God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 308

Chapter 0308 – Mutant Leeches Rain, Myriad Mutant Mosquitos Swarm!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South] Chapter 308: Mutant Leeches Rain, Myriad Mutant Mosquitos Swarm!

“Amazing!!” Chen Yao came to the clearing under White Bones’ protection, and seeing the numerous corpses, her heart was filled with shock.

“Go skin the snakes!” Yue Zhong looked at Chen Yao, before he casually threw a Dark Magic Blade towards her.

Chen Yao accepted the Dark Magic Blade and did not say anything more, instead she went towards one of the Mutant Forest Venomous Snake corpses. Forcing down her fear and disgust, she started to pry open the tough scales.

White Bones walked to Yue Zhong’s front, as it lifted its head to look at Yue Zhong. Suddenly it grabbed the venomous fangs and activated its Bone Manipulation Ability.

Upon activation the essence from the bones of the Type 2 Mutant Forest Venomous Snake started flowing into White Bones. After about 5 minutes, the entire 70m-long skeleton was absorbed into White Bones.

The huge Type 2 Mutant Snake was reduced to half its size.

Yue Zhong retrieved 2 cups of Divine Spring Tea, and took out a can of Type 2 Meat and started helping himself. With the nourishment from the Divine Spring Tea, his Spirit was replenishing at a quick rate. The Type 2 Meat also helped him regain a huge part of his energy. Using the Black Tooth Blade to skin the scales of the Type 2 Mutant Forest Venomous Snake was too tedious, and it could not match the ease of using his Devil Flame.

Using the Divine Spring Tea, Life-Saving Grass as well as the Type 2 Mutant Beast Meat, Yue Zhong’s injuries started to heal at an extreme rate. His Level 4 Regeneration ability was boosted with the help of the Type 2 Mutant Beast meat, and his broken ribcage knitted itself back together with waves of horrendous itching. By the time he consumed the 8th canned meat, his ribcage had finished mending.

“The Level 4 Skill is truly powerful!” After his body recovered, Yue Zhong jumped down easily from the top of the Type 2 Mutant Forest Venomous Snake, before he stretched his healed body, and revealed a satisfied expression.

Yue Zhong activated his Devil Flame again, condensing a smaller 3m-long Devil Flame Blade, before he continued butchering the 2 Type 2 Mutant Forest Venomous Snake. In a short while, he turned them into sizeable chunks of meat.

Yue Zhong then enveloped the pieces of meat with his Devil Flame, burning them down into ash, before leaving the snake skin intact.

White Bones used its Bone Manipulation to clean up the Mutant Beasts’ bones, while Yue Zhong made use of his Devil Flame to clean the blood and meat, and all that was left was the precious snake skins.

Using these methods, Yue Zhong soon turned the 20+ corpses of the Mutant Snakes into ashes, leaving only the skins.

“Let’s go!” After finishing, Yue Zhong turned to Chen Yao and spoke.

Chen Yao followed Yue Zhong as they started to walk out.

“Shit!!” Yue Zhong had just taken 2 steps, when his face changed, and he immediately grabbed Chen Yao and dashed towards the distance.

From a distance, a few gigantic Mutant Crocodiles could be seen crawling towards them. They were attracted by the smell of the blood from the Mutant Forest Venomous Snakes.

These Mutant Crocodiles were extremely deadly when they attacked, their speed almost too fast to be seen! When they were crawling on land, they did have a handicap but their speed still reached 3 times that of normal people!

Yue Zhong carried Chen Yao and ran like crazy, stopping only after a dashing nearly a kilometre away.

The moment they reached the 1km mark, passing by another patch of forest, small Mutant Leeches the size of 2 fingers dropped from the trees like rain.

“Level 6 Mutant Beast: Mutant Leech. These greedy bloodsuckers could drain even a Mutant Cow dry in roughly 30 seconds.”

Yue Zhong’s reaction was extremely quick. The moment those leeches dropped from the trees, he had already activated his Devil Flame skill. His right hand extended towards the sky as he conjured a terrible fire that enveloped all those Mutant Leeches.

With the burning of the Devil Flame, those who tried to drop and land on Yue Zhong and Chen Yao were immediately incinerated. If it wasn’t for Yue Zhong’s quick reactions, he and Chen Yao would have long been latched on to by these disgusting worms.

Those who landed further away did not stop wiggling, as they made their way towards Yue Zhong and Chen Yao.

Chen Yao looked at those Mutant Leeches as they wiggled about and her eyes flashed with shock, as she stepped on them.

With each stomp of Chen Yao, those Mutant Leeches would be driven into the mud, but they did not stop moving about and we’re obviously not affected by the kicks and squishes.

Leeches were originally extremely resilient, after mutation, their resilience mutated to become stronger, in addition to the muddy ground, it was hard for these Mutant Leeches to be stomped to death.

“Quick, let’s leave!!” Yue Zhong grabbed Chen Yao, and activated the Tornado ability of the Tornado Necklace he had on, and a hurricane blew out with him in the centre, extending outwards.

With the strong gusts of winds, the moment those Mutant Leeches dropped, they would be blown away.

Yue Zhong carried Chen Yao and made his way towards the outskirts. Chen Yao was only about 100 jin (50kg), and Yue Zhong had no problems lifting her. When he was undergoing tough training, he usually carried over 200 jin (100kg).

They kept running, and finally they managed to extract themselves away from the leech-infested forest.

They had just exited from the Mutant Leech forest, when they heard the droning hum of countless wings, only to discover a huge swarm of black Mutant Mosquitoes! Each of them was the size of a finger, flying towards them like a huge windstorm.

“Level 2 Mutant Bug: Mutant Poison Mosquitoes! These countless little monsters will suck you dry by the time you notice them.”

Yue Zhong’s expression turned for the worst, and he again immediately activated his Devil Flame, enveloping him and the mosquitoes were predictably burnt up the moment they came in contact with the fire.

Chen Yao remained hugging Yue Zhong tightly, only by being in his embrace, did she feel the warmth and security. Initially, she thought that while she may not be an expert at Level 13, she was still at least capable of protecting herself. However, the events today and the future prospects had opened her eyes to the reality of the world. With her current measly strength, she was nothing to these fearsome Mutant Beasts and nature.

Even Yue Zhong who was pretty strong would be dead if he was surrounded by a group of Type 2 Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong charged straight at the windstorm of Mutant Mosquitoes, under the protection of the Devil Flame, a large number of them were instantly incinerated.

Feeling the fiery heat of the Devil Flames, the swarm of mosquitoes made to avoid Yue Zhong, and allowed him to run past them.

Only after breaking free and leaving them far behind, Yue Zhong then heaved a sigh of relief.

“We need to leave this place fast!!” Within this forest, they had met wave after wave of Mutant Beasts and Mutant Bugs, even Yue Zhong was starting to feel weary having to deal with them continuously. If he stayed there for too long, who knows, he might be worn down and killed if he was careless.

After leaving the swarm of Mutant Mosquitoes for yet another 1km, they had to deal with a few harassing Mutant Monkeys, before they finally saw a small town with a few buildings.

When they saw the small town, Yue Zhong eased up a little, compared with the Mutant Beasts with different types of abilities and numbers, the ordinary zombies from a town were definitely easier to handle.

As long as there wasn’t a horde of over 10,000 zombies, Yue Zhong had confidence he could wipe them out.

Yue Zhong pondered for awhile, before he took out a huge bag with food and tools from inside the storage ring. That way, regardless of how he retrieved anything, people would assume he took it from the bag, and not suspect it was due to the precious storage ring.

After settling this, Yue Zhong brought Chen Yao towards the small town.

The moment they entered, the zombies who caught scent of the smell of humans lumbered over.

“Get rid of them!!” Yue Zhong eyed those zombies, and gave a command to Chen Yao.

Now there was only the 2 of them, Yue Zhong had no choice but to push Chen Yao, he did not want to drag along a burden in this alien location.

Within the forest, if there wasn’t Chen Yao, he could at least survive on his own. But since he had her along, it would be dangerous. He needed to ensure her safety, which would put himself into more danger, and it would be hard to escape from it.

When Chen Yao heard Yue Zhong’s orders, she grabbed a vine seed, and activated her skill, in a blink, the vine seed transformed into a huge vine that went straight for the heads of those zombies.

These unevolved ordinary zombies were weak. It was so much so that even a heavy wooden plank could break their brittle bones, they were naturally unable to resist or defend against the strength of the vine, as it cut off their heads.

Those zombies that were constantly rushing up, regardless of L1s or S1s were all unable to handle the strength of that vine, allowing it to display its ferocious strength.

It was just that Chen Yao’s abilities were simply too weak, her Spirit was too low, after killing over 20 zombies, her face was flushed and she was perspiring, her breath ragged. The control of the vine expended too much of her Stamina and Spirit.

“Alright, take a break!! Follow me!!” Yue Zhong saw that Chen Yao had lost half her battle strength, and lightly shook his head before charging into the zombie group.

The blade flashed about, any zombies that got too close would be immediately chopped up.

Chen Yao looked at Yue Zhong easily crushing his way through the zombie group, her eyes filled with admiration and envy, as she followed him closely.

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