God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 310

Chapter 0310 – Fan Tongxuan!

[Book 3: The South]

Huniu Shishan’s eyes lit up: “Then we can trade with him!! Since he entered the supermarket, he must have a good haul! We can take some items to exchange with him!!”

One of the Vietnamese, Huan Yuanji frowned: “Since he already possesses the whole supermarket, what can we trade with him? Sweet potatoes? Wild vegetables? Or tree bark?”

These Vietnamese survivors were at their wits’ end, otherwise they would not have risked their lives to come and make an attempt on this supermarket. They would naturally not have any items worth trading for.

Fan Tongxuan pondered deeply, before saying: “Women!! We can use women to exchange food with him!! Ruan Minghou, go call your sister over. Ai Luode, bring your daughter over as well.”


Both Ruan Minghou and Ai Luode both turned around silently, as they crouched and entered the forest, leaving the place.

After a while, a voluptuous, healthy-looking beauty of 1.6 metres with defining features as well as another 16-17 year old mixed-blood girl with blond hair, big black eyes and fair skin came over.

The healthy skinned voluptuous beauty was called Ruan Chunhua, and was Ruan Minghou’s elder sister. The pretty mixed blood girl was Ai Luode’s daughter, Aina.

Ruan Chunhua and Aina were the best beauties this little group could bring out. During this post-apocalyptic times, women selling themselves for food was not a big deal. They had slept with countless men, and were indifferent to the trade that these guys wanted to propose to Yue Zhong. There was more concern about how delicious the food would be.

On top of the arrival of the 2 ladies, they had brought a long white cloth, writing some Vietnamese words on it: “Esteemed powerful person, we hope to trade with you!”

Fan Tongxuan stood on the small slope and opened up that huge white cloth, as he looked expectantly at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong who was within the supermarket observing his surroundings looked at the words, and was still as blank as ever, he did not understand what they stood for.

He thought for a while, then found a bedsheet, and wrote on it with chinese: “I am Chinese!”

After which, Yue Zhong threw up the bedsheet and hung it out the window.

Fan Tongxuan stared at the bedsheet for awhile, before softly speaking: “That is chinese!! That man is from China!!”
Fan Tongxuan did not know Chinese as well, however, the words “China” were pretty obvious, and even he could recognize it. At the same time, based on the Chinese that Yue Zhong had written, he had formed the assumption that Yue Zhong was in fact from China.

Fan Tongxuan turned around and asked the rest: “Who knows Chinese here?”

One of the Vietnamese Wu Tongwen spoke out with a little anger: “Fan Tongxuan! Do we really have to deal with that Chinese guy? The Chinese aren’t a good bunch! They stole our South China Sea!!”


Amongst the Vietnamese, there were a few who were on friendly terms with the Chinese, while there was also a group who could not see eye to eye with them. This Wu Tongwen was on the side of those who disliked the Chinese.

Fan Tongxuan looked at Wu Tongwen as he frowned: “I don’t really care about the damn sea. All I know is, if we don’t deal with that Chinese guy, then we have to go into the Forest of Death to look for food. If you, Wu Tongwen, are willing to go look for food in the Forest of Death for all of us, then we’ll leave now.”

The rest of the survivors also looked at Wu Tongwen coldly. In the Forest of Death, there were countless fearsome Mutant Beasts and Bugs. Even for someone as strong as Yue Zhong, if he were to be the slightest bit careless, he could lose his life in there, not to mention an ordinary person like Wu Tongwen. Although they were locals, they were wary of the Forest of Death.

However, there were indeed some Mutant plants and various small Mutant Bugs that could be eaten. The risk of death was too high though, when this group of survivors was at its peak, there were 26 males who could go out to hunt for food, now they were only left with 7.

Fan Tongxuan had seen a survivor being sucked on by a Mutant Mosquito until he was literally dried up, that scary scene and the anguished howls of the survivor, caused him to be unable to sleep for a few nights.

To these survivors, the matters about territory, country and history couldn’t be any less important. They just wanted to live on. Furthermore, the world had already become like it was, and they could not even fend for themselves, let alone worry about some useless piece of territory.

Seeing the cold gazes of his comrades, Wu Tongwen also calmed down, and shrank back like a quail. He was very clear about the dangers of the Forest of Death, he was also unwilling to risk his life to hunt for food in it.

Fan Tongxuan continued: “Who knows chinese?”

The rest of the 6 male survivors all looked at each other, as they shook their heads.

“I know a little chinese!” At this time, Ruan Chunhua stood up, and told everybody.

Ruan Chunhua had intended to marry off into China as a bride before the apocalypse, and had learnt a little basic chinese. She was unclear about the complicated phrases and words, but conversational chinese was still somewhat manageable.

Fan Tongxuan did not request for Ruan Chunhua to write some nonsense about China-Vietnam relations or a long-winded message, instead, he set the bar pretty low: “Great! Write this: ‘Hello, esteemed powerful person, we hope to trade with you.”

In this post-apocalyptic world, to these lone rangers, the relations between China and Vietnam was worth only shit. The only thing that could interest these characters was benefits.

Ruan Chunhua followed Fan Tongxuan’s wishes and wrote those words on the white cloth, before Wu Tongwen waved it upon Fan Tongxuan’s orders.

Yue Zhong stood at the window and saw the scrawly chinese characters, he chuckled, before he wrote: “Not free today! Come again tomorrow!”

Yue Zhong had to guard Chen Yao who was undergoing evolution, these survivors weren’t of paramount importance to him. Of course, if he could gain some form of intel from their mouths, it would be best, otherwise, it wasn’t an issue. Based on his strength, he just had to follow the path of civilization to come to a dwelling with humans.

Fan Tongxuan turned to Ruan Chunhua and asked: “What did he write?”

Ruan Chunhua thought hard before replying: “It should be that he’s not free today! He wants us to come again tomorrow.”

If Yue Zhong was unwilling to come over, Fan Tongxuan and the rest were helpless to that as well. The zombies were easy to kill for Yue Zhong, however, to these common survivors, a simple S2 and L2 could wipe them out, therefore, they did not dare enter the small town.

A day passed just like that, and Chen Yao who ran a fever throughout the night had successfully Evolved and woke up the next morning.

She opened her eyes, and saw Yue Zhong sitting beside her sleeping without changing, and her eyes flashed with gratitude, and she leaned forward to kiss him lightly on his lips.

After that kiss, Chen Yao seemed to flush red and her heart thumped, before she quickly curled up in her blanket, her emotions in turmoil. This prideful princess had actually kissed someone ogher own accord.

“Chen Yao, what’s wrong with you? How could you initiate the kiss! He’s a flower-hearted carrothead! You can’t like him!!” Chen Yao was in a dilemma as she chided herself. She had started to fall for Yue Zhong very early on, but was adamant on not admitting it. This time Yue Zhong had helped her Evolve, and he even stood guard over her throughout the night, which touched her greatly. That slight sweet feeling had transformed into a surge of love like a torrent, which thoroughly confused this poor girl who hadn’t ever even dated before.

Not long after, Yue Zhong opened his eyes, and he stood up. Yawning, he looked at Chen Yao and asked: “Chen Yao, what’s your current condition now? Did you succeed?”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s voice, Chen Yao swiftly checked her own status, and immediately broke out in a huge smile: “En! I succeeded! I’m a Spirit-based Evolver, and my Plant Manipulation has been enhanced!”

After becoming an Evolver, Chen Yao’s strength predictably leaped overnight, to almost 4 times that of her condition prior to evolution. Especially now that her Plant Manipulation had been enhanced once, her skill prowess was strengthened by at least half.

Chen Yao was also very clear that only with overwhelming strength could she protect herself. In a place without the military and other experts protecting her, she could only rely on herself and the man in front of her.

Yue Zhong looked at the excited Chen Yao as he laughed: “Alright! Let’s go, someone has invited us!!”


Chen Yao followed behind Yue Zhong, as they walked towards the outside of the compound.

The moment the 3 of them left the supermarket, zombies started to shuffle over and surround them.

Chen Yao looked at the moving zombies, as she eagerly spoke out: “Let me!!”

Yue Zhong nodded his head, he was not interested in dealing with these low level zombies. Right now, to level up by killing these ordinary zombies, he had to kill more than tens of thousands of them. It took up too much time and expended too much energy, Yue Zhong did not have that kind of time to waste.

Facing those encroaching zombies, Chen Yao grabbed her vine seed, and activated the lvl 4 Plant Manipulation ability. In the next instant, 10 vines as thin as arrows shot out towards the heads of the zombies, and easily pierced through a dozen of them. She then pulled back with her strength, causing those zombie corpses to be swept to the side.

After evolving, Chen Yao’s stats all improved, and her Spirit also increased to twice its original number, at the same time, her Plant Manipulation ability received an enhancement, and she could do even more interesting things with her vines. One of them was that she could condense the vine to be as strong as steel for the span of a few seconds.

One S2 which was currently hiding in the midst of the zombies, suddenly sprang out and rushed towards Chen Yao at the same moment she was distracted in her triumph.

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