God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 306

Chapter 306 – Remote Jungle!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

With a large flash, Yue Zhong and Cheng Yao landed in a forest.

The array that the Nether Beast had spat out was called Spatial Transportation Array, its innate ability was the free control over space and its laws. Yue Zhong and Chen Yao had been absorbed into the array, and transferred to this random foreign place without the slightest ability to resist.

When Chen Yao landed, she fell into Yue Zhong’s embrace; fortunately Yue Zhong was sturdy, and did not suffer any injuries.

As Yue Zhong hugged Chen Yao, his heart could not help but skip a beat as he felt that warm and fragrant body. Chen Yao was after all one of the school flowers. She and Ji Qingwu were the pair of scholar and athlete, that held the pride of Yue Zhong’s school.

There were countless guys who had been wooing her, and Yue Zhong was just an ordinary university student who was struggling to study while working part-time, and both of them never had the chance to interact.

Chen Yao had slammed into Yue Zhong’s embrace. Feeling the warmth of his protection, she was reluctant to get up. However, her prideful nature pushed her to get up from his arms, as her face reddened before saying: “Sorry, it must have hurt!”

Yue Zhong felt a little regret as he lightly smiled: “It’s ok!”

Chen Yao observed her surroundings, only to see a seemingly infinite amount of trees, as she asked a little fearfully: “Where do you think we are?”

Yue Zhong laughed bitterly: “No idea.”

“However, we’re unlikely to be in Long Hai City.” Yue Zhong observed the surroundings, looking at the dense foliage and large patches of Mutant Plants, as he frowned and continued.

Chen Yao looked at Yue Zhong helplessly: “What do we do?”

Although Chen Yao had also become a Level 13 Enhancer with the help of Ji Qingwu, her natural combat abilities were not exceptional, and she was never interested in going down the route of a combatant. Now that they had met with danger, she automatically looked to Yue Zhong for guidance.

Yue Zhong pulled out a compass from his storage ring, studying it for a while: “Let’s walk to the south!”

Chen Yao followed behind him as he started walking towards the south. White Bones had already separated from Yue Zhong’s body wielding its iconic large axe, walking beside Chen Yao quietly. After gaining basic intelligence, it could already make the judgement of who to protect.

[Dedition: Being able to deduct the strength of those around you and knowing whom to protect even though you’ve sworn fealty to a master. I dare not call that ‘basic intelligence’.]

Inside that vast forest, the ground was muddy. Not long after, both of their military boots were covered in mud. Chen Yao’s path of enhancement had largely been on Spirit, after walking in that forest for just 2 hours, her face was flushed and her breath ragged.

“Wear this.” Yue Zhong observed Chen Yao, before pulling out a Level 3 Defence Vest out, throwing it at her.

“Thank you!” Chen Yao received it and immediately knew the effects of this Level 3 Defence Vest. A sweet feeling arose in her heart, as she thanked Yue Zhong.

The drop rate of Defence Vests were always low, and Yue Zhong only had this Level 3 Defence Vest in his entire stronghold. As for his Level 4 Defense Vest, he only had 1 as well.

After Chen Yao put on the Level 3 Defence Vest, her body felt lighter instantly, and she could match Yue Zhong’s pace.

Both of them continued for another half an hour, when they suddenly heard some rustling sounds. Huge spiders the size of human faces started swarming and crawling towards Yue Zhong, Chen Yao and White Bones in a frenzy.

“Level 16 Mutant Beast: Mutant Venomous Spiders! They possess sharp fangs with paralyzing properties, and as long as they are gathered in a group, they are the most feared killers within the forest!!”

The Mutant Venomous Spiders crawled out from various corners of the forest, packed together densely. It was likely they numbered above 500.

Most girls were usually scared of creepy crawlies such as these, Chen Yao was no different. The moment she caught sight of those spiders the size of a dinner plate with their vicious expressions, her face turned pale, and her hands so clammy, that she even forgot to activate her Flora Manipulation ability.

Yue Zhong on the other hand, had already taken out a .05 submachine gun and started firing wildly at those spiders.

White Bones also started waving its huge axe about, as each flash of the axe meant the death of a disgusting spider.

With Yue Zhong’s firing and White Bones limitless hacking, the Mutant Venomous Spiders were decimated, as their disgusting slime were splattered all over the forest ground, which made Chen Yao even paler, to the point of nausea.

As those Mutant Venomous Spiders had weak defences, but quick speeds, even with Yue Zhong’s constant firing, a few actually managed to reach his side.

Yue Zhong swiftly kept the .05 submachine gun back inside his ring, and brought out his Dark Tooth Blade, before swinging it casually and splitting the a few Mutant Venomous Spiders into two.

After the deaths of more than 200 Mutant Venomous Spiders, the rest of the spiders finally noticed that this group of 3 weren’t a pushover, as they retreated swiftly.

The corpses of those 200 Level 16 Mutant Venomous Spiders only gave Yue Zhong 3 white treasure boxes and 600 survivors credits. With the passing of time, even the drops of the Mutant Beasts were diminishing in amount and power.

Yue Zhong opened up the 3 white treasure boxes, with a flash, out of the 3, he only managed to take out a white wood cutting knife.

“Level 1 Treasure, Wood Cutting Knife. This treasure can allow you to hack dead wood and weeds, carving a path for yourself within forests.”

To Yue Zhong, this Level 1 treasure was not particularly useful, therefore he kept it in his storage ring.

He turned back, and discovered that Chen Yao was crouching and vomiting.

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Yao and frowned: “Chen Yao!! You can’t go on like this!! We are currently in a dangerous position, even though we’re within a forest. You have to be able to protect yourself, otherwise what will happen if I can’t get to you during a critical moment.”

If it was within Yue Zhong’s establishments, he would not mind her princess behaviour. Even when it was expanding and growing, Chen Yao had remained safe and secure within it. However, they were far away from the safety of their base, and the world was one where the strong preyed on the weak. Her current constitution would only invite countless trouble.

Chen Yao gritted her teeth and said resolutely: “I know…Yue Zhong! I will do my best not to drag you down!”

After which, the trees started moving, as a huge group of Mutant Monkeys were coming closer. The moment they saw Yue Zhong and Chen Yao, they let out excited shrieks, and charged faster.

“Take care of them.” Yue Zhong ordered Chen Yao.

Chen Yao’s beautiful eyes flashed with splendor, as she threw 5 Mutant Vine seeds on the ground, activating her Plant Manipulation ability.

Instantly, the 5 seeds grew into small vines, and they shot out towards the Mutant Monkeys in a rush, strangling them to death.

Chen Yao possessed the Level 3 Skill: Plant Manipulation, which was a powerful skill as well. It was just that she disliked fighting, and even though she had a strong ability, she was only Level 13.

As for Yue Zhong’s Special Combat Forces, there were many over Level 30 Enhancers and not a single one had a Level 3 Ability, and had actually relied on the various Level 1 or 2 abilities to rise in level and fight.

On one hand, it was that these Level 3 Skills did not just appear freely, on the other hand, most of the strong skills had already been possessed by someone like Yue Zhong, who learnt a few. That was why many of the Enhancers did not have them.

As these Mutant Monkeys were strangled to death one by one, the rest of the group still numbered over 300, and a huge number of them charged towards Yue Zhong’s party.

White Bones waved its huge axe, and became like a tornado that charged into the midst of the monkeys, attacking and creating a whirlwind and rain of blood. This way, countless Mutant Monkeys lost their limbs and lives.

Yue Zhong just stood in front of Chen Yao, protecting her, as he watched her control her vines to kill the monkeys. Those who managed to get past White Bones and were rushing towards Chen Yao would be immediately picked off by Yue Zhong.

Under Yue Zhong’s protection, Chen Yao focused her attention on using those 5 vines to continue strangling the Mutant Monkeys, as she gained huge orbs of experience and levelled up.

As Chen Yao was hunting the Mutant Monkeys, those Mutant Monkeys suddenly abandoned all thoughts of attacking Yue Zhong’s party, as they swiftly retreated into the distance.

“Hurry escape!!” Yue Zhong’s Danger Perception had also notified him, giving him an unprecedented sense of crisis, as he shouted at Chen Yao, and he rushed forward.

Chen Yao turned around, only to see countless enormous snakes with huge mouths that could easily suck her into their stomachs, covered by large green scales, slithering over towards them.

“Level 42 Mutant Beast: Mutant Forest Venomous Snake! It possesses sharp venomous fangs and huge strength. They hunt in groups.”

“Wait for me!!” Chen Yao looked at those Mutant Forest Venomous Snakes slithering over. Her face fell, and she shouted out desperately, based on her current abilities, she had no way of winning against these Level 42 creatures.

One of the Mutant Snakes saw Chen Yao, and it opened its jaws, shooting toward her with incredible speed and accompanying wind pressure.

Chen Yao knew that she could not escape the Mutant Snakes with her speed, and hence she commanded the 5 vines to attack the Mutant Snake attacking her.

If Chen Yao was a Level 30 Enhancer that had enhanced her Plant Manipulation Skill thrice, her vines could maybe wrap and cause damage to the Mutant Snake. However, her strength was insufficient to even impede the movements of the snake.

The Mutant Forest Venomous Snake twisted with strength, and the 5 vines were instantly broken apart, as it charged towards Chen Yao with its mouth open.

Chen Yao looked at the Mutant Forest Venomous Snake her eyes full of despair.

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