit tree.

Right in front of the tree, there was the beautiful Chen Yao who was decked in military uniform. Chen Yao had become a female officer with the rank of lieutenant after joining Yue Zhong’s troops. Her combat abilities could not match Ji Qingwu, hence she did not join the Special Combat Forces, instead, she chose to take a position within the military. She had the Manipulate Flora ability, and she had come to the Mechanized Infantry Brigade in search of powerful Mutant Plant seeds.

Chen Yao looked at Yue Zhong who was approaching closer, and her eyes flashed with a complicated gleam. This average-looking student who had not raised many eyebrows when he was at school, had actually grown to a leader who was supporting over a 100,000 survivors, had defeated countless zombies and beasts, and actually subdued a few cities. As for her – who was the object of adoration from countless males – she had actually become his subordinate. Some things in the world are just too strange.

[Dedition: Considering you’re in a zombie apocalypse, I’m surprised that THIS is what makes you think the world is too strange.]

Yue Zhong glanced at Chen Yao, as he gave a slight nod, before lifting his head up towards the Snake Birth Fruit tree.

Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu knew about the tree and were the rare few who could approach it. Their relationship was extremely close. Chen Yao also knew of the secrets of this tree. As she was one of the first few followers of Yue Zhong, she was also someone Yue Zhong trusted.

Chen Yao glanced at Yue Zhong, and a glint again appeared in her eyes, as she walked to his side without saying anything.

Although she liked Yue Zhong, her pride and dignity would not allow her to make the first move. Since Yue Zhong had not chased her of his own accord, she would not lower herself to beg for his love. However, she could not help but want to get closer to him.

Witnessing this, Xiao Ming left discreetly, not wanting to become a lightbulb in between them.

[Dedition: Am I the only one who’d like every female not to “want to get closer”?]

Since finding out that the fruits of the Snake Birth Fruit tree could cause people to evolve, Yue Zhong did not order anyone to pluck the fruits. Instead, he assigned a huge number of troops to bring the corpses of the zombies to become fertilizer for the tree.

The tree could really absorb, regardless of how many bodies were thrown onto its roots, it would quickly absorb the nutrients, leaving only the bones on the ground. The bones themselves were also stripped of all essence, becoming very brittle, just a light touch could cause them to crumble and disappear.

After a few hundred thousand zombie corpses, the Snake Birth Fruit tree finally bore fruit again. Atop its wide and beautiful canopy, there were countless huge pink flowers, and within them, countless green colour fruits.

Yue Zhong swiftly climbed atop the canopy to conduct a quick search, discovering only 13 pink fruits and 63 green fruits.

“Good!! With this 13 pink fruits, I can gain another 13 Evolvers!” Yue Zhong eyed the 13 pink fruits, and his eyes flashed, as he reached out his hands for the fruits.

“Yue Zhong!! Look out!!” Right as Yue Zhong was about to grab the fruits, Chen Yao who was standing below looked up and her expression changed, shouting shrilly. At the same time, she threw a strange seed down, and a vine instantly sprouted upwards bringing her towards the canopy.

Hearing Chen Yao’s shrill warning, Yue Zhong’s heart tightened as he lifted his head. He saw a monster with weird engravings and magic circles all over its blue body, a single horn on its forehead. Its body was long like a snake with no wings, but it was floating in the sky, and it was charging right at him.

“Level 75 Mutant Beast: Type 3 Nether Beast!”

Yue Zhong saw the Type 3 classification, and his expression changed to that of horror, before he immediately activated his Bone Encompassing Armor and Shadow Steps. At the same time, he waved his hand, pulling out the PF98. It was the single most powerful weapon Yue Zhong carried with him at all times, and facing this fearsome Type 3 Mutant Beast, he could only wager it all and hope for the best.

Yue Zhong had just activated his skills, when the Type 3 Nether Beast’s horn started glowing and it opened its mouth, as an array of mysterious circles were spat out, shooting towards Yue Zhong.

At that instant, the strange array enveloped Yue Zhong and Chen Yao who had just arrived in front of him.

In a huge flash, Yue Zhong and Chen Yao disappeared.

The Nether Beast then proceeded to fly atop the canopy, opening its huge mouth, and swallowed every single green fruit. After absorbing the 63 green fruits one by one, it flew unhurriedly towards the distance.

The huge Snake Birth Fruit tree had been surrounded by cameras, and the scene of Yue Zhong and Chen Yao disappearing after the Nether Beast swallowed them had been captured on the screens.

The entire Mechanized Infantry Brigade was activated and the soldiers piloted 4 anti-aircraft guns out and started firing wildly into the skies at the Nether Beast.

However, the speed of the Nether Beast was too fast, and in a few moments, it had travelled far into the horizon.

Soon the news of Yue Zhong’s disappearance had travelled to the upper echelons of Yue Zhong’s party, and their hearts were shaken.

Chi Yang swiftly recalled all the high ranking officials of both the government and military, and conducted a serious meeting.

“Yue Zhong has gone missing!” The moment they arrived, Chi Yang spoke with a grim face.

Hearing that news, everyone’s expression was that of shock, all of their hearts shaken. If Yue Zhong was around, no one dared to start anything funny, but with his disappearance, it would be hard to control this bunch of mavericks.

Da Gouzi was the first one to speak out: “Commander Yue will be fine!! He’s so strong, his disappearance this time would not be an issue as well. If anyone dares to betray Commander Yue! I, Da Gouzi, will be the first to deal with him!”

As one of the first few loyal supporters of Yue Zhong, Da Gouzi’s achievements had all been a result of Yue Zhong’s efforts. He was fiercely loyal and believed in him, he did not want the strongholds Yue Zhong established to be snatched away like that.

Kong Tianyu also piped in with a grim face, looking all around and said fiercely: “Who dares to betray Commander Yue? I will be the first to kill him!”

Wu Guang also spoke out coldly: “Our 1st Division will only listen to Commander Yue!! If anyone dares to betray Commander Yue, our 1st Division will definitely not let the person go!!”

“Don’t worry, no one has that intention!!” Chi Yang frowned, as he spoke out softly: “I have gathered you all to inform you, at the same time, hope you guys can maintain your calm. I believe Yue Zhong will be fine, and he will be back just like previously. We just need to get on with our matters as always, and wait for his return.”

Hearing Chi Yang’s words, everyone present relaxed. As long as there was no rebellion, everything was fine. It was not like it was the first time Yue Zhong had disappeared, and they believed that Yue Zhong would create miracles, and come back again.

Chi Yang spoke out extremely calmly: “Before Yue Zhong left, he did discuss with me about the next target, which would be Lei Jiang City!! Our next target shall be to conquer Lei Jiang City. Before we set off to do that, we need to make sure that the surrounding villages around Long Hai City are cleared of zombies…”

Under Chi Yang’s calm and reassuring demeanor, the entire room was affected, and soon the shock and anxiety from Yue Zhong’s disappearance wore off, as they listened to Chi Yang giving out orders.

After the meeting, the generals who held power quickly left, and brought their troops to clear out the zombies surrounding Long Hai City.

Inside the office, a beauty dressed in an OL uniform (OL: Office Lady) walked towards Chi Yang. She was Wang Qian, and she spoke out with undisguised ambition: “Chi Yang!! Yue Zhong has gone missing, it’s your chance now. As long as you act, the entire establishment will be yours. You will become the leader of these 100,000-over survivors. You can act independently and there will be no more need to hide in Yue Zhong’s shadow!”

[Dedition: Last time, I swear. I’ve always been waiting for someone to try to usurp his power.]

Wang Qian had always felt disgruntled with Chi Yang being Yue Zhong’s second-in-command. To her, based on Chi Yang’s abilities, he could become a capable tyrant. However, because of his relationship with Yue Zhong, he would forever be number 2, and she was extremely unhappy about it.

Chi Yang who was shuffling and tidying his documents looked up and stared at Wang Qian with a cold gaze.

When she was looked upon like that by Chi Yang, Wang Qian was shocked as she spoke loudly: “Chi Yang!! I’m thinking for you!! Think about it, Yue Zhong has always been disappearing. It has always been you who held the fort. You have done so much for the establishment. What’s wrong with wanting it for yourself? It’s not like he single-handedly carved out the establishment.”

Chi Yang looked at Wang Qian, his eyes filled with disappointment as he pointed to the door: “Get out! From now on, we’re no longer friends. You’re dismissed of any official positions! I don’t want to see you anymore.”

Wang Qian was shocked and immediately kneeled by his leg as she pleaded: “Chi Yang, what are you doing?! I’m doing this with the best intentions!! I love you deeply!! Please don’t chase me away!!”

Chi Yang glared at this woman who forgot her benefactor so easily, and ignored her, shouting: “Men! Drag her out of here!!”

2 soldiers walked in, and grabbed Wang Qian, pulling her out.

“I love you Chi Yang!! Don’t throw me away!! I was wrong!!” Wang Qian pleaded miserably as she cried out.

“I don’t love you!” Chi Yang coldly glanced at Wang Qian, before he continued clearing the documents. He had no interest in Wang Qian’s suggestion. Asking him to betray his best friend and comrade, he would rather die. Wang Qian had thought too little of Chi Yang’s character.


TN: Would have made an interesting plot line for the future : I half expected Chi Yang to say: “The one I love is him” OH NOOOO

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