God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 309

Chapter 0309 – This is Vietnam!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

“This isn’t China!!” Yue Zhong was killing the zombies effortlessly, as he looked around, and discovered that the writings on the buildings around were characters he did not recognize.

After gaining the Language Skill, he learnt Russian, English, Chinese and Japanese. Yet the words on the buildings and constructions around did not match any of these 4 languages.

Yue Zhong aimed as he waved his blade about, killing another 3 zombies, before he asked Chen Yao: “These words, do you recognize them?”

Yue Zhong had been an ordinary student during his university days, and was always hardworking in his life as well as studies. However, prior to the Apocalypse, language was one of his weakest points.

Chen Yao casually looked at the surroundings and she saw more words. Then she took some time to think as she continued to scan her surroundings before replying: “I don’t recognize these words. But I have a feeling this place is in Vietnam!

I have been to Hanoi for a holiday, and the words there and here seem very similar. Furthermore, there are many motorcycles, and the houses are built like matchboxes.”

Chen Yao stared ahead, noticing that there was a pile of scattered coins on the road, as she immediately picked them up, and revealed a confident smile: “Now I’m very certain that this is Vietnam! Look Yue Zhong, these are Vietnamese Dong!”

Chen Yao waved the Vietnamese Dong, and was smiling extremely sweetly. She finally proved that she was not just a useless decoration, and could be useful when the situation required. 1*

Yue Zhong continued asking: “Which part of Vietnam do you think we are in?”

“Not sure…” Chen Yao felt discouraged.

“Regardless, let us first try and survive!!” Yue Zhong laughed lightly, before swinging his Dark Tooth Blade. He continued to care freely carve out a road of slaughter, leading Chen Yao and White Bones towards a small supermarket. Yue Zhong got White Bones to guard the entrance, while he and Chen Yao made their way into the building.

The moment they entered, Chen Yao rushed towards the female restroom, and grabbed a few rolls of sanitary napkins, skincare products, cleanser, soap and the like, stuffing them into a huge military bag.

“Why are you packing these items? You should pack more food and drinks right?” Yue Zhong grabbed a few canned food and beef before striding over, looking at Chen Yao stuffing those items into her bag as he asked cluelessly.

If Yue Zhong did not have the storage ring, he would definitely only keep food and high-calorie food, as well as water and weapons.

“Yue Zhong, you really don’t understand women! These are necessities to us women.” Chen Yao looked at Yue Zhong, before saying a little coyly, “Also, don’t you have a storage ring? Use that to keep more food and water!”

Without sanitary napkins and clean undergarments, Chen Yao felt that she would go crazy.

On top of that, with Yue Zhong’s current strength, it was not an issue for him to obtain food, he pondered a while, and did not press for Chen Yao to throw those items away.

Yue Zhong then gave a pink Snake Birth Fruit to Chen Yao and said: “Eat this!!”

“Snake Birth Fruit!! You’re really giving it to me?” Chen Yao looked at Yue Zhong handing her that precious fruit, her heart skipped a beat, as her beautiful eyes remain fixed on Yue Zhong, and asked with a shaky voice.

Snake Birth Fruit! The fruit of Evolution!! The secret of this Snake Birth Fruit was a classified secret even amongst Yue Zhong’s stronghold, only Chi Yang, Ji Qingwu, Da Gouzi, Xu Zhengang, Liu Yan and Guo Yu, etc. Only the top brass knew about it.

Chen Yao only had knowledge of the secret of the Snake Birth Fruit because of her close relationship with Ji Qingwu, therefore, she knew it was extremely precious, that huge Snake Birth Fruit tree would only bear slightly less than a 100 fruits after consuming over a few hundred thousand zombies.

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Yao and said indifferently: “Just eat it!”

As they were in a foreign place, having the strength of one more combatant was definitely better! Although Chen Yao was weak, and lacking in battle experience, as well as possessing a low combat ability, after becoming an Evolver, her strength would definitely increase. This would be a good thing to him.

He didn’t let Chen Yao evolve while they were in the forest because the evolution process required a day’s worth of recuperation. The time period required meant that staying in the forest would be too dangerous.

Chen Yao received the Snake Birth Fruit and swallowed it without hesitation. Becoming an Evolver was the dream of many people. Even under Yue Zhong’s command, the total number of Evolvers now were only about 30. Their preciousness and rarity was obvious.

After she swallowed the Snake Birth Fruit, she started to run a fever and as expected, fainted.

Yue Zhong carried her to the second storey, and laid her on a bed. He the strolled over to the nearby window and looked out, peacefully enjoying the scenery of the place.

On a small slope a distance away, 5 short Vietnamese were huddled within a grass patch. Whispering to themselves, they all stole glances towards the supermarket.

The supermarket had never been opened before, and there was bound to be plenty of food in it. At the same time, it was a man-eating trap. Many, many survivors had been enticed by the food and tried to open it up, but all failed miserably and became part of the zombies.

One of the more handsome Vietnamese men looked at the supermarket, before saying a little apprehensively: “Fan Tongxuan!! Do you really want to go over there? With just us? There’s no way, we can’t make it in. Let’s go back!!”

Another man, who had extremely tanned skin, ripped muscles, and a fierce expression, responded in a gruff voice. “Damn it! Huniu Shishan, If you’re scared get lost and go eat that other shit! That kind of life, I’ve had enough!! Tree bark, vegetable roots, sweet potatoes!! I’m sick of these unappetizing foods!!”

A wretched-looking man called out coldly: “Ai Luode! Then you charge up!! I will help you look after your daughter!! Nowhere other than her bed obviously!!”

The tanned and muscled man was a Vietnamese called Ai Luode. Even though he was Vietnamese, he had taken on an auspicious sounding foreign name. As for his original name, he had long since discarded it.

Ai Luode eyes flashed with fury, as he spat out the words: “Fang Chunyi, one more word from you and I’ll slaughter you!!”

Fang Chunyi laughed coldly: “Not only am I not gonna stop, I will say even more! You let an American fuck your bitch of a daughter, why can’t I? I know this, Tom fucked both your wife and daughter together!! I remember it was for a bag of instant noodles right!!”

That seemed to have hit a raw nerve. Tom was an actual American who was Ai Luode’s backer before the apocalypse.

Due to his support, Ai Luode had managed to build a fortune for himself. The downside? As Tom’s dog he had given his own wife to be teased and toyed with by Tom. After the apocalypse, he even gave his daughter to Tom in exchange for a bag of instant noodles.

Now, these dark and secret things that he did were actually mentioned by someone else, Ai Luode charged towards Fang Chunyi furiously, and they started to brawl.

The leader, Fan Tongxuan, who was holding a rifle immediately pointed it at the two men fighting and called out: “Shut up! Whoever causes trouble, your father, I, will kill that person first!”

During the Vietnam War, almost all the Vietnamese were soldiers so normal citizens had access to guns. Fan Tongxuan’s family had carefully kept and saved a rifle. During these post-apocalyptic times, he had become the leader of a small faction just by relying on this rifle.

With that threat, both Fang Chunyi and Ai Luode separated, as they glared at each other.

One of the Vietnamese suddenly exclaimed softly: “Fan Tongxuan, there’s someone inside the supermarket!!”

Everyone looked over, and saw Yue Zhong who was gazing out the window and observing the sights.

As they looked at Yue Zhong, their hearts were shaken with the thought: “What! There was actually someone inside!?! Impossible! There are 2 ghost zombies inside!!”

Only those Enhancers who possessed the Eyes of Perception could tell the information and abilities of the zombies and Mutant Beasts. Fan Tongxuan and the rest of these Vietnamese survivors weren’t survivors, and could not tell the differences between zombies. They had thought that the S2’s were ghost zombies.

Taking into account that S2’s possessed speed far exceeding normal humans, with the 2 S2’s hiding inside the supermarket, no ordinary humans could enter.

Yue Zhong’s perception was extremely astute. The movement from those Vietnamese who saw him put him on alert! He zeroed in and caught sight of them through the Barrett Sniper rifle he had produced from his ring when he first was jolted into action. After sighting in he carefully aimed at them.

This Barrett Sniper rifle was one of the few treasures Yue Zhong obtained within the huge armory. It possessed absolutely devastating firepower, and its stability was top-notch.

“What? So they are just normal survivors?” Yue Zhong observed them carefully and quickly shouldered his Barrett Sniper rifle.

Fan Tongxuan and the rest of the Vietnamese had pale looks of fear and sweat. Their very best weapon was only an old Type 56 semi automatic rifle, which didn’t pose much of a threat to Yue Zhong.

This single action from Yue Zhong had thoroughly frightened those Vietnamese silly. Only after Yue Zhong put away his gun, did they recover from their shock. They instantly bolted for cover, their hearts thumping with fear. They did not recognize that world-famous sniper rifle, but they could feel the pressure and danger from it.

Yue Zhong eyed these Vietnamese as they did not do anything wrong in his eyes. Merely, now that Chen Yao was recuperating, he needed to watch over her until she finished her Evolution.

Huniu Shishan’s heart was thumping as he quickly said: “Let’s leave now! Otherwise we will surely all be killed by him!!”

The rest of the Vietnamese all looked towards Fan Tongxuan.

Fan Tongxuan sighed for a moment, after thinking awhile, he could discern Yue Zhong’s intentions to some degree. “No! If he had wanted to kill us, based on his abilities, a number of us would have died already! I believe he doesn’t harbor any killing intent towards us…”

1*[Dedition: I can’t be the only one who thought of…..right? Oh? I was? Right…]

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